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where the mother floodpucker



get yall asses in her right now
i have things i need to share that are
important -_-

well maybe not really but im miss you guys

i havent given trey the pussy since you guys stopped
talking to me ... i you!!!


Ew. Lol

hey don't make me get my belt
and handcuffs lol

Dont be so rude

I just did & it worked.

Dont tell Nani to shut up!

Shut up Viva!

yall are wierd


Sneak is a gotdamn lie -_____- lol

that sounds like a real
ass situation coming from those
crazy people

damn thats fcked up ana
but i missed you tooooo

im sure bree will kiss
your fcked up pinky tho!
she be kissing ty's pinky
all day after chyna chews
on em at night when he

where the french toast do i start

ok first i haven't given trey pussy in weeks
over the simple fact that... i just don't trust him

my finger got caught in a my car door and now
my pinkie is ugly
and no one will kiss it

the mula video by big sean and french montana
makes me wet every time i see sean in a suit
but i have to hide it when tremaine... comes in

and i missed my buttercups to death

I missed you too!!

Lmao tell us what's going on!