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The One I Gave My Heart To

I laid face down ass up as he gripped my hips and pumped in and out of me. The alcohol was starting to wear off and suddenly I felt a mixture of emotional pain and heart break. A few tears escaped my honey brown eyes as he enjoyed what no longer his. Usually when we had sex I was the one on top, calling the shots but tonight I was too wrapped in my emotions. I felt him pull out and shoot his warm cum on my ass and he got up, mumbled something and walked to the kitchen. I got off the bed and walked into the bathroom and looked in the mirror at me… better yet at what I’ve become. I am 24 years old, beautiful black and Puerto Rican chick, I’m well off because of my father’s death, and I could have anything my heart desired, anyone I bated my long eye lashes at… except for him. He once was mine, I gave him my heart…hell he still had it. We were good together, inseparable, the “good thing” hun, I guess all good things come to an end because we did when he proposed to my sister… and she accepted it.


Really Trey. Tried to put all the blame on Paris and deep down his ass was cheating. Talking bout he wants to make it work. What an a**hole. To top it off Paris is pregnant with His kid and he has no idea. That's so messed up. Hmm. I WONDER where there gonna go with there relationship? Will Paris tell him she's pregnant or go back to VA??? Who's stealing from the shop? Man the s*** has really hit the fan. Run It.

@shestayfly89. Yay i had a good guess but only cuz thats how my fiancee got me preggs then we broke up. Wen yu said his job was gettin more demanding i knew that was a lie ppl lie 2 much. Now he got the s***face cause he got caught too funny amazing add girl ready for the nxt. Run it

dam the nigga just gon cheat on her??
over the past?
and she carrying his child?
i wonder if she gon keep it or have a miscarriage from all the stress
what happened to chris reaction on her engagement ?
we HAVE to see how he reacts to cheating Trey!
run it!

wow that was unexpected but i knew it was too good to be true with Trey. But if i was Paris I would have beat his ass and her ass at the same damn time that s*** was wrong of him to do.

Thanks ladies :)
@ibadwbu I guess you were right:p

Chapter 22

It’s been two weeks since the whole blow up with Trey. He hasn’t called, came over, answered my calls or nothing and it’s bothering me. He claims he loves me but when something from the past pops up he runs and hides. Maybe we need to rethink this whole marriage thing. After crying to Brooklyn about it her and Mike invited Trey and I over tonight. Trey just doesn’t know I’m going to be there. I hopped out of the shower and out on some lotion. I put on a pair of dark blue skinny jeans with a pretty no sleeved shirt that was light blue with dark blue polka dots. I put my hair in a doughnut and put on a little make up. I threw on some studs, a necklace and a bracelet. I put on some flats that matched my shirt and grabbed my bag and keys before I headed to Brooklyn’s house. When I pulled up Trey’s car was there and I became nervous. I got out of my car, pressed the alarm and walked over and knocked on the door. Moments later the door opened and it was Brooklyn, “Hi Babe” she said hugging me. “Hi” I said back hugging her. “Where’s Makiyah?” I asked and she twisted up her lips “Mike’s mother got her for the night. I didn’t want y’all arguing around her.” I looked down. “Where is he?” I asked walking over and making myself comfortable on the couch. “They went to pick up some pizza.” I nodded “Did he say anything to Mike?” “Other than you were wrong and he’s pissed at you. No.” “I don’t see why this was blown out of proportion. Like this s*** happened before we were dating. You don’t see me getting mad at him for some b**** he f***ed last year.” “But at the same time, if she was someone special to him like how Chris was to you, you’d be mad too.” She was right but I didn’t want to hear it. “Whose side are you on Brooke?” I asked and she laughed. “No one’s I’m just an innocent by stander” I shook my head and the door opened. “Had to wait 10 extra minutes for them to catch, kill and pluck the chickens for some mother f***ing hot wings” Mike said coming through the door. Brooklyn and I laughed then Trey walked in. He looked at me and flared his nose. “Oh, Paris what are you doing here?” Mike said. He was a horrible actor. “You knew she was gone be here. This was a set up. I’m out.” Trey spat and turned to leave. “So you can’t stay here and chill because I’m here?” I asked standing up. “I didn’t answer your calls, I didn’t come over to see you so what makes you think I’m ready to see you now.” He said looking at me. Ouch that hurt so I laughed. “Since when do we do thing on your term?” I asked “Since you went to Virginia and f***ed Chris.” “Tremaine let it go it was before we even became a couple.” He laughed. “So when you came back from Virginia and you was depressed it was because of him wasn’t it?” I bit my bottom lip and looked down. “I was healing a heart that was broken by another nigga, aint that some bull s***.” “It wasn’t bull s*** when you was doing it.” “No it wasn’t because I didn’t know I was doing it!!” “What do I have to do to make it right?” I asked looking at him. He shrugged his shoulders “I don’t know if we could ever be right.” He said looking in my eyes and I shook my head “You don’t mean that.” “Yes the f*** I do Paris. How am I supposed to marry you if you’re stuck on your ex-boyfriend who I clearly can’t compete with?” “IM NOT STUCK ON CHRIS! IM OVER HIM! I’VE TOLD YOU THAT WHAT THE f*** DO YOU WANT ME TO DO TREY?? Because obviously me screaming it at you isn’t going to work. I’m tired of you making me feel like s*** over something that was done before your time. Since you can’t get over it take your f***ing ring back!” I said taking off the ring as tears formed in my eyes. My pride wouldn’t let them fall. “Hold up! Hold up!” Mike yelled and jumped in front of me. “Y’all need to cool down” Mike said trying to be the voice of reason. “No f*** it I’m done.” I said trying to move forward but Mike grabbed me. “Paris calm down, he’s just upset” Brooklyn said. “Why are y’all taking his side? I’m f***ing pissed now too so where’s my supporters.” I said laughing. “This was a bad idea. I’m going home, let me go Mike.” He unloosened his grip and I walked passed Trey, gave him the ring and exited the house. Before I got in the car I heard Trey call me so I turned and looked at him. “What am I supposed to do with this?” he asked holding out the ring. “Do it look like I f***ing care. Give it to your next b****, because I don’t want it.” I said as he walked closer to me. “Why you gotta be so f***ing rude?” he asked now standing in front of me. “Trey what do you want?” “I just need time to get over this.” “You take all the time you need. When you realize how stupid this situation is I’m not going to be there with you to sit back and laugh.” I kissed his cheek “Maybe in another life time” I said and he grabbed me by my waist. “I’m not letting you break up with me. I just need time Paris.” “So you tell me what “I need time” means to you? Because that sounds like we’re breaking up to me.” He exhaled “I don’t want us to break up babe. I was just pissed because I was embarrassed and hurt.” “And I understand that but it’s already been two weeks Trey.” I said and he nodded “I don’t want us to be over Paris.” He said pulling me into a hug. “I don’t either.”
2 month later
Trey and I are still together. We aren’t like 100% like we were but we are working on it. He gave me my ring back that night and I’ve been rocking it ever since. We haven’t been sleeping over each other’s house like we were. His job became a little more demanding so I’ve been giving him his space. I’m at the shop looking over the sales. I took off my jacket and turned up the air because I was starting to sweat. Tina walked in with her sweater on and handed me some sales. “Tina are you sick?” I asked. “No you’ve been freezing us out these last couple of days” she said and I laughed. “When I’m here I’m hot when I go home I’m stuffy I don’t know what’s going on.” She laughed “You probably need a humidifier. Kirko said can you come to the inventory room he needs you to look at something.” I nodded “Tell him I’ll be right there.” I said and she nodded and left. I washed my face and dried it and headed over to the inventory room where Kirk was. “What’s up” I said and he smiled “We need to get cameras in here because our supplies are walking away.” I made a face “What do you mean” I asked not wanting to believe that my crew was taking my s***. “Somebody has sticky fingers see look” he said walking over to the oil “We started with 2000 gallons of oil right.” He said showing me the paper with the number and I nodded and fanned myself. “We only sold 1850 gallons so we should have 150 gallons left not the 50 that I just counted.” I nodded and tried to pay attention as he talked but it became hard for me to focus. The room started spinning and I passed out.
When I woke up I was in the hospital with Ms. Joyce by my side. “Ma, what are you doing here?” I asked looking at here. “They told me you passed out at work, they said you were dehydrated. Do I need to move in with you and make sure you’re taking care of yourself” she asked and I shook my head. “Well you’re going to have to do better.” “I know ma.” The door opened and a male doctor came in “Ms. Robinson how are you?” “I’m fine” I said and he smiled “Good, we had to run some tests on you and you were very dehydrated. In the last month how many times did you become dizzy?” he asked opening my chart. “A few times.” “Have you been sweating?” “Yes” “Stuffy nose?” “Yes, are these symptoms of dehydration?” I asked and he shook his head no. “When was your last menstrual cycle?” “I don’t know just switched from the shot to the pill.” “Well you need to stop taking it because you’re pregnant.” “What?!!” Ms. J and I yelled. The doctor nodded “We collected samples of your urine from your urinary catheter and your hcg levels are high. We need to do an ultra sound.” I looked at Ms. J and she looked at me and smiled as he left the room. “How you feel?” “Shocked!” she laughed and the doctor came back in with the machine. “This will just determine how far along you are.” He pulled up my gown and put the gel on my stomach and put the probe on my stomach and the first thing I heard was a heartbeat. He moved the probe around and a picture of my baby came on the screen and I started crying. I can’t believe I’m f***ing pregnant. Ms. Joyce Kissed my forehead as the doctor talked over my sobs. I couldn’t even hear him. All I knew was that there was a baby inside of me and it’s due date was July 15th .
After he gave me the papered results we left. Ms. Joyce dropped me off to get my car and I called Trey. He didn’t answer so since I was in the neighborhood I went to his house. I had the key so I unlocked the door. When I went inside I saw his shoes on the floor along with his t-shirt, his button up, a bra, panties and a woman’s dress shirt. My eyes started to water because I became angry. This nigga was cheating on me!! I heard giggles and moans coming from his bed room. I sat there contemplating my next move. I wanted to kill him for doing this to me but I had to be rational. Nothing would be more priceless then seeing his face when they come out of the room. I listened to him have sex with another woman for 5 more minutes before the door opened and they came out. I was sitting in the living room that was so unless the lights were on or I said something they wouldn’t notice me. The girl picked up her clothes and out them back on. I recognized her… she was his assistant Yasmine. Hot tears streamed down my face and I took everything in me not to get up and beat the s*** out of both them. “So same tomorrow?” he asked pulling her by her waist. “You know it.” She said pecking his lips and turning to walk out. He slapped her ass and she giggled as he closed the door behind her. He flicked on the lights in the living room and when he saw me his mouth dropped...

To Be Continued :)

They better get it together cuz i gotta feeln she going to be pregnant from the bathroom sex nd that stuff is madd old. Run it

Aww Man Thats Sad...
Ru It...

Aww Man Thats Sad...
Ru It...

Damn trey dnt let this f*** up wat yal gt yal wasnt even together then she done wit chris let it go n marry the girl u love damn i hope it work out for them run it

Chapter 21
(2 months later)

Tonight was the night that Trey and I were celebrating out engagement. Trey’s mother along with Ms. Joyce planned the party. No matter how much I wanted to help I wasn’t allowed. I was home with Trey getting ready when he grabbed me and kissed my forehead. “You know I love you right?” I nodded “You tell me every day”. He let me go and finished getting dressed. When we got finished we hopped in his car and headed towards the party. “I hope there’s no drama.” I said looking out of the window. “Why would it be drama?” he asked holding my left hand. I shrugged my shoulders. “I don’t know I’m just hoping it’s going to be a good party.” He smiled “Yeh a good party for you is a party where you get drunk. So that means it’ll be a good night for me.” I looked at him confused “What?” “You’re a horny drunk” he laughed. “And you’re not?” I said laughing back. “You know I’m already a freak, but mix me and alcohol and I’m a beast” I laughed as we reached our destination. It was club that they rented out. He parked and we got out. He held my hand as we made our way inside of the packed club filled with our family, friend, and close co-workers. The place was absolutely beautiful it was decorated in Red, black and white they went all out. “Oh my God this is amazing” I said looking around and Ms. Joyce walked over and hugged me. “How you liking it?” she asked and hugged Trey. “Ma, I love it!!! You are soo on the wedding committee” I said laughing. “You know I’d be honored” she said smiling back. “Thank you so much Ms. Joyce” Trey said “You don’t have to thank me you’re about to be my son in law” she said. It made me feel good that even though she wasn’t really my mother she treated me like I was hers. “Where’s my momma?” Trey asked. “On the dance floor they already got the liquor flowing so everybody’s kinda loose. Y’all are always late. Y’all gone probably be late for y’all own damn wedding. I’m only staying for another hour I have to work in the morning. So congratulations loves, I’m going to get me some goose” she said walking away and Trey and I laughed. We made our way through the club hugging everyone who reached for one and finally reached the stage where they had a sweetheart table set us for us and pictures of us from when we were younger playing behind us. We ate a little and took a few shots before we hit the dance floor. Trey went and danced with his mother. And I danced with Brooklyn.
An hour later
I was tipsy and looking for Trey. “Pari!!” I heard someone yell and I looked over and saw my aunt Zoe. “TEETEE!!!” I yelled as she made her way over to me hugging me. “¡Ay Dios mio. I missed you mama” she shouted over the music. “I’ve missed you too” “Jordan’s just getting off of work that’s why I’m so late. Where’s my future nephew in law?” she asked looking around. “Hell you would have a better guess than me” “Well tell him I want to see him before I heave… oohh shrimp” she said walking off and walked the other way looking for Trey. I found him by the bar with two handsome guys one of the obviously older than the other. “Hi babe” I said interrupting them. “Hi” he said wrapping his arms around my waist. “This is my fiancé Paris, Paris this is my uncle Andre and one of his sons Jarell” “Hi” I said smiling at the both of them and they smiled back. “Wow. She is fine” Jarell said and Andre laughed. “It’s nice to finally meet you” Andre said. “Same here” I said back. “Where’s Jarette” Trey asked. “Outside smoking” “Well he’ll meet her later, let me go dance with my baby I’ll see y’all in a few” They nodded and Trey grabbed my hand. “Babe, I’m horny” I said and he looked at me and smiled. “I am too” “I want you like now” He smirked and headed towards the VIP bathroom :) When we got inside I locked the door and turned around and was greeted by Trey kissing me. I moaned in his mouth as my hands roamed the outside of his slacks. He was already hard. I unloosened his belt and unbuttoned his slacks as they fell to his ankles. He stepped out of his pants and hiked up my dress and noticed that I wasn’t wearing underwear. “Baby I think you planned this” he said smiling. I smirked back and he picked me up and sat me on the counter. He positioned himself in between my legs as I started kissing on his neck. He pulled his “member” through the hole is his underwear and eased is way inside of me.
30 minutes later
“Ummmmmmm Trrreyyyyyy I-I-Im about to cuummmm” I screamed as he pumped in and out of me. “Noo, wait for me” He said as I wrapped my legs around him. I don’t know what the f*** was going on, but this had to be the best sex we’ve had in a random awkward spot. He started sucking on my neck as his pace quickened. I closed my eyes trying not to cum but it was too late. I let out a loud moan as I squirted all over him, he collapsed on top of me as we both tried to catch our breath. “I love you” he said kissing my lips. “I love you too”. He got off of me and we got some paper towel and cleaned ourselves up. “We gone have to leave soon” he said “Why?” “Because you f***ed up my drawers.” I laughed looking down at his wet boxer briefs. “Take em off” “You already ready for round two” I laughed “Whatever, I’m going to work the crowd I know they’re probably looking for us” “K. I’ll be out in a few” I nodded and walked out. I spotted Brooklyn and Mike and I hugged them both. “AGAIN?!!” Mike yelled. “What are you talking about?” I asked lost. “You just got some d***” he spat. This is ridiculous! How does he know? Brooklyn laughed “Yup she did”. “How do y’all know?” “I see it all up in here” Mike said pointing at my face. “That’s sad, are y’all just getting here?” “No, we been here, we saw y’all disappear in to the VIP bathroom” Mike said and I laughed. “What’s good?” Trey said coming behind me. “Hi Treeeyyy” Brooklyn sang. “What the f*** are you on?” Trey said laughing. “Mike in about 30 minutes” Brooklyn said grabbing Mike’s hand. “Y’all some freaks” Trey spat. “Just like y’all. Nice party but we gotta go.” Mike said dapping Trey up and hugging me. “Thanks for coming” I said hugging Brooklyn. “You know we’re always here” she said hugging Trey before they left.
Trey and I danced to a few more songs and before Zoe and Jordan walked over. “Tremaine!!” Zoe said hugging him. “Hi aunty” he said hugging her back. “I’m so happy y’all are engaged. I remember when y’all were just little kids.” She said tearing up “Y’all grew up so fast.” “She’s drunk” I said and Jordan nodded. “So what, drunk or no drunk I f***ing love you guys, you’re my niece and you are my nephew. I’d die for you guys.” She babbled as we laughed. “Iight we leaving” Jordan said. “No, it just want to say one more thing” Zoe said, but Jordan threw her over his shoulder. He hugged me and dapped Trey up before he took her out of the club.
We were about to leave when Trey’s cousin walked over. “Where is she?” the guy asked and Trey pointed to me. He looked familiar but I couldn’t put it together. “Baby this is my cousin Jarette, Jarette this is..” “Paris” the guy said. I looked at him lost. “What are you doing here?” he asked. “Wait, how do you know her?” Trey asked taking the words out of my mouth. “I met her in Virginia at Kevin’s party, she was dating Breezy.” My eyes widened Oh My God that was him. “Who?” Trey asked. “Chris Brown.” Trey looked at me puzzled. “Wait what?” Trey asked as Jarette explained the horrible details of meeting me that night. I could have died. “It was good seeing you again Paris” he said walking away leaving me there with a pissed Trey. “Let’s go” he said and we left. When we got in the car he didn’t say anything. “Babe can I explain?” I said as he put the car in gear and sped off. “No, you can’t explain it’s already done.” “But I wasn’t dating Chris” “But you was with him when you told me you was with your family?” s***. “Yeh, I was but he is my family Trey.” I said trying to justify it. “Did you sleep with him” he asked looking straight ahead. I looked at him and whispered “Yes”. Trey gripped the steering wheel tight and started going 120 mph. I held on to the door. “TREY SLOW DOWN!!” I yelled and he slammed on the breaks. “How the f*** could you do that to me?” He asked looking at me. “Trey we weren’t together at the time.” He laughed “But you knew how the f*** I felt about you and him being together and you go and pull this s***?” He roared. “Tremaine you need to calm down. When we got together you said whatever happened before that day didn’t matter” “Yeh but I also asked you was Chris someone I had to worry about and you said no.” “THAT’S BECAUSE HE’S NOT!!” I yelled. “THEN WHY DID YOU f*** HIM??” “BECAUSE TREY” I started as tears streamed down my cheeks “Because I needed to do that. I needed to get him out of my system and I did. If I didn’t do it we probably wouldn’t be engaged right now.” He put the car in park and got out and started walking. I got out, ran behind him and grabbed him “Trey” He snatched his arm back. “Don’t touch me” he said as he continued walking. I grabbed him again “So this is how you act over something that happened when we weren’t even together?” “No you shouldn’t have lied” “HOW THE f*** IS IT LYING IF YOU NEVER ASKED?” I yelled. “Because that’s something that I shouldn’t have had to find out from a witness. I’ll come get my car in the morning.” He said as he walked away. I got in the car and wiped my tears as I drove home….

Thanks!! :)

The beginning had me like ohh s*** she got pregnant ! By Chris ??! But than it was just the tv -__-
Trey a good huy he hasn't prove to us otherwise so as much as I wanted Chris and her to work out (which I sense he gon be the one to stop the wedding) trey good to her and she loves him so I wouldn't mind them getting married :) kinda bittersweet
Waiting on Chris reaction tho
Run it :)

Loved this add!
Run it!

Aww That Was Sweet...
Run It...

Aww it was so sweet. Watch chris try to break up they wedding of sumn. Run it

Aw I'm happy she moved on from Chris and is engaged to Trey now they can get married and have babies

Yay they gtn married trey a good guy run it

So Christians Chris's. I had my doubts but he's his. Kinda wish he wasn't. I know that sounds bad. But to me he was the determining factor in whether or not Paris and Chris would get together. It really bothered her. It was sweet of them to have that last goodbye tho.
Lol that second add had me thinking Paris was pregnant lol. Boy how odd would that had been... Esp if it turned out to be Chris child and not Treys. Oh well. She's still with Trey and he proposed with a badass ring. Aww she said yes . Wonder how Chris will react to the news? Treys a good guy tho. He really loves Paris. Lol at them practicing alll night. When they do have kids there gonna be good parents tho. Run It

Omg the typos!! Wtf is a yelled screamed -_-?? I dk lol ignore those please.

Chapter 20 (10months later)

“PUSH!!” The doctor yelled screamed. “I am shhiiittt it get this f***ing baby out of meeeeee!!!” “Ok you’re doing good I see the head!” The nurse said. “Eww that’s f***ing nasty” Trey said turning off the tv and I laughed. We were at his house watching a natural birth video. We made it official 7 months ago and so far everything has been prefect. I stuck to my word and I let go of Chris. He’ll always have a place in my heart but I’ve moved on. We still talk from time to time. He’s currently working on how to get things right between him and Riley for Christian. They still had a lot to work on but she was slowly but surely replacing me. I still haven’t told Trey about that week with Chris, but when we got together we agreed that whatever happened before we made it official didn’t matter. Brooklyn and Mike got engaged and Married 2 months ago :). Ms. Joyce is doing well I we see each other at least 3 times a week. “When you gone have my baby?” he asked breaking my thoughts and I laughed and turned around to a serious face. “Are you serious?” I asked and he nodded. “We’re not getting any younger and I wouldn’t mind if we had some little ones running around here.” That scared me. Don’t get me wrong I like kids, but after Chris left I didn’t want any. “Are you serious?” I asked again and he nodded. “Do you love me?” he asked. “Yeh” I said honestly. Trey was there with me for me when I got back 10 months ago when I was suffering from depression. No matter what happened he was there for me every day trying to cheer me up and I love him for that. “Well you know I love the hell out of you” he said pulling me on his lap so that I was now straddling him. “Yes I do know that” “But you never talk about kids. I want you to have my kids.” I bit the inside of my lip. “I never thought about us having kids. I’m not ready yet.” “When do you think you’ll be ready?” he asked curiously and I shrugged my shoulders. “I don’t know Trey. Maybe when we’re married and we are living together.” He smiled “You thought about marring me” I smiled. “The thought of me being Mrs. Neverson crossed my mind a time or two” and he looked me in my eyes “Yeh that though crossed my mind too” He said and slowly pecked my lips and I blushed. “Since you don’t wanna make babies yet can we practice?” he asked with a stupid expression on his face and I nodded. He knew I wasn’t going to turn him down.
2 hours later we we’re getting out of the shower. “What time are we supposed to be going to your moms?” I asked putting on lotion. “An hour ago” he said laughing. “She’s going to be pissed” “No she’s not.” He said kissing my lips. It took another hour for us to get ready, but once we got finished we went straight to his mother’s house. She was throwing a barbeque and a lot of his family was there. Mike and Brooklyn even beat us there. Trey walked over to his cousin and I sat on Brooklyn’s lap. “Hi babe” I said and she shook her head. “Don’t say it” I warned. “You on my lap after you f***ed that nigga” she said laughing. “Y’all stay f***ing” Mike spat. “Hi Michael” “No f*** that when y’all gone give us some god children”. I looked at him and laughed. “She doesn’t want kids” Brooklyn informed him. “If she keep f***ing the way she’s f***ing she aint gone have a damn choice.” “How you figure I’m f***ing?” I asked and he looked at me with an ugly expression on his face. “I work with that nigga. I see the love marks you leave on his neck, and plus that’s my nigga we talk”. I shook my head. Trey’s mother walked over to me and hugged me. “Hi Beautiful” she said and I laughed “Hi Ma” “What took y’all so long my brother and his sons left. They wanted to see who had Trey on lock.” she said. “We lost track of time” I replied. “Which is code of they were f***ing” Mike blurted and Brooklyn hit him. “Iight Mike you might be grown but better show me some respect” Ms. Tucker spat and Mike nodded “My bad”. She shook her head “Come get some food” “k” I said going with her over to the area where the food was at.
As it got later it started cooling down so everyone went inside. I don’t know where Trey and Mike were but I wasn’t really worrying about it I was talking to Brooklyn. “When are you letting Makiyah come over again?” I asked. I Love her. “Whenever you want but I don’t think it’ll be anytime soon” she said as the room got quite. “Why not?” I asked and she pointed behind me. I turned around and I saw Mike with his iphone in my face and I saw Trey. I swatted the phone and pecked Trey’s lips “Where you been babe” I asked. “I had to go back home to get this” he said holding a small box. My heart started racing. “What is that Trey?” I asked nervously and he smiled. “It’s something I’ve had for two weeks but was waiting for the right time to give it to you.” He grabbed my hands and looked at me with glossy eyes. “Trey” I said and he smiled. “Paris I love you, you make me happy. You’re the first thing on my mind when I wake up and the last thing I think about before I go to sleep. Even when I’m sleep you’re all I dream about.” He said with a nervous laugh. “I can’t see my future without you so with that being said” he got on one knee and his family cheered him on as I stood there shocked. “Will you marry me?” He said opening the box and showing me <a href=" ">this</a> and my mouth dropped as I stared down at it. “Paris” he said and I looked at him as my eyes became glossy too. “Are you going to answer?” he asked and everyone laughed. I smiled and nodded “Yes, I’ll marry you” I cooed. He slid the ring on my finger and picked me up and kissed me as everyone clapped, cheered and took pictures. We broke the kiss and I pecked him twice before he put me down and Mike walked over to him and dapped him up. Brooklyn smiled and hugged me followed by Ms. Tucker and everyone else in the room.
We left her house and went to Trey’s house. He sat on the couch and I straddled him looking down at my ring. “Treeeyyy” I said for the millionth time and he smiled. “Yes baby” “I love it” I said looking in his eyes. “And I love you” he said wrapping his arms around my waist. “I love you too” I said wrapping my arms around his neck. “We’re engaged now” he said cheesing. “I know, what’s next?” He laughed. “Well we will have an engagement party with in the next 2 months and then we’ll pick a date and take it from there. You cool with that?” he asked and I responded by kissing him passionately. He let out a moan as he kissed me back. I broke the kiss and stood up. “What was that?” he asked and I smiled as him seductively. I slowly and sexily took off everything except my jewelry and my heels. I grabbed his hand and led him into the bed room. We practiced making babies all night :).

I'm glad I wasn't the only one tearing up lol. I appreciate of the comments and runs :) Thanks so much


Run it

That was so amazing. Got me tearing up. Run it

Aww No I Want Them to Be together...
Run It...

Gawd Dan that was making me teary ;(
I hope he do something about it
I have a feeling Riley pulled a fast one and paid the DNA test to be his instead of Christian
Gahhh I wanted them to work out especially after she said the part about her dad
This is only pushing her in the arms of trey ... At least he good to her too
Run it

Chapter 19 (Thursday Morning)
This Is It

It’s been two days since Chris’ encounter with Christian at the store. Chris broke down and got a dna test on Christian and we were waiting for the results. I’m sitting across from Chris on the bed and he looked like he’s deep in thought so I rubbed his leg. “What’s on your mind?” I asked breaking his thinking process. He looked at me “What if Christian’s not mines” I bit my bottom lip trying to think of words to say but that was short lived because his phone rang. He looked down at it and back at me “It’s the lab” “Answer it, do you want me to go?” he shook his head no and answered “Hello, yes this is, ok, so it’s what? Can I pick up a copy of the results? Ok , ok thank you very much” He pressed end on his phone and looked at me. “Soo?’ I asked wondering what she said. “She said that the test came back and that Christian is mines.” A huge part of me was hurt. I know it’s wrong but I didn’t want Chris to actually have a child with my sister. I smiled “Congratulations” I said hugging him. He hugged me back and then looked at me. “Are you good?” I nodded “Yeh, kinda tired that’s all” I lied. He nodded. “Well get some rest because you know I’ma tear that ass up before you go back right” I forced a smiled on my face before he pecked my forehead. “I’m going to pick up the paper with the results, you wanna come” I shook my head no and he nodded. “I’ll be back in a few, call me if you get hungry” I nodded and he left. As soon as the door closed I felt tears stream down my face. I know I should be happy for him but I can’t. Not right now.
I woke up like 2 hours later. I got up and walked into the bathroom and washed my face that was stained with tears. I brushed my teeth and put my hair in a messy bun. I walked out of the bathroom, through the bed room, into the living room and stopped when I saw that Chris had set up the living room with candles and Rose petals everywhere. He was coming out of the kitchen with two plates. “Good evening sleeping beauty” he said pecking my lips before he walked over to the table and placed the plates down. “What’s this for?” I asked. “For you” He said walking over to me and grabbing my hands. “But why?” I asked trying to avoid looking into his eyes because I knew if I did the water works would began. “Because Paris I’m in love with you, I’ve been for years. You deserve to have a man do s*** like this for you. You’ve always been there for me and I appreciate you.” I bit the inside of my lip as my eyes glossed and he noticed. “What’s wrong?” he asked. I looked at him and tears fell “This feels like goodbye” he hugged me tightly and kissed the crown of my head. “It’s not goodbye Paris, although you do leave in a few hours”. He loosened his hug and pecked my lips twice before we both sat down and ate.
After we got finished eating I grabbed the plates and went into the kitchen and started washing the dishes. I still had the results on my mind. I felt Chris arms wrap around my waist and his wet lips peck my cheek. “You good?” he asked again. It was like he knew. “I’m good babe” I said turning off the water and drying my hands. I turned around and he looked me in my eyes “If you need to talk you know I’m always here” he said and I nodded. He moved closer to me and pecked my cheek “You want a drink?” I nodded. He walked over to the cabinet and pulled out some Apple Twisted Gin and got some apple cranberry juice out of the refrigerator. I grabbed the biggest cup I could fine and poured 25% apple cranberry and 75% gin and turned that s*** up. “You sure you don’t want to talk?” he asked. “I’m going to miss you” I said and then quickly finished the rest of my alcohol. “You know I’ma miss you too, but what’s really bothering you?” he asked as I repeated my drink mixing process. “It hurts” I semi confessed. “What hurts?” he asked as I took a huge gulp. “This whole thing, I shouldn’t have come here.” I said looking down. He gently lifted my chin “What? Why?” “Because Chris, were sitting here playing house acting like we’re together. When in reality we’re not” I laughed because I was hurting and continued “It was fun, but it’s a slap my face. Like we can’t work. You live here and I live in Cali. You have a child that you have to take care of, and I-I have a shop” I nodded “I have a shop that needs me, so no matter how much we want to be together, we just can’t, we won’t and this trip was just opened my eyes. And it’s not that I don’t love you, because you know I do, but we can’t like we can’t.” I babbled now feeling the liquor and my eyes glossed as Chris just stood there. “And I know you love me. I never told you this but my dad, my dad” I looked the other way as tear started to fall. “My dad wanted us to get married. He told me that that the day he gave me away to you would have been one of the happiest days of his life. Even though that was after you left, he told me to forget the past and if the opportunity came again to take it, but it won’t happen because we can’t work” I said and walked into the room. “Paris where are you going?” Chris asked following me. “Home” I replied getting my stuff and packing my suit case. “Do I get to speak?” he asked sitting on the bed as I quickly walked gathered my things. “No” I said putting on some heels. “Baby you don’t even have on pants” he said and I looked down. He was right but nothing made sense to me anymore. He grabbed me and looked me in my eyes. “I’m sorry thing have to be this way, but it doesn’t change the love we have for each other” I sucked my teeth. “I’m serious Paris, people wish they could have what we have” he said and I laughed “What love in different time zones? Save it Chris” “So you’re mad?” he asked and I shrugged my shoulders and stood in front of him. “At you? No. I’m mad at the situation, this is just f***ed up”. He nodded in agreement he hugged me. I hugged him back never wanting to let him go. I felt his kiss my jaw, he made a trail of kisses that went to my neck. I let out a moan as his hands began to explore my body. A part of me wanted this and a part of me didn’t, but the part that did won. 20 minutes later I laid face down ass up as he gripped my hips and pumped in and out of me. The alcohol was starting to wear off and suddenly I felt a mixture of emotional pain and heart break. A few tears escaped my honey brown eyes as he enjoyed what no longer his. Usually when we had sex I was the one on top, calling the shots but tonight I was too wrapped in my emotions. I felt him pull out and shoot his warm cum on my ass and he got up, mumbled something and walked to the kitchen. I got off the bed and walked into the bathroom and looked in the mirror at myself… better yet at what I’ve become. I am 24 years old, beautiful black and Puerto Rican chick, I’m well off because of my father’s death, and I could have anything my heart desired, anyone I bated my long eye lashes at… except for him. He once was mine, I gave him my heart…hell he still had it. We were good together, inseparable, the “good thing” hun, I guess all good things come to an end because we did when he proposed to my sister and she accepted it. She had his child I was no competition for that I had to leave him alone. I mean he’s the father of my nephew, what kind of person am I sleeping with my nephew’s father. I wiped my tears and got into the shower. When I got out I got dressed in some black leggins with a blue pullover hoodie and some blue and black air max. Chris came in the room fully dressed *he washed in the guest bathroom* and looked at me. “You ready?” he asked and I nodded. He grabbed my luggage and my hand as we exited the house. The ride to the airport was quite except for the radio which was on the oldies station and happened to be playing music that fit my mood, heartbroken :(. When we got there we checked my bags in and he waited until my plane was boarding. It hurt to even look at him so when I got up I didn’t. He grabbed my hand and I looked down at it and back at him. “Until next time?” he asked and I shook my head and kissed his cheek. “This is it” I said biting my bottom lip as tears started to form in my eyes. “You don’t mean that” he said, well more like questioned with his own eyes watering. I nodded “Yes, I do… I’ll text you when I land” I said as I pulled my hand out of his tight grip and boarded the plane.

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bout time the truth came out and Christan get his ass bat for being smart. o well all good things must come to an end.

He needs a DNA test done asap