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Coming Forward

<a href="">Caine</a> continue packing his things, while I was standing in the doorway. Our <a href="">bedroom</a> was silent. I didn't want him to leave, but I knew it was right. We needed our space. I wasn't ready to continue our relationship, until he learned how to grow up. "Look, Kayla I didn't mean to bring her into our bed" he said. I rolled my eyes and continue watching him pack as I ready for him to leave. I could tell that he wasn't happy with my decision, because he continue look back at me. "Are you going to listen to me at least?" he question. I shrugged my shoulders because I was over everything. "Caine, I love you but got caught" I said. Caine stop packing and started staring at me. "Why are still mad about that?" he asked. "Can you finish packing?" I asked. Caine got pissed and unpack all of his things, "I'm not leaving, why can't we make it work?" he asked. I tried moving pass him, but Caine started following me. "GIVE ME AN ANSWER!" he yelled. I made it to the <a href="[term]=Ikea%20Kitchen&filters[primary]=images">kitchen</a> before Caine was tired of questioning me about my decision. He came into the kitchen and sat on the counter. It was about <a href="">him</a> wasn't it?". I knew he was talking about Chris, but it wasn't about him. "Caine, you know I'm madly in love with you. Me and Chris are done for good, it's me and you Caine." I said. Caine was a little jealous about me and Chris relationship, but Chris moved to Paris for artistic reasons and I never heard from him since. Caine and I knew each other since 8th grade, but we didn't really become romantic until the summer of 9th grade. I remember how he had taken my virginity, I thought it was romantic, but Caine became flirtatious with other girls, so we broken up many times.

Caine's Pov
I didn't know how to handle Kayla's decision. Apart of me knew it was right, but deep down I didn't want to leave her. I got up and pulled her closer to me as she started become teary eyed. "Why can't you be faithful to me?" she asked. I didn't know what to say, because I didn't understand why I cheated. "I'm tired of hearing all of these things about you while at work. You don't understand how it feels when you hear a girl talk about her one night stand with you or something. YOU f***ING DON"T UNDERSTAND!" she said while pushing me off of her. Lately she had been having these weird ass move swings, "Is it because I'm ugly?" she asked. "Do I not please you enough?" I shook my head no, "I don;t know why?" I said. Then Kayla started to leave, she went into the bedroom and grabbed her suitcase, "Where are you going?" I asked. "Keri and Trey's" I grabbed her wrist, I didn't want her to leave, but the phone started ringing. Kayla answered the phone "hello?" she said. Her facial expressions changed extremely quickly, then she look at me with anger. She hung up and threw the phone at me, "YOU GOT ONE OF YOUR HOES PREGNANT!" she yelled. I knew they were lying because I always wore a condom. "NO I DIDN"T I USE PROTECTION!" I yelled. Kayla furiously grabbed her things as I pleaded my case to her, "LEAVE ME ALONE!" she yelled. I didn't want to anger her some more, because she been stressed out lately. I decided to give her sometime to cool off, so I watched her walk out of our place and drove off to Keri's.

Kayla's Pov
I been living with Keri for about two weeks and I was ready to go back to Caine. I just needed a reason to move back. I heard about the girl he gotten pregnant, but he said he would be a father just not a husband to her. Apart of him stills doubt the pregnancy because he says they never had sex, but who knows. I was having my own issues with health anyway. "Trey, my period is on" Keri said. I started panicking because my period usually comes on before hers. "Oh s***" I said. Trey and Keri both look at me confused, "Oh s***?" what she asked. I made up a lie, "I don't want to hear you guys sexual relations" I said. "Well if you made up with Caine, you won't have to" Trey mumbled. Keri smacked Trey in the back of his head, I know he doesn't care about me staying here, but I was becoming too much, I decided to either go back to Caine or find my own place. However I needed to see if I was pregnant. I decided to use one of Keri's pregnancies test, and the results were positive. Me and Caine were going to be parents.


Kayla's Pov
I wake up to find Caine was missing, I sighed at the thought of him and his boys going out to the club. I did like his boys, but they were just becoming to much for him. I decided to go through my old Facebook account and look at the old pictures of me and Caine; reading our first encounter made me cry. Then I started looking at old messages and enjoying my memories from high school and college, then his messages came up.
Kayla's Pov
I rushed to the airport to find Chris, I needed to talk to him about our relationship and that I was ready for the next step, but I just needed some time. I parked my car in the parking lot, rushing to find him. I even bought a ticket just incase I had to meet him at the gate, finally I saw him sitting down waiting for his plane. "Chris" I yelled, causing everyone to bring their attention to me. I rushed over to Chris, I dropped down to my knees showing the streams of tears coming from my face. "Chris, please look at me. I f***ing rushed over to this airport, paid over a hundred dollars for this ticket and stood in line for security, not to mention I was stopped for a routine body pat down". Chris just laughed and shrugged it off, "Does it matter? You're only wasting your time Kayla. I mean shouldn't you be in class right now?" he asked. I got up and sat in the seat next to him, grabbing his hands only to have him snatched them away, "I didn't show up because I wanted to tell you that I really don't want you to move to Paris, we can make anything work if we try Chris, Give me a chance to love you because deep down inside I f***ing love you. I want to wake up with you and make you breakfast but I want you to completely be honest with me. Chris continue to look through his phone before scanning the whole room, finally looking me in the eyes, "Look I wish you would understand that I love you also, but if I want to be an artist I need to complete freedom in my life, and by that I can't be in a relationship with you nor do I want all of this stuff you're asking for" he said. Chris made my heart broke, those words he said made my heart sting. I shed a few tears before getting up and walking away, I knew I made myself look like a complete fool.
Chris' Pov
I knew I had to let her know the easy way. I heard my plane being called before getting up and look ing back. Suddenly this old man tapped me on my shoulders, "Son, I don't know you but girls like her are one in a million". I laughed and thought to myself because he didn't know the things that she had put me through.
I reminded of myself at the fool I had became. "Never again" I said to myself. I look at the time which read 4:45 am, Caine would be coming home any minute, unless he spent the night with some girl or something. My phone started ringing and it was Laith, "Hey...ummm have you seen Caine?" he asked. I told him no, but Laith had to tell me a lot of things, "Can I stop by for a minute?" He asked. I replied sure then 45 minutes later he was here. I wasn't wearing any pants, so I decided to wear a tank top with some yoga pants. Laith gave me a hug before sitting on the couch, "What do you want to talk about?" I asked. Laith just looked at me before smiling, "How is the baby?" he asked while rubbing my stomach. I smiled and replied saying it was good, but the morning sickness was horrible. Laith started laughing some more before I decided to make him some food and lemonade, "I don't know why Caine does this to you?" he said. I became confused as Laith continued talking, "You know he has another girl pregnant right?" he said. I felt my body becoming numb as my body as Laith confessed to Caine's infidelity. I shook my head yes because that was the main reason I left. "Laith, why are you here?" I asked. "Because I wanted to tell you that I always loved you, The fact you're with Caine makes my blood boil, he's never going to become faithful to you. As a friend you need to leave him as couple, but remain in touch because you're parents with him". Laith decided to kiss my cheek before getting up and letting himself out. Finally Cain decided to stumble in our house drunk. "WHY WAS LAITH HERE?!" He yelled. Cain grabbed my hair and slammed me into the ground, suddenly his rage came over him as he decided to kick me in my stomach, "IS THIS EVEN MY CHILD" he yelled. Cain continued to kick me in my stomach before dragged me into the bathroom, Cain grabbed a pregnancy test and forced me to take one in front of him, I couldn't focus because there was blood coming down. "CAIN I NEED TO GO TO THE HOSPITAL!" I yelled, but Cain didn't listen, "SHUT THE f*** UP AND TAKE THAT f***ING TEST" I pleaded to beg him to at least excuse himself. It read positive, but I knew that I needed to go to the hospital. I open the door to see him passed out on the bed, so I threw the test at him before seeing Laith stand outside. "I heard yelling" he said. Laith lives down the street, but Cain's screaming must have been pretty loud. " I need to go to the hospital" I said.

Cain's Pov
I wake up to find the pregnancy test reading positive. Catching my close friend with her made my bloodboil. I always knew he had a crush on in school, but I thought he was over it after her stint with Chris. My stomach suddenly came into knots before hearing the phone ring. I knew it was Laith or Kayla, but I didn't want to hear from them anymore.

Caine's Pov
It has been two weeks since I spoke to Kayla, I turn to my side to look at our picture together. I couldn't believe she was serious about this break, I knew I needed to talk to her before doing anything stupid, but I have needs to be made. "s***! Where the f*** is she?" I yelled. I went to my bar and poured myself a glass of whiskey, thinking about her. I started drinking some more until the whole bottle was done. As I began feeling the effects of the whiskey, I grabbed another bottle of scotch drowning my emotions down with alcohol. Suddenly I heard the door rambling and stumbled my way to it. My heart stopped as I saw her, "You're here!" I yelled. Giving her a big hug and kiss, "Kayla I missed you" I said. Her faced changed as she smelled the alcohol on my breath. "Move Caine" she said. I was shocked, I didn't know how to handle it. "What the f*** you mean move?" I yelled. She sighed and kept walking until I grabbed her by the wrist. "GET YOUR ASS OVER HER!" I yelled while grabbing her. She pushed me away but I got back in her face, "WHAT'S YOUR f***ING PROBLEM!" I asked. "YOU f*** OTHER GIRLS IS MY PROBLEM CAINE! I SHOULD'VE STAYED AWAY FROM YOUR ASS!" she yelled, "I KNEW KERI WAS RIGHT! I SHOULD"VE GOT WITH <a href="">Mike</a> WHEN I WAS GIVEN THE CHANCE CAINE! BUT NO I f***ING LOV...." That's when I smacked her. She was stunned, "I don't ever want to hear you talk about being with someone else" I said. She started laughing in my face "Oh really Caine?" she asked.
"Yes really"
"That's how you got me" I replied. Kayla look me into my eyes, knowing I was serious, she walked off but I grabbed her again and slammed her against the wall. "No we're talking about this?" I said.
"You're a f***ing cheater Caine. You can't be honest with me for once, not at all" she said. "My heart breaks when you have some girl blow your phone up or she comes by, but when I have to hear about it at work it breaks into more pieces Caine", she started wiping her tears, "I love you, but I can find another guy who will treat me better than you do, I may not love him as much, but I know in the back of my mind that he'll be better to me, than you ever will. she said. Kayla didn't want to look at me anymore, but I knew she was hiding something. I couldn't put my finger on it, I tried kissing her but she wouldn't bulge. "Move Caine I'm exhausted" she said. I didn't clean my room from my latest romp, so I tried moving Kayla to the couch, but she insisted on sleeping in the bed. "What is it Caine?" she said. I couldn't look at her anymore, "I know you had sex while I was gone" she said. I was dumbfounded, "I know you Caine, you always do this when your given the chance to". Kayla continued to go into the bedroom, "Did you at least change the sheets?" she asked. I shook my head yes, because I'm not nasty. She changed into some yoga shorts and a tank top. Her hair was in a messy bun and I always thought she was prettier without makeup, but I could tell something was wrong with her. "What's wrong?" I asked while rubbing her back. I heard hr sniffling under the covers, so I continued comforting her. "GET OFF OF ME!" she yelled. "What's your problem?" I asked. "Why are you doing this? What did Trey tell you?" she said. I got up and became furious "What? YOU SLEPT WITH MIKE?" I yelled. I started throwing things around the room, before she became dizzy, "Caine please stop" she asked. She got up before falling into my arms.

**In the Hospital**
I didn't call any of her friends, before finding out what was wrong with her. I waited in the waiting room for about an hour or two before seeing the doctor. Dr. Howard came up to me while shaking my hand. "Is she okay?" I asked. He smiled, knowing something I didn't "Yes, she is fine, it was the combination of exhaustion and stress" he said. I knew I was a hassle, but I didn't know it was taking a toll of her. I took a seat and started wondering what did I do wrong. "It's going to be alright, she will just need rest and nutritions" he said, "I agree doctor".
"Plus, it isn't healthy for the baby" he said. I look up in shock, "What?" I asked. "Well you and Ms. Malone are going to be parents, she is almost 6 weeks" he said. Dr Howard excused himself before discharging Kayla from the hospital. As she was in rolled out in the wheelchair exhausted, I picked her up in joy. "I'm going to be a father?" I asked. She shook her head tired, "Is it a boy or girl" I asked. "Caine, I don't know" she said. "I hope we'll have a little boy, that I can teach things my dad taught me" I said.

Kayla's Pov
I was happy that Caine was taking the news great, but I wasn't ready to start a family with him. I needed him to become more mature, but he was just a player. "Why didn't you tell me?" he asked. I shrugged my shoulders because I didn't know how to tell him. "I just found out last night Caine" I said. "Please don't leave me" he said. I rolled my eyes because Caine always said stuff like this, "Why Caine? Just because we're going to be parents doesn't mean I'm not mad at you anymore". Caine rolled his eyes because he knew he was still in the wrong. "I'm tired of having to share you, now it's either you grow the f*** up and mature or I'm leaving" I said. Caine twirled my hair before kissing my cheek, "I'm serious, you'll still going be apart of our child's life, but we won't be a couple" I said. I knew Caine felt like I stabbed him in the heart, but I was serious. Caine got pulled the car over then look me into my eyes, "I swear I'll go crazy if you leave me". I rolled my eyes "Well if you don't grow the f*** up then you'll live in a straight jacket"I said. Caine became hurt as I said those words. He got back on the road and finally we were home. I went to the bed before Caine started asking me questions, "If I always wanted to propose to you, what will you say?" he asked. I got ontop of him; "My heart would say yes, but my brain would say why?" I replied. Caine was confused by my question, "I love you Caine" I said. I knew I was in love with Caine, everyone could tell. I remember Chris before leaving that me and Caine were perfect. I always have a soft spot for that boy, but no one has heard from him.

Caine's Pov
I couldn't believe it, Kayla was having a baby. My baby to be exact, I wanted to tell the whole world, but I had no one but my <a href="">brothers</a> to tell. My parents were never together, my dad was an alcoholic deadbeat, while my mom just left us all together. That's why I never understood relationships, my father would always bring women in and out, so I thought it was okay, until seeing Kayla. My heart really does break when I do cheat, but my brain is telling me it's okay. I'm extremely confused about this, but seeing Kayla cry does make me piss at myself. Some will call me a dog, others will call me a god, but deep down inside I was confused. I enjoyed hear the moans of women, but Kayla moans made me melt. I didn't know what was it, but when I first hear it while rubbing her inner thighs, I couldn't control myself. I knew she was the one for me after that, but I wish I was more mature before meeting her.

Caine's Pov
I was laying on my bed thinking about Kayla. I was really devastated about her moving out, I knew I missed her deep down, but I couldn't stop sleeping with other women. I heard someone knocking on my door, so I decided to open it and it was Kayla. It look like she had been crying a little, but she had her bags with her. "I miss you" she said as she jumped into my arms, but something seem off with her. I was becoming a little worried because she was extremely quiet for some odd reason. "Is there something you need to tell me?" I asked. She look down and shook her head yes, I lifted her chin and kissed her on the lips, "What is it?" I asked. She started to look me into my eyes and said "I'm..." I decided to cut her off with some wine, I poured to two cups, but she stopped me. "I can't Caine" she said. I was confused, "I'm pregnant" she said. I dropped the glass and gave her this huge kiss on the lips, "I have to tell <a href="">Laith</a>. "Why does he need to know?" she said. I was confused, I had to tell my brother that he was going to be an uncle. I knew Kayla believe that Laith was the core of my player ways, but we haven't gone out in a minute. "Fine go ahead and tell everyone" she said. I knew we had to make various doctors appointments and things. I gave her another kiss on her forehead before letting her know that I was about to go out with Laith and <a href="">Mike</a>.

Kayla's Pov
I started feeling nauseous after telling Caine. I rushed towards the bathroom and started experiencing morning sickness. "Are you okay?" he asked. I shook my head yes and he started rubbing my back, "I'm going out tonight" he said. I was furious but my stomach was turning. "Fine, whatever Caine" I said. I flushed the toilet, brushed my teeth, and walked off from him. "I'll be home early okay" he said. I raised my hand, because I didn't care what he did. "You're a grown ass man" I said. Caine pulled me closer to him and tried comforting me. "Leave me alone" I said. Caine rolled his eyes and brushed me off. "What Kayla?" he said. I got mad and started yelling, "WELL f*** CAINE! I TOLD YOU I'M HAVING YOUR DAMN BABY AND YOU'RE GOING OUT WITH YOUR BOYS INSTEAD OF SPENDING TIME WITH ME!" I yelled while slamming my hand on the counter. Caine gave me the silent treatment while getting dressed. I went into our closet as <a href="">he</a> finished getting dressed. "So you're just going to leave?" I asked. He didn't answer, so I went over and smack him in the face. "f*** YOU KAYLA THE BABY PROBABLY ISN'T MINE!!" he said. I didn't want to look at him for that night, I was becoming tired, so I finished putting my clothes and items back, and got in the bed. Caine knew what he said hurt, I didn't want to look at him that night, "I'M S.." "f*** YOUR APOLOGY CAINE" I yelled. I laid down and put the covers over my head, I heard Caine sighed and left.

Caine's Pov
I was sitting in the vip lounge in silence. Mike and Laith had girls around them doing everything they pleased in order to get into vip. "Man take a shot" Laith said. "You need to loosen up, Kayla isn't going to care. I mean how many times you came back around 3". Laith didn't know about the infidelities but Mike did. However this <a href="">girl</a> came to our table looking good as f***, I knew she was here for me because of Mike. "Caine, this is Dior" he said. She smiled and turned around to show that ass of hers. Laith whispered in my ear, "C'mon your girl is pregnant" he said. I knew he was right, but Kayla was mad at me. Mike thought we were on a break and this was his opportunity of excitement. "Hey" she said. I smiled back to her, because I new I just wanted sex or head or something. I left Keisha sit on my lap during the club as Laith started rolling his eyes, while Mike gave me dapped. Laith check the time to see it was 2:15, he got up and gave me and Mike dapped before leaving, I always wondered how life would be if I listen to him. I knew Laith hooked up Chris and her, but that was it. I stayed at the club until it closed, but me and Mike started becoming hungry. "You wanna hit up waffle house?" he asked, I shook my head no because it was 3 in the morning, but Keisha wanted to spend more time. So as I walked her towards he car, she pushed me in the backseat, before pulling my pants down and releasing my manhood.

Kayla's Pov
I couldn't sleep, I was worried about Caine. I didn't know where he had went, so I decided to call Laith. I tried dialing his number, but decided to hang up as I realized Caine was a grown ass man. I started feeling nauseous again and rushed towards the bathroom. I couldn't control it, so I continued throwing up. After I finished that, I went downstairs to the kitchen to fix from waffles and fruit. I look at the microwave clock to see it was 5 in the morning. After placing my waffles on the plate, Caine came in from the club. He went straight to the bathroom to take a shower. I finished my plate and decided to go back to bed. As soon as I got in the bed, I drifted off to sleep.

Caine's Pov
I finished my shower to see Kayla under the covers sleep. I thought she look beautiful sleeping, so I wrapped my arms around her while rubbing her stomach. I couldn't believe that she was carrying my unborn child. "I didn't mean it" I whispered, but Kayla moved closer towards me. I knew she missed me deeply, because her eyes lit up as soon as I opened to the door. I knew I love her, but I was fully mature for a monogamous relationship. I'm 24 and having the time of my life. Kayla started moving around in the bed and began having a nightmare. Kayla got up and ran to the bathroom, she locked the door behind her and started crying. "What's wrong?" I asked. She didn't ant to look at me because she knew something was up. "You're always cheating on me" she said. I didn't want to talk about it, so I decided to go back to bed, but Kayla threw the covers back. "NO WE"RE GOING TO TALK CAINE!" she yelled. I didn't know what happen, but I slammed her into the wall. Suddenly she became scared because she knew what I was capable of. She pushed me off and grabbed her blanket and pillows the the couch. "I didn't mean to" I said. She laid back in the bed to finally go to sleep, but I stayed up all night thinking about her.

Caine is disgusting.
I dont understand why people
play with the person they supposely l
oves emotions. Not only that but now
shes pregnant with his child. I wonder
what shes going to do about it.

Run it

Damn she's pregnant by a dog smh. Poor girl. I'd be pissed that's a hard pill to swallow. I hope his cheating ass do right by his child, if she tells him about it. I like this so far. Run it.