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The One I Gave My Heart To

I laid face down ass up as he gripped my hips and pumped in and out of me. The alcohol was starting to wear off and suddenly I felt a mixture of emotional pain and heart break. A few tears escaped my honey brown eyes as he enjoyed what no longer his. Usually when we had sex I was the one on top, calling the shots but tonight I was too wrapped in my emotions. I felt him pull out and shoot his warm cum on my ass and he got up, mumbled something and walked to the kitchen. I got off the bed and walked into the bathroom and looked in the mirror at me… better yet at what I’ve become. I am 24 years old, beautiful black and Puerto Rican chick, I’m well off because of my father’s death, and I could have anything my heart desired, anyone I bated my long eye lashes at… except for him. He once was mine, I gave him my heart…hell he still had it. We were good together, inseparable, the “good thing” hun, I guess all good things come to an end because we did when he proposed to my sister… and she accepted it.




This is a chris brown fan teambreezy! all the way!!..they are meant for eachother...they didnt go through all this just to end it now!..this story should end with them being together

Well Im glad She Got Some...

run it!!! team trey!!!! though her and chris have history he just have too much stuff going on right now..she'd be better off with trey

run it

gotta give it to trey,i like chris but he has a new girl and riley pops up with chris and i just want her to get a life or hit by a bus

I wnt her wit trey team trey n wow she been wnted him lol run it

Noooooo i so want her and chris to be together

im team BREEZY all day long!!!!

I honestly want her with Trey.

whoaaaa lol that wine has definitely kicked in..hmm wonder where this leaves them now..but to answer that team chris question..idk he seems like he got too much on his plate right now with crazy ass riley and a new girl..i really don't want paris to get involved with him right now..she needs to just save herself from the stress and leave him alone..RUN IT!

Nope not team Chris at all. I just don't want them to be together or think there is a reason for them to be lol. Like her sister and him have a child together.... how awkward is it going to be to explain that to them kids! I think they are better as friends.
Like Trey and her have a child and seem to do well together, and I just think they are a better fit.
This was a great add! And omg don't break my heart and put her and chris together. lol

When I got back home I made London a bath while she told Trey all about Christian's exciting party. I was still a little pissed that Riley actually did that. How f***ing immature of her. I sighed and took off my shoes. Trey walked in and leaned against the door. "It was that bad?" He asked and I nodded. "You want to talk about it?" He said sincerely. I looked at him, grabbed my shoes and stood up. "Yeh, later tho. Can you supervise her bath? I really just want to get out of this dress." I asked. "Yeh, London bath time!" He yelled as I walked out of the bathroom. I went into my room and undressed and then showered and washed my hair. When I got out I towel dried my hair and left it out curly to air dry. I put on my under wear and a gold oversized long sleeved sweat shirt. When I walked into the kitchen and started making dinner.
After we all ate we sat on the couch and watched The Princess and the Frog back to back to back because that's what London wanted to do. She laughed at the same parts and repeated the same words every time. As long as she was having a good time, so was I. When Mama Odie sang 'dig a little deeper' this time London didn't make a peep. I looked over and both of them was knocked out. I heard Trey snoring lightly after the movie started the second time. I smiled, took a picture and set it my lock screensaver. I got up and picked London up and put her in her room. I kissed her cheek and tucked her in before I cracked her door. I walked back downstairs and went into the kitchen and grabbed a wine glass. I grabbed a bottle of white wine and the corkscrew and failed at trying to open it so I walked over and taped Trey. He jump up and looked around. "What's wrong?" "Nothing, I need help opening this bottle." I said handing him the wine. "He blinked his eyes and took the bottle from me. "You ready to talk?" He asked opening the bottle. I nodded and poured myself a drink and walking back to the kitchen with him following me. "Riley is a b****." I said sipping my wine. "What happened?" He asked pouring some wine for hisself. "Everything was good until she showed up. This b**** had on some Poom poom shorts with a belly shirt and some stripper heels at her 6 year old sons party. Like where the f*** do they do that at? She had the nerve to ask me what I was doing there. I was about to flip, but Chris friend pulled me away. To top the cake she told Chris's girl friend that we slept together. That was not her place and she better thank God that that was Christians party or I would've hurt her." I said chugging the rest of the wine. "Did you talk to your mom?" He asked. "I said hi." "Did you introduce her to Lon?" He asked and I nodded while pouring another glass of wine. "Yup as Maria, she don't deserve the title as London's grandma. She's never been there for her, like she's never been there for me. To hell with her, we don't need her! We made it this far with out her so f*** her. And she was all smiling in London's face like "aww you're beautiful." I wanted punch her in her face, she's so full of s***." I said running my fingers through my hair. He just walked over to me with open arms. I looked up at him and shook my head before hugging him back. "You look like you needed a hug." He said kissing the crown of my head. "I did. My family f***ed my day up." I said taking in his scent. He smelled so good. "Yeh, sounds like they did. Well according to London she had fun so that's good." I nodded, let go of him and finished the rest of my wine. "Yeh, good for her." I said washing my glass out and putting the wine back on the rack. "Let just go chill watch some tv and I'll make pop corn." He said moving his eyebrows up and down. I laughed. He reminded me of London. " Ok, but stop doing that. That's where Lon gets it from." "I know she used to stare at me when I used to do it when she was younger." He said leading me to the couch. He sat down and I cuddled next to him as he flicked through the channels. "Don't be getting comfortable." He spat. I sat up and looked at him like he was stupid. "This my house." "And this my body. You think I like smelling like Love Spell?" He asked. Personally I think he did so I nodded. He picked up the pillow and hit me with it. "I don't!" He argued. I picked the pillow up and hit him harder with it and the look on his face was hilarious. "Did I hit you that hard?" He asked. I got up and started laughing. When I saw him get up with the pillow I ran.
5 seconds later
I was caught "I'm not apologizing!" I said still laughing. He held both of my hands in one of his hands. "Apologize or you're going to get it." He said holding the pillow. I looked over and notice that I had time to make it to the basement if he let me go. "I apolo-lies." I said quickly. He let me go but once he realized that I said the wrong word I was already gone. The door to the basement was almost closed before his big tall ass bust through it. I squealed and ran as fast as I could but he caught me. "Say sorry." He said holding both of my hand. "No." "Ok." Was all he said before he pushed me on the sofa, straddled me and then beat me with the pillows. I was laughing inside because it was funny. We haven't had a play fight in years. I covered my eye, started sniffing and acting like I was crying. I felt the pillows stop and I felt him get off of me. "Paris." He cooed. I moved my hands from my eyes only to be hit with another pillow. "I've known you almost your whole life. That means I know when your faking." He said. I couldn't do nothing but laugh. Maybe it was the wine, but I'm giggly af tonight. "Lets call it even." He said holding out his hand. I shook his hand and crossed my fingers behind my back. "Lets go watch something." I said going back to the living room. Once we sat down he turned on espn. I let him get deep into the game before I inched my right leg on his lap. "Yo! Pass the ball!" He yelled at the tv. Guys and their sports smh. As soon and the buzzer rang I straddled him and started playfully choking him. Again the look on his face had me rolling. "Let me go." He coughed. "Not until you apologize." I said now hitting him with another pillow. "But you started." He stressed. "And you hit first." I spat back. He threw his hands up. "Ok we're even." He said, but I didn't believe him. "Only if you promise not to hit me when I get up." I said. "I won't damn. Let my neck go." I just looked at him and didn't let go. "For the record, I lift weights heavier than you, so if I wanted to throw you off of me I could." He said looking in my eyes. "Why won't you?" I asked letting of of his neck. "Because" was the last words that left his lips before they connected with mine. I don't know if he kissed me or if I kissed him but we were defiantly kissing each other. Our tongues caressed each other as the kiss deepened. His hands slid under my sweat shirt as he caressed my ass. I wrapped my arms around his neck and he pulled me closer. To say that I was wet was an understatement. I was soaked. His kisses always turned me on. I felt him stiffing beneath me as we continued with our make out session. He pulled my sweat shirt over my head and tossed it on the floor. I was left wearing black laced boy shorts and the matching bra. No, I did not wear it for him. Lace is sexy so I have a lot of lace sets that I wear on the regular. His fingers traced the pattern on my breast which made my nipples hard. He started sucking on my neck as moans escaped my mouth. He picked me up picked me up and pinned me to wall while continuing to kiss me. I helped him pull his shirt over his head and I rested my arms around his neck. I broke the kiss pushed him away so that I could get down. "I'm sorry" he said rubbing his hands over his face. I grabbed my sweat shirt and then walked over and kissed Trey's lips. He seemed shocked but when I smiled he got the picture. I grabbed his hand and lead him to the bedroom. That ended my 3 year drought....

Is there anyone who's still Team Chris?
Just wondering??

Thanks Dolls!!

Run It....

Damn I almost felt bad for Maria... almost but she wasnt no kind of momma to Paris so she doesnt get the Grandma acknowledgement, now Ms. Joyce deserves it, she's a sweet lady. Now Riley's such a jealous lil bitter b****, she need to gone somewhere with all that extra ish. Tryna create some drama with not only her and Paris but Chris's new chick too. Chris better get that hoe in check. Wonder will she OL GIRL forgive Chris now. RUN IT!!!

Im wit jay im team trey to lol Riley need to mind her own she startn s*** she cnt finish run it

smh, riley needs to really get a life

I wish she would have whopped Riley ass, but i understand women with class do not step to hoe levels lol.RUN IT

run it!!!

dumb ass riley smh


Riley is so bitter lol like what she still mad for.
And umm Im still team Trey!

UGH! Riley ole' stank ass need to suck a d*** and ride out!
Run It!

"Paris" Trey said snapping his fingers in my face. I blinked my eyes 3 times. "Say what?" I asked. He sat on the bed and looked up at me. "It's like this we aren't getting younger. And I know we're not together but I want another baby. You know I'm not that guy that has multiple baby mommas that's why I'm coming to you with this. London already said she wants a sibling and I'd be more than happy to make some for her, but that's only if its with you." He explained. I couldn't help but to laugh "Paris stop laughing." "No, I cant. Are you serious?" I asked still laughing. "Yeh." "So that'd mean we'd have to have sex?" I asked making an ugly face. He stood up and pulled me in front of my full length mirror and wrapped his arms around my waist from behind. "I call it making love." He said rubbing my stomach. "Stop rubbing my stomach there's nothing in there." "Yeh but it could be. I take care of London don't I?" He asked and I nodded. "And she's beautiful so why not make more?" He asked. "There's no one else I'd rather have kids with." He added now rocking me. "I'll think about it." I said to shut him up. I mean we are closer to 30 than 20 and I'm not trying to be an old bag having babies. After I had London I said I'd try for one more but I thought I'd be trying with my husband. I felt him kiss my cheek and let me go. "Don't strain brain." He laughed. "I'm not its just a lot to consider." He sat back on the bed and patted his lap. "No funny s*** Trey." I said walking towards him. "Alright, just come talk to me." He said still patting his lap. I straddled him and he rested his hands on my hips. "Talk to me." "Alright it's like this from my perspective. I like you, you are my male best friend and the father of my child. You are probably one of the best fathers of all time but to have another child with you is looking closer to the no side." I said honestly. "Why? If we were married we'd probably have 4 kids by now." He said and I looked at him like he was stupid. "That's a damn lie. But back to the marriage thing, what if I get married Trey. What if my husband wants kids? Then what?" I asked. "Y'all just be a blended family. Ima be honest I'm not going to like that nigga but I'll respect him for you. If it was up to me I'd be the one at the alter waiting for you, but you made it clear that that's not what you want." He sounded defeated. Call me nuts but I kinda felt bad for him. Yes he did mess up and yes I forgave him for it but I won't forget it. And we both agreed that it was best that we wouldn't bring up that part of our lives. Besides Brooklyn and Mike he's the only other person that I'm cool with like that. "To be honest I don't know what I want anymore." I said looking down. "Well you are the only one that can figure that out." He said lifting my face. "Yeh, I know. What time is dinner?" I asked. "7 o'clock so we got 4 hours." "Good because I'm sleepy." I said crawling off of his lap and laying next to him and pulling the comforter over me. "So you not kicking me out?" He asked. "No, but don't get used to it." I said as he smiled. "Can we cuddle?" He asked hopefully. "Only because its cold and keep your body parts to yourself." I said as he quickly got under the cover and moved closer to me. "Trey don't be tryna stick your boobs in my face." I said poking his chest. "I wasn't comfortable yet." He said making himself comfortable. I turned my back towards him and he wrapped his arm around my waist and moved his face behind my neck and we both fell asleep.

Next Weekend
My phone rang as I was just putting the last pony tail in London's hair. "Lon answer it for me, mommy has greasy hands." She picked up the phone. "Hello, hi grandma, no mommy's doing my hair, hold on please. Grandma wants you." She said handing me the phone. I put the phone between my shoulder and my ear. "Hello." I said twisting London's hair and putting a barrette on the end. "Hey, you haven't called me this week." Ms.J said. "I know ma I've been super busy, I'm sorry." "It's ok, I understand but I was calling to see if you talked to Chris." "Not since last week why?" I asked curious. "Because Maria's here." What the f*** was she doing here. "For what?" I asked not wanting to say what was really on my mind. "She said she didn't want to miss her grand baby's birthday." "Really? When she haven't even called London?" I asked getting up and walking to my room. "Yeh, I know I didn't want you to be uncomfortable that's why I wanted to give you a heads up." I nodded and looked at Trey "Thanks Ma, I'll see you soon." She said ok before she hung up. I bit my bottom lip and leaned against the wall. "I know that look, what's wrong?" He asked. "Maria's going to be at Christian's party." He made a weird face. "Maria as in your biological mother?" He asked and I nodded. "The f*** she doing here?" "She wanted to see Christian." "Don't get upset. Don't ruin this for Christian." He said obviously knowing my temper. "I won't but she better not play that motherly abuelita s***." I said walking in the bathroom. I showered and then wrapped a towel around myself. I did my hair in loose curls, put on a little make up and walked out to my room. London was all dressed and Trey was helping her put on her necklace. I walked into my walk in closet and put on my underwear. Along with lotion and I put on a high low maxi dress that was strapless the top part was red and the bottom was black and floral. I put on some red no heel shoes. I looked at my self in the mirror before I added earrings, a necklace and a few bracelets. Then I put on Mac's RiRi Woo lip stick and I walked out. "Call me if you need me." Trey said getting comfortable in my bed. I nodded "lets go Lon."
We pulled up to Chris house and there were cars everywhere. I got out and unhooked London from her carseat. "Mommy can I carry the Christan's box?" She asked referring to his gift. "You can carry one and I'll get the other." I said giving her the lighter box. We walked to the back yard and the first familiar face I spotted was DeSean. He looked at me and walked over and hugged me. "What you doing on the west coast?" I asked "I've been living out here for about a year now." He replied and I nodded. "Hi pretty girl." He said waving at London. She waved back and blushed. "Where do I put the gifts?" I asked. "In the house, it's a whole table full of stuff, you'll see it." He said before I thanked him. London and I walked in as Chris was coming out. "Hey, y'all made it." He smiled and picked London up. "Uncle Chris I got Christian some gifts." London smiled. He kissed her cheek "you did?" He asked as she nodded. "Where do you want these hot dogs?" Asked the pregnant girl from Chuck E Cheese. "On the table, by the buns." Chris replied. The girl looked at me and smiled "I'm Bianca." Her smile was contagious "I'm Paris." "And what's your name?" She asked London. "I'm London." "We'll London do you want a hot dog?" London nodded. She grabbed London's hand. "I'll get you one and bring you back to your mom." She said as they walked away leaving Chris and I standing there. "Girl friend?" I asked. He shook his head no "That's her sister." "She's seems nice." "She is." He said simply. "Well I'm dropping these off go handle your business." I said making my way to the gift table and putting the things we got him down. I walked over the kitchen and saw Ms. J talking to Maria. "Hey Ma" I said addressing Ms.J. "Hi Paris" she said hugging me and kissing my cheek. "You look gorge as usual." "Thanks you too." I smiled. "Hi Pari." Maria said hugging me. "Hey." I said as London walked into the room. "Mommy they got cotton candies." She shrieked "Grandma!" She yelled hugging Ms. Joyce and kissing her cheeks."Hi Lon! You look so cute!" "Thank you, my daddy got me this necklace." She said looking down at her necklace. Maria just stood there in awe. Ms. Joyce must've noticed. "London this is-"Ms. Joyce started, but I cut her off. "Maria, Maria this is my daughter London." I said as Maria looked at me as if she was shocked that I didn't introduce her as London's grandmother. I mean why should I? She has never attempted to reach out even after she found out that I had her. She batted her watery eyes. "Well London you are beautiful." She said kneeling down. "Thank you." She said looking at her nails, something she normally did around people she wasn't familiar with. "London you want me to go walk you over to the bouncy house?" I asked. Her eyes lit up "yes!" I grabbed her hand and took her away from that awkward moment.
2 hours later
I was minding my business sitting on the patio watching London run around with the other kids when Riley showed up. Since she found out about Chris and I she's been acting funny. I really don't give a s*** what she thinks but she better know not to mess with me. She looked at me as slightly rolled her eyes so I laughed. This b**** had on some itty bitty purple shorts with a yellow belly shirt, and some clear stripper heels. This is her sons party she shouldn't have dressed like that. "Paris." She said. "You don't have to speak just because you see me." I replied. "Don't know why the f*** you here any way." She said and c**ked my head to the left. "Why are you here boo boo?" Was all I said before DeSean grabbed my hand and pulled me inside. "Don't do it." He simply said. "Do what?" I asked. "You know what. I saw what you did to Candice, Riley's on some other s*** right now so don't stoop down to her level." He said and I sighed. I looked over and I saw Chris walking over. "What's going on?" He asked as both DeSean and I shook out heads. "You good?" He asked and I nodded. This pretty brown skin girl walked over. "Bae it's almost time to cut the cake-- DeSean Bianca was looking for you." The girl said looking back and forth between us. "It ain't even nothing like that so chill Michele." DeSean said. "Ain't no chill Michele, you over here caked up with some chick and your pregnant fiancé is outside chasing your son." She stressed. "Michele chill with that. This is my step sister." Chris said and the girl laughed. "I'm sorry there's so many thirsty chicks out here. I'm Michele." She smiled. "I'm Paris." The side door opened and Riley walked in. "Damn it must be nice to have your baby momma, you high school sweet heart and your new girl friend all in the same spot." She spat. "What the f*** is she talking about?" Michele asked and before anyone could open their mouths Riley spoke up. "Me, you and Paris." "Riley shut up!" I said to her. "No wait you just said this chick was your step sister." Michele said pointing at me. "That's because she is." Chris replied. "But you been f***ing her for years." Riley gritted. I felt my blood boiling. I wanted to punch this b**** in her face. Only thing that was stopping me was the fact that this was a kiddie party any daughter was here. "So you've been sleeping with your step sister?" Michele asked. Neither one of us said anything. "Y'all are f***ing sick." She spat walking away. "You talk to her." I said to Chris before ran behind her and I turned my attention to Riley. I walked in her face. "That wasn't your place you clown ass b****." I said as I felt arms pulling me back. "You calling me a clown and you got on red lip stick." She insulted. At least it looks good on me. how you got on a belly shirt with a pudge? Who ever told you that you looked good lied." I laughed and walked away. "London baby lets go!" I said as I approached her. "But mommy I didn't have any cake." She pouted. "Yeh but it's sleep over night." I said trying to excite her. "With me you and daddy?" She asked confused. "Yeh. Lets go get some snacks and go." I said as she cheered. I kissed Christian good bye and we left.

omg how rude am I?
New Readers: welcome to my story <3..<3..<3
my regular readers :thanks so much for your continuous support <3 :)(; <3
to all of you dolls: thanks for the runs and comments I appreciate it all.



lol run it

Run It...