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The One I Gave My Heart To

I laid face down ass up as he gripped my hips and pumped in and out of me. The alcohol was starting to wear off and suddenly I felt a mixture of emotional pain and heart break. A few tears escaped my honey brown eyes as he enjoyed what no longer his. Usually when we had sex I was the one on top, calling the shots but tonight I was too wrapped in my emotions. I felt him pull out and shoot his warm cum on my ass and he got up, mumbled something and walked to the kitchen. I got off the bed and walked into the bathroom and looked in the mirror at me… better yet at what I’ve become. I am 24 years old, beautiful black and Puerto Rican chick, I’m well off because of my father’s death, and I could have anything my heart desired, anyone I bated my long eye lashes at… except for him. He once was mine, I gave him my heart…hell he still had it. We were good together, inseparable, the “good thing” hun, I guess all good things come to an end because we did when he proposed to my sister… and she accepted it.


I need another chapter run it plez

ok so the kids vs. parents date is kinda crazy lol n im mad she started goin off like that and didnt put 2 n 2 together.

run it

Chapter 2 (8 years ago cont’d)

School has been back in for 2 weeks now and everything has been going pretty good. I was sitting in my pre-Cal class when Trey sat next to me. “What’s up Paris” I smiled and continued doing my work “nothing what do u want?” “Really? I gotta want something being as though I’m talking to u?” “Uh yeh! Trey since we got in high school and these hoes started filling your head up with bull s*** u don’t make time to talk to me.” He made a serious face that had me cracking up on the inside but I kept it cool on the outside. “me?” he questioned “Yes u Trey, I saw your mom in the mall last week and she asked me what happened to us and I told her u stopped loving me after middle school.” Trey was my ex best friend. When we were younger we did everything together… we even lost our virginities to each other, but he was just my “buddy” and we were both curious after that there was never any bad blood, or sex. When we got to high school the girls made Trey conceded and I don’t like people who are full of themselves so we grew apart. “Whatever, that’s why she flipped on me, u wrong” “what do u want Trey” “Nothing, ok I know someone who likes u” I rolled my eyes because I didn’t like boys who sent their “home boys” to come talked to me. “Before u say no, I’m not asking for him I Just always see him looking at u like he likes u” “Tremaine stop it” “Im serious” I looked at him “Who Trey?”. He nodded his head to the left and I looked over and saw Chris looking in our direction. He nodded his head and I waved and looked back at Trey “Liar” “ok don’t say I didn’t warn u… how’s u and my nigga Laith” I shook my head “There is no me and your nigga Laith” “He still loves u.” I looked at him with a stupid expression “Trey what the f***? That horror film been over and there will not ever be a sequel or a remake” he nodded “Trey” He looked over at me “What do u want” “ok, I like Monica and I want u to hook us up” I laughed because I knew it was a catch. Monica was a Jr. Varsity cheerleader who didn’t have a good reputation. I didn’t like her, but I knew Trey was in it for the sex. “You just wanna f***” “You damned right! So u gone do it” he asked hopefully. “ uh… no” he got up ”Damn I thought we was better than that” “ I love u too Trey-Trey” The bell and I quickly packed up and rushed out of class “s***” I cured because I forgot to turn in my work messing with Trey. I turned back around and rushed back to my class and accidentally bumped into someone making them drop all of their papers. “OMG! I’m so sorry” I said bending down getting their papers and not paying attention to who it was. “It Ok Paris” a voice said as I looked up and saw Chris helping me pick his papers up. I gave him his stuff and we both stood up and just stood there quietly. I couldn’t take it “Well I should get going” I said trying to walk away “Maybe we could hang out sometime” I heard him say and then looked back and saw that he was serious so I nodded “that sounds good”. “U wanna go somewhere tonight” he asked smiling. “sounds good” I said turning but he stopped me again “you wanna call me?” He asked as I laughed. He was so handsome and he made me soo nervous. “U can call me” I wrote my number on a piece of paper and gave it to him.
When I got home my dad was on the phone smiling, which was odd because he was never there when I got home. “Tonight? Ok, ok see u then” he said hanging up. “Da what r u doing here” “I closed the shop early because we have a date.” He said dancing. I shook my head “I have plans” he shook his head back “Well cancel because Joyce is cooking for us” “Can I not and say I did” “Absolutely not go get ready” I groaned and stomped up the stairs and in to my room. U hung up my bag in my oversized closet and began to strip before hitting the shower. When I got out my phone was lighting up and I saw an unfamiliar number I pressed send “Hello” “Paris?” “Yes, who’s this” “Chris, can u be ready at 8?” I frowned because my dad had me dating his chick. “No, my dad has me going on a date, Im sorry” he laughed a little and the said “Maybe next time” he sounded disappointed “yea” “save my number” I said ok before hanging up and getting ready for my dad’s date.
We pulled up to this beautiful house “Going over for dinner seems like we’re getting serious” “I like her” I dad replied and I nodded. We got out and walked to the door. He rang the doorbell and seconds later a smiling Joyce appeared “Rick, Paris thanks for coming” My father hugged her and kissed her cheek” she blushed and let us in. “What’s for dinner bae” he asked “Fried chicken, black eyed peas, yellow rice and corn bread, but it’s not done so if y’all like y’all can go in the living room.” “Ill watch u” My dad said eyeing her “oh and before I forget MAURICE!” “YES!” “Come say hi to Rick and meet his daughter before u go” “K” I made my way to the living room and sat on the couch and played brick breaker on my phone when I heard Maurice come down. He was in the kitchen talking to his mom and my dad when his mom walked in “oh and this is--“ “Paris?” I looked up and saw Chris and smiled and he smiled too as his mother looked back and forth between us. “So u guys know each other?” “Yeh, she’s the one I was supposed to be going out with” She nodded “well u guys can chill here, I’ll be in the kitchen” she walked away. “So you’re Rick’s beautiful daughter” “And your Joyce’s basketball playing smart kid” I said laughing “where r u about to go” I asked “Just riding, to be honest I didn’t wanna see Rick on his daughter tonight, but I’m glad I did” I nodded “Do u this ur mom would be mad if I went with u?” He shook his head “no but ur dad might be” “well lets find out” I waked in the kitchen with him following behind me. When we got there we saw my dad’s arms wrapped around Ms. Joyce’s waist so I cleared my throat and they both looked back. “do u guys mind if we bail” my dad scrunched his face up “bail? Why?” “Because dad. don’t take this the wrong way but this is your date not mines” he opened his mouth to say something but Ms. Joyce spoke first “No, it’s fine u guys have fun” I looked at my dad and he nodded “keep your phone on” I nodded and Chris and I left the house. We got in his Dodge Charger and went riding. The car ride was pretty silent except the radio and the millions of butterflies flapping in my stomach. We pulled up to an Ihop and he turned and looked at me “U hungry” I nodded “I love breakfast for dinner” we both said in unison and laughed as we got out. At our booth the waitress came and took out drink orders as we began to talk. “How u liking the West Coast” I asked “It’s no Virginia but it’s ok” “Oh you’re from VA” I replied knowing that Va is where my mother fled to and wondered the odds of him knowing her. “Yup born and raised until my mother decided to move here.” “Oh yeh? Do u mind me asking why?” He looked down and the back up at me “She met a guy on a dating site..” I laughed “really? And she moved for dude?” He looked at me “yeh and no… my mom own her own salon and her and the guy seems to really like each other” That s*** pissed my off. There was no way I was gonna let some b**** two time MY DAD! “oh infierno no! Who the f*** do she think she is-“ The guy is ur dad” he said cutting me off. That s*** shocked me because my dad wasn’t the “dating site” type. “¡Ay Dios mio? Say what?” He nodded and laughed a little “Yeh I knew your dad for like 2 months now… and wait rewind did u just speak Spanish” I nodded “yea I know a little, wait u knew my dad for 2 months and I just met ur mom 2 weeks ago” “Yeh your dad said u were tough so they wanted to wait… I thought u was a stud no offense” I smile “none taken, I guess mi padre and I have a lot of talking to do”

Thanks u all for the comments and for reading :)

Yep he better walk away but wait if Paris dad gets married to Joyce who is Chris mama I think how are Paris and Chris gonna work out!!!! Wait getting ahead of myself lol run it run it

soo hold up chris is the guy thats getting married to her sister?? dam how he gona do paris wrong?
run this

that was some crazy s*** that just went down and some1 should have beat his ass 4 that stupid ass move but anywho nice add cant wait 4 more. ---->RuN iT--->

¡Ay dios mio! I died when Brooklyn said Aubrey. Laith should've got his ass beat. Shaheemah sounds like a hoeish name. That smile is what gets to you. He was so sweet.
Run it

Chapter 1
How we met (8 years ago)

“Paris wake up” my dad semi yelled to get me up as he walked in to my room. I threw the covers over my head trying to tone him out. “ Pari come on I told u today I want you to meet a very special friend of mine” “Dad I’m tired of meeting these women, only thing she’s going to say is ‘mira ella es tan bonita, she looks just like youuuu” I said in my thick Puerto Rican accent and stretched the ou out like the women he normally dated. He laughed and kissed my forehead “please I really like her and she had a son around your age so if you don’t wanna talk to us u can talk to him” “Da, don’t u think 16 is a little too old for a “play date” I said using air quotes. “Yea, but he’s a really smart kid and he plays basketball”
“Urg, don’t make me do this” “ok u go and I promise u won’t have to work at the station for a week”
I jumped up excited because I was always either cheering or at my dad’s multimillion dollar trucking company.
“A week?” I asked to make sure he wan’t playing
“One month if u ready in 30 minutes”
I never ran so fast in my life. I went in the bathroom and handled my business and threw on a black/white maxi dress with some cute flat sandals. I put my hair in a doughnut, put on accessories and lip gloss and grabbed my Gucci bag as I ran down stairs. My sat in his favorite chair looking at me as I walked up and smiled. “You’re done with 30 seconds to spare, I guess I need to hire new help”
“Yeh and hopefully he’s cute”
“watch it”
“I know I know no even looking at guys until I’m married”
“that’s right” he said smiling in approval as we made our way out the house and in to his Rolls Royce.
“Da, don’t u think us pulling up in a Rolls Royce is a little flashy”
“It’s not flashy if u got it, what u want me to do leave it in the garage?”
“No, but I don’t want her being with you for the wrong reasons like some people” I said looking out the window thinking about my own mother who abandoned us and ran off with a small portion of my dad’s money. “Paris, we’re only going on a date it’s nothing serious and trust me if it smells fishy we are out of that b**** before the food comes out”. I laughed because he was so serious, it happened before. The remainder of the ride to Providence was quiet. We pulled up to the front and the got out as my father handed the valet the keys and an early tip. We walked inside and I waited while my father talked to the hostess about our reservations, seconds later we were told our party was already here and we followed her to the table. “Rick” this pretty light skinned woman with long hair and a beautiful red Versace dress said standing up and hugging my dad. “Joyce, u look stunning as always” she blushed and let out a giggle. She stared at him like a 16 year old girl on her 1st date, I knew that look… she was in love. I cleared my throat making the silence between them come to an end “Oh Joyce this is my daughter Paris, Paris this is Ms. Joyce” he said as his eyes danced all over her body. It annoyed the hell out of me but I pushed it aside and decided to be a good girl… tonight. “Oh I’ve heard so much about u Paris. You’re all your dad ever talks about, and if I must say so myself you are much more beautiful than your dad makes u out to be”. I was liking her already, I laughed and thanked her and sat at the table. “Where’s your son” my dad asked. “He had a last minute basketball thing, Paris u go to University High right” “Go Wild Cats (lol) yes, I do” “My son will be attending there this year” “Ok” she smiled and ordered her food. After dinner was over my dad wanted to go to the movies but I wasn’t feeling it. I had other plans which included an all-girls sleep over at my best friends Brooklyn’s house… which was code for a back to school pool party. After he dropped my off I quickly washed and threw on a purple string bikini top with the matching bottoms with some blue jean short shorts over it with some purple open toe pumps. I left my hair the way it was and threw on some bamboo earrings and some Gucci shades. After being satisfied with my looks I jumped in my bmw and made my way to Brooklyn’s house. I walked in which was normal because no one was ever there except Brooke her mother was always away on business. “BROOKE” “b**** R U REALLY GOING” she said well more like screamed in shock because everyone knew my dad had me on lock. “Yes!” she sucked her teeth “what’s the lie this time?” I laughed and dropped my bag “why it gotta be a lie?” she made a stink face “Uh because you’re going and u look all sexy, I know Rick didn’t see u leave” “We’re having a sleep over” she laughed and put her shades on “lets roll
We pulled up to the party in Brooke’s Honda. The Party was hosted by Mike *Co Capitan of the basketball team* Brooke parked and took off her shorts so that she could flaunt her fat ass. I wasn’t jealous, but I did know that when it came down to the ass I was no competition for her… it was one of her best assets. We walked in and got hugs and wassups from left and right and then I heard “ OH s*** RICK LET PARIS OUT!” and people laughed. I turned around and saw Mike and hugged him as he hugged me back “How’d u get out?” “She lied” Brooke cut in and they both laughed. “Well I’m glad u did y’all look beautiful” “Thanks” we sang in unison. Brooke blushed and Mike caught it and winked at her “Yall enjoy y’all selves and Brooke save me a dance with yo sexy ass”. I’ve never saw her cheese so hard in my life. I knew she was feeling Mike and I thought there connection was cute. “Brooklyn and Paris my 2 favorite places” Drake stated walking up with some cute tall light skinned dude, Drake was also a member of the basketball team. “Drake get new lines baby” Brooklyn said hugging him. “Who’s your friend” I asked referring to the guy. Drake smiled “this is Chris and he just asked the same thing about u”. I blushed and looked the other way. “R u blushing” Drake questioned, well more like stated the obvious, because my skin was light u could clearly see it, but also purposely putting me on blat. “Not un Drake let’s not start this s***” Brooklyn roared defending me “Start what” he tested back. “Putting people on blast AU-BREY” She said back. I laughed because her New York accent was starting to seep through. “Whatever Brooklyn, damn I told y’all about that name calling s***, I just wanted to introduce yall to our new player” “Well u didn’t do a good job” blurted out rolling her neck. “Whatever Chris u ready to go” “Yes, nice to meet u Brooklyn and Paris I’ll see u around” he smirked and walked away. “wtf was that?” “I don’t know but he was cute” “let’s go dance” She said taking my hand and leading me to the side where people were dancing. Brooklyn and I danced for a good 2 seconds before Mike grabbed her and they began dancing together. Moments later I felt arms wrap around me and I smiled and danced with the person until “Pari u look sexy bae”. I turned around and saw my ex Laith. “WTF”
“So we can’t chill now” “When u decided u wanted to f*** Shaheemah that cut out us ever being able to chill” I said and walked in side with him following behind me. “We was 14 that was 2 years ago and besides I had needs u wasn’t fulfilling” “f*** u and your needs, I don’t want u”. He moved fast as he grabbed my neck tight and pushed me to the wall “b**** WHO THA f*** U THINK U TALKING TO LIKE THAT” He spat. Usually I was a fighter but I was taken back by his actions. I was snapped out of my thoughts by Laith being thrown off of me by Chris. “Wtf is yo problem” laith questioned “what u mean wtf is my problem? U got ur hands on shorty like she a dude. Get the f*** outa here before I beat ur ass” chris warned as Laith got up and left while mugging him. Chris turned to me with concern written all over his face “u ok?” I nodded “yeh thanks” he smiled “no problem”

That's my movie tho xD

Thanks for reading. I'll try to add after the walking dead goes off.

This seems like its gonna b good as hell. Iv been out the board game 4 a min but im jumpin back in and this seems like a nice start ;)so i guess Run it as yall say lol

I wonder if he was with her sister but sneaking around with her. That would be f***ed up.
Run it

Damn they wrong as hell. Dirty dog ass niggas!!

Run it