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Casting Calls ! ^.^

I would have done this yesterday, but I was in debate all day. So, im doing it today.
Getting started, im doing episodes. These episodes are going to be like a TV show. There going to revolve around our families. Thats Us, our Children & our Husbands. I have recently been doing them if you read "Doesn't count up," which is labled "Chris Brown is a pussy -.-" due to attracting more readers, "Our Thanksgiving" & "Welcome Home Mayleen". It's going to be called "All of Us" until further notices.

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Your Name:

Your Husbands Name:


Their Age:

Your Age:



Ana, Dany, Bree & Lexi DONT SIGN UP! Your already apart of this :D


ok thanks

No you can tune in for it tomorrow (:

is it up yet i havnt been on n a few days cn sum one let me no

well you can change mines to 14 and they can be my stepchildren and Patrick can be 34 and ill be 25

Oohh! You can change Kaden to---> <a href="">Kaden</a> and he can be 16.

You can make my kid a teen
And change my age to whatever fits

Okay I can make a change...

Child(ren):Lana Essence and Leah Ivy

Their Age:twins girls (5 years old) Kendrick Tyler (14) and Layne Avery (13)

Your Name: Laila or Summer

Your Husbands Name:Either Garrett Hedlund or Liam Hemswirth

Child(ren): baby girl Lana Essence and Leah Ivy (5 years old) and and baby boy Kendrick Jordan (10)

Their Age:

Your Age:28

Occupation(Job): Radio Personality or Nurse

This was Before he met her!

* looks around terrified * ooooo thats dany's boo! Lol

You can make My daughter 14!
And her Daddy is Chris brown!
So her name Is Yesterday Brown!
And yes I had her Young!

And nothing really Boo!
Volleyball practice been killing me!
Whats up with you?

Oh! I didnt know alot of you would sign up. theres alot of babies I see. i was wondering if anyone was willing to have a teenager or make on of their kids grow up? I understand if you dont. I just think adding more teenagers would make it interesting. &hearts;

Hi beautiful! Wwassup wifey? ^.^

Name: Latesha Wilson

Husband Name: Aubrey Graham(drake)

Children: Caylen

Child Age: 3weeks

Your Age: 22

Job: Pediatric Nurse

Renee Isabella Bryant
Trey Songz or Issa Thompson
Isabella and Issa Jr
ten months
22 years old
personal stylist

Your Name: Rissa Jones

Your Husbands Name: Marlon Palmer

Child(ren): <a href="">Kaden</a> and
<a href="">Asia</a>

Their Age: Twins: 4

Your Age: 23

Occupation(Job): Model

Your Name: Elise Felix

Your Husbands Name: Patrck Breeding

Child(ren): Patrick jr and Emma

Their Age: 1 month

Your Age:21

Occupation(Job): Elementary teacher

Christina mendoza
Don Benjamin
Girl: Heather
1 years old
22 years old

And Hi wife!

Your Name: Bre'Na Wells

Your Husbands Name: Laith Hakeem

Child(ren): Laith Hakeem jr. Yesterday Hakeem

Their Age: 4, 3

Your Age: 26

Occupation(Job): Anesthesiologist (Sp)

Chanel iman
Boy jaden
1 Month old
Fashion designer