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The One I Gave My Heart To

I laid face down ass up as he gripped my hips and pumped in and out of me. The alcohol was starting to wear off and suddenly I felt a mixture of emotional pain and heart break. A few tears escaped my honey brown eyes as he enjoyed what no longer his. Usually when we had sex I was the one on top, calling the shots but tonight I was too wrapped in my emotions. I felt him pull out and shoot his warm cum on my ass and he got up, mumbled something and walked to the kitchen. I got off the bed and walked into the bathroom and looked in the mirror at me… better yet at what I’ve become. I am 24 years old, beautiful black and Puerto Rican chick, I’m well off because of my father’s death, and I could have anything my heart desired, anyone I bated my long eye lashes at… except for him. He once was mine, I gave him my heart…hell he still had it. We were good together, inseparable, the “good thing” hun, I guess all good things come to an end because we did when he proposed to my sister… and she accepted it.


Oh my damn Trey and Chris just had an all out brawl in Paris's house while London was in the room. SMH they need to grow up. And like she said Trey cant say who she can be around he aint her daddy or her dude. Should've know Chris ass wasnt gone let that s*** pass. Just had to throw the first punch huh. Poor Trey I kinda feel bad but not really, he cheated on Paris for a dumbass reason and she aint tryna get back with him, let it go dude. RUN IT!!!!

"What you need to clean up?" Chris asked as he parked in front of my house. "My room." I said remembering what we did last night. "Well I'll help since I had a part in messing up." He said as he out of the car. He got London's car seat and her bag and he followed me into my house. "What time he supposed to be here?" He asked. "I don't know. I need to call him because I don't need y'all bumping into each other." I said taking London out of her car seat. Chris made a stupid face. "You know I wanna see him." I shook my head a going up the stairs. "You don't need to see him." I said as London cooed. "Yeh tell ya mother that yo daddy need to get dealt with." Chris cooed following us up the stairs. I pulled out my phone and called Trey. He answered on the third ring "Hello." "What time u coming?" "Now, I'm around the corner." My eyes got wide. "Around the corner from where?" I asked curiously. "From your place open the door." s***! I hung up with out saying bye. "I don't know what to do." "b**** ass around the corner?" "Chris stop I don't want the drama." I said thinking of a plan. "I know you don't I just want to talk." He said talking off his watch. "Then why you talking off s***?" I asked watching him closely. "Because if that nigga leap I'ma have to hurt him." He said as the door opened. My stomach started to hurt because I was so damn nervous. "Paris." I didn't even want to answer. He made his way upstairs and into my room. He looked at me and then at Chris. His expression went from happy to mad in 1 second. "The f*** is he doing here Paris?" Trey asked. Before I could answer Chris spoke up "Don't answer him, he don't pay no goddamn bills in here." Trey looked at him "You don't know what the f*** I do in here. Paris I told you I didn't want this nigga around you or London and you disrespect me by allowing this s***." "Trey you can't stop me from being around him..." I argued. "You talking about disrespect I still owe you an ass whooping from when you cheated, you insecure b****." Chris said stepping towards him. Trey took a step closer and I quickly put London in her bassinet. "That's none of your business. Paris and I squashed that so why the f*** are you bring it up?" I stepped in between them "Y'all not doing this s*** here." I said looking back and forth between them. Chris laughed "You lucky I love her more than I hate you because I swear to god I would've knocked you the f*** out." Chris spat. "Knock me the f*** out Chris. I wanna see you do that s***." He said gently pushing me back. I saw it like it was in slow motion Chris's hand balled into a fist an it inched its way up. Treys lips were still flapping and BAM. Chris's had connected with Treys jaw. Everything from there on out was like some on hit fast forward. They were going at it and I just stood there watching this s*** unfold. London started to cry breaking me out of mannequin like pose and I went towards them. "STOP!" I yelled. "I pulled Chris off of Trey and pushed him in to the bathroom and locked the door from the outside. Trey got up, looked down at the condom wrapper and then at me. "So you f***ing him again?" He said breathing heavy and wiping the blood from his lip. I ignored him and picked London up. I walked out of my and downstairs. I made London a bottle and fed her. "Answer my question." Trey said with this crazy look in his eyes. "That's none of your business Trey damn! Whatever I decide to do with MY pussy is MY business!" "Well you gave me my answer. That's f***ed up tho. I thought I was gone come over here and try to win you back but I guess I thought wrong." "Trey you still f***ing with other b****es and you thought you was getting back with me? You must be crazy. That was the reason we broke up, remember?" "No you dumped me after I cheated on you cause you f***ed that banana looking nigga upstairs." He argued. "Your mind is f***ed! Like how you cheat on me because of something I did before you? That doesn't make sense!" "IT DOES MAKE SENSE! YOU TOLD ME I DIDN'T HAVE TO WORRY ABOUT HIM AND THEN YOU LIED TO ME, WENT TO VA AND f***ED THIS NIGGA." He yelled. "WE WEREN'T TOGETHER TREY! LIKE WHAT PART ARE YOU NOT UNDERSTANDING?" I yelled back causing London to cry. "Look you're in your emotions tonight and you need to go." He looked at me and left. I rocked London and walked upstairs. I went into my room and let Chris out of the bathroom. "Paris I'm sorry..." I put my hand up. "You need to go." He sighed and kissed both of our foreheads before he left.

Thanks ladies :)
@krcbreezy lol look at you scheming :)

I Want Them 2 Get Bac Together...
Run It...

Man got a n*gga hopes all up ! lol i sure hope something will work out
if anything Trey can't get mad at her for being with chris cuz he drove her away and if he really love her he let her be happy
and Chi-chi is something else! putting up all these dam scenes and she married! tf? u need help child.
mama j knew wassup and i felt like her all hopeful that they were together
ohh i know what could get them together what if riley like came onto trey or vice versa ?? that would seal the deal for chris and paris ;)
i just love how well they know each other! "you better not be in ur underwear!" and she was haha
run it

Run it

I swear I like they relationship lol. They don't make na huge deal about not being able to be a couple. They just roll with it and still stay cool. Not to mention that sex was good Im sure lol. Paris and Chris,what we gone do with these two??? Wow not that this hoe Laquita is married with kids and Paris of all people found out. Wonder will she tell Trey?
Christian is adorable, his mouths slightly bad but he's adorable still lol. Ms. J knew they asses did something lol. Wonder What does Trey wanna talk about?

I woke up to the sound of my phone vibrating in the bathroom. I got up, walked to the bathroom and answered it without looking. "Hello" I said in a sleepy tone. "Hey what time is Lon coming back home." I cleared my throat "I don't know. What time is it?" "It's 1:30" "wow ok" "will it be ok if I stay over tonight." I looked back in the room at a sleeping Chris. "We need to talk." Trey added. "Yeh, Yeh that's fine" "ok I'll see you later" "k" I hung up and looked at my reflection in the mirror. My hair was all over my head I looked horrible. Oh well I pulled my hair in a messy bun and got back in the bed. "What time is it?" Chris asked without opening his eyes. "1:32" I replied yawning. He sat up and looked at me "We was supposed to be doing lunch." I huffed and put the cover over my head. "Do we have to??" I asked. "Yes. Now get up" he said removing the cover from my body. " ugh" I moaned and pulled the cover back over me. "Get dressed by the time I get back you should be ready" "so you picking me up?" He nodded as he began to get dressed. "So that means get washed and everything like now. I'll be back here at 2:30 and I need you to be ready." "Ok" I said taking the covers from over my head. "2:30 Paris" "yeh, yeh, yeh" I replied as I walked into the bathroom.
I was almost ready. Well if you counted hair done, make up done and underwear on as almost, then I was almost ready :) I heard my door close "You Better have on more than your underwear." I heard Chris yell from downstairs. That reminded me that I needed to get my keys back from everyone. No one even calls anymore its like my house was theirs. "I think your child name is Christian and not Paris." I yelled putting in a yellow laced racer back shirt. He said something that I didn't understand as he walked up the stairs. I put on some white skinny jeans with a gold belt as he walked around the corner shaking his head. "What??" I asked putting on my earrings. "You're never on time." I looked at him "If you let me drive we'll get there on time." "I'm good on that." I laughed as I put on my wedges. "You always in heels." He said as I buckled my shoes. "Yeh because I don't want to look like your daughter you f***ing giant." I laughed. He sucked his teeth and kept a straight face. "You ready yet." I sprayed some perfume and grabbed my bag. "Yeh, let's go."
We ended up at ihop we already sat in the booth and ordered our food when he turned his hat backwards and played with my hand. "Talk to me." I said looking down at him looking down at my hand. "What was last night?" He asked finally looking up at me. "What do you mean?" "What was it? Like was that the "green light" for us to move on? Do you want to move on together?Whats what?" I slowly moved my hand back and shrugged my shoulders. "I don't know, it wasn't planned... It just happened." "But your reason for us not being together was because of the coast issue. I'm back and I want you back." He said intensely looking into my eyes. I love Chris. I probably will never love another person like I love him, but in the same breath I didn't want to get on bad terms with Trey. If London wasn't involved I would have leaped across the table and said "take me baby I'm yours" but we have children by different people so I don't know how a relationship between us would work right now. And although Trey is out doing his thang I don't want the drama with him. I'd never hear the last of it if Chris and I started a relationship. Treys spiteful ass would probably have my daughter around of Laqueefah, Tyneshewa and lil Qua-Qua and I'm not having that. Have you ever heard of the expression "it's like being stuck between a rock and a hard place?" Well that's where I am. "Paris." He called breaking me out of my thoughts. "Talk to me." He said reaching over and grabbing my now sweaty hand again. "I don't know. You know I love you but we're not in a good spot to start a relationship. Like you still have Riley living with you and Trey's still at my house a lot for London..." He nodded "I got it. You coulda just said "no Chris get off my d***" he said in his girly voice and I laughed. "No but seriously tho you know if the circumstances were different I'd be with it 100% but were in a f***ed up spot right now." I said looking down. He got up, sat next to me and lifted my chin. "We'll find something that works." I looked at him weird. "What does that mean?" "It just mean that one day we'll be complete again." "Hopefully." I said as our waitress came back with out food.
After we ate Chris paid the waitress and he grabbed my hand as we were about to leave when someone caught my attention. It was Chiquita. She was at the table with this dark skinned guy, that had dreads and tattoos everywhere and two kids who looked like they were 2 and 4. She looked up at me and rolled her eyes. I smiled as I got closer. "Hey Chi-Chi girl how you doing." I asked as she made an ugly face. "Whatup?" She asked playing along. "Who is she" the guy asked Chiquita. "Travis Paris, Paris Travis." I smiled and waved. "You're her..." I asked. "Husband" I looked at Chiquita's hand and saw a nice ring. "I didn't know you we're married Qui-Qui" I stated. "Yeah for 5 years and I never met you before." He said looking at me. "Mommy can I have some more juice." The little boy asked. "Nice see you Chiquita..." I said as I walked away. "Who was that?" Chris asked. "The girl Treys f***ing." Chris shook his head while opening the door for me.
We pulled up to his mothers house 15 minutes later. When we went inside
Christian ran to Chris. "Daddy!" He yelled as Chris picked him up and kissed his cheeks. "You been a good boy for grandma?"Chris asked. He nodded and reached for me. I took him from Chris and kissed his cheek "TeeTee Londie pooped and it stinked really really badd." I laughed. "Well she had to get it out." I said putting him down"But her coulda did it in the potty" he said walking back into the living room. I looked at Chris and he laughed. "Your son is a mess." We followed him into the living room where Ms. J was changing London. She looked back and did a double take. "Both of y'all here together? Hmmm." She said snapping London's onesie. "What's that supposed to mean ma?" I asked talking London and kissing her. "I've never see y'all together unless y'all were "together" is it something y'all me" she smiled. "Ma what you talking about." Chris asked taking London from me and kissing her. He treated her like she was his own. I liked that about him. "Who do I look like bobo the fool?" She asked looking between the both of us. "No abuelita bobo's no fool." Christian said looking at The Bubble Guppies causing us to laugh. "And neither am I. Is there anything I need to know?" She asked hopeful. Chris kissed London again before handing her to me. "No we just went out for lunch that's it" he said hugging her. She raised her eyebrow "I still don't believe y'all but I'll leave it alone. How was your night Paris?" "It was pretty good." I blushed. "It must've been more than pretty good if you blushing" Chris said looking at me bitting his bottom lip. I couldn't even keep eye contact with him. I was blushing to bad. "And y'all think I'm stupid." Ms.J said shaking her head. "Shushhhh daddy, TeeTee and abuelita! I can't concentrate." Christian said looking back at us. "Well we're sorry" Ms. J said getting up to throw London's pamper away. "Why'd you do that in front of her?" I asked a little above a whisper. "Because you lied. Last night was way more than pretty good." I rolled my eyes. "Y'all staying for dinner" Ms. J asked as she came back from the kitchen. "No I gotta meet Trey at the house in a few." "He can come eat too." She offered and I shook my head. "Bad idea." "Chris you still don't like that boy?" "I hate him mama for the s*** he put her through." Chris spoke truthfully. "Boy you better mind your manners cursing I front of me like you ain't my child." " I'm sorry mama it slipped. But i was being honest." "s***!" Christian cursed. "CHRISTIAN!" Ms. J yelled before Chris could open his mouth. "Abuelita I got it wrong." He said pointing to the tv. "That's a bad word." "But my mommy says it all the time." He said innocently. "Well you tell your mom that that's a bad word" she spoke sternly and he nodded. "I think I should head home." "Why so soon" Ms. J asked. "I got some cleaning up to do." She nodded " ok y'all taking Christian too?" "Abuelita I don't wanna gooo. The backyardagsins is coming up next!" He pouted. "Well he can stay I'll come back to get him after I drop them off." Said Chris. I got London's things and got her ready. "Chrissy come give me kissy." I said. He walked over and kissed me and London. "No more kisses TeeTee my show is coming on now bye." He said walking away. I shook my head and hugged Ms.J "thank you for keeping her." "You don't have to thank me that my grand baby too." "But but abuelita I'm a grand baby too." Christian said butting in. "Yes you are baby." He smiled hard and started watching tv again as we left....

*if you don't know abuelita is grandma in Spanish ;)

alright yall know im team paris and chris
i rather her sleep with chris than with trey
trey a good father but he know that chris and paris have something way more special
i just hope that chris and her can work something out
as for trey boo well i feel bad for u cuz u is getting disrespected
run it

Lmao Quita gets no respect lol. Poor thing. Paris is #1 to both Chris and Trey it seems. Lord Chris walked in on her pleasuring herself and then helped her out hmm. Lord see what happens when alcohol involved she done smashed Chris. Quite sure Trey ain't gone be happy when he finds out cause Im sure he's gone find out. Run It!!!

Loved it...
Run It...

Typos she shouldnt hav gav n to chris run it

Hell naw y she do sat girl even doe yal sint blood thats still yo bro smh im glad she aint giv in to trey cus he need to learn bt i think she should hav gav in to chris either and that s*** jus aint cool cus thats her bro run it

"Did you see the way Trey was looking at you??" Brooklyn asked over the music. I nodded and took a shot Goose. "It was like he was undressing your ass with his eyes." laughed "Oh well that's the only way he's getting me undress." I said as Mike walked over with Drake. "Hey Drizzy" Brooklyn sang he smiled and hugged her. "Brooke" "Put that s*** down" MIke said taking the glass from me. "Give that back." I wined "Oh s*** Paris you out?" Drake asked hugging me. "No I'm not really here, you're dreaming." I joked hugging him back. "Baby come shake something for me." Mike said grabbing Brooke's hand and licking his lips as he eyed her. Their relationship was so beautiful. They've been together since High school and he still looked at her like she was the sexiest woman on earth. I wish I had that :( Brooke smiled and turned around and started dancing on him. I grabbed the bottle and poured me another shot. "Why you over here drinking?" Drake asked. "Because I haven't had a drink in a year and because I want to." He nodded "You wanna dance?" He asked nervously. I looked at him and drank my shot. "Yeah let's go." I said grabbing his hand. We danced... Well I danced on him for like 2 songs and then some random guy cut in and I've been in rotation since. I stopped and got me some more drinks and Brooklyn grabbed me. "You ok?" I smiled and nodded. "You drunk?" She asked and I nodded again. She laughed and looked at the entrance. "There go yo baby daddy." I looked over, shrugged my shoulders and continued dancing. "You are a mess." I laughed and Trey came over. "She drunk?" He asked Brooke and she nodded walked away. He stepped closer to me "why you didn't answer my text?" "My phones on silent... Where's Bonequita?" I slurred swaying my hips to the beat. He smiled "She somewhere." I nodded "You look good" he whispered in my ear. I nodded. "Can I dance with you?" He asked playing with my curls. I nodded again and he grabbed my hand at took me to the spot where we danced.
30 minutes later we were still dancing. I must've been the alcohol because if I was sober this wouldn't have been happening. Then loveeeeee song came on and I turned around. He wrapped his arms around my waist and I hesitantly wrapped my arms around his neck as we began to dance. "I don't wanna give you the wrong impression I need love and affection.." He sang in my ear. His voice made me want to melt. It was soo sexy to me. I turned so that I wasn't facing him and continued to dance. His left arm wrapped around my waist and his right hand moved my hair to the left so he could continue singing to me in my right ear. "And I hope I'm not sounding too desperate I need love and affection..." I closed my eyes and bit my bottom lip. I wanted him badly and he knew it. His right hand caressed my exposed skin beneath by breast. I felt his lips on my neck. Cue my "love fountain". I went along with it for 2 hot seconds and then I opened my eyes and stopped dancing. "What's wrong?" He asked in my ear. I turned around and looked at him. "We can't do this Trey." "Why not?" He asked moving closer so that he could hear me. "Because Trey... We know I don't make good decisions when there's alcohol in my system..." I said looking behind him. "Ok... But I'm not sorry for pushing up on you, you know I've always been attracted to you. Baby momma or no baby mommy you sexy as f***." I smirked and fixed my hair. "You know I love you girl." I shook my head "there goes Bonita." I said pointing to his mad "girl friend" making her way towards us. "Oh boy" he mumbled. "The f*** you doing over here Trey." He ran his hand over his face. "Can I dance with her?" He asked "Hell naw you can't dance with this b****!" She yelled. "You got a half of a b**** left before I come up out of these Loubous." I spat. "No, no ain't no need for all of that." Trey said to me as he gently pushed me away from her. "The f*** you her side for? I'm the one f***ing you!!" She roared. Trey turned his attention towards her. "I know that you don't have to keep reminding me! I told that you need to know your place Quita! This is none of your business. So for you to come over here trying to start s*** is un f***ing necessary." He explained. Chiquita rolled her eyes. "I'm about to go" I said to Brooklyn and Mike. "What? Why?" Brooklyn asked. "Just ready to go that's all" I said pulling my phone out of my top. I texted Chris. "I'll find my way home" I said hugging the both of them. "Call when you get in" Mike ordered. I nodded and headed towards the door. I felt my wrist being pulled and I looked over to see that it was Trey. "Where you going?" He asked while Chiquita rolled her eyes. "Home" "how you getting there?" I shrugged my shoulders "I'm about to call my homeboy" homeboy was code for Chris... If you didn't already know.
"Nah let me take you" he smirked. I raised my eyebrow "let you take me?? Nah in good on that one" I said turning to leave. He grabbed me again "come on Par" he cooed. "Stop begging like a dog! She said no damn." Chiquita roared. I didn't like her attitude. "Yeh u can take me." I replied just to piss her off. "Iight let's go." Trey said as Chiquita pouted. "So we gotta leave early because of her?" She asked. Trey nodded. "And u getting in the back too" he added as her mouth dropped. It was sad how he treated her, but I didn't feel bad for her because of her f***ed up ass attitude. The car ride was quiet except for Chiquita huffing and sucking her teeth. He dropped her off first and then he dropped me off. He walked me to the door. "I'm just making sure you good." He said moving my hair out of my face. I nodded. "Can I have a hug?" I nodded. He hugged me close I took in his scent. He kissed my cheek and then he kissed my lips. What a surprise that was. The kiss only lasted for about a second before he tugged at my bottom lip and then let go. "Goodnight Paris" "Night Trey" I cooed walking into my house. "WHY DID HE HAVE TO DO THAT??" I yelled undressing myself. I made my way upstairs and grabbed my showering things. I sat my phone on the sink and got into the shower. When I got out I heard my phone vibrate twice which meant I had a text message. I ignored it and went into my room. I put on lotion, went into my closet and pulled out a black bag. I sat on the bed and pulled out my "toy". I usually didn't do this but there was no way in hell I could go to sleep like this and no way in hell I was letting Trey f*** me so this was my only option. I looked at the clock and it was 3:57am. I laid back on the bed, spread my legs and got it in.
"Ummmm" I moaned to myself. This wasn't the real thing but it was a close second. My eyes closed and i started breathing faster as I felt my self about to explode. The sound falling keys scared the s*** out of me. I opened my eyes and saw Chris standing the looking at me with widened eyes. "I-I-I tr-tried calling you." He stuttered. I closed my eyes again as continued doing what I was doing. No one was going to stop me from achieving my goal. I heard his foot steps approaching the bed. "You good?" He asked in a sexy tone. I nodded. "Can I help you?" He asked in that same tone and I nodded. He stood up and took off his shirt. He took the vibrator out of my hand and turned it on high. He rubbed it in circles on my clit as I bit my bottom lip to prevent moans from escaping my mouth. He inched it inside of me and took it slowly. He did that a few times and then he started ramming in inside of me. I couldn't contain my moans. This s*** felt good. "You like that baby?" He asked as he continued the process. "Ummm" I moaned. He took it out "I can't hear you bae." He smirked sexily. "Yess Chris" I moaned. He smiled and kept doing it. "You sure baby?" He asked bitting his bottom lip. I looked at him and nodded. He took it back out. "I can't hear you." "Yess I'm sure" I nodded. He rammed it back inside of me and repeated the process. I closed my eyes and enjoyed the feeling. I felt the vibrator slow down and then I felt his lips on my clit. My moans turned in to screams of pleasure. He completely took the vibrator out and he ate me out like it was nobody's business. "I-I- bout to ahhh." I screamed as he sucked on my clit. "Chris I gotta ahh!" I screamed again as he sucked on it again. He did it one last time and I squirted all over him. He got up and wiped his mouth. "You ok?" He asked sitting on my bed. I smiled and nodded "You?" He shook his head no. "What's up?" I asked and he pointed to his obvious erection and I became wet all over again. I crawled over and straddled him. "Can I help?" I asked and he nodded as he kissed my collar bone. I stood up and pulled him up so he could pull down his pants. When he did he sat back down. "Do you have a condom?" I asked. He nodded and pulled a condom out of his wallet. He put it on and I laid on the bed next to him. He climbed on top of me and we didn't stop until the sun came up ...

@mizzmonique_25 thanks for telling me. That's the one link I forgot to check. Now I can't find the original pic so lets pretend <a href="">this</a> is the pic... Minus the ugly doll in the crib and the wrong name on the wall lol.

Run it niggas fooln

Lmao Chris is fool lol. "Where yo baby daddy at, I got some words for him" lol. Im just glad Trey wasn't there though, cause I know those fools wouldve had more then words. But for real Treys a good ass father. Very helpful. And she gave London his last name very proud of her for that. Paris is a mommy so trippy. Chris and this ultimatum he's gonna give to Riley and he called her a trick Lao. Run It!!! Oh The nursey pic didn't show the right pic for the nursery.

Chapter 28
2.5 months later

"Smile London" Brooklyn said as if London knew wtf she was talking about. Brooke snapped the picture and smiled. "She is so cute I miss when Makiyah was that little." She said showing me the <a href="">picture</a> of London. I smiled and she picked London up. "She's so photogenic... You sound like you want another baby." I pointed out. She shrugged her shoulders and kissed London's cheek " I kinda do. I know Mike won't mind." "Mike won't mind what." Mike asked coming in the house with <a href="">Makiyah</a> . "Hiii Kiyah" I said kneeling down hugging her. "TeeTee I did a hair show. Look I got on make ups" she said closing her eyes. "I see!! You look pretty." "Can Londie get some?" I shook my head no "she's only a baby." "Ohh. mommy I wanna see Londie." Brooklyn showed her London. "I said Mike won't mind what?" Mike asked again. "Another baby" Brooke cooed and he faked passed out. "Oh Mike grow up" Brooklyn said as I laughed. Mike got up and smiled "we can practice" he said kissing her neck. "Not un nasties not in front of the kiddies" I said grabbing London from Brooklyn. "f*** out of here--" Mike started but got cut off by Makiyah "Daddy you said a bad worddd." she said covering her mouth. "Daddy said Duck... Duck out of here." He lied. She eyed him and walked out of the room. "Like I said you the last person that should be talking." He said to me. "Yeh whatever I'm over this conversation." I said putting on London's skirt. "You are coming to Keisha's party tonight right?" Brooklyn asked. "Oh my God she texted me like 50 times. She said if I don't come she gone come to my house and drag me there. She's out of control." I laughed "I just don't want to sit VIP with Trey tho its kinda awkward." "We got that covered we rented out the other VIP room" Mike said. "Well count me in my mom is going to watch London for me so I'm good. I need y'all to pick me up cause I'm getting drunk tonight." "Oh boy!" The both said in unison and I laughed.
When I got home Trey was there. He always came by to see London after work but he rarely spent the night. "Hey." I greeted him. "Wassup?" He asked. "Nothing really." I said as he took London from me. "Hi beautiful" he cooed and she smiled. They had such a beautiful relationship and she was only pushing 3 months. I went into her nursery and started packing her baby bag. Trey came in moments later. "Where is she going?" He asked confused. "To my moms" "Joyce baby sitting... You going out?" I looked at him like he was stupid "Yeaa" "where?" "The same place you going." "Aww s***. Why?" I laughed "The f*** you mean why? You don't want me and your boo in the same place at the same time?" I asked looking in his face. He didn't say a word so I knew that's what it was. "Don't worry Venom is big and I'm not sitting with y'all." He nodded "iight" he said walking out the room with London.
4 hours later
Ms. J already came to get London so I was getting ready. I had on <a href="">this</a> and some nude mary jane louboutins when I heard my door close. I walked to the balcony and saw Chris. "Hey" I smiled. "What you got on?" He asked as he walked up the stairs. He hugged he and kissed my forehead. "An out fit I'm going out tonight." I said walking back into my bathroom and talking the rollers out of my hair. He came and sat on the toilet. "Don't you think that skirt is too tight?" I laughed. "No it's not but thanks for the concern." "Yes it is look at your ass." I turned side ways and looked in the mirror and smiled. "That the perks of having a baby... And doing squats" he shook his head. "Where's Lon?" "With mommy... You working night shift tonight?" I asked spraying some oil sheen and stepping into my Yeh filling in for Jones b**** ass I get off at 4...and I might be coming here later tho." He smirked getting up and wrapping his arms around me. Chris and I still flirted a lot but we haven't had any sexual relations. "No you not." I blushed. He smiled at our reflection in the mirror. "We look good together." He blurted and I laughed. "You know it's true." He said kissing my cheek. "Whatever nigga" "We should do lunch tomorrow." "If you paying I'm eating." I said and he let me go. "Fat ass. But I'll call you. I just wanted to stop by before I went to work. Don't get drunk." I raised my eyebrow "Why not." "Because we know how you get. No need for a walk of shame if you need me baby you know I'd be more than glad to be here for yo sexy ass." Omg he made me blush. Why'd he have to be so damn sexy. "Get out." I said and he laughed. "Call my if you need me." He smirked, kissed my forehead and left.
20 minutes later Brooklyn and Mike came to get me and we made our way to club Venom. The place was packed. We walked in and made our way to our VIP balcony. "You look like you trying to get it in tonight." Mike said. "Nope I'm here to have a good time." I said sitting down. "Come with me to go tell Keisha happy birthday? And to drop off these gifts?" Brooklyn asked. "Hell no my niggas here too." Mike said walking off. He's a damn fool. "Yeh come on." We walked hand and hand through the packed dance floor to get to the VIP section on the other side. When we did Keisha screamed "Oh My God b**** you came!!" She said hugging me and she hugged Brooke "how'd you get her out?" Keisha asked. "She came on her own. Take these damn gifts we just wanted to say hey." Keisha took the bags. "Where's Mike?" She asked Brooke "in the other VIP room." She replied fixing herself a drink. "Baby Cuz!" A fimilar voice sang. Keisha smiled "Cuzzo" she said and hugged the guy. When they pulled back I saw Treys face and he was holding hands with some girl. He looked over at Brooke and then at me and he let go of the girl hand. "Wassup?" He asked licking his lips as his eyes roamed my body. "The f*** you mean what's up? Who are these birds?" The girl I'm guessing is Chiquita asked. He exhaled "This is Brooklyn and Paris... You know his baby mother." Keisha spat. She obviously didn't like her. Chiquita looked me up and down and then back at Trey "So you dropping my hand because of this b****??!!" She roared. "b****??!" Brooklyn Keisha and I asked in unison. Trey came in between us. "Hold up,hold up, hold up. Chiquita tf did I tell to dumb ass about that s***! You can't be disrespecting her..." He lectured. "Kesh we're going back to our section. I cant me around ghetto b****es. They bad for the environment. Good seeing you Trey." I lied and grabbed Brooklyn's hand as we prepared to make our way back to our section"So you gone let her call me a ghetto b****?" We heard Chiquita askTrey. I looked back and he was starring at me. I shook my head and kept walking...

Chapter 27

Today London and I were both discharged from the hospital. She was born on July 7th she was 6lbs 7oz and 19 inches long at birth. I decided to give her Trey's last name after careful consideration. Her eyes were crazy though. One minute they were blue, then I'd look again and they'd be light brown or any color in between. She has a head full of hair. She's the perfect blend of Trey and I... damn we have good genes. Chris came by to see us in the hospital. Thank God Trey was at my house fixing the nursery . Chris said he wanted to "talk" to Trey about his manners... Smh I don't know what I'm going to do with him. Trey just brought us home and had to go home to get somethings. He was going to be spending the night to help me with London. I put her down in her bassinet next to my bed and I just looked at her. I can't believe I just had a baby... I wish my dad was here to see her. My eyes watered. I quickly batted my lashes to stop the tears and then London cried. I smiled and picked her up. "What's wrong London? You don't want to be in that bassinet?" I asked while she still cried. I rocked her a little, gave her her pacifier, kissed the crown of her head and walked downstairs to make her a bottle. My front door opened. I looked back and saw that it was Chris. "She sleep?" He asked. I shook my head no. He washed his hands and took her from me. "Hi pretty girl" he cooed as she looked up at him. "How you feel?" He asked not taking his eyes off of London. "Pretty good, how you know I was here?" "I called the hospital when you didn't answer. Where's yo baby daddy?" I laughed and shook the pre made bottle. "He went home... Don't call him "my baby daddy" I don't like the sound of that" I took the cap is the bottle and twisted the nipple on. "Well that's what he is... I need to have a word with him." I shook my head and took London. "Where's yo baby and yo baby mama?" "Moms got Christian and Riley s*** I don't know. She probably trickin." "I thought y'all was working it out." I said taking the pacifier out of her mouth and feeding her. "You cant turn a hoe in to a housewife. I tried I'm done with her s***. Only reason she's here is because of Christian. I'm giving her 3 months to get her s*** together and get an apartment." I nodded and walked over to the couch and sat down and he followed me. "You got a baby... This is so crazy." "Why" I asked looking at him. "Because it wasn't supposed to be like this--." His phone rang cutting his statement short. "Hey I just stopped by to check on Par... Yea she ok she's getting her mommy on... Iight I'm on the way." He hung up. "I'll save my words for another day, but tell Trey I wanna see him." He kissed both of our foreheads and stood up. "I sure will not" I laughed. "Iight call me if you need anything." I nodded and he exited the house.
Later that night I was just waking up. Trey came back and took London while I got some rest. After doing some basic hygiene I went down stairs and saw Trey laying on the couch watching tv with London on his chest sleeping. It was so cute. I took a picture with my phone and Trey looked over at me. "Stop snapping pictures Paparazzi" I smiled and walked into the kitchen "it was too cute for me not to." "My mama brought a plate over for you." I nodded and took the plate out of the refrigerator, unwrapped it and put it in the microwave. "How was she?" "Pretty good. She tried to fuss a little but I let her know that I'm the boss and she's the princess." I laughed and took my plate out of the microwave. "Yeh if you say so." I said bitting in to my biscuit. "Your phone" I said notifying him that his phone was buzzing next to me. "Who is it?" I looked down at it and saw a picture of some girl holding her boobs. "Chiquita" he sucked his teeth "let it go to voice mail." I wasn't going to answer any way. I continued eating and his phone started vibrating again. "You sure you don't want me to answer? It's boo boo again." "Man f*** her she only callin cause she know I'm here, matter fact hand me that please." He said putting London in her rock n play and walking towards me. I slid him his vibrating phone and he answered "the f*** is you blowing up my phone for???? Get the f*** out of here Quita I ain't got time for that s***... I just saw you tho... You know we just had a baby the f*** you want me to do? Leave her here alone?... Lets get this s*** straight right now she's the mother of my child you aren't even my girl... Well you thought wrong just because we f***ing don't make you my girl... Whatever with all that she will always come before you! She has my child... Know your place... Yeh iight whatever I'm hanging up on that note." He pressed end and turned his phone off "stupid b****es." "You the one f***ing with em" I said walking over to the sink and washing my plate out. "Did you even see the nursery?" He asked changing the subject. "Nope didn't feel like walking over there." "Come on let's go see it." "But you already saw it." "Stop being so difficult." I put the plate up and check on a sleeping London before Trey & I walked on to the <a href="">nursery</a> and I gasped. "Oh my god this is soo cute!" I squealed. "I thought you'd like it." "I love it!" I said running my fingers across the paint. "You did all of this alone?"I asked looking at him. "My mama helped... A little." I smiled. "Thanks" "Stop thanking me woman." "What that's the only way I can express my thankfulness." I said exiting the room. He followed me back downstairs to get London and prepare for bed...
The next day
I woke up to London screaming in the bed in between Trey and I. To be honest I don't even remember how she got there. Last night was horrible! She was up every hour on the hour. I didn't read about this in any parenting book. "Trey" I said shaking him. He jumped up fast wiping his face "I'm up!" "It's your turn." I said rolling over. "How did she get in the bed?" He asked and I shrugged my shoulders and closed my eyes. "Come on Princess let go get some breakfast" was all I heard before I drifted back to sleep. What felt like seconds later I felt someone shaking me. "What" I groaned. "I have to go to work." I opened my eyes "you didn't tell me you had 2 work." "Didn't think I had to, you know how I work." I exhaled "iight" he looked at me "you can do it, if you get a little stressed I'll leave early." He said putting London in her bassinet. "You're staying over tonight too.. Right?" He smiled "as long as you need me too... Call me if you need me." He said exiting the room. I don't know if I could do this without him. He was a better parent than I and I knew it. I sat back on the bed and wondered how I was going to get through 10 hours without Trey...

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@ krcbreezy Trey only wanted it to be the two of them for the birth so he told them that he'd call after London was born. (:

Run It...

Run it

Trey an ass nd if he dont stop chris gona beat him up just like the guy. In the grocery store. Trey f***ed up too bad for them to get back together nd he moved on already. He wasted no time either. But welcome to the world Baby London. Cant wait to see what happens next run it

Lmao at Paris wanting to shower before she went to the hospital she's a mess. Damn Trey was very rude to Chris lol. Damn Chris didn't make it to Londons birth. Everyone was very happy. And the fact that Paris did it natural kudos to her. Cause Id have been asked for an epidural lol. Londons here yay. Run It.

aww chris wasnt there :/
wait where was her mom brooke and teetee??
welcome london
run it

"Are you sure?" He asked nervously. I nodded looking at the pool of water beneath me. "Ok let's go back to the house and I'll take you to the hospital." He let go of my left hand and continued holding the right as we walked back to my house. "Are you in any pain?" He asked. "No but I'm still leaking. I need to shower." He looked at me like I was crazy. "No we gotta get you to the hospital." "im not contracting i still have time" "Only a 5 minute shower." He said as I unlocked my door. We went inside and I grabbed my showering things. "5 minutes Paris" he said in a stern manner. "What you wanna watch me?" I joked but said in a serious tone. "Yeh I do, come on" he said walking into the bathroom. "Trey I was joking" "And I'm serious. I don't want anything to happen to you in there alone." "Are you serious??!?" "Dead ass you got 3 minutes and 48 seconds" I sucked my teeth. "And don't be looking at me either" "Ain't like I never saw it before" he mumbled. I flipped him on, undressed and got into the shower. Trey sat on the sink. "1 minute 30 seconds" he yelled. He must be tripping. I haven't even washed half of my body. I took my sweet time lathering my self up. I mean who goes to the hospital with out showering? "Let's go your time is up." He said sliding the shower door open. "The instructions say lather, rinse, repeat." "And I said lets go before its too late." "Ugh Trey! Go get me something to wear and by the time you're done I should be finished." He shook his head and closed the shower door "women" I heard him yell as I continued washing.
I finished washing and got dressed. Trey grabbed my Pink bag and to the hospital we went. On the ride there I started getting contractions. They weren't as bad as the false labor contraction I had a few weeks ago. "Who you need me to call?" He asked as we approached the hospital. "My mom, Brooke and My teetee." I said holding my stomach. "You in pain?" I nodded. "But it's manageable" "Don't go in there trying to be super woman. If you need that epidural get it." I made a face. He knew damn well that I wanted to do this with out an epidural and the 1st thing that fly out if his mouth was an epidural 0_o.
When we got there we walked into the emergency room. They asked me questions and wheeled me up to my birthing room. I had to get undressed, give them a urine sample and put on a gown before I gave my phone to Trey
and laid on the bed. She hooked me up to three monitors one to measure my contractions, one to check my blood pressure and one for London's heart. " ok we're giving to give you fluids through an Iv to keep you hydrated. Only thing you can have is ice chips. Let check and see how far you're dilated." She put on her gloves and the lube and she checked my cervix. When she got finished she smiled and took off her glove. "You're at a 5 now. So that's good. If you need an epidural or any other pain meds press the nurse symbol on your bed. I'm going to let you relax for a while and call Dr. Simmons." I nodded and she exited the room. "I texted everyone I told them I'd call them after she's here." I nodded. My phone rang and Trey looked at it and answered. "Hello... Trey... Because she's in labor... What do you want..." He spat. "Who is that?" I asked although I already knew by his tone. "No, she does not want to speak to you." He said getting up. "Trey who is that??" I asked now getting his attention. "It's Chris. You still didn't tell him he wasn't allowed in here?" I shook my head no. "Well you not allowed in here when she's having MY baby..." He laughed "yeh iight I don't have time for phone thugs" he pressed end and put my phone in his pocket. "Was that necessary Trey?" "Yes, Paris it was necessary! We already established that we don't want him here so why is he calling?" He asked with an attitude. "The f*** you mean why is he calling? He's calling to speak to me... I think that pink iPhone belongs to me... You shouldn't have answered." He laughed "I'm going to take a walk." He said getting up and leaving out of the room.
6hours later
It was 3am the pain was unbearable. My contractions were every 2 minutes and i was only 9cm dilated the last time she checked. Trey got over his attitude and sat by my side once he saw me crying. "I Can't do this." I said through tears. "Yes you can, you're doing a good job" Trey said wiping my tears. "Nooo I can't! Call that damn nurse!" He pressed the call button and told the new labor nurse Debbie that I needed her. She came in smiling. "How are you?" She asked. "In pain! I need meds." "You are already 9cm doll we need to get her out of there." "Yeh, do it with some drugs!!" I shouted. "Let me check you." She put on a glove checked my cervix. "9 and a half you're almost there." I got a strong contraction and grabbed on to the rails. Trey fanned me with a folder. "We can practice pushing." Debbie suggested. "No, f*** no we need to really push!!" I wasn't usually this rude but this pain was. Suddenly I felt like some one poured hot oil on my vagina and I screamed. "What's wrong" Trey asked. I couldn't answer because I was experiencing that and a contraction at the same damn time. Once the contraction passed I still felt the burn. "My vagina is burning!" "It's called "the ring of fire" you're almost there." The nurse said as she picked up the phone and called the doctor. "I feel like I have to poop." She checked my cervix again " ok you're at a 10 but Don't push Dr. Simmons is down the hall." f*** her. I pushed. I couldn't help it. That's what my body wanted me to do so that's what I did. Trey looked down there after she broke down the table and lifted my legs up."is that her hair?" He asked the nurse. "Yes it is.." Dr. Simmons came in and got suited up. "You ready?" She asked positioning her self in between my legs. I nodded. "Daddy come hold her foot and on your next contraction I want you to push like you're making a bowel movement." Trey pulled out his camera and Joined Debbie holding my feet and on that next contraction I pushed. "Ok, I'm going to need you to do it again ok 1,2,3." Dr. Simmons said and I pushed as hard as I could. "Her head is out keep pushing!" She instructed. I kept pushing until I couldn't feel pain anymore. " 3:12 am Welcome to the world London" Dr. Simmons said. "She is so beautiful." Trey said. I was tried and out of breath. Next thing I heard was London crying...and that started my water works. Trey kissed my forehead with watery eyes "You did it!!" Dr Simmons let me glance at her before the took her to the nursery and cleaned me up... Thank God that was over.

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I Hope They At Least Try....
Run It....

Awww london on her run it

Here comes London :) I kind of think that she and Trey should get back together, but take things slowly