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The One I Gave My Heart To

I laid face down ass up as he gripped my hips and pumped in and out of me. The alcohol was starting to wear off and suddenly I felt a mixture of emotional pain and heart break. A few tears escaped my honey brown eyes as he enjoyed what no longer his. Usually when we had sex I was the one on top, calling the shots but tonight I was too wrapped in my emotions. I felt him pull out and shoot his warm cum on my ass and he got up, mumbled something and walked to the kitchen. I got off the bed and walked into the bathroom and looked in the mirror at me… better yet at what I’ve become. I am 24 years old, beautiful black and Puerto Rican chick, I’m well off because of my father’s death, and I could have anything my heart desired, anyone I bated my long eye lashes at… except for him. He once was mine, I gave him my heart…hell he still had it. We were good together, inseparable, the “good thing” hun, I guess all good things come to an end because we did when he proposed to my sister… and she accepted it.


Awe snap here come baby london

Lmao Brooklyns a mess. She put Trey cold out there lol. Not that he told Mike about they lil freaky sexcapades lol. So Trey has a lil freak buddy hmm. Wonder how Chris will react to Trey not wanting him in the room. And I do think she should give London Treys last name. It's only fair. Aww his lil story about that walk was cute but he messed that reality up. This fool and that damn walk done put her ass in labor lol. Londons coming yay. Run It

tell me why i knew she was gonna go into labor if she took that walk!
i still want chris there! i still have hope for par and chris <3
besides trey couldn't argue with a women in pain as she giving labor... you do what she tell u! lol
and i think its fair if they have london have both of their last name. they aint married yet they aint on completely bad terms so conjoining both last name would be cool and in return trey can give london that "better name" as her middle name.
i hella remember that fight, when Paris would "sleepover" brooke's house to go to parties
and dam brooke hella snitch out their sex life!
hopefully the labor room isn't hella drama
run it

Chapter 26
39 weeks pregnant

"I'm so ready to see London!!" Brooklyn squealed. We just got back home from my appointment and Dr. Simmons said that my cervix softened and I was almost 3 cm dilated. She said I could go into labor any day. Honestly I was ready. My feet were swollen, my boobs were huge, my back hurt and London movements are starting to pain me. "Yea, I know I'm ready to meet her too" I said sitting down. "Did you tell Chris that Trey doesn't want him there?" I shook my head no. "How am I supposed to tell him that?" "Just be honest. I mean you and Trey have come a long way. Y'all don't even argue like that anymore. I think if Chris is in the room when you give birth it's going to be some drama." She was right. "I know, but I can't bring myself to tell Chris... He's so excited" "Well it's not his baby and this ain't his first time seeing someone give birth so he should be fine with waiting in the waiting room." I shrugged my shoulders. "So you know we all went out last night for Drakes birthday" I nodded "how was it?" "It was ok. Trey was there..." She started. I looked at her "He told me he was going" "he brought a date.." "Oh yeh?" I asked. She nodded "You remember that party back in high school that Trey threw and we fought those b****es from the other high school?" "Yeh" "She's the one that you pulled off of me." "Shut the f*** up! The bigger girl?" She nodded "She ain't the bigger girl no more tho, she got the fat sucked out of her stomach and injected in to her ass." I made an ugly face. "Ain't that some s***" "she was all up on him like the hoe that she is. I swear if I would've recoded it it would've been a soft core porno." "I don't care. Let him live his life." "You do care. I see it all in your face." "Ok I won't lie. It stings a little but give it a few days and it'll be like it was never there." She laughed "Ok if you say so." The front door opened and Trey walked in. "Hey" he said to the both of us as he closed the door. "Hey" Brooklyn and I said back as he came over and sat next to me. "Hi Princess, daddy missed you" he spoke to my stomach. "How'd the appointment go?" He asked looking at me. "Good she said I could go in any day. I dilated more and my cervix is softer." "Why you not in the bed?" He asked concerned. "Why is your collar up and it's hot outside?" I asked back noticing his collar. He looked at Brooklyn and then back at my stomach. "I got in to somethings last night that I didn't want you to see." "Love marks?" I asked. He looked at me and shook his head no "love marks only come from people you love... These are hickeys" I raised my eye brow. "You don't have to hide it.." "Yes the hell he do" Brooklyn cut in. Trey and I looked over at her puzzled. "It's respect. You are carrying his child he don't need to be flaunting his sex life in your face its not fair." "Come on Brooklyn" Trey wined. "Ain't no come on Brooklyn. You wouldn't do that s*** in front of London so don't do it in front of Paris. No matter how much she says she doesn't care." He nodded "So your girlfriend. what's her name?" Brooklyn asked. Trey stood up "You trying to start some s***." He said walking to the kitchen. "We're just talking Trey-Trey" she said using his childhood nickname. "I don't have a girl friend" he said returning with a bottle of water. "So who was that girl last night?" "Her names Chiquita" "Em ok" "Why you trying to put me on blast?" "I'm not I'm just looking out for my girl" she smiled. "Can we change the subject please?" I asked. They were starting to get on my nerves. "Yeh. So Mike and Kiyah should be back from his sisters house so I think I'm going to go." Brooklyn said standing up. "No Brooke!" I pouted. "Yes, I have to cook for my man. Give Kiyah a bath, put her to sleep and put on my slutty pumps." Trey made the most disturbed face and I laughed."the f*** Brooke you're like my sister I don't want to hear that." He spat. "And you're like my brother but I listened to you telling Mike how you and Paris--" he cut her off by screaming. "Told Mike that we what?" I asked. "did a 69 standing up" Brooklyn blurted. My eyes got wide and I gasped. "Trey!" I yelled. "Brooklyn get out." Trey said walking her to the door. "You don't pay no bills in here." She laughed. "Take you snitchin ass home." He said as she exited and he slammed and locked the doors. "You told them about that?" I asked and he nodded. "We were drunk" "and it was fun. I had to tell Mike." "Whatever" I said shaking my head and standing up. "Where are you going?" He asked. "To go pack my hospital bag... You wanna help?" "Yeh. I wanna talk to you about something." He said following me up to my room. I pulled out my PINK by Victoria's Secret duffel bag and put it on my bed. "What's up?" I asked as I started filling my bag. "I want London to have my last name." I inhaled and opened my mouth but he put his hand up. "Hear me out. I had no say in her name even though I couldn't have come up with a more perfect name for her, I wish I could've been included in the name picking process. She's belong to the both of us and I'd like it ifshe was to have my last name." "What about a Robinson-Neverson?" He shook his head no. "What if she wants to get married." "Ugh Trey." "Come on Paris." "I'll think about it" he sucked his teeth and put socks in my bag. "What? I said I'll think about it." "Why are you up?" He asked changing the subject. "Ooh she said that being as though I'm full term she didn't see why I had to be on bed rest. Oh and the tear is healed." "That's good. Lets go for a walk." He said smiling. "Are you serious?" I asked looking at him. He nodded. "Before you even got pregnant I always pictured myself talking a walk with my pregnant-- Paris" I smirked. He was so into this pregnancy thing. "Well if this is one of your dreams who am i to stop it?" "Are you serious?" He asked cheesing. I smiled too. "Yea lets go."
After I grabbed a bottle of water we went walking around my area. "This is nice" I confessed looking over at Trey. He looked back at me and smiled "I know it's almost how I pictured it." "Almost?" I asked and he chuckled. "Yeh. I imagined you and I walking with the sun setting. You looking as beautiful as you look now and always, and me by your side with my arm draped around you. But in this vision you were wearing my ring." I stopped walking and looked down. I suddenly felt sad. I didn't want kids before but when I pictured us married I pictured us with kids...And that's not going to happen... Ever. He stopped in front of me and grabbed my hands. I looked at our hands and the into his eyes. "Look I know I f***ed that up for us and saying sorry a million times won't fix it but Paris from the bottom of my heart I'm sorry for hurting you. I never intended to hurt you. But it happened. I can't change the past, but I want to fix it. I wanna make it right between us. Even if its just us being friends." I believed him. My eyes glossed. I opened my mouth to reply but words wouldn't come out. I felt water trickling down my leg. "You ok?" He asked looking at me funny. "I think- I think my water just broke"...

Thanks :)

Run It...

Run it

i would of said thats chris girl and that would be disrespectful to watch my half sister try and pull some move on my baby daddy when she with my step brother.
wow thats kinda weird how they all connect...
anyways im glad she got her feelings or status out there straight for him
either way chris is still family to Paris and she still gonna let him come in
and that"b****" of his wouldnt come cuz he already disrespected her by calling her a b**** so he has no intentions of that being a wifey material therefore his arguement is invalid lol
i really want some one on one time with par and chris just them kickin it
i liked how u put quotes around Rily "looking for a job" we all know her lazy ass aint getting no job.
run it

Oh lord. They crazy lol. Aww I see Trey ain't loving the idea of Chris being in the delivery room which I knew he wouldnt be lol. And I see Chris not happy Treys around lol. These men. Bed rest sucks poor Paris. Can't wait for London to get here tho. Lmao Paris straight checked Rileys ass for flirting with Trey lol and she learned her lesson quick ha. At least Paris admitted she still loves Trey she's just not In Love with him. Titi Zoes hilarious. She's too much lol. Man they got alot going on. Run It.

Chapter 25
I woke up the next day with yesterday on my mind. I couldn't believe I was on bed rest. Ugh! Well I guess I'll have to do it for Lon. I reached over to my night stand and grabbed my phone. I had 8 missed calls 4 from Ms.J 2 from an 804 area code and two from Brooklyn. The text alert went off and it was a message from Chris...
I pressed FaceTime at the top of the message and waited for it to connect. When it finally connected I saw his smiling face. "Why u always smiling?" I asked and he laughed "I'm happy you're ok my moms told me u were in the hospital... How'd it go." " it was ok. I'm still pregnant" I smiled "oh yeh?" He asked and I pointed my phone at my stomach "Hell yeh you're still pregnant" he said as I pulled the phone back up to my face. "Shut up. I'm on bed rest so I'll be here for 6 weeks. It coulda went worse if Trey wasn't there"I said staring behind him. "Trey?" He asked with a hint of attitude in his voice. "Yes Trey." I said looking back at him. "He made the trip a lot less scarier than it would've been if I were alone." "Are you dating him again?" I laughed "No" he nodded "So I just talked to Jonathan and our place is ready" I smiled "that's good. When are y'all moving?" "Next week... Maybe we can help you with your bed rest thing. Do you have help?" "Trey's the only one who knows and the only one who offered so I have Trey." My room door opened and Trey came in with a tray of fruit pancakes and a glass of water. "Trey?" Chris asked not aware of him being in the room. My eyes widened "Yes Trey, look ill Call you later" "k and I gave Maria your number she said she needs to talk to you" "for what?" I asked curiously "don't know she said she need your number so I gave it to her" I nodded "ok" he replied back ok and I pressed end. "So y'all were talking about me? All good I hope" Trey said putting the tray on the bed next to me. I nodded "He'll be out here next week and he wanted to know if I needed help with my bed rest situation." "And you're allowing me to help?" I nodded "that's if you don't mind" he nodded and looked the other way. "What's wrong" I asked because I knew that face. "I don't want to upset you but I don't want him around you or London" I laughed "Where's Ashton this has to be a joke" I said and he shook his head "I know I'm not your man Paris and I can't tell you what to do but please respect my wishes." "What's the problem with Chris? He's never disrespected you and I want him there when I give birth." "No Paris. He's not allowed in the room when you have OUR baby" "And why not?" "Because that should be our time, look I know how you felt about him and I'm not comfortable with him around you when you have London. That's like me having my b**** there when you give birth. I won't do that because its disrespectful." "So you have a b****?" I asked raising one eyebrow and looking at him. He ran his hands over his face "answer the question" "Not that it's any of your business but yes I do have a b****." I was speechless. That hurt. I know you're like after the way you treated him how you gone be mad at him having a b****? Easy he's the father of my child and I haven't moved on so he shouldn't have either. I nodded my head. Damn this would have been the perfect time to storm out. "I already told him he's allowed" I said changing the subject. He looked at me for a second and smiled. I hope he didn't read me. "Well tell him he's not allowed... U want me to do it?" I shook my head no. "Good I gotta go handle some business you need anything?" "No" "k I'll be back" he said as he put on his sneakers and left.

3 weeks later
Bed rest sucks! This has to be the hardest thing I've ever done. Just laying on my ass all day. I've been getting help from Brooklyn, Ms.J, Ms. Tucker (Trey's mom if you didn't know), my teetee Zoe and Trey... He was there for the most part. Chris, Christian and Riley moved out here 2 weeks ago. They came by once, but between Chris working, Riley "looking for a job" and finding daycare for Christian, they've been busy.
I'm at home in my room watching tv with Trey... Which has become my "normal". Over the past few weeks we've became better associates. Everyday isn't an argument, thank God. "So you want me to do the nursery when you're in the hospital? What sense does that make?" He asked and I laughed "My dad always said it was bad luck to do the nursery before the baby comes ." He shook his head "Only Rick" the door bell rang. "I guess I should get it" he said sarcastically as he got up and got the door. When he came back he was followed by Riley. I scrunched my face. What the f*** was she doing here? "Pari!" She yelled as she came in and hugged me. "What's up." "Nothing Joyce has Christian so I'm bored" she looked at Trey and smiled "Who's ya friend?" She asked still looking at him. I didn't like the look she had on her face it was as if she was undressing him with her eyes. "That's London's dad Trey, Trey this is Riley my sister." He smiled at her and shook her hand "Nice to meet you" he said as she licked her lips. "The pleasures all mine." "Riley what the f***?" I asked aggravated that she'd actually flirt with him in my face. She let go of his hand and looked at me. "I'm sorry I just thought y'all wasn't together" "We're not" Trey chimed in. "So the f*** what. He's the father of my child and you are my sister cut that flirty s*** out." Trey smirked and Riley's face turned red in embarrassment. "My bad. I didn't mean any disrespect." Who the f*** was she s***ting? Not me! She better not let me catch her ass slipping. "Well I just wanted to stop by and check in on you... I'm off to babies r us... You need anything?" I shook my head no. She nodded and rubbed my stomach "ok nice meeting you Trey and I'll call u Paris" she said not even making eye contact with Trey... She was a quick learner. I waved and she exited my house. As soon as the door closed Trey laughed. "What's so funny?" I asked. "You." "Me?" "Yes you! Your sister was giving me them "f*** me" eyes and you cut that s*** short. You still love me don't you?" "What?" I was taken back by this question. "Why would you ask me that?" "Because if you didn't you wouldn't have shut her down like that." I thought trying to choose my words carefully. " I like this little thing we got going on. But I'm not IN love with you anymore" he nodded "but you love me tho." I looked at him and nodded. I did still love him even after the s*** he put me through... But I wasn't IN love with him. It's a huge difference. He smiled I heard my front door slam "perra estúpida!" I heard Zoe yell as she walked up the stairs. "What's wrong?" I asked. "And in English please" Trey added. "So I'm coming to park when this Puerto Rican chick steps off the curb texting. I almost hit her and she had the nerve to catch an attitude with me! Oh infierno no coño estúpido!" I laughed. "Translate the last part" Trey eagerly asked. "Oh hell no stupid c***" I said laughing. "I said in English Zoe damn you know I don't speak that Spanish s***." "Your problem not mine you need to learn español" she sassed back. "No we in America u need to speak English. How the hell did you get Spanish any way if Rick was black." He asked. "Oh Gah" I said because I knew this answer oh so we'll. "My mother was black Ricks dad was black. My father was from Spain and he married my mother. My moms parents disowned her for marring outside of her race so Rick and I grew up around my fathers family... The Santiago's. Anymore questions?" She sassed again. I laughed and Trey shook his head no. "Good cause I'm tired of explain s*** to your ig-nant ass" she joked. "Ig-Nant? Ima need you to stay away from Jordan's cousin" Trey joked back and we all laughed... Today was a good day.

Thanks Ladies

Run It...

Aww Im so glad Londons not coming tho. Same thing happened to my coworkers wife there having twins. I hope shes nice and let Trey help her out these next few weeks. Run It.

O that was scare for real im glad every thing good n awww trey is being sweet

Chapter 24

The car ride to the hospital was scary. I wasn't ready to have London yet. I mean we had 6 weeks left. I kept wiping stray tears. I hope she's ok in there. I felt Trey squeeze my left hand and I looked over at him. "It's going to be ok Paris" he said taking his eyes off the road for just a moment to make eye contact with me. "What if its not Trey... What if something's wrong?" I asked as I held my stomach through a contraction. "Don't think like that Par. You're ok, London's ok" he spoke calmly. "Then why am I contracting?!?" I asked as if he had the answer. "It's all apart of Gods plan. Whatever happens I'm here." I nodded, sniffed and looked the other way.
When we pulled up to the hospital. Trey got of the car and ran inside to get a wheel chair. When he came back he helped me into the chair. My under wear we're damped. When we got inside. They asked me questions and the nurse wheeled me into a room. I was told to remove my underwear and to lay on the table with a sheet draping me. She hooked me up to a monitor that measured my contractions and London's heartbeat and she left out of the room. Trey looked at me "how do you feel?" "Still scared... Thanks for bringing me" he looked at me and shook his head. "You don't have to thank me, I love you... this is what I'm here to do." He spoke sincerely. I concentrated on my contractions as the room grew silent. Minuets later Kami the nurse came in. "Ok It's been 30 minutes and you contractions are irregular. I'm going to check your cervix." She said as she put on a glove and applied lube on the glove. "Open up" she said as I spread my legs... I hate this part. She shoved her fingers in my vagina. I closed my eyes and turned my head to the left as I flinched. "Don't run it only makes it worse" she said as I tried to relax... Did I mention that I hate this part. She pulled her fingers out and took the glove off. You're about 1 1/2 to 2 cm dilated. I'm going to get Dr. Simmons to come examine you and she'll decide if we're going to have a baby today." She smiled and exited the room. "Wow we might be meeting London today" Trey mentioned as I sniffed. "I don't want to meet her today" Trey stood up and walked over to me "it's going to be ok" he said wiping my tears. He was so genuine and I didn't understand. He treated me like s*** when he found about my trip to Virginia, he even retaliated by sleeping with someone else. This s*** was mind boggling to me. Like how do you go from being my lover, to hating, then cheating on and back to loving again? I don't know...
A smiling Dr. Simmons came through the door. "How are you?" She asked washing her hands. "Scared, please don't tell me she's coming today." She put on a glove and put lube on her fingers. "Well we're going to find out" she said checking my cervix. When she pulled her hand out she removed the glove. "Well you are almost 2 cm dilated but your cervix isn't soft. I'm going to do an ultra sound to see how's that baby doing" she smiled. "So if I'm dilated does that mean ill have her today?" I asked. "Not necessarily, some people are dilated for weeks before they deliver." "I feel wet tho" I added. "Well I'll swab you and ill know if its amniotic fluid"she nodded and left out. "Can you call my mom and tell her I'm here?" I asked and Trey pulled out his phone. "You want her to come?" He asked looking at me. I shook my head no "just let her know where I am" he nodded and proceeded with the phone call.
After Dr. Simmons did the ultra sound and checked to see if I was leaking amniotic fluid and I was. She told me that there was a small tear in my amniotic sac and that there wasn't anything to worry about and that it'll heal it's self. London wasn't under any distress and everything looked good. She gave e a steroid shot that was supposed to help develop London's lungs if she was to come early and an iv to keep me hydrated.
Hours later my contractions stopped and I was discharged but I had to be on bed rest. How the f*** was I going to be bed rest? I had so many things I needed to do. Trey helped me out of the car after he pulled up to my house. He walked me to my room and helped me into bed. It's been a long night and I was tired. "Thanks" I yarned and he shook his head "Stop thanking me... What are you going to do about this bed rest thing?" I shrugged my shoulders. "If you need me to, I'll be here when ever you need me to... I'll even stay here if you want me to" I looked at him "why are you being so nice to me??" "Because I love you" was all he said before I nodded and drifted off to sleep.

Thanks you all :)
@ mrs. Nic Stevenson damn you went all the way in lmao.

I hope everything is okay

Please let london be ok(lol thats my goddaughters name) they trippn nd trey shud knoe he cant argue with a pregnany woman,. Its bad for the bby. Good add run it

@mrs.nic stevenson
you stole my words lol
and i kinda wanted chris to be there...
its funny how everyone is saying they didnt think they be together and how trey moms wanted them to get married...\
Rick wanted her and chris to be together :/
i miss chris and paris together
run it

I Hope That Baby Is Ok...
Run IT....

Ok first imma speak on the bad then the good Paris is being a total b**** at times like he planned a suprise for u and ur being mean to him like I'm so disappointed in her I thought she was better than that....I mean yes he cheated on her but damn everyone makes mistakes in life he said he was sorry he shouldn't have to make up for it forever like the least she could do is forgive him and be friends for the sake of her child and that was so mean how she told him he couldn't take her child to his house like trey said its just as much of his daughter as it is hers trey has his rights and just because she is mad at him doesn't mean she can take it out on him like that she should be grateful that he did all that suff for her and is actually worried about her cuz he could have said f*** her and kept it moving but on a good note I'm so happy that everyone was at the suprise party that was so cute how everyone gave advice and said nice things about trey and Paris, but I really hope London doesn't come yet because her mommy and daddy need time to work stuff out before she gets there run this please

I hope everything is ok run it

Dang some of those speeches were really sweet. And some like Mikes were funny. Trey put all that together that was sweet of him. Paris is so mean to him lol. That boy aint got a chance. She know she better let him see his babygirl over night. That's mean if she doesn't Treys gonna be a good father. Oh no Paris is contracting, its too soon dude. Loved the add Run It

Chapter 23 (continued)

“What are y’all doing here” I asked as everyone kept laughing. “It was a surprise baby shower but I guess the surprise was on us” Trey’s cousin Keisha said. “Trey’s been planning this for months now” Zoe said and everyone around us nodded. I felt bad for cursing him out. I looked back at him and he shook his head and walked to the backyard. Trey’s mother walked over and hugged me and kissed my cheek “You look pretty” I smiled. “Thanks, do I smell barbeque?” “Pregnancy nose never fails” Ms. Joyce said walking in from the back with a plate. She hugged me and rubbed my stomach. “Where’s Brooke?” I asked looking around for her. “In the back with the boys.” I nodded and walked to the back. I saw lot of Trey’s male friends and cousins. I looked over and saw Brooklyn, Makiyah, Mike (who happened to be the grill man) and Drake. I haven’t seen him since college. “Preggo!!” Mike said laughing and throwing his hands in the air. I shook head and Drake smiled “Damn Paris you blew up” he joked and I flipped him the bird. “You still one of my favorite places” he laughed hugging me. “And you’re still crazy” I said hugging him back. “Hi Love” Brooklyn said approaching me with Makiyah on her hip. “Hi babe” I said back as I kissed Makiyah’s cheek and she smiled. “Glad to see the cast gone” “Me too”. “I heard you flipping on niggas” Mike said as he flipped the steak. “If niggas didn’t give me reasons to flip then I wouldn’t” I spat back and he laughed. “You said I was mean when I was pregnant, you are horrible” Brooklyn said putting Makiyah down. “Whatever” “You got him all mad and he was excited for this s*** too” Mike said nodding his head in Trey’s direction. I looked over at him and he was seated in the middle of his friends staring at me with a beer in his hand. When he noticed me looking he flared his nose, turned the beer up and looked the other way. I shrugged my shoulders “Oh well, he’ll get over it. Now I want a plate.”
The shower was going good. I went back on the inside with the females and we played Pin the paci on the baby, How big is mommy, baby shower scrabble and guess that baby food. We were now taking a break from playing games and everyone had advice cards that they were filling out. I took it as my cue to go the bathroom. When I got there I handled my business and someone knocked on the door. I finished up and washed my hands before I opened the door. It was Trey. We both stood there for a minute before I spoke up. “Look I apologize for cursing you out but you deserved it.” He looked at my stupidly “I deserved it?” “Yes you did. You didn’t tell me what you were doing so you got told what you got told” “Tell you? It was a surprise Paris so why would I tell you?” “Because you know we aren’t even friends and for you to even do this was that last thing on my mind” “Damn, you don’t have to consider me as your friend but you are carrying my child. You act like I can’t do nice things for you.” I laughed “The nice thing you could have done for me should have been keeping your d*** in your pants and maybe we’d still be engage right now.” I said on the verge of tears. He huffed “How many times do I have to apologize for that, because I’m trying to move past it and you bringing it up isn’t helping it” “You’ll apologize until my heart in mended because this time you’re the one who broke it.” I said looking down. “Paris I-I..” He was cut off by Zoe coming in “We’re looking all over for you guys it’s time to read the advice cards and open gifts” she said. I looked at Trey and shook my head before I gently brushed passed him and we made our way to the living room. I sat in my decorated chair while Trey stood off to the side. “Not un Trey you get over there it’s your baby too” somebody yelled from the crowd. He looked at me and hunched my shoulders and he walked over. His family didn’t know what happened between us. Only Ms. Joyce, Trey’s mom, Brooke and Mike knew. I was too embarrassed to explain the situation so I let people think what they wanted. “Ok so I want to read some of these” Zoe said and I smiled. “Matter fact I’ll let everyone read their own” people groaned. “Well if you want to read it you can, if not I’ll just put it in London’s baby book” I laughed. “Ok I’ll go first” Keisha said standing up “To Traris. Get it? Trey and Paris” she said to everyone and they looked at her like she was nuts. “Whatever. Traris Get lots of sleep now cause when London comes y’all might not recognize each other in the morning. Trust me I remember getting up every hour on the hour with Stephanie” she shook her head “I was not cute in the morning” she finished sitting down. “Next” Zoe said and no one moved. “I’ll go” Trey’s mother said “Tremaine and Paris I remember when I caught you two kissing in the closet” she started as everyone laughed “You both were 5 and punished but I secretly hoped that one day you two would grow up and become a couple. Fast forward almost 20 years later and I’m about to have a granddaughter. There’s no other woman I’d want to be the mother of my grandchild. I love you both so much and you know grandma’s going to spoil London” I smiled at her kind words. Ms. J stood up next and I smiled. “Paris and Trey. London is going to change your lives forever. I know yall both heard this before but raising a child takes hard work, dedication, discipline, time, and love form both parents. I know I’m not your biological mother but you are my daughter and I love you. Rick did a phenomenal job raising you as a single dad so I know you’re going to be a great mom. I know he’s smiling down at you right now.” My eyes started to water. “He always talked about you and how proud of you he was” she said becoming teary eyed “So I know you won’t disappoint him.” She smiled and I wiped my tear as I stood up and hugged her. “Next!” Zoe yelled wiping her eyes as I sat back down. “I’ll go” Brooklyn said standing up holding a sleeping Makiyah. “Pais, we’ve came a long way from fighting at house parties, to lying about sleeping over at each other’s house.” She laughed “I remember when we both had that conversation about us growing up and becoming better moms than our own and you’re about to prove yourself. I’m always a phone call away. No matter if it’s 4 in the morning I’ll be here. This job isn’t all glits and glamour but trust me it’s worth it. You are the best sister that I could have ever had so I know you’re going to be the best mom London could ever dream of.” I smiled at her and she sat down. “Next!” Zoe yelled and Mike stood up. The crowd groaned “Shut up I got good advice” everyone laughed. “Trey and Paris. After London gets here make sure y’all use birth control because if y’all even dream about sex you’re going to be pregnant again” I shook my head as everyone laughed. “I’m just playing. This is a beautiful thing that’s about to happen to the both of you. Enjoy it. I know y’all don’t always see eye to eye but try to make it work. When London gets here it’s going to get pretty hard but if y’all work as a team and listen to each other that’ll ease a lot of the stress. Trey you’re my best friend and Paris you are my little sister I wish nothing but the best for y’all.” He finished and sat down. I was shocked. “I’ll go next” Zoe said standing up “Mi Amor, I was there when you were born. May 13th at 10:39 am you were 19.5 inches long and you weighed 6 pounds 12 ounces. That was the happiest I’ve seen su padre in years” she smiled holding back her tears. “Fast forward to this year and you’re about to make me a great aunt MI DIOS” I laughed “I know Rick would be so proud of this hermoso woman you’ve grown into because I know I am” she dabbed her eyes “I remember watching you and Trey when y’all were little kids and never in a million years would I’ve thought y’all were going to grow up and become engaged and he’s the father of my great niece. I’m so proud of you guys. My advice is to continue to keep the love that you guys have for one another because when that chips fall love is what’s going to hold y’all together. Don’t let anybody break what y’all have because it’s real. Its heaven sent so el diablo is mad he working hard trying to break y’all but don’t let him.” Cue the water works! I started crying. I wanted to yell IT WAS TOO LATE EL DIABLO ALREADY BROKE US but I couldn’t embarrass myself again . I heard aww’s and then I felt Zoe dabbing my eyes and hugging me. She kissed my cheek “I love you babe” “I love you too TeeTee!” I cooed back. “Enough with making her cry lets open gifts Keisha yelled and I was all for it.
I had a great time opening gifts and thanked everyone before they left. Trey stayed to help me put London’s things in her unfinished nursery which is Makiyah’s old room. “You can go relax I’ll do all of this” Trey said with two hands full of bags. I nodded and went into my room and took a shower. When I got out I put on my underwear and sleep shirt and I walked downstairs to where Trey was. “When do you want me to start the nursery?” I shrugged my shoulders. He nodded “Do you have everything for your hospital bag?” I shook my head no. “Do you have anything ready?” I shook my head no again and he laughed. “I already have the nursery done at my house” I frowned. “Wait what?” “I did it last week.” “Trey, we didn’t discuss this.” “What’s there to discuss, we aren’t living together, she’s just as much of mine as she’s yours. So I want to see her just as much as you do.” “Really” I asked hoping it was a joke. “Really.” “Trey I want to breastfeed so how do you think you’re going to take her away from me?” “Brooklyn brought you a pump, you can pump and I’ll take Lon and the milk” I shook my head “Not going to happen.” “What you mean?” he asked. “Just like I said. You work crazy hours and my daughter’s not allowed over there—“ I said but was cut off before I could finish “What the f*** you mean your daughter isn’t allowed over my house? She’s my daughter too Paris so that mean that I have the same rights you have. Let just work something out because I don’t want this to get ugly.” “What the f*** you mean ugly Trey??” “I mean court. If you don’t allow me to see her I will take yo ass to court” I laughed “Are you f***ing s***ting me?” I asked and he stared at me for a second “Why would you do that to me? You know how much I wanted a baby and now you don’t want me to see her? If memory serves me correct you’re the one who didn’t want her” “Yeh, that’s becacuse I was mad. I’m still carrying her aren’t I? So don’t throw that s*** in my face” I said becoming pissed that he’d even brought that up. He laughed “You are evil” “And you are starting to stress me out!” I yelled. I felt my stomach tightening so I stopped moving. “Look Im sorry for everything I’ve done to you. Please don’t make me pay for it by not allowing me to see my baby” I felt like I couldn’t breathe as my stomach got painfully tight. Trey looked at me “Are you ok” I shook my head no as tears formed in my eyes. He jumped up and made his way over to me. My stomach loosened and he helped me sit down and he propped my feet up. “Another Braxton hicks?” I nodded and he went in to the kitchen and got me a bottle of water. My stomach got tight again as he made his way back from the kitchen with the water and he just looked at he with concern written all over his face. “Again?” he asked and I nodded. He twisted the top off the water and gave it to me as my stomach unloosened. I took a sip and sat back. This was the most hated part of my pregnancy so far… Damn Braxton Hicks contractions. 2 minutes later it came back but instead of my stomach getting tight it was pain. I hope this wasn’t a real contraction because this s*** hurt. We sat there for the next hour timing these “pains” and they were coming 2-5 minutes apart and they got stronger. Trey called labor and delivery but while I was in too much pain listen. “Paris we need to go to the hospital” “I don’t want to go” I said as tears swelled in my eyes. I was scared and couldn’t believe this was happening to me… so early. “Listen you have to trust me on this one. You’re 6 weeks early and contracting we need to go get you looked at. ” I started to cry. Damn these pregnancy hormones. Trey hugged me and kissed the crown of my head. This is the first time in months that I’ve been in is arms. “It’s going to be ok” he said before he let me go and he disappeared into my room. Moments later he came back with a maxi dress and some flip flops. He helped me get dressed through my contractions. He helped me get out of the house and into the car as we made our way to labor and delivery.

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