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Dopey, Dopey, Dopey... Dopey... DOPEY.


I am not nasty.

Dany you are def nasty

you be trying to act likee you innocent
but yo asx AINT lol]

just NASTY

He's a tough guy, if i accidently hit him, he'll be fine. Lol

Lol eww but I agree with Aneer.

oh god dany just dont knock
the poor kid out lol

I mean, im just asking, because i be wiggling like crazy and De likes for me to have my legs wrapped around him

yea just dont kick you
might get a law suit lol

Ummm yea! Lol.

Do you think i can receive head with a cast on my ankle?

Booty juice! Lol



Nope. No mas kids. No ma'am.


oh dany.. wants to barf huh
is that another way of saying
your having ANOTHER KID!

No way! I cannot let that happen lol. Only me & Ty can f*** on the counters & inside the fridge.

Man, y'all make me wanna barf.

that means you too dany
right where you eat your fruity pebbles

sorry nani but it was either that or on your
refrigerator door lol

oh come on
first bree && ty on my tables
now you && trey on my counters ewwwwww



good cause i didnt want to have to
sneak trey in yall house and have sex
on your kitchen counter

Never too busy for Anerrr.

to busy for anneeerr

*puppy face*

hey Aneer !

ive been busyy with lil manish thing
&& Cole :)

I been busy with both Kings. They running me wild lol.

i haven't spoken to you chicks in forever
where have you been:(

Hey hey.


heeeyyyy gguuuyyysss

Yeeeees!!!! Lol

@Dopey... So evil.

I knew i'd get my way *evil laugh*

we an arrange tht lol