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A Message From Lexxi . . . .

She told me to let yall know
tht she "misses us scandalous hoes"
&& she shld be bck next week
&& upon her return she would likee us i mean YALL to
preparee her feast && all the things tht
go with it

<em><strong>Satement From Lexxi</em></strong>

<em>"<strong>Ana && Dany</strong> are my chambermaids. <strong>Soso</strong> is my appointed council. <strong>Nani</strong> is my cook. <strong>Bree</strong> is my jester. Anyone outside of you all are just peasants begging for crumbs."</em>

Not Dictated.


no she mad bcus she tried to take a pic of him
he threw money && it hit her in the eye

hoe is mad for no reason . . . thats an occupational hazard
she knew the risks


Exactly. s***, if Trey slapped me with money i'd be happy as hell :)

Kik me b****es: Dopey16

silly b**** gets slapped by money al day
but because trey songz did it she mad...


Ana that's crazy as hell lol.

She could have took the money and shut up. Hoes always gotta make s*** complicated lol.

word around town is he slapped a
stripper with a stack of money lol

man i had to go bail his ass out
at 4 in the morning

I heard.

I was laughing so hard for the reason why he got arrested. That s*** had me rollin.


my baby got arrested lol

How do you use it because he told me to make one but never explained it.

I know what it is Dany.

Y'all know what Kik is?
De just made me get one.

then im not talking to you Bree

@ana well i have tht but im no hoe lol

heeeeeedddeey dopeee

then im not talking to you Bree

@ana well i have tht but im no hoe lol

heeeeeedddeey dopeee

Hi :)

i hate hoes too..
only because they push up on my man
with big tits and ass -_-

Wait a minute! I'm not a ho, but I can't cook bruh lol.

And where Tf is Dany?! I need her input on the new Red Stains chapter lol.

i HATE hoes tht cant spell

i HATE hoes with horrible conversation

i HATE hoes who can't cook

moral of the story . . . i HATE hoes

weeeeeell you cant now can you

No thanks, i'd rather run people over with my feet.

awww my poor delusional lexi

thts whyy you race the hover round


Nana, i'm athlete freak. I cant be sitting all day.

lmao ctfu @Sneak

@Dany lol uk you want a hover round
shiiit i want one just cause i dnt
wanna walk lol

Technically, I crutch around.

dany be

*starts to sing*

rolling down the street in her wheel chair
sippin on orange or apple or cranberry juice.
laid back, with her mind on her money and her
money on her mind

lol i mean think abt it
wld you rather hop arnd
ride on a hover round bumping ppl && ish lol

Man forget you! Lol

well then YUP
you do

Yeah, i do want an honest answer.

you want an honest answer Dany??

Sneak . . . uuuh yeeeah so how abt we
just hire a catering company
you're council sooo get on it chop chop