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With or Without You! 12-15-12 Chapter One

With or without you

<a href="">Bre'Na Wells</a>

<a href="">Chris Brown</a>

<a href="">Kem</a>

<a href="">Sky</a>

I'm moving on With or Without you.
It's you're choice.



ok im liken need to no more run it

Ass so big I told 'er look back at it, WHOA! Lol that's my song. Excuse me Bre, but I bet Chris can get inside yo panties. I wonder what happened between her and Jalen.
Run it

Chapter One:

<a href="">_Bre'Na_</a>

"Finally" I said droping my suit cases in my new and first dorm room, at Michigan state. My bestfriend Sky also droped her belongs next to mine. "What do you wanna do?" She asked looking around the room with nosie eyes. I laughed. Me and Sky have been bestfriends, plus we share the same birthday. She's my 'Twin'. "Let's fix the room up first then we can find kem" I said starting to unpack.


After we got done unpacking, We went to look for Kem. "Call his phone" Sky said stoping at a vending machine, I nodded. I unlocked my phone and scrolled threw my calls and pressed dial, it rang about three times before he answered. "Hey Baby girl" He said out of breath. I laughed. "Where are you" "Basketball court. In front of you're dorm" He said laughing. I rolled my eyes and huffed. "Alright" I said sliding the end button across my screen. I looked at Sky and she laughed. "What's wrong with you" She asked as I walked pass her. "He's infront of our dorm" Was all I said as I countinued to walk, she followed.

When we got to the B-ball court I saw my brother <a href="">Kem</a> and others playing basket ball. "What up Kem" I said as me and Sky sat on the bench, she waved. He made the last shot and his team one the game, and he walked off the court; One of his friends followed. "Hey yall; Chris this is my sister Bre'Na and our friend Sky" Kem said introducing us. We nodded. "I didn't know you had a sister bro" Chris said licking his lips slightly, while smirking. "Umm nigga I-" Kem was cut off by Chris pushing him slightly. I laughed. "Okay. Come on Sky let me show you around" Kem said grabbing Sky's hand and walking away; Leaving me and Chris there. He was cute but looks can be deciving.

"So this your first year here" He asked as we took a seat. "Yeah. Freshman" I said laughing. When Im nervous I laugh. Alot. "So. You gota man" He asked licking his lips. I wanted to melt right there, but I wasn't gona do it. "No. And I don't need one" I said as nice as I could. I hate when Niggas do s*** like that. It's annoying. "You won't be saying that for long" He whispered in my ear. I turned my head to him a found him smirking. I wanted to be mad but his smile made me smile. I guess I got a new found friend.


"Hurry up" Sky yelled at me from our bedroom. I looked myself over once and smiled at my <a href="">outfit.</a> I looked good. Tonight we're going out with Chris and Kem, hopefully tonight goes good. "How do I <a href="">look"</a> She asked as I walked out of the bathroom. "You look good. Lets go" I said as i grabbed my purse. Then we left out.

*At the Club*

Im Differrent blared through the speakers of Lucky's and Im at the bar trying not to laugh at this guy TRYING to spit game. "Aye sexy is that a mirror in your pants. Cause I can see me in then" He said pushing up on me. That was the last straw. Im ghetto so it's nothing to me right now. "Bag the f*** up before I get my brother to come beat you're ass" I said shoving him out of my way then walking in the crowd.

I felt strong arms wrap around my waist I wanted to turn around but who ever it was stoped me. "You look amazing Bre" I knew that voice; It was Chris. "Thanks" I said over the music. Then the music changed to Miguel x Adorn I instantly started grinding on Chris. But I quickly stoped when I noticed someone I didn't want to see. I rushed away from Chris and Grabbed sky. Jalen was here.