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Omg Chris

When is he gone ever come to South Carolina or North Carolina :-( He got fans down here too! Just cause they small dont mean s***....ugh. Is there anyway we can suggest where his tours be? Lol cause we wanna see him too. At least in VA something <3


Yessss!!! I use to, But not anymore.

OM SUPER G FINALLY SOMEONE FROM THE FLO TOWN XD lol But he did a interview last year & he was talkin bout how e never been here. P.s. do u go to south Florence??

Hey I'm new to this site, but i agree with you. I live in Floence also and the only concert I've been to was when he came to the house of blues in Myrtle beach in 2006.he really needs to start coming out here.

idk, i hope soon !!

Damn, I be lost a hell going to VA. I have some fan down there but not in Tapahhannock, I wonder when the next time he coming :-(

im from va, and he's here all the time lol. I've seen him in the mall, he's had 4 or 5 concerts here, he's always here.

I don't think he has ever performed in VA. Even though I stay in South Carolina it would only take a few hours to get to VA to see a show :-( But forreal though imma request that on his Teitter or something xD lol I ain't no stalker tho.

He don't preform in his own city? I only been to one concert which was the one when exclusive came out & he had it in chicago. Yes, im an horrible fan.. But at least I buy his songs off of iTunes. :D