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Divorce or no???

Well more like advice. I have been married for a little over a year. I love my husband very much. We just had a beautiful baby girl two weeks ago. We got married in august, but in december he started talking to other girls over the internet. i've put up with it because with us being a christian couple and being surrounded by christian folk i am constantly being told that it is a stronghold that will only be destroyed if i pray. i've done that and it still has not stopped. should i divorce or no?


like i said speak with an OLDER married couple tht has time in && with kids if possible someone whose not married && never been there cant help you wih your choice. Hopefully you seek the right help that can push you in the right direction l

you're welcome. and i hope everything works out. god bless u.

Your welcome I don't mind sharing advice to others. Age is nothing but a number & could never outdue wisdom. Im always a inbox away. And thats right, only God can interconnect things & disconnect them. Also taking advice from a married couple would help me learn what Im running into considering marriage. But good luck on it.

thanks for the advice...all of it. i'm gonna stay and try after talking to close friends. i dont really have a choice. No man(or woman) can separate what God has put together. once again thanks for the advice

i agree with vivalajuice...

My Opinion.

Alright now, I think that you shouldn't ask the ladies on here, me included. Simply because some of the ladies are a bit young to be trying to tell you what you should or need to do, another reason is because we do not know you outside of this so we do not know you, him or your relationship like that. Ask someone that knows and is close to you like a sibling, your mother or just go talk to him not us. I'm not trying to rude or anything but consulting us isn't what you should do when you're trying to make this life altering choice. That's just what I think though.

Well, this would be a kind of—funny, reason to divorce. My mom always told me when you get married, no matter what, you fight for that marriage unless God finalizes it. Just talk to him about. You dont want to jump to conclusions about him cheating or flirting with other women unless you have proof. Thus, I must take this advice myself before I actually marry my fiance.

Dont do something you will regret. Look at it from both sides & find true evidence before you decide to make this decision. & yes marriage counciling just might be needed. Try that too. Lastly, congrats on the beautiful bundle. I hope nothing but happiness and humbleness for you. ♥

— Kay

He's just talking to other girls online? What's his reason? Maybe counseling if anything before jumping into divorce. My opinion.