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A Cry For Help

<a href="">I</a> watched as <a href="">Yanna</a> took the needle and shot up the heroin in her arm. I just sat there and sighed. She wouldn't give that s*** up if her life depended on it, and in this case it does. She nor I had enough money to keep using this to cope with our problems. I'm all she has. I should've left the first time she stole from me. But what type of friend would I be? Not a very good one. I try to get her off, but she always finds a way to get to it. Our mom isn't any help either, she's addicted too. Our dad.....he's not in the picture. I just need help, I can't leave her like this. I just can't.

I only need like 3-4 girls.

Age: 17-19:


Lmao at Jordan & that boy
Run it:)

Jordan is gay?
Awww I'm with Shawn now, yay!

That last chapter was my life!
I was over here dead!
Run it boo!

Chris' POV

When I say that little boy trying to hook up with Rissa, I almost pissed my pants. That's exactly what I did to her, only I was taller and cuter. "Chris, quit being jealous and shoot the damn ball!" <a href="">Mike</a> yelled. I focused back on the game and the guy that was defending me was humping my ass. "Aye, hold up nigga. You need to back back! Is you gay?" I asked. He smiled and nodded. "I like to taste me some caramel in the morning." He whispered, but Mike heard it. So did <a href="">Trey,</a> he busted out laughing. "Bruh, that ain't funny." I mugged him. "Naw, but your face was." Mike busted out laughing too. "Oooh! There goes my boo!" The guy shrieked. We all turned to see him and <a href="">Jordan</a> kissing. "Aye, somebody get Tiana!" I yelled. "She over there!" Mike pointed behind me and she was kissing on <a href="">Shawn.</a> "Damn! She was on to the next one!" Rissa yelled. "Get it girl! Get it girl! Get it get it girl! Get it!" Bre shouted in her 2 Chainz voice.

After practice, the crew went to my house to shower. We planned on going to Dave & Buster's. "Babe, does this look right?" Rissa asked, coming down the stairs. I stared at her in awe. "<a href="">You</a> look absolutely gorgeous. "Thanks boo." I kissed her forehead and she pouted. "I want a real kiss." She whined. "Fine big baby." I kissed her lips as she caressed the back of my head. "Hurry up before I whoop both of yo asses!" Nicki spat. "Why you so mean? Bre how do you get along with her?" Bre smiled and pecked Nicki on the lips. "I love bad b****es that's my f***in' problem." She replied. "Well s***! Nicki ain't bad, she's terrible. Look what she did to me." Trey pouted as he showed us a scar. "Aww, baby you okay?" Toni cooed. "Ugh! Heffas and muthaf***as can we go!" We left out the house and packed into the car. I hope we don't get in trouble like we used too.
__________________________________________________________________Sorry if it's short.

Rissa's POV

I felt somebody get in the bed and lay beside me. "Pooh. Wake up." They started to kiss down my chest and stomach. When they got to my panties, they stopped. I opened my eyes to see <a href="">Chris</a> smiling at me. I pushed him off and rolled over. "Baby, wake up." I yawned and opened my eyes. "I don't wanna." I pouted. He kissed my lips. "It ain't what you wanna do, it's what you gonna do." I smacked my lips. "Nigga you ain't my damn dad." I spat. He rubbed on my butt, "I can make you call me daddy though." I bit my lip and threw the covers off of me and got up. "Damn." Chris whispered. "I'll be down in a minute, gotta take a shower." Chris grabbed onto my waist. "You better hurry. Can't have you late for practice." I widened my eyes and rushed to my phone. On the calender it said "Practice 11:30." My clock read 11:15. "Aw s***!" I cursed rushing into the shower. I took a quick shower and raced downstairs. When I got there, I looked at my watch, it said I had five minutes left. School is only about 3 minutes away. I kissed Chris and my mom on the cheek and gave Auntie a hug.

When I got to practice, I immediately started to change my clothes. "You better have a good explanation for late." <a href="">Coach Jansen</a> said. "You owe me 10 suicides." I felt like nothing was going my way today. "Rissa!" The girls yelled. <a href="">We</a> group hugged and went headed back to the actual gym. "Nicki, lemme get some." I begged, she looked at me rolled her eyes. "Here, fatty." She handed me the strawberry and I ate it in a whole bite. "Thank you." I drunk some of my water and we entered the gym to see the boys practicing. "Let's go Chris!" I shouted he blew me a kiss and shot a three. He made it. "That's right baby nothin' but net!" I cheered. He ran to me and pecked my lips. "So, what did my beautiful cheerleader do while I was gone?" I blushed a bit. "Aww, I still can make her blush." I smiled, "Nobody but you." He kissed my lips and went back to his game. I was so caught in a daze I didn't notice that Coach had been calling my name. "Uh, yes sir, I mean ma'am." I really wasn't having a good day. "Come on we need you to coach for a little bit." I forgot today was the day we teached the middle school how to play. I laced up my shoes and went on the court.

"Wassup boys and girls. I am Rissa. Now today we will learn all the basics of basketball, and after that we're gonna see what you got. Okay? Good. Now split in a group of four and me and my team will practice each thing with you guys. You all should have a number. One's are with me. Two's are with Nicki. Three's are with Bre and Tramicia. And four's are with Tee. Three's you guys have the hardest coaches, don't slip on their bad side. Come on chop chop." I got my <a href="">group</a> and we went to baseline.

"Aye, shawty let me get yo number." Kasen whispered to me grabbing me by my arm. I looked up and saw Chris laughing and shaking his head. I took the number one off my back and handed him it. "I'm number one. Now stop spitting the lame game and pick up a damn ball." He winked at me. "I'd give you my number anyday." Zendi said. "Quit being a hoe, am I the only one that actually came here to play f***ing ball." Maddi huffed. I wrapped my arm around her neck. "I think I fund a new best friend." She looked up at me and smiled. I passed the ball to Bryce and he caught it firmly. "So, you ball forreal or do you just wanna be pimpin like your brother." Bryce looked up, he must be the shy one. "Both." He quietly said. I patted his back. "Can your brother ball.?" He smirked. "Hell no!" I laughed. "Show me what ya got." He dribbled the ball and ran up to the goal and threw up on the backboard, he jumped up caught it and dunked. "Holy s***! We got a little Jordan!" I screamed. "Maine that was whack as f***." Kasen said. "Shut the f*** up!" Zendi and Maddi spat. "Ohh! Homie hopper. She's on to the next one." I said, referring to Zendi. Today was going to be a long one. Three more hours then I can finally leave this hellhole.

Freaky the park run it

We bout that life!

They nasty!!!! lol

I like how we whooped up on them niggas!

Run It!!!

Oh and one more thing. The second paragraph and all the way down is Rissa's POV. Okay now seriously bye!!

I finally found a picture to put as Rissa, so now I'm done changing all the pics. Okay....bye!!!

Chris' POV

<a href="">I</a> woke up to see <a href="">Rissa</a> whooping Trey's ass in NBA2K13. "Bruh get her! She cheating!" He exclaimed. "Naw nigga, you's a pussy!" She spat. He took a pillow and put it over her face and took a shot, winning the game. "Nigga you cheated! That ain't fair. Boo that's not fair." She pouted. I poked out my lip and stretched my arms out. "Come on baby, we know you would've won." She smiled at me and cuddled up in my arms. "Y'all niggas to mushy for me." Nikki huffed. "Let's go to the park." Mike randomly suggested. I hopped up first and went to go put on my clothes. I came back and tied up my breds and we left.

"Man, why y'all girl's shoe game be on pint?" Mike asked, we all just shrugged and laughed. "Aww, boo you want me to help you?" Tramicia cooed. "Guh stop!" Bre said mushing her face. We pulled up to the park and there were a few people playing ball. I'm guessing they were playing teams because half and shirts and the others just had shorts.

The shirts team had their names on their backs and some were pretty cute. Once the game was finished the crew went to ball, but the group blocked the way. <a href="">They</a> stood in front of us laughing. "Awww, look at honey tryna ball." Wade pinched my cheek. "Aye nigga! Watch yo hands." I warned. "Ooh! I'm scared, hold me Bron." Nikki started to laugh. "Yall niggas too gay." She snickered dribbling the ball and chest passing it to Howard. "Okay Lil ma. Let's go."

It was 18 to 15. We were winning. I dribbled the ball towards Wade, and I had to admit he played some pretty good defense. I looked him in his eyes and did a fake pass towards Bre and then towards Tram, but I passed it to Bre. She shook Howard up and she passed it to me. I jumped back and hit a three and it went in. "Awww, look at honey tryna ball." I imitated Wade. He smacked his lips and smiled. "Yall played a great game. You all should be on the varsity team." LeBron said. We thanked them and went back to the boys. "Aye! Here come our winners!" Rocky yelled. We all laughed and ran towards the park.

"I call swings!" Me and Chris shouted. I beat him to the swings and he started pouting. He picked me up and sat me on his laps and got on the swing. He pecked my lips and pushed his face in deepening the kiss. I could feel his erection through my shorts, so I started to grind on him. He moaned and he cuffed my butt. "Okay babe, that's enough." He whispered in my ear. I started to grind harder and he threw his head back. "Your not going to stop are you?" He grunted. I shook my head no and picked me up and carried me to the slide. He kissed my neck and down to my stomach and then back up to my mouth. He slid a finger into my panties and rubbed on my clit. I moaned and he smirked. He sucked on my bottom lip and stuck a finger in me. "Damn bae, I don't know how Imma fit in here." I was about to reach my climax and then Chris just stopped. "Babe." I whined. "I can't have you cumming all over the slide. I crossed my arms and huffed.

Chris' POV

I looked at Rissa making a sexy pouty face. "You mad at me?" I asked, she only nodded her head. "Boo, I sorry." She turned to me and I could see how bad she wanted to smile, but she didn't. I sat behind her and began kissing on her neck. When I got to her spine, I licked down her back and I could feel her shiver. I left a hickey on her neck and she giggled. "You still mad Rissie Pooh?" She nodded at me smiling this time. "Can I get a kiss?" She pecked my lips quickly and stood up. "Rissa, if you don't give me my kiss." She hurried back and kissed my lips passionately and grabbed my hand and stuck it down her shorts. Damn, she was wet. "That's how your gonna get in." She seductively whispered in my ear. I smirked to myself. Imma tear that ass up when I get the chance.

He fine and all but he shoulda been gone smh causing me to miscarry

Wow she crazy for staying. That's a slap in the damn face. That just pissed me off.

Run it!!

I know some of yall are like, ”Why don't the girls like Jordan, what did he do?” Well here is the back story.

I shook my head at what had just went down. Its not the first time he hit her. This was minor compared to the results of the first physical fight they had. It was a depressing day for her, I was with her the whole time.


I was sitting at Tiana's house listening to my Ipod, while her and Justin were downstairs. They were arguing again. I popped the headphone out and just sighed. They were really going at it.

”You b****! I bet you f***ed everybody while I was gone!” She screamed. ”Hell yeah! All them b****es wanted the d*** and you weren't givin anything to me so I had to get it from somebody, and that somebody wasn't you. I'm the best out there.” He c**kily said. I heard something crash into the wall. I guess she threw a glass at him. Then I heard a thump and scream. I ran downstairs to see Tiana laying on the floor holding her cheek and stomach. ”b****!” Jordan yelled then he spat at her. I got up and threw a glass at the back of his head. He fell hard on the ground. I picked Tiana up and struggled to carry her to my car. ”Your a fat ass.” I joked trying to lighten the mood. She laughed and then winced in pain. ”We need to get you to a hospital.” She nodded and we got in the car and drove off.

”Well it seems you fractured your left rib, Ms. Varner.” The doctor announced, Tiana touched her stomach. ”Is she okay?” I scrunched my face up. ”I'm sorry Ms. Varner, she didn't make it. You fracturing your rib caused some of your arteries to stop pumping blood. Sadly the one that stopped functioning was the one connected to her heart.” Tiana started bawling. I couldn't say anything, so I just comforted her. ”Sorry.” I rubbed her back. ”Thank you Doctor.” He gave us a faint smile and left. When he walked out, Jordan walked in. ”Leave now you bayard!” She yelled, throwing everything she could at him. As much as I would love to throw something at him too, I had to stop Tiana before she harmed herself. ”Ti, baby. I didn't mean to. You know how I am. I just couldn't control my anger. I'm so sorry.” He started to fake cry. I just shook my head. ”I believe you.” Tiana said softly. ”I should've never been selfish with my body. After all, I did say it was yours. It was wrong for me not to give you any intimate time with me.” I stood there with my mouth wide open. I couldn't do this right now. I hugged Tiana and left. When I walked out so did Jordan. ”I'm always going to get her on my side no matter what. Oh don't think I'll let you side neither. I always catch b****es slipping on a daily basis.” He smacked my butt and I smacked him in his face. ”I'm going to have to ask one of you to leave.” One of the nurses said. ”I was just leaving.” I turned around and left.

*End of Flashback*

All the girls knew she had a miscarriage. We all know Jordan used to beat her senseless. What we didn't know was why would she stay, why he beat her, or just what really ticked him off so much. To be honest, I really didn't want to find out.

dam jordan u mad wrong for that!
whats up with the history tho
is he jealous? do they know eachother from the past? is he related to her mom's ex bf? :o so many questions
run it!

what jordon problem... why dont the girls like him i need the back story... run it

As me and Damani filled the water guns. We heard Chris yawn and get out of the bed. I turned on the shower and began to sing. "Bae, you in there?" Chris asked. "Yes boo, what do you want?" I heard him yawn again. "I wanna take a shower too." He said trying to pick at the lock. "No Chris." I heard him whimper like a puppy. "Babe Please. I wanna take a shower with you. I promise I won't try anything. Please!" He begged. I laughed. "Okay, come in." He opened the door and me and Damani began shooting the water at him. "Ahh! s***! That's cold Alejandra!" He yelled, running out the bathroom. I heard him slip and fall. I busted out laughing when I saw him <a href="http://underneathestarz.">sprawled</a> out on the floor. <a href=" lfzvpsYJrL1qa0bj5o1_1280.png">I</a> busted out laughing, so did Damani. Chris wasn't moving so I started to get worried.

I walked over to him and bent down next to him. "Boo, you okay?" No answer. "Boo!" I exclaimed. He popped up and grabbed me. I was so in shock, I could hear my heart beat. "Chris that's not funny." I pouted, squirming out of his grip. "I'm sorry bae. But the look on your face was priceless." He smiled at me. I gave him a fake smile and turned on my heels. My face was hit with ice cold water and I gasped in shock. "T-T-That's s-s-s-so c-c-c-c-c-cold." I shivered. Damani was cracking up at me shaking. "Okay Damani. Let's let Rissa take a shower, while we eat." Damani ran into Chris' arms and Chris picked him up. "Bye boo." He cooed. I took my shower and went downstairs.

"There goes my superwoman." Chris said glancing at my <a href="">outfit.</a> I smiled at him. ”You're so original.” He bit his lips and pulled me closer by the hem of my shorts. ”Damani we need to get you in the bath.” Chris said picking him up. Damani's legs dangled as he got on Chris' back and started to sing. ”Let me lick you up and down, till you say stop.” Me and Chris.fell to the floor laughing. ”Do you even know what your talking about, Dae?” We turned to see the crew come in the kitchen. ”Well s*** we don't knock anymore.” I huffed. All the girls raced over to me and group hugged me. All the guys hugged me exept for <a href=" ">Jordan.</a> He just stood there and looked at me kind of off. I just rolled my eyes at him. None of us really even liked him. ”I'll be back.” I whispered in Chris' ear. I could feel his eyes follow me as I walked up the stairs.

After I used the bathroom, I washed and dried my hands. When I was done I opened the door to see Jordan standing there. I jumped back and started to breath heavily. ”Are you gonna stand there b**** or are you gonna move?” He rolled his eyes at me. ”Muthaf***a, I really don't like your tone. I suggest you change it. What the f*** have I ever done to yo ass?” He chuckled. ”You're pathetic. You come here telling this sob story and then you want everybody to feel sorry for your pathetic ass.” He vented. ”Listen here b****.” I started pushing him back. ”The so called story I tell you is life. I don't want your f***ing sympathy, its not even worth a poor man's s***. Your the pathetic one. Always thinks every little thing revolves around you. Your sympathy didn't help me get through my personal problems then, so I damn sure don't need it now.” He shoved me back and I stumbled a little before flying back at him and my fist connected to his jaw. ”You b****.” He said getting ready to hit me. I didn't budge. ”Hit her b****. I want you to.” Chris gritted through his teeth. ”Thank God Chris. This hoe was trying to come on to me. I tried to tell her no, but she wouldn't take a hint.” He lied. ”Do I have Bo Bo the damn fool on my head or something?” Damani snickered at Chris. I guess he thought we weren't being serious. ” Bre and Nicki take him downstairs to the basement. I'll be there in a second.” He ordered. They did as they were told and Chris slowly started to walk closer to us. Jordan began to take steps back, but was soon backed into a corner.

”No Chris, I got this.” Tiana walked up to Jordan and smacked the hell out of him. Jordan smacked her back and all the girls jumped on Jordan. The guys tried to get us off, but they only got hit too. When we finally calmed down, Tiana was crying. ”f*** you Jordan!” She kicked him in his manhood and all the guys winced, feeling his pain. ”Are you alright?” I asked her. She smiled. ”Never been better.” The guys threw Jordan out and we all sat in the living room, playing with Damani for the remainder of the night.

aww lil nephew too cute
up to no good ohh chris watch out!
run it!

Damn her brother fine.... and his nephew is too it

Lol u tryin to get me in trouble wit my man??lol
Run it

Lol, Tramicia and Bre yall need to stop! I'm not trying to get in trouble!!

Oooooo weeeee Shawn can get it & then some. Lemme stop cause I got a man............SHAWN BABY YOU CAN GET IT ALL YOU CAN GET IT ALL YOU CAN GET IT WOOOO WOOOO WOO!!! XD Ty don't be mad but he just mmm mmm good like Campbell's soup! Lol but Rissa & Damani up to no good.

Run it sis

Run it!
Shaun is fine!
But Chris and Trey dumb for that pic!

Three months later~~

I was walking with <a href="">Toni and Tramicia</a> through the mall. We were looking for outfits for the Halloween dance. "Yo, my f***ing feet hurt Rissa." Tram complained. "Okay, just one more stop." I said walking faster. We stopped in front of a barbershop in the mall. Toni looked at me, "Hoe, this is were men go." I rolled my eyes. "I need a haircut." I walked in the shop and all eyes were on me.

30 Minutes later~~

"b****, that s*** look fresh." Tram sort of complimented. I took a <a href="">picture</a> and sent it to Chris.


Chris: Yo that s*** go hard!
Rissa: Ikr, hoes gon be hatin!
Chris: My boo swaggin
Rissa: You know how I do, what you doin?
Chris: <a href="">Swaggin</a> like usual.
Rissa: Kmsl, nigga y'all fugly!
Chris: D: I thought you said I was sexy.
Rissa: I did, see you boo! Bye.
Chris: Yeah whateva!


"Who got you smiling like that?" Toni asked, Tram smacked her lips. "You know Chris got her d*** whipped." I shook my head quickly. "Nah, if anything I got him pussy whipped." I assured. We all busted out laughing. I felt someone cuff my ass, I turned to see Chris and Trey laughing. I mugged him hard. He placed a soft kiss on my lips and I started to smile. "What are you doing here Christopher?" He put his hands over his face. "Don't call me that." He said, ducking behind me. I laughed, "Who you hiding from nigga?" I asked, trying to move away from Chris' grip. "Stop moving bae, you making me stiff." He grunted. I laughed as we entered Champs. "Boo, I'm about to get me some shoes. You and Trey can go away now." He smacked his lips and kissed my cheek. Trey kissed Toni and they left.

"Ayy sexy let me- Rissa is that you?" I turned to see my <a href="">brother</a> with his mouth wide open. "Ahh! Shawn!" I screamed as I ran into his arms. We were separated when we were around 11. He was my best friend before he was adopted by a real b****. "Sissy pooh! You grown up." I smacked y lips, "One more person say that s***, I swear." I looked behind him to see my ex and I rolled my eyes. "Well hi to you too Rissa." <a href="">Druex</a> said. I looked back at him. "Bye." I turned and walked back to Toni.

"Who was that sexy ass nigga?" I almost died. "Shawn, she think you sexy!" I yelled, he winked at her and she blushed hard. "Girl, you know I got a man. Oh b****, you tryna get me in trouble aren't you." I shook my head no and went to pick out my shoes.


I walked up the stairs to see Chris sitting in my room. "Let me see your shoes." I pulled out all my <a href="">shoes.</a> He dropped his mouth open. "Holy s***! Who you get this type of money from?" I stood there acting like I didn't here him. "So, are we going out tonight, or are we staying in?" Chris looked me in my eyes. "Changing the subject I see. Anyways, we gotta watch my nephew. Then the crew is coming over." I got up an started to clap. "I absolutely love kids!!" Chris looked at me and smiled. "Of course you do. You act like one." I stopped jumping and mushed his face. "Shut up nigga!" I spat. He smacked my butt and I yelped in pain. "Oww! That hurt." I whined. "Aww the little baby, does it feel better?" He cooed rubbing my butt. I nodded my head and laid it on his bare chest. <a href="">He</a> looked down at me and kissed my forehead. "Wanna watch a movie?" I jumped on the bed and he picked up Hop and put it in the DVD player.

After the movie it was around 8 and the doorbell rung. "I got it." I ran down the steps and opened the door. "Hey Rissa baby. Is Chris here?" Chris' sister asked. I nodded and saw a little figure hiding behind her. "Well this is Damani. Damani say hi baby." <a href="">He</a> poked his head around the corner and waved at me. "Well hello Damani, I'm Rissa." He smiled at me. I opened the door wider so they could come in. "Oh, I'm in a rush. Here is his bag and everything you need. Bye baby. Be good for mommy okay. Listen to what Auntie Rissa says. Okay?" He nodded his head and ran into the living room. "Okay, bye Rissa. Call if you need me." I waved bye and shut the door. "Wanna go mess with uncle Chris?" He nodded and ran up the stairs. "Shhh. We gotta be quiet."

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Run it!

Sorry about any mistakes!