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The One I Gave My Heart To

I laid face down ass up as he gripped my hips and pumped in and out of me. The alcohol was starting to wear off and suddenly I felt a mixture of emotional pain and heart break. A few tears escaped my honey brown eyes as he enjoyed what no longer his. Usually when we had sex I was the one on top, calling the shots but tonight I was too wrapped in my emotions. I felt him pull out and shoot his warm cum on my ass and he got up, mumbled something and walked to the kitchen. I got off the bed and walked into the bathroom and looked in the mirror at me… better yet at what I’ve become. I am 24 years old, beautiful black and Puerto Rican chick, I’m well off because of my father’s death, and I could have anything my heart desired, anyone I bated my long eye lashes at… except for him. He once was mine, I gave him my heart…hell he still had it. We were good together, inseparable, the “good thing” hun, I guess all good things come to an end because we did when he proposed to my sister… and she accepted it.


She shouldn't feel embarrassed if everybody knew wat he did they would understand where she comin from. Trey is a punk shiid cheated on her den wanna make up and be back in her life naw playboy it dont work that way. He lucky Chris aint find him. smh B**** move santa (Riley Freeman voice)
Run It!!

Lmbo enough for that girl to go in early

lmao ! i would be embarrassed too!
ooh dam idk i worried about trey his ass gon get knock the F out by Chris!
dam trey you had ur chance and u blew it
chris and par have a special relationship i dont think i can talk to my ex like that but than again they are step siblings...
run it

I love this story lol. I crack up at the way Paris treats Trey lol. Mean ass. Www there having a girl. Lil Miss London very cute name. I sure Trey ain't gone be to thrilled about Chris being in that delivery room. Kinda rude Paris I could see if she and Chris were dating but.... s***s gone hit the fan. Lol at her snapping on Trey for leaving in the middle of the appointment only to later walk in on her surprise babyshower while she was cursing Trey out. Ha. Run It

Chapter 23 (3 months later)

I got of the hospital 3 months ago. Ms. Joyce came and moved in to help me for 2 months until I got the swing of things. I still have a cast on my leg and I used crutches although the wanted me to use a wheelchair. I am currently 8 months (34 weeks) pregnant and feeling it. My hormones are all over the place. Chris hasn’t moved yet but he plans on being out here before London gets here. Yes that’s what I’m naming her. London because my name is apart of Uk so why shouldn’t hers and Riki (Ri-Kee) in memory of my dad. I think it’s cute. London Riki Robinson :) Trey and I… are on talking terms for London. We aren’t buddy buddy but he comes to take me to my appointments and he brings me food a 2 am, I mean he is part of the reason why I’m knocked up o_0. I have 2 appointments today one for the baby and the other to determine if this stupid cast gets to come off. I was in the living room on skype with Chris waiting for Trey to come. “You are getting so big” he said smiling into the screen. “I know! I only have 6 more weeks before she gets here. It’s scary.” I said looking down at my stomach and feeling London moving around. “Don’t worry you’ll be fine. I am allowed in the delivery room right?” I laughed “Of course you are” “Good that’ll my chance to knock Trey the f*** out” he said and I made a face. “What an impression to put on Lon” “She knows her daddy needs his ass beat and I’m going to be the guy to do it.” “Chris, you’re not allowed to so that s*** in my birthing room” I wined and he smacked his lips. “What If I follow him out to his car after” he asked and I laughed “No” he mumbled something and my door bell rand. “That’s Trey I’ll talk to you later” he nodded and logged off. I closed my lap top and grabbed my crutch and walked over and opened the door. “Hey” Trey said as walked away. “Hey” I said back grabbing my bag. “We go to the leg doctor first right” I nodded and turned to face him and he smiled. “Why are you smiling” he shook his head “Nothing can I touch my daughter.” I looked at him for a second and I nodded. He always wanted to talk to her on appointment day since he wasn’t allowed around any other time. He walked over to me and got on his knees and touched my stomach “Hi Princess. This daddy.” London started kicking. Every time he did this she would move like crazy. She loves him already. “I know it’s been a minute but daddy loves you and he can’t wait to see your beautiful face in 6 weeks. So until ten take it easy on mommy.” I thought that was absolutely adorable… but he’d never know. He kissed my stomach and stood up. “Heels though Paris” he asked referring to my choice of shoes. He never liked when I wore heels while on crutches and pregnant. “Their wedges and this might be coming off today.” I said and he shook his head. He grabbed my purse and helped me out of my house and into his car as we made our way to the doctor…
When we got there Trey helped me out and signed me in and we waited. 10 minutes later they called us back took my vital signs and they began to check my leg. They did an x-ray to see if my leg was still broken and thank God it wasn’t. They took off the cast and I did a couple of “Practice exercises” before I was allowed to leave. We walked back out to Trey’s car and got in. “We got an hour and a half before your appointment with Dr. Simmons, are you hungry.” I looked at him like he was stupid. I stayed hungry. He laughed at my expression. “Do you mind if I take you out for lunch?” he asked. “It’s not a date. It’s just lunch and I’m paying for my own food.” “I can at least buy my daughter a meal” I huffed “When she gets here. As long as her food is going through me I’m paying for it.” I said and he shook his head “Where to your majesty?”…
We pulled up to Dolce and we got out and went in. “Hi welcome to Dolce how many in you party?” the hostess asked. “Two” Trey said and she nodded and grabbed two menus “Follow me” she said as she led us to our table. “Janice will your waitress and she’ll be here in a moment.” We nodded and she walked off. “So how have you been?” He asked “Pregnant, you?” “I’ve been not so good.” “Why” I asked looking at him. I mean we had time to kill so why not ask why? “Because I have a lot of down time a lot of time to think and..” He shook his head “I’m sorry” I stared at him “I f***ed up big time. I shouldn’t have done you like that but it’s done. You don’t know how much I love you Par. You were my fiancé you’re pregnant with my daughter and I had my dream. But I f***ed it up and I’m sorry.” He looked sincere but like he said it’s already done he can’t take it back and I damn sure can’t forget it. “I not going to lie and say I’m completely over it because I’m not. I’m glad that you realize that you f***ed up, but it doesn’t change anything. No matter what you are and forever will be London’s dad but as far as you and me… we will never be, because I don’t trust you.” I said truthfully and he nodded. “When London gets older and ask why does her friends mommies and daddies live together and hers don’t… what’s going to be the answer?” “Because we don’t, we’ll come up with an excuse when that time comes.” I said and he looked at me “So we’ll never be?” I shook my head no…
We arrived at Dr. Simmons office at 3. Trey signed me in as I took a seat and 5 minutes later they called me back. They took my urine sample, weighted me and took my blood pressure before assigning me a room. They called Trey back and we sat in the room quiet until Dr. Simmons came in. “Hi, how are you guys?” she asked while washing her hands. “Fine” we said in unison. “Great. Were 34 weeks pregnant.. how are you feeling?” She asked drying her hands. “Good, she moves a lot and I live in the bathroom” I said as she laughed. “So were going to do an ultrasound and take your measurements” she said starting the machine and turning off the lights. I lifted my shirt, she put the get on it and put the probe on it. I could hear the wiggles of London moving, and then a heartbeat, and finally I saw her. “Ok I she is breech which, I’m not concerned about because she has until the day you deliver to turn.” She took some measurements “So she’s measuring 34 weeks and a day which is right where you are and…” She was cut off by Trey’s phone ringing. He looked down at it and excused himself before walking into the hallway. That irritated me. I mean we are here discussing OUR child and you’re stepping out in the middle of the ultrasound. Ugh! “Do you want me to wait for him?” Dr. Simmons asked and I shook my head. “She weighs about 4 pounds 5 ounces right now so you might have a 7 pound baby.” She went on and on about how beautifully London was growing and that was that. She gave me a date for my next appointment and I left the office. When I got outside Trey was still on the phone and he looked at me. “No, No, look I got to go. Yea she right here. Iight” he hung up and I rolled my eyes as I wobbled to the door. “Damn I didn’t realize I was that long” I made an ugly face and got in. He got in the driver’s side and started the car after we put on out seatbelts. “So what did I miss” he asked. “I don’t know, maybe if you were in there instead of running your mouth you would know.” I spat. He laughed “You are so hormonal.” I snapped my head in his direction. “Hormonal!?! f*** you! Take me home.” “Wait what? How did we get here?” he asked taking about the attitude that I obviously had. “When you left me in the room alone at an appointment that you asked to come too. Who was on the phone?” “None of your business” he replied kinda smiling and that annoyed me. “I bet it was one of your funky ass b****es. You couldn’t have sent that b**** to ignore and called her back in 10 minutes.” He shook his head like he could believe what I was saying. “Sad f***ing shame!” I said to myself. “You are so far off you don’t even know. You lucky you pregnant?” “Or what Trey? You gone beat my ass? I doubt that seriously!! Please hurry up and get me the f*** home.” He laughed again and I wanted to choke him.
The rest of the ride to my house was quiet except for the radio. We pulled up to my house and Trey got out. “Get back in the car.” I said getting out. “I was just trying to help you” he said and I huffed. “Help that b**** you was on the phone with.” I said now putting my key into the lock and he grabbed me. “You really need to calm down. I wasn’t on the phone with no b****. I was my momma.” I laughed and twisted the door knob “Momma my ass. You are so full of s***” I said as walked in. I gasped when I saw people in my house. It was a surprise baby shower! Everything was so pretty and pink. I felt embarrassed because of the way I came in. “Surprise!” Zoe screamed… while everyone else was too busy laughing….

Thanks ladies

Run it

Chris tryna be that knight in shining armour for Paris it seems.... Ugh when him and Trey do cross paths again oh lord Im gone pray.... I agree with Paris nows not the time for him to be moving back to Cali. He's only stirring up old emotions and feelings by coming back into Paris life. Im glad she has mamma J tho. Trey and the docs crazy thinking she was still with him talking bout some amnesia lol. Uh no it's a wrap boo. All you gotta do is focus on that baby and move on. Hmm s***s bout to get real interesting now.... Run It.

Run It....

trey got some dam nerve.
ugh you really think she gonna take you back?
aww chris is too dam cute!
it became my battle when he hurt you" <3
i would be hesitant to if my first love was moving back with his family...
drama all over again... please let riley screw up so chris and paris can be together
wait what will happen to chris basketball?
run it

I know that Chris has something up his sleeve smh lol. Trey need his ass beat so I hope Chris finds him
Run it!

I cant believe that nd trey is a sad excuse for a human being. Poor paris. Run it

Chapter 22 (cont'd)

Ms. J took the juice from him and looked at it “Grapefruit juice?” she said frowning up her face. He scratched the back of his neck “That’s all they had”. “Im going to the store across the street to get you some real juice” she said to me and grabbed her purse and left. It was awkward for a second. I wondered what he was thinking. “I’m glad you’re up” he said looking at me. Before I could get a word out the door opened and a nurse came in “Hi I’m Kathy your nurse how do you feel” I looked at her and nodded “I’m ok, just a little thirsty” “You should be you haven’t had anything to drink in a while” she said while typing on the in room computer. “How’s your leg?” she asked. “I can’t feel it or move it” “Good we were giving you meds through and iv every 6 hours, don’t worry they are totally safe for the baby” she said smiling and looking at Chris “Is this the luck fiancé/ father to be?” He looked at me and I shook my head “No I don’t have a fiancé “ she looked at the chart and back at me “I think we need to run some test” “For what?” “It says here that you have a fiancé listed as a Mr. Tremaine Neverson, you must be suffering from amnesia.” I laughed “No, I’m not. He’s not my fiancé, I’m not engaged!” “Then why are you wearing an engagement ring?” she asked pointing at my hand. I looked down and for damn sure that ring was on my motherf***ing finger. I quickly snatched it off and threw it. “I’m going to be right back” Kathy said leaving Chris and I alone. “So you’re engaged and pregnant wow” he said letting out a little laugh. “What’s so funny?” I asked. “This was the situation we were in before but this time it’s you with the fiancé and the baby on the way” I looked down “I don’t have a fiancé Chris”. “That’s not what I heard” I opened my mouth and my room door opened and Kathy and I’m guessing my doctor came in. “Paris this is Dr. Howell he’s our residential neurologist” he waved and I waved back “Why am I being introduced to a neurologist?” I asked. “Because we think you may have had some brain trauma”. “Ok you may not know what you’re talking about, but I know what’s going on. I don’t have brain trauma trust me.” “We won’t be for sure until we do a cat scan” I shook my head. “So y’all are going to take me for a cat scan while I’m pregnant? What kind of hospital is this?” I asked. “A very good one, we have jackets that you can put on so your baby won’t be exposed to anything”….
5hours later they did the cat scan and had the results… I didn’t suffer from any brain trauma… like I said. I was being wheeled back up to my room. When I got there Trey was in my room and my blood started to boil. “If you need anything just press the button” Kathy said and I ignored her as she walked out of the room. “What the f*** are you doing here?” I spat. “Don’t act like that. You are carrying my baby. I love you I’d always be here.” He cooed. “Stop with the bull s*** Trey. If those lines were supposed to win me over you lose.” “Paris, I know what I did was f***ed up. I am forever sorry for cheating on you baby. I swear I never meant to hurt you. I even fired Yasmine.” He said looking at me with puppy eyes. “The puppy eyed s*** don’t work anymore. You’re a full grown dog and you look ridiculous. You fired Yasmine for what? She went the extra mile for you, you could’ve just gave the b**** a raise for all the over time she put in for you.” He looked down “So where does this leave us?” he asked looking me in my eyes as tears began to form from all of the pain he’s caused me. “We’re done, my car is totaled so you don’t have to worry about me using my spare key to get into your house. I need my key back, and as far as the baby goes we’ll work things out when she gets here.” He sighed “What about the appointments?” Was he serious? “Ugh! I’ll text you when and where. And when you’re feeling lonely and you need somebody to talk to, don’t call me.” He looked at me defeated. “Iight..” The door opened again and it was Chris with a plate. “Wassup” he said to Trey as Trey looked back and forth between us. “Don’t” I warned because I knew he was going to make scene. “I’m just going to go” Trey said “Yeh, and take your ring, you can pawn it to buy Yasmine a better weave.” He shook his head, grabbed his ring off the counter and walked out. “He can’t speak?” Chris asked and I shrugged my shoulders. “My mother made dinner and fell asleep, so I brought you a plate.” “Thanks” I said as he sat next to me and unwrapping the plate. It was baked macaroni and cheese, fried chicken, yellow rice, field peas and corn bread and it looked delicious. “You want me to feed you?” I laughed “my leg is broken not my hands.” “Oh come on” he said and I nodded. He got a spoon full of food and put it in my mouth… I think I just had a foodgasm this was really good. I missed her cooking.
After I got full he wrapped the plate up and threw it in the trash the he came and sat across from me. “How long have you been out here?” I asked curiously. “Since the day you crashed.” “Wow 2 months?” he nodded “2 months, 2 weeks and 3 days. I thought I lost you” he said looking at me. “I’m still here, where’s Christian?” “With Riley in Virginia” I nodded. “You want to tell me what happened with you and Trey?” he asked and I looked and him and sighed. “A few months after I got back from seeing you last year, Trey and I started dating. He helped my through a low point in my life and I fell for him. He proposed to me and I accepted it. At our engagement party your friend Jarette was there. He’s treys cousin and he told Trey about the club scene in VA. Trey got pissed. He asked if we slept together and I answered yes. He stopped talking to me” I said laughing at the sadness that came over me from telling the story, “Any way we got back on talking terms and I found out that I was pregnant. I went to his house” I stopped talking as my eyes watered. “I went to his house to tell him about the baby and he’s f***ing his assistant” I laughed. Chris looked at me and shook his head “I know that laugh, you’re laughing because you’re hurt” he said and I nodded. It was true. “Any who I got mad, told him I was getting an abortion and I left. You know how I drive when I’m mad” I said and he nodded. “A deer came out of nowhere and I couldn’t stop… 2 months later I’m here” I said happy that I held on to my tears. “Wow, sorry you had to go through that Par… you got Trey’s number?” I looked at him and squinted my eyes at him “You’re not” I said. He knew what I was talking about. “I just want to talk to him” he said, but I saw through it. “I don’t have a phone anymore.” He walked over and kissed my forehead “I’ll be back later” “What do you mean you’ll be back later?” I asked “I’ll be back later I got business to take care of.” He said not looking at me. “No Chris, this is my battle, not yours” I said and he made a face. “I’ll be back” he said about to leave. “Chris” I called after him and he turned and looked at me “My battle not yours” “It became my battle when he hurt you” he said leaving me there alone.
The next day I woke up and looked over and saw Chris sighed. I prayed that he didn’t get locked up. I started shifting in the bed when Ms. J walked in. “Good Morning Princess” she sang. “Hi Ma” I said as she took a seat. “I spoke with Brooke and she said she’s going to come by today.” I nodded. “Are you hungry?” she asked and I shook my head. The door opened again and all I saw was a bunch of balloons, some flowers and a teddy bear. When the stuff was out of the way I saw that it was Trey’s mother and I sighed. “Hi Beautiful” she said walking towards me “Hey” She kissed my cheek and touched my stomach. “How do you feel?” “I’m good, what’s all of this for?” I asked motioning towards the balloons. “I brought the teddy bear everything else is from Trey” she said smiling and I huffed. “Take it back to him please” I said and she looked at me worried. “Y’all good right?” I shook my head no. “I think you should ask your son what happened. That’s going to be one interesting conversation.” she looked at me puzzled “Ok” she said looking down at her watch “I’ll stop by a little later I have a touch up appointment with” she looked over “Joyce” Ms. J’s eyes got wide “I forgot” she said laughing “I’ll be back in a few” Joyce said as I nodded and they both left the room. As soon as the door closed Chris opened his eyes “Good morning” he said and I looked at him funny “Black hoodie, Black pants, black skully, black tims? What did you do last night?” he sat up “I went looking for Trey, but I couldn’t find him” he spoke truthfully. “Chris that’s my battle. I can handle it” I said knowing he wouldn’t listen. “I’m just leveling the grounds for you” he said and I shook my head. “I’m thinking about moving back out here” he said and my eyes widened. “Why?” I asked. “Because I need to be closer to you. You don’t have a male figure looking out for you out here. So I need to come out here and be that one for you.” He informed me. Although that was sweet of him I wouldn’t want him back over here digging up boxes of emotions that I buried only a year ago. “I’m good on that” I said and he made a stupid face. “It’s not up for discussion” I looked at him sideways. “So what about Christian and Riley?” I asked. “They’ll come too, I’ve been looking for places since I got here.” “So you really what to bring Riley out here where we dated for years and expect for no one to bring us up?” I asked because as far as Riley knew we were ONLY step-siblings and nothing else. “I don’t care, I need to be here for you.” I sighed “You’re going to complicate s***.” I said and he laughed “I might, but at least I will go to sleep knowing that you’re ok” “So your decision is made?” I asked hoping that he’d say no. “Yup, Im moving, moving back, back to Cali, Cali”…

At this point it's been almost 15 months since she's been with Chris so it's not his baby. Sometime right next to the chapter number/title it'll tell how long it's been since the previous chapter.

Aww Man Tray Need His A** Beat.... Im Happy She and The Baby Ok...
Run It....

Im glad she ok but i wudnt have gottin so angry and almost killed myself. I mite wudda killed him nd yasmine tho. Run it

I'm glad she's better and the baby is fine
Run it!

Im glade she ok run it

thank God paris is ok and she needs a dna test because it still could be chris baby run it

I'm glad Paris is okay..and that she didn't lose the baby even though Trey is a douche! I hope Chris find out and whoop Trey ass!

Wow. I just knew after that accident that the baby was gone. But it lived, SHE lived aww. Damn Paris was in the hospital for two months wow. But Trey feels like the biggest prick right now. Wow Chris came too. How longs he been there? How will Trey react? Can't wait to read more?

Awwww it's a girl... I just wish her and Chris could be together

Chapter 22 (Cont’d)

“So this is how your job became more demanding” I said sniffing and getting off the couch. “Paris, baby it’s not what it looks like” He lied. “WELL TELL ME WHAT THE f*** IT IS BECAUSE IT LOOKS LIKE YOU WERE JUST f***ING YOUR ASSISTANT” I yelled as more angry tears escaped my eyes. He wouldn’t even look me in the face. “How long Trey?” I asked in a calm manner. “ For a month, she was the one helping me cope with the whole Chris situation.” I laughed. “So let me get this right. You and your assistant talked about something that had nothing to do with our relationship and your d*** just accidently fell into her pussy?” He didn’t say nothing and that pissed me off. “I’m done” I said taking off his ring again and placing it on the coffee table. “So you’re giving up on me?” he asked. “Are you f***ing stupid? You just cheated on me!! You’ve been cheating on me. Instead of being real and telling me that I wasn’t doing it for you anymore.” I turned and he grabbed my arm. “Don’t go let’s just talk this out” I snatched my arm back and laughed “Talk this out? f*** you, you no good, lying, cheating ass mother f***er. I hope she gave you aids, you stupid b****.” I spat. “I know your mad but—“ “f*** you! What makes you think you’re in the predicament to tell me what the f*** to do.” He got quiet. “And before I go, I only came over here to tell you that you were going to be a father.” I looked at him as his eyes shot to me “What do you mean were going to be a father.” His voice cracked “Just like I said. I’ve been calling you to tell you that I’m 2 and a half months pregnant and I’ll be damned if I allow myself to carry a child for a cheating ass man” I said as I stormed out of his house. Before I got in my car I felt him grab my arm again and I slapped the s*** out of him. “DON’T f***ING TOUCH ME!!” I screamed. This had to be the pregnancy because I was overly emotional. “Look maybe I deserved that, but you can’t kill my baby” I looked at him laughing while tears still poured from my eyes. “Watch me!” I got in the car and locked it. He was trying to get the door open but I put the car in gear and backed out of his drive way. I called Brooklyn and put her on speaker phone. She answered on the 3rd ring “Hi Babe” “Tell me that you didn’t know Trey was cheating on me” I cried into the phone. “WHAT??” she yelled back at me and I nodded. “I went to his house today and he was f***ing Yasmine!” “The assistant b**** with the f***ed up weave?” I nodded again “Brooke what am I going to do?” “I’m sorry Paris. I’m sorry I ever suggested you even date him. Good thing y’all didn’t have any kids. That would’ve been messy.” I cried more “Paris…Paris?” “I’m pregnant Brooke” she got quiet. “Im getting rid of it don’t worry” I said pulling over, taking off my seatbelt and wiping my face. “Paris you need to think about this. I know he f***ed up but do you really want to kill the baby?” “Hell yeh!” I said before she could even finish her statement. “Paris, God has blessed you with this baby..” “And the devil must’ve possessed the man who impregnated me” I said shaking my head “I’ll just call you when I get home” I said before she said ok and hung up. I looked at myself in the mirror and shook my head. I put my car in drive and I pulled out of my parking spot and started to drive fast. I took the long way home which I rarely did because of the narrow curves but I needed to relieve some stress. Trey kept blowing up my phone and I kept hitting ignore as I drove 65 in a 35 zone. It started to a rain when I got 5 minutes away from my house. I pressed the gas as the hand on the speedometer started to rise. My phone rang again and I looked down and saw that it was Trey again. I hit ignore and I looked up and gasped there was a deer in my way. I hit the brakes but because I was going so fast my car didn’t stop immediately. I swerved my steering wheel in hopes of missing the deer. My car started to spin and I started to panic. I heard a loud thud before everything around me went black.
I heard the beeps of machines around me but I didn’t know what was going on. I tried to open my eyes but my body was so weak. I tried moving my limbs but I couldn’t. I started to panic as the beeps of the machines became faster. I felt my upper arm being pinched and then I could no longer feel anything.
I don’t know how long I was sleep before I heard the beeps again. I slowly opened my eyes and blinked a few times. I saw Ms. J sleeping and I looked over and saw Trey as I became angry. I tried to talk and my throat began to hurt. I couldn’t move my neck but I looked down and saw that I had tubes in my mouth. I stated to panic again the machine began to beep faster as Ms. J and Trey woke up. Tears streamed down my face as I tried ripping the tubes from my throat and Ms. J grabbed my. “Paris calm down” more tears fell as a nurse came in with a needle. She gave me the needle and again I was out.

When I heard the beeps again I was afraid to look up. I slowly opened one eye and then the other. I looked down towards my mouth and there weren’t any tubes. I looked to my left and saw Ms. J still sleeping and I looked to my right and saw pink and orange Lily’s, balloons and cards. How long was I out? I cleared my throat and Ms. Joyce woke up. She looked at me teary eyed and walked over to me and kissed my forehead. “Paris you gave us a fright. How do you feel?” “thirsty” I said a little above a whisper. She smiled and pulled out her phone “Hello, you on your way up? She’s up. Bring her some juice, ok” she put the phone down. “How long have I been here?” “A little over 2 months” My eyes widened. “They didn’t think you were going to make it. The only thing that hasn’t healed is your left leg so you have to take it easy. You can come live with me until you’re comfortable using your crutches or I’ll come with you.” My eyes watered. “And the baby?” she nodded “She’s doing fine” she smiled. “She?” Ms. J nodded “Yesterday made you 20 weeks pregnant. They did a 3D ultra sound and she’s beautiful.” she said handing me the pictures. I looked at her beautiful face and I felt bad. I wanted to get rid of baby because of Trey’s b**** ass, but I’m glad I didn’t. I won’t be the 1st single mother and I damn sure won’t be the last. There was a knock on the door before it opened revealing Chris holding my juice…

Loving these comments
Thanks ladies :D

I hope its chris baby trey dont deserve to be in her life no more run it

Damn man smh s*** crazy run it

So Trey did all that b****ing and then pulls this s***! Wow dude smh

wtf is wrong with Trey??? I canNOT believe he is cheating on her!!! I mean why take her back after she gave you your ring if you were going to cheat that is so fcked up!! I wonder what she is going to do with the baby??

Aww Man Thats Messed up...
Run It...

Trey wrong as hell smh. I sorta got that feeling when she said he had been working later than usual
Run it!!