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dear, Chrena Michee

<em>im iz jus rytin dis 2 let u kno dat ty toll me 2 make it nasti N so i did cuz he had saided dat he wuld crash da whip 2 kill us both N i aint wanna dye. so dere i sed n him fuked...n da benz.
[- sincerli,
<strong>Michia Chria]</em></strong>

sup tho..
is anybody
on today?


random moment sorry lol


:) cutty!!!

alrightyy cool

I'll text you from the iPod.

wht i had to tell you then

what i gotta tell you now

Was it important?

Awwee nuts

Dont you hate that.
Thats why I was like f*** it.
I dont need a job anyway.

I didn't receive it...

But my phone is low so I had my phone off 'cuz my charger is broke.

And I cannot find my damn USB cord.


. . . hi

Bree i texted you

i've been iigh just
fillin out job apps
pretty much.

how am i supposed to have a job experience if nobody will hire me so i can fcking have a job experience? mafckas is tripping!

twins?! lawd....
jp niceee.
i always wanted
twins fr. idk why

twins :)
I want twins

I've been good.
Just been tryna keep
De busy and his mind off
his mom.

How about you?


hey bree
and yeah i can see man
sht is dead af on here

hey dany how have you been?

hey ana make you sure don't
make too many babies tho...
might wind up with triplets
or more lol

busy making babies


Awwz man! Eye caynt buhleave he made yu du dhat shyt. Dats krayzi.
He ah dead man wawken when iieye see hym!!! Noh bullshiet.

But Idk if anyone is on man... The clique been busy lol.