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The Deal

**I don't know if you guys remember this story, but it was one of the deleted stories and I knew I needed to bring this back, so please don't forget it. I promise it will leave you guys on the edges of your seats**

Kayla's Pov
I knew it was time to see <a href="">him</a>. It was the last day as a free women, now here I am making a deal with the devil. I pleaded my case with my mom without letting my father know about what I was doing. She couldn't say anything because I knew she was ready to leave him. Their relationships were going the drain as my father started focusing more on his business than his family. I took a look in the mirror staring at my old black dress that had sunk a size down in the washer. These two men said he was ready to see me, suddenly I was amazed at his beautiful office which was decorated in black and white that match his cold, menacing persona.
"Tell what you came for?" he asked.
"I want to make a deal" I said.
"No your father's want to make a deal" he said while laughing.
"Yes, but his health is declin..."
"SO WAS MY FAMILY'S MONEY" he yelled while slamming his fist on the desk. Mr. Costello was becoming agitated as I pleaded my case on extending the loan he have giving to my family. "How much does he own" as he stood up staring out the window while lighting a cigar.
"$75,000" I coughed. My heart started racing as he came towards me. He sniffed me a little detecting a little fear as he smiled. Gosh this man was sexy, but he scared the complete s*** out of me. "Mr. Costello I know this is a lot of money, but I can work for you, I'm an excellent waiter and hostess for your nightclub and other ventures sir". I said.
"Stand up" he said.

Chris' Pov
I will never forget those words, they will always replay in the back of my head. This girl turned me on with her innocence, I knew I needed to see something about her, so I did what I have to. "You heard me; stand up" I said while leaning against my desk. "Take your dress off" he said. She was struck with confusion "What?" she said. "You want to pay this debt off" I said. She shook her said while she struggled the unzip her dress. I pulled her towards as she came up to my chest. I smelled her scent and knew that this was turning her on as much as it was for me. I unzip her dress admiring her small tattoo on her side. It was in Arabic and it was sexy as hell. She stood back, swallowing her pride while showing her body off to me.
"Take the bra off too" I said
"NO" she said.
"What you mean?" I said
"I refuse to be your f***ing prostitute Mr. Costello" she said while putting her clothes back on.
I went outside to speak to Trey and Michael for a minute, they knew this idea was horrible but it was satisfaction for me. I haven't felt a women inside for a minute, but something about her made me stand at full attention. "Come on this is dumb" Trey said. I shrugged my shoulders because I knew I wanted her and what i want, I get. After our discussion, I went back to my office to see Kayla fully dressed.
"Follow Trey he will be taking you to my condo as you will be making living arrangement for the next two weeks, whatever I say goes, but due to any subordination I will be adding weeks to your umm...arrangement". She rolled her eyes before following Trey. I turned around to admire her body, but I wanted to snatch that washed up dress of hers.

Kayla's Pov
I followed behind this handsome <a href="">guy</a>. His name was Trey and I figure he was Mr. Costello's right handed man. "Do you want me to take you home to get some clothes and items?" he asked. I shook my head as I gave him directions to my house, being in this nice car I began feeling ashamed of where I was taking him. You see these men came from wealth, as they inherited their "jobs". I looked up at Trey who started smiling as he drove into my neighborhood. "Memories" he said. I didn't know what that meant, but I continue going inside my home grabbing all of my things before my mom caught me. As I stood outside of the car, she came behind me. "Please be safe" she said
"I'll promise" I replied. I thought Trey would interrupt our session, but he just stayed in the car. My mother gave me a kissed on her forehead. I started tearing up as I got into the car. Trey started to rubbed my back, "He's a nice guy" he said.
"THAT's A LIE" I yelled. "YOU HAVE NO IDEA ON WHAT HE DID TO MY FAMILY! BECAUSE OF THAT MAN AND HIS FATHER, MAY GOD BLESS HIS SOUL; BUT THOSE MEN PUT PAIN AND HURT ON MY FAMILY! THAT FAMILY HAS LIVE A LAVISH LIFE WHILE ME AND MY MOTHER HAD TO STARVE INORDER TO HAVE ENOUGH MONEY TO PAY OUR BILLS! THAT MAN WHO YOU SAY IS NICE, JUST FORCED ME TO TAKE MY CLOTHES OFF AND ADMIRE MY BODY WITH HIS SICK TWISTED MIND!" I yelled. Trey started laughing the whole time while driving me to his condo. "I'll promise you, once you get use to him, he's a sweetheart" he said. I wanted to snap as Mr. Costello or Chris, stood outside waiting for me.


Drake's Pov
I heard Kayla's voice as I knew I had to knock on her door. I heard Chris in the background until I started hearing screaming. "CHRIS I SWEAR TO GOD!" I started yelling. Suddenly Kayla opened the door. "Why are you screaming" she asked. I was confused; "I heard yelling" I said. She rolled her eyes and stood in front of the door "Well I'm okay so can you leave now" she said. I pushed past her and sat on the couch "We need to talk" I said. Chris came out of the bathroom confused at why I was here. "What is this about?" he asked. Kayla shrugged her shoulders and sat next to me; I tried moving closer towards her but she pushed me away. "Does your girl now about this?" she asked. Chris started laughing "You still with that b****?". I couldn't answer him because I was still sleeping with Nikki, "You know she let me and Trey run a train on her" he continued. I couldn't say anything because I knew it was true but she was a sweetheart to me. "Why are you here?" Kayla asked. I leaned back in her couch knowing I had nothing else to say; "My homeboy lives down the hall and I heard your voice so I had to see you" I said. Kayla got up and open the door "You guys can all leave" she said. I didn't know what to say because it was weird. Her eyes were sweet anymore, I could tell that people were using her and she enough. "Fine" I said. Me and Chris decided to give her some space and leave.

Kayla's Pov
I heard my phone ringing after Drake and Chris had left my place. I was becoming extremely tired of their arguing, I mean they started arguing right after stepping outside my place. I had to come out there threatening to call the police on both of them. I look at my phone to see Jay picture pop up. I sighed because I couldn't focus on anything. First Chris then Drake, now Jay. "Hello?" I said. Jay was extremely weird on the phone; I could tell something in my voice was strange "I love you" he said. I sighed because I didn't need to hear this right now. "Jay can I have some space please" I beg. Jay didn't understand what I meant. "WHAT THE....what do you mean?" he asked. I started sighing some more because it was annoying the s*** out of me. "I'm having some issues in my life right now so can I clear my mind first before I consider a relationship with you again. I know you have hoes in your life so you can continue f***ing them because I'm extremely tired of bulls***" I said. Jay understood for once and hung up. Then my door started knocking; "OH MY f***ING GOSH!" I yelled. I open the door to see Laith standing in front of it.
"I heard the arguing with you guys; you wanna talk about it?" he asked.
"Why are you here?" I said.
"I just wanted to make sure you were okay. I mean Drake is really dumb because how could he ....." I had to cut him off "Look Laith as you could see the s*** that those two niggas did I don't need anything factor in my life so I'm good" I said. Laith look down heart broken because I was telling the truth.
"I understand, I didn't to come here" he said. I closed the door because I had enough of everything but I didn't mean to be rude to Laith. I decided to go up to his door; he answer the door as the stench of weed was blazing through the door. "Yes?" he said. I stood outside the door "I wanted to apologize because I wasn't in a good mood" I said. He shook his head and invited in because he had ordered pizza and offer me some.

"So how long have you know Drake?" he asked.
"I really didn't keep count" I said. "I mean I knew him for quite some time but he's a liar as usual" I said. Laith started laughing "You met Nikki I guess?" he said while stuffing a slice of pizza in his mouth.
"Yup, he wanted to be in a relationship with me and I was starting to believe him but I didn't know what to say" I said.
"Well at least you turned him down. I mean Drake is my boy and all but he is a complete player. I was his best man in the wedding" he continued.
"See I'm glad I didn't continue that relationship" I said. "But my exboyfriend and I were in therapy today" I said.
"Why?" he asked.
"Like he has issues with his anger and infidelity so I left but he wanted me back so he decided to bring me to his therapy session" I said.
"How did it go?" he asked.
"It went well but I can't see us getting back together now" I said.
"What about the other guy?" he asked.
"Nothing we're just friends" I said.
Laith stood up and removed his shirt; He changed into a Bulls jersey and continue eating his pizza, I decided to go back to my place. All of this talking made me think about Jay. Apart of me was considering giving him another chance but I was scared to let him in again.

Jay's Pov
I received a call from Kayla asking if I could spend the night for her. I wanted to see her extremely bad so I decided to go visit her new apartment. She said see had it for at least a month so I continued walking though her rooms giving myself a tour. I turned around to see her in the bed watching tv. I was hungry so I decided to make myself some noodles before going to bed. After I was done I went into her bed.

Jay's Pov contd.
"SHUT THE f*** UP" I yelled at myself through the mirror. I went into the kitchen and grabbed my jar filled with Kush. I grabbed my papers and started rolling up because I knew I had to ease my mind. "Ugh; What am I suppose to do?" I inhale the kush before I started looking at pictures of her. "I need her back in my life" I said. I didn't like the fact that Chris was using her for sex. I decided to make a plea to her to at least take me back; as friends.

"Hello?" I said.
"What Jay" she said.
"I didn't mean to lay a finger on you; I just wanted to get my emotions out but you weren't talking to me so I lost my temper" I said.
"Whatever You say this all the time" she said.
"I Know but I'm honestly getting help for this" I said.
"You're lying" she said.
"No I'm not; will you at least go to therapy with me?" I asked.
"......fine; if its going to help you" she said.

Kayla's Pov
I was getting ready to join Jay's in his therapy session. I decided to wear this black maxi dress and shades so I decided to dress extremely comfortable. I haven't seen Drake or Chris in the past month. Drake had another business meeting to attend so I just stayed in the house or went out with Chyna. Her and Michael's relationship was becoming rocky as he had groupies in his bed one night so she has been developing trust issues. I decided to catch a cab to meet Jay at the office, He was looking extremely handsome while as he decided to dress down. He kissed me on the cheek and held my hand as we went into the therapist.
"Ahh Jay, this must be Kayla?" he asked.
"Yes, the love of my life" Jay said. I rolled my eyes and thank god I was wearing shades because Jay would've slapped the s*** out of me.
"What was the first argument you guys ever had?" he asked.
Jay interrupted by stating our argument about money when I was living with him. The whole time I was shaking my head; "That wasn't it; It was Valentine's day and you were out with your boys while I made dinner and dessert for you. That night you made a promise to me where you could home right after smoking but you went to the strip club instead and I had to find out you were having threesomes with strippers Jay" I said. I started shedding a few tears because those memories were coming back.
"How long have you guys know each other?" Dr. Williams asked.
"6 years" Jay said.
"What made you hit her?" he asked. Jay was confused; he shrugged his shoulders because he didn't know what to say.
"After we had a miscarriage; I laid my hands on her that night. I wanted to go out but she was depressed and everything so I left. That night my emotions were settling in and I decided to see her a little earlier. I wanted to kiss and make her better but she started antagonizing me so I slapped her. The slaps became punches with led to full fist fights" Jay said. He started looking at me and Dr. Williams told me to remove my shades; My eyes were red from crying and Jay turned to see my reactions. "I didn't know how to stop. I became a monster filled with hate so I resorted to cheating because I knew she would leave one day" he said. The doctor crossed his legs and asked him "How did you feel when she left you?". Jay started becoming a little sad as he explained his emotions "I was mad. I knew it was my fault because I didn't mean to hurt her but I couldn't know how it feels to have someone you love leave bruises on your face" he said. Jay stood up and got in front of me, "I'm trying to have you come back" he said. Dr. Williams said I was free to leave but Jay was still having his session. As I walking through the city, I see Drake in Starbucks sitting down. I started through the window for some time before I decided to keep walking but I decided to turn around.
"Can I get a tall carmel frappucino?" I asked the cashier. As I waited I turned around to see Drake and this <a href="">girl</a> laughing together and holding hands. He heard my name being called out as my drink was ready. Drake stood up to get my attention but I continued walking. "Wait Kayla" he said. I wasn't having it, I continued walking until he finally caught up to me. "Listen, I forgot to tell you about her. It's just you're so mesmerizing and I forgot" he said. I threw my drink in his face and continued walking. "FINE KEEP WALKING! I'M f***ING HER ANYWAY!" he yelled. I flicked him off as I continued walking towards the crowd. I was extremely pissed; "Business trip my ass" I said. I heard my name being called by a familiar voice "Kayla" they said. I turned around to see Chris and Ashley holding hands. "Are you okay?" he asked. I shook my head; "We miss seeing you at the dinners, Drake's new girlfriend is a f***ing slut" Ashley said. I continued walking until Chris finally caught up with me; "I miss you" he said. I pushed Chris off of me because I didn't want him near me. "Where are you staying?" he asked. I shrugged my shoulders because I didn't know. "Come one; I'll buy you a place now" he said. Chris grabbed my wrist and started pulling me away from Ashley. Hold on; he went to Ashley and she caught a cab, next thing Chris and I were in a fully furnished <a href="">apartment</a>. I tried refusing Chris' offer but he insisted. As he had the furniture moving in; this <a href="">guy</a> knocked on my door.

Chris' Pov
I opened the door to see this guy standing in front of it. "Sup; I'm Laith your new neighbor" he said. I shook his hand "So is it just you?" he asked. Kayla interrupted his conversation "No, he doesn't live her; I do" she said. Laith started talking slick towards her in front of me. "Oh he's not my boyfriend; We're just friends" she said. My face became extremely pissed when she said that; now this guy would be all over her. f*** I wished she was with Drake now.
"Come one you and Drake just broke up" I said.
"We were never together" she said.
"But you guys lived together" I said. Laith knew it was cue to leave so he did. "Good riddance" I said. "He's too much for you" I said. Kayla rolled her eyes "So you think I can't handle him?" I shook my head I went towards her; "You need a man like me" I said. I started kissing her neck before I had her moaning my name. Next thing there was a knock on the door; "Kayla.....Kayla" I knew it was Drake. "Don't open it" she said.

Jay is seriously bipolar. Drake trying so hard. I ain't got word for Chris XD

Run it

Kayla's Pov
Drake was out of town again for the weekend so I had the whole house to myself. I didn't know what I would have done without him, as I laid in the bed thinking about Chris, I couldn't focus anymore but I decided to take a walk around town. I wore leggings and a t-shirt; My hair was up in a messy bun as I walked outside. About an hour an half later, I was in my old neighborhood. I started walking towards my old apartment complex but I couldn't handle the pressure of walking inside.
"You're back" he said.
"What?" I asked Jay.
"I knew he would get tired of you" he said. I started backing up because Jay scared the living s*** out of me when he started drinking. "I'm not going to hurt you" he said. I didn't care, I tried walking away from him but Jay snatched me up. "You're not going anywhere. I know Drake is gone" he said. I started crying because Jay was starting to hurt me. "GET OFF OF ME!" I yelled. That was a bad move; Jay continued to pull my hair as I started screaming for him to stop. "Make another sound and you're going to drown in your own blood" he whispered. Jay covered my mouth with his hand and started kissing me on the neck. I started crying because I didn't want his tongue around me. "Can we do this at your place?" I asked. Jay got off of me so I decided to run but Jay snatched me by my hair and threw me around. I heard my head cracked as I slammed into the wall. I finally wake up tied up to the bed as Jay stares at me. "Hello sleeping beauty" he said. I tried moving my wrist and legs but he had them extremely tight. "You kept squirming so I decided to be kinky and tie you up" he said. I started crying because I knew Jay raped me. "Please don't get me pregnant" I begged and Jay started laughing; "You think I would do anything like that?" he said. I shook my head yes because I knew he would; he tried before. Jay suddenly Floyd Maywheater my ass and I have no idea what happen next.

Drake's Pov
I decided to come visit Kayla early; so I cut my business trip a little short, but really my mother was extremely sick. I wanted my mom to meet Kayla but I didn't know how to. I drove into the driveway to see Kayla standing outside. "Why are you out here?" I asked. She didn't want to see me because she had on shades. "Come on it's 10 pm" I said. I snatched the shades of and she freaked out. "Give my shades back" she said. I was shocked, I grabbed her face "CHRIS DID THIS TO YOU!" I yelled. She shook her head no; "I don't remember Drake" she said. I pulled her into the house and started cleaning her wounds. "That burns" she said. I rolled my eyes because I knew she was hiding something. I couldn't take it anymore so I grabbed Kayla and drove to Chris' house. In the car, I swear I was going about 85 in a 50. As we pulled into his complex I pulled her out and grabbed her elbow on the way to his place. I went through the back way instead of using the front door. "CHRIS OPENING THE f***ING DOOR!" I yelled while banging on the door. Chris came out shirtless showing off his tattoos to Kayla; "DID YOU DO THIS" I saw while pointing at her face. Kayla covered her face with her other hand; so I grabbed that one also. "DID YOU HURT HER" I asked. Chris was shocked; "Who did this?" he asked. Kayla shrugged her shoulders and I pushed her into the house. "I SWEAR ON MY FATHER's GRAVE I WILL KILL YOU; IF I FIND OUT YOU LAID ONE HAND ON HER" I yelled. Kayla wanted to leave extremely badly. "LET ME GO DRAKE" she said. She tried pushing me away but I accidentally pushed her on Chris' glass table. My face was in shock when I saw her in agony; I tried helping her up but I only started a mess. "GET AWAY FROM ME" she yelled. I didn't know what to do because my anger was getting the best of me. Chris tried walking towards her but she couldn't touch him. "I'M WANT TO f***ING LEAVE" she started yelling. Kayla left and I followed hr to the car. As we pulled into my driveway again; I decided to kiss her on the cheek. "No one cares about me" she said. I didn't understand what she was talking about, "What? I care" I said. She rolled her eyes and got out of the car; "WELL WHAT YOU WANT ME TO DO" I yelled. She continued walking but I didn't know what to do. Usually I would grabbed a girl but I didn't want to grab her. "I want you to leave me alone right now" she said. I heard Kayla going up the stairs because I couldn't look at her anymore.

Jay's Pov
I couldn't handle my anger, the voices in my head were telling me to kill her. "I can't man; she about to have my kid" I said to myself. I couldn't kill Kayla but I wanted to hurt her extremely bad. She walked out of my life when I needed her the most. My mother left me because I was cramping her style. I couldn't believe that I tied her to my bedposts; however I wanted to marry her. I went into my drawers and pulled out an <a href="">ring</a>. I sighed as I got on my knee rehearsing my proposal to her, but I knew that I needed help in order to become her man again.

Jay & Chris need to get their s*** together. How dare Chris rip up something so precious to her. On top of that she has to worry about jay hurting her. Smh

Run it

Chris' Pov
We're near the end of Kayla and I's deal. She was starting to open up to me because Drake had to leave the country for a few weeks due for business. I knew she haven't talk to him since they had spent the night so I knew I had her to myself. I decided to spend the night with Kayla and I actually enjoyed cuddling with her. She became comfortable with everybody especially Chyna. I actually wanted her to stay in our lives because I was starting to like her. She was funny, kind and her mouth turned me on. We were started to act like a couple. Our routine would change it was go out, have sex and cuddle.
"Chris can you get that for me" she asked.
I got the sugar from the cabinet for her. It's was extremely cute when she tried to reach for things because she was only 5'2. I smiled at her as she finished making us breakfast. As she drunk her coffee I knew there was something wrong with her. "What's wrong" I asked. She didn't want to say but she said it anyway.
"My mother left for California and I miss her" she said. I knew she was also hiding something else... "Well we have business dinner to go to" I said. She sighed and decided to take a shower. I came in behind her because I knew I had to have some now.
"Bend over" I said. Kayla did what she was told and I started pumping inside of her. It felt so good being inside of while in the shower, I just needed a quickie because I was stressed out. So after a few minutes it was over. I decided to take a shower with her before I had to get ready. "Money well spent" I said as I wrapped a towel around myself. I turned around to smile at Kayla suddenly feeling my cheek sting. She got out and dried off. I came up to her and she pushed me off. "Leave me alone Chris" she said. I couldn't help it but come near her, "I SAID LEAVE ME ALONE!" she she screamed. I pushed her on the bed "Shut Up" I said. I got on top of her and decided to kiss her. It felt passionate and everything but I didn't know how to explain it to her. She leaned in to kiss me some more. "I always wanted to do that" she said. I smiled a little and peck her on the lips. Chris received a phone call from Ashley; "Fine whatever...I don't care" I said. I turned to Kayla who was preparing her makeup. "Umm.. Ashley is coming with me instead so....yeah" I said. She rolled her eyes and got mad. "I don't see why you're mad, We aren't together" I said. I knew Kayla was becoming pissed, "What's the big deal? I mean you're just here to help me cum" I said. Her eyes became red with pain as she was about to cry. "OMFG STOP f***ING CRYING" I yelled. Kayla sighed and wiped her face clean from makeup. "f*** it go ahead and get dress. I'll have Michael and Chyna pick you" I said. Kayla got up and started applying her eye-liner. She pulled out this <a href="[276010|208634]&noOfRefinements=1">dress</a> and wore her hair in a high bun. She look phenomenal but I knew she was pissed at me. Whenever I would try to ask her a question she would give me "yes or no" answers. I became sick and tired of it so I just kept quiet. As we pulled up to the restaurant she saw Chyna standing outside waiting for her.
"Hey Girl" she said to Chyna while giving a big hug.
"You look cute" Chyna said. "Hey Chris" she said.
"Where's Mike?" I asked. She pointed to Trey and them, while I was making my way to Trey's I see Ashley coming towards me.
"Why was Drake's date in your car?" she asked.
"Drake is coming a little late and he told me to pick her up" I lied.
"I would go talk to her but Chyna is with her" she said. Chyna and Ashley hated each other. I mean she did tried to f*** Michael before we started dating. Ashley had a reputation of being a jump off before she became my wifey. I didn't know what was it but she just had me in a trance. I grabbed Ashley's waist and we walked into the restaurant together.

Kayla's Pov
"Well hello ladies" this male said. I turned around to see <a href="">Jay</a>. Suddenly my stomach started hurting and I wanted to run away. "Hello" Chyna said; this b**** was cheesing extremely hard. I rolled my eyes but I couldn't help but notice he was dressed also. "I'm going to excuse you guys" Chyna said. She smiled and waved back at me and Jay. I couldn't help but notice that he was dressed also. "Why are you here?" I asked. Jay smiled and said "The rumors are true, I heard you're Chris' call girl" he said. I wanted to smack the s*** out of him but it was true. I held my head low and he started laughing, "Hmmm maybe you can be my call girl too" he said. "I see that Chris' has his wife with him; does she know about this?" he asked. I shook my head no because Jay had me at a vulnerable place. He grabbed my arm and escorted me to his table, which next to Trey and Chris'. Chyna came to sit next to me and Jay.
"Do you guys know each other?" she asked.
"We used to date" Jay said. "We're in love with each other" Jay squeezed my wrist under the table as Michael came over to sit with Chyna. "I run this small hookah bar downtown called Obeid's" he said. Jay started to squeeze my hand and I wanted to scream in pain. Chyna knew something was wrong but she didn't know what to say. "I have to tell you something in private" Jay said. I was confused but Jay snatched me away from my seat and dragged me to the back right in front of Chris. As we were in the back Jay decided to smack me. "You stupid b****; You leave me for that f***ing bastard; HUH!! YOU WANT SOMEONE WHO MAKES THREATS FOR A LIVING! WELL I HAVE TOO! I MADE ALOT OF THREATS IN MY LIFE!" Jay yelled. I couldn't look at him but he grabbed my face "I swear when I have the time to see you again, I will f***ing wring the s*** out of your neck. You'll be screaming my name as I pump my seed inside of you. Don't f***ing shake your head no girl; We're going to be together forever you stupid b****" he whispered. I couldn't believe that Jay just made a threat towards me now.

Chris' Pov
I saw Kayla and some club owner leave together. I wanted to just smack that slut but Michael came over to tell me that was her exboyfriend. I nodded my head trying to figure everything out when I seen Kayla coming back to the table a little shaken up. I knew he said something to her. Next thing you notice Drake comes to the table. "Good evening fellas" he said. Everyone said their greetings to Drake as we continue talking about business. He look around the room searching for her. "Your date is right behind you" Ashley said. Drake turned around to see Kayla and Jay eating but she kept shaking. Suddenly he gave her a hug which made her jump so her and Chyna were moved to our table. She sat next to Drake but refused to talk to him. As she stared at me; I would try not to look back at her. Later during our dinner the waiter came in with a duffel bag. As he presented it to me I knew what it was filled with. I stared at Drake who whispered in Kayla's ear, suddenly her face changed and she became happy. I unzipped the bag to see $75,000 in cash. "What is this for?" I asked. Drake laughed and look at Kayla who started blushing; "You don't remember the deal we made" he said. I couldn't believe she told him everything. I got up and excused myself and Kayla also went to the bathroom.
"The f*** you tell him for?" I asked.
"I didn't mean to, I was drinking with Chyna and everything slipped out" she pleaded.
"Who was that guy you left with?" I asked.
"He was an exboyfriend, We had a discussion on our relationship because you see I was madly in love with this guy" she said. "But you wanna know what's funny?" she asked.
"What slut" I said. I felt her hand coming towards my cheek as she became pissed. "That man has beaten, raped and belittled me. Now he knows about our deal and everything. What's wrong with Drake's gesture Chris? I have to leave, I don't belong here. You're married and you're confusing me. One minute you like me the next you call me a slut and treat me like the bottom of your shoe. Besides I heard you are rekindling with Ashley; why does it matter?" she asked. I tried kissing her but she pushed me away. "I'm free Chris" she said. Kayla went back to the dining room and sat next to Drake but shortly she excused herself and left from the table.

Kayla's Pov
I had to leave, I didn't want to stay there anymore. I was grateful for Drake's gesture but I couldn't be around those men. Money was there motive and they got it by any means necessary. As I tried walking about the restaurant I felt Drake's hands holding me back. "Be strong" he said. I couldn't be strong, my life was revolved around money. "I made a promise to you and I'm going to keep it" he said. I tried pushing him away but Drake pulled me towards him, "Are you ready to go?" he asked. I shook my head knowing I couldn't stay around Chris anymore. Chris got up and went towards me, "Don't come back" he said. I held my head low because I had nowhere to go; "She is staying with me" he said. Chris shrugged his shoulders, "I told Rodger to pack your items, they're outside with him" Chris said. Drake led me out of the restaurant and got his car ready from valet. As we pull up to the complex, I see my bags soaked from the rain. I threw them into his car and furiously searched for my mother's letter. I started freaking out and cried when I figure Chris had ripped it up. Drake couldn't help but stop the car and console me because without him I had nowhere to go.

Awwwww Drake is sweet. That's a gentleman for you. Chris is irrelevant.

Run it sis

Kayla's Pov
Me and Chyna went to the bar and started pouring down shots. She was telling me how Michael became Chris' financial advisor. With all of those tattoos I would have never guess. Deep down I was still upset at Chris being married, I felt like a personal prostate for Chris. I didn't know what to say. After a few more drinks and shot I became tipsy.

"You know what Chyna" I said.
"What girl?" she asked.
"I don't know why I assume Chris would like me. I mean he's practically married, last night at Drake's he left me for a group of girls so I'm just his last minute arm candy" I said. Chyna understood what I was going through, I happen to tell her exactly why I am here but she knew I was doing it for my family.
"I'm going to be completely honest to you. Chris is a complete a**hole, he uses women to get whatever he wants and I think that what you're doing is completely brave. Now not to be rude or anything but I think you should consider Drake" she said. I looked at her confused, "I'm serious, he really likes you, plus any man who would kiss Chris Costello's "associate" in front of him is brave".
"Yes but Chris scares me" I said.
"Who gives a f*** about Chris. Chris would never ruin a partnership with Drake and everyone knows that" she said. "Drake is a money maker, he has a rags to riches story compared to Chris' inheritance".
"Besides Chris is letting Drake have you for the night" she said while sipping her martini. Her face became huge as Drake and Michael came into the bar. "Come on love" Michael said while getting Chyna. Drake stood behind me as I refused to get up, "You know Chris is mad at me" I said. I turned around to see Drake's reaction.
"It doesn't matter. If he really cared about you would I be here?" he asked. I knew he was right so I decided to go back to his house. Drake's home was beautiful he has everything that anyone could want. He gave me a night bag filled with my things so I had the opportunity to get comfortable. In the bag were a t-shirt and shorts but Chris included some lingerie and a note, "I know what he wants and you're good for it". I ripped the note up and decided to visit him in the <a href="">living room</a>. Drake was also comfortable in his black v-neck and basketball shorts.
"Hello gorgeous" he said. I smiled at him because I knew he only wanted sex.
"Hello Drake" I said while sitting down on the couch.
"Is there anything particular you want to watch?" he asked.
"Can I watch the history channel" I asked. He laughed at me because he thought that was cute. There was something about aliens on and Drake was becoming interested. "I think Chris is an alien" I said. He started laughing but started asking me questions about my life.
"How you meet Chris?" Drake asked.
"Well my father is a selfish, horrible business man and I supposedly Chris' "arm candy" who he uses for sex because my family can't afford another loan with your business partner Chris Costello" I blurted out. "Now comes to find out he's married and he sent me to you because he thinks that the only thing I'm good for is sex" I continue. Drake stared at me for a minute and left. I knew I shouldn't have told him but everything blurted out. He came back with a rose.
"What is this for?" I asked.
"For you, I don't believe any of that" he said. "Chris is going to realize how good you are and he's going to regret that". Drake started twirling my hair and I became nervous. "What's wrong?" he asked.
"Nothing Drake. I'm pretty tired so can you show where the bed is" I asked.
"Yeah sure" he said.
Drake showed me his <a href="">bedroom</a>. "I can't sleep here" I said.
"Why not?" he asked.
"Because I refuse to have sex with you" I said.
"Okay I understand" he said. I jumped into his bed and as I started drifting off to sleep. "I didn't have you come here to have sex, I wanted to keep you company, I'm showing you that I'm using you for sex"he said. Drake sat right next to me and kissed me on my forehead as I drifted off to sleep.

Who the f*** is Chris to send her off like she a damn package in the mail. Drake gon end up having her & Chris gon want her. Ashley ain't gone do nothing but use him. Then he gone want her smh.
Run it sis fast please!!!!

Chris' Pov
I couldn't believe I saw such harsh words towards her. I knew she was only being nice to Drake but I didn't know she would stay with him for that long. I went into my office as Trey and Michael came in a few minutes after me. "Now tell me why Drake is interest with her?" I asked. Trey started laughing because he knew I was becoming a little jealous. "Are you mad?" he asked. I didn't want to say yes because I was a little.
"Does it really matter?" he asked.
"Yes it does" I said.
"You were focus on your little group of groupies, so Kayla decided that you wouldn't care" he said.
I rolled my eyes and started to light another cigar. I started to inhale and exhale "So you're telling me that Drake insisted on taking her home?" he said. Trey answered yes, I knew he was telling the truth.
"When is the black tie dinner?" I asked.
"Tonight" Michael said.
I wasn't prepared for what Drake was going to do again. I knew he was going to hit on Kayla again.
"Is <a href="">Chyna</a> coming? I asked. Michael shook his head, so at least she would have some female company.
"Are you doing this because you're jealous of Drake?" Trey asked. I shook my head no, but Trey knew that I was jealous of him.
"If you're worried about Drake and Kayla then don't bring her" Michael said. I raised my eyebrows I thought it was a wonderful idea. "But I told her about it already" I said. Trey got up and adjusted his tie "Well it's up to you, either you bring her or not" he said.

Kayla' Pov
I really wasn't feeling well, Jay had found out about me and Chris' deal. He kept texting me various things such as "Whore", "Escort" and "Slut". I couldn't control my tears, Jay was extremely harsh as he continue leaving voicemails with death threats and everything. Chris rushed into the bedroom and went into the closet, he threw <a href="">outfit</a> at me. "Wear this" he said. I sighed because I didn't want to go to another dinner with Chris. I knew he would only leave me for some random group of girls, I couldn't say anything so I just sat there in silence. It was at Chris' <a href="">restaurant</a>. After leaving the shower, I apply my makeup and had Chris lotion me up. We gotten ready for his dinner. I was introduced to Michael's girlfriend Chyna as they sat us in a different section than Trey, Chris, and Michael.
"How did you meet Chris?" she asked.
"His father help franchise my father's former restaurant" I said.
"Oh, me and Michael met a tattoo shop" she said. I asked to see her tattoos, but she only had one large piece on her thighs. Michael started laughing as he saw Chyna pulling her dress up. Wine was being poured and dinner was served. Chyna excused herself as she and Michael did there little thing in the bathrooms. I started laughing because I knew what they were about to do. "Excuse me miss" I heard a man say, I turned around to see Drake. I smiled a little but saw Chris' jaw tensing. I stopped laughing and became a little shy, as I continuing looking back at Chris, Drake grabbed my chin and kissed me on the lips.

Chris' Pov
Trey jaw dropped as we saw Drake kiss her on the lips. My fist started clenching before I got up, I wasn't in the mood anymore for his little stunts so I had excused myself from the table and grabbed Kayla and took her to the back. I squeezed her arm tight as she tried pushing me off of her, "Jay stop" she said. I turned around to ask "Who is Jay?" I asked. "He's nobody Chris" she said. I brushed it off and continue to question her about Drake. "You saw him kiss me" she said. "I pushed him off so does it really matter?" she question. I thought about it and I knew it didn't. Drake did treat girls better but I was the one who went through a divorce. I couldn't look at Kayla right now so I sent her back to the dining area.

Drake's Pov
I couldn't help it, I had to kiss her she look beautiful. I knew she was different than most girls. She wasn't spoiled like the rest of these girls. I went over to Michael and Trey and they were laughing at me. "You pull a huge stunt over there" Trey said. I started laughing because I knew what I did.
"I couldn't help it" I said.
"You know Chris was about to bash you in the face" Michael said. Chyna came up to Michael because she was starting to become bored with Kayla and Chris arguing. Kayla finally came back as she wiped a few tears, Chris stared at me with pure anger but I laughed it off. He invited his wife Ashley too. Ashley came over and sat right next to Chris so I thought he didn't mind me going over to talk to Kayla. He can't have his cake and eat it too.

Kayla's Pov
As me and Chyna were talking her face changed. "Why is she here?" she said. I turned around to see a female sitting next to Chris. "Who is that?" I asked.
"Ashley; Chris' wife" she said. My heart nearly jumped out of my chest, "He's married" I asked. She shook her head, "Two years" she said. Chyna hated her with a passion, she told me that she tried to sleep with Michael before she jump off with Chris. At first she was his assistant until they started having sex and somehow she tricked him into marrying her. I rolled my eyes because how could be jealous of Drake but he is married. Chyna couldn't take it anymore "You wanna go get a drink" she asked. "Yes, I need a few" I said. She got up and went to Michael's table.

"Michael, Kayla and I are going to go out to get a few drinks" Chyna said.
"Who is Kayla?" Ashley asked.
"The girl over there with Chyna" Michael said.
"Who she came with" Ashley asked Chris.
Chris couldn't give Ashley a straight answer until Drake came in "She's with me" he said while staring at Chris.
"Yeah bae" Chris said. Chris went over to Drake to dicuss something.

Chris' Pov
I knew Ashley would want to spend the night and the condo. That was her favorite place other than the house. I called my maid to have all evidence of Kayla hidden in my office. I knew I had to let Kayla and Drake spend some time together. I told Drake that I was giving him the opportunity to snatch Kayla away from me, he started laughing.
"Look, I am giving you one opportunity, I'm going to spend the night with Ashley; so you can have the whole night to Kayla" I said. Drake started cheesing extra hard because I knew he was happy.

Chris jealous ass. He know Drake has a little interest in her & scared she might too.

Run it sis

Kayla's Pov
It has been two weeks since Mr. Costello and his son(Chris) came to the restaurant looking for my father. My father has been in a horrible mood recently and decided that he needed a few weeks off. "I'm sorry Mr. Costello but we have no idea where he is" I said. Mr. Costello started laughing at me but his son continue staring at me with his piercing cold eyes. I couldn't look at him anymore, I continue to look down pretending that I was checking the menus, his father knew that I had no idea where my father had went so they decided to leave but Mr. Costello wanted something to eat. I went to the back and told my mother everything.

"Mom, Mr. Costello is here and he is hungry" I said. She sighed and cleaned herself up while checking her appearance through the mirror. "Is it just him?" she asked. I shook my head no, "His son is there too" I said.
"Okay, I'll go fix his favorite meal" she sighed while leaving. I sat in her desk while pulling some nail polish from her drawer.
"Aye girl" I heard <a href="">him</a> while behind me. I turned around to see Jay, my boyfriend.
"Hey bae" I said while kissing him.
"How are you?" he asked.
"I'm good, just exhausted" I said.
"Well ask your mom if you can get off early" he said.
I was given permission to leave early as it was an extremely slow day, so me and Jay decided to spend time at his house. I laid on his couch switching to Netflix and we decided to watch Juice; my favorite movie. Jay came back with some popcorn and laid on my chest about to go to sleep. A few minutes later I look down to hear him snoring softly.
"Are you sleeping?" I asked. He didn't respond so I tapped him on the shoulder and he woke up leaving drool on my breast. "Really Jay?" I said. He look down and laughed suddenly our moment was ruin as his phone started ringing. I rolled my eyes and he excused himself to go have his little conversation. A few minutes later I realize that I had to go to the bathroom, so while in the middle of the hallway I overheard Jay's conversation.
"When are you trying go round 2?" he asked.
"Girl, this d*** loves the way you twirl your tongue around it" he continued. He look at the time and decided to call her later. Jay walked outside of his room and saw me. "What are doing?" he asked.
"Who is she" I asked.
"Who is who?" he said.
"The girl on the phone" I said. Jay brushed past me, so I decided to push him. That's was a bad idea. Jay turned around quick as he slammed my head against the wall. "It doesn't matter. I'm going to be the doing whatever the f*** I want, and you can't stop me. I swear if you try to leave, I'll find you and beat you so bad that I'll have you drown in your own blood". Jay grabbed me by hair and lead me towards the door, "GET THE f*** OUT!" he yelled. I demanded for my bag, so Jay opened the door against and through it outside.

I wake up to see that it's 4 pm. Chris wasn't back yet, but it didn't matter. I truly hated him with all my heart. I decided to go to the shower and get dressed. As I came into the living room looking for my purse wrapped in a towel I see Chris. "Good see to you getting ready" he said.
"Ready for what?" I asked.
"I have a dinner to attend and I need you as arm candy" he said.
"I'm not going Chris" I said. I crossed my hair and let my hair loose. Chris laughed and came towards me, "You're going to do what I say". I didn't bulge so Chris decided to add another week to our deal. "It start at six, but Michael's girl Chyna brought clothes that I had order for you". He gave me numerous bags filled with clothes and shoes that were exclusive. Pick some that's black and make it look sexy he said. Chris unbuttoned his shirt and sat on the couch, he started staring at me while I was looking at the clothes he had bought.
"Go get dressed, do your makeup and fix your hair" he said. I sucked my teeth while getting up and suddenly Chris pushed me against a wall, "I hate that s***, it's really ghetto" he said. Chris got off of me and continued finishing his cigar.

Chris' Pov
I hated going to <a href="">Drake</a> dinners. They were basically one excuse to show off his money. He wasn't flashy outside of his home, but inside he had everything. "Please don't embarrass me in front of him" I said. I turned my head to see Kayla rolling her eyes, "Roll your eyes again". Kayla just sat there in silence. We pulled up to his <a href="">house</a> to see valet and everything. Drake was standing outside greeting everyone and I took a look at <a href="">outfit</a> and thought she look extremely presentable.
"Chris, How are you?" he asked.
"Drake I'm good" I said

Drake's Pov
I couldn't stop but look at Chris' date. "And who is this lovely woman" I asked. She replied by saying her name is Kayla. She extended her hand and gladly kissed it. Chris became a little envious, but it didn't matter. Something about her made me stop and I wanted to get to know her. I showed them to my dining room where I had a little hookah session for everyone. I needed to get Chris out of the, so I introduced him to a future business client and a few groupies. I saw Kayla standing around looking extremely lost and confused. She started checking her phone as someone called her and rushed right out of there. I was interrupted by a few guests who wanted to talk to me and I tried looking her but I lost her. I needed some fresh air so I went towards the balcony until I saw her wiping a few tears.
"I hate seeing a beautiful face cry" I said. "Your name is Kayla right?" I asked.
"Yes Drake" she replied
"Where is Chris" I asked. She shrugged her shoulders, "I don't care" she said
"What you mean?" I asked.
"Does it matter? she asked. "You guys have it all; money, cars, clothes, hoes and people respect you. You doesn't know having to stare because your father can't run a f***ing business, I left my family because they stressed me out so bad, that I move in with my abusive exboyfriend until he beaten me so bad I was in the hospital for weeks. Now I'm here with Christian Costello as his "date" when I'm truly nothing but some arm candy that you guys bring in order to sleep with knowing that your guys have wives back at home or girlfriends who just turn the other way because they were girls like me who gotten use to the money".
I was intrigued by her little comment but I wanted to get to know her better. Chris was too busy enjoying the attention that these girls were giving him. I didn't know why she was her or who she was, but I wanted to know her situation. "Chris wants me to take you home" Trey said as he came with his date. "I'll take her back" I said.
"You sure Chris is okay with that" she asked.
"Who cares, he is a grown ass man" I said.
Trey just shrugged it off, then went to Chris to tell him what happen. I turned around to see Chris staring Kayla down. He look like he wanted to slap the s*** out of her but I didn't care.

Kayla's Pov
I enjoyed spending time with Drake. He seem extremely kind but I couldn't trust him, I heard he was psychotic. There were rumors about him cutting his enemies fingers off and sending them to their families as a warning. Apart of me was scared of Drake but I felt a connection with him. As time past I became extremely tired and was ready to leave. "Can you take to OceanView?" I asked. Drake took me to his Range Rover and drove me back to Chris' place. The doorman escorted me to Chris' condo where I saw him sitting down while smoking a cigar. "How was your date?" he said. I went straight to the bedroom to change and I got into the bed, where Chris snatched the covers off. "You disrespected me" he said. I didn't care honestly, "You really think he likes you" he said. I got up and stared at Chris, "He sees what I see about you. You're nothing but a walking sex toy all you can do if lay on your back" he continued. I remember Jay telling me those words and they stung a little. I didn't want to cry in front of him so I waited until he left. After that I lost it my emotions got the best of me.

Chris' Pov
I showed her around my <a href="">condo</a> before leaving to handle some business. I paid the doorman extra money to make sure she wouldn't leave, I mean she had no where to go at first, but I didn't want her to leave. As I drove up to my <a href="">house</a> my stomach turned as I saw <a href="">her</a>.
"Why are you here Ashley?" I asked.
"I needed some more things honey" she said sarcastically. Ashley was my ex-wife, I'm only 27 with an ex-wife. She only wanted me for my money like she would always say. "I'll be out of your hair in a few minutes" she said.
"Fine don't let the door hit you while you're out" I said. Ashley rolled her eyes as she closed the door. I have no idea why I was in love with her, she cheated on me with various businessmen and continue to smiled in my face. She is probably the main reason that I have trust issues today, I knew I wasn't ready to become a family man now and never will be. I went to my room to pack a few things because the way Kayla was acting I knew this would be a long day. The whole time I continued how to think about Kayla's body as she stood in front of me almost naked. I could tell she was becoming turned on as I stood over her body, but something about her made me wonder. I finally made it back to my condo and it was completely dark and quiet, I assumed she found the back way and ran off. "Damn, well I can always call Tiana" I said. Suddenly I felt a bang against my head as I felled towards the floor, then felt a sharp object against my neck, I wasn't feeling against the culprit bodies, but I flipped over and her a female squealed. I slammed the person against the wall before I turned the lights on. There she was in front with a small knife, "YOU TRIED TO KILL ME" he yelled. She didn't answer as I started wringing her neck, I placed my knee between her legs adding pressure, but this was turning me on. I heard her moan a little, so I knew she would want something too. I picked her up and carried her towards the bedroom.
"What are you doing?" she asked while kicking demanding that I would put her down.
"Shut Up" I demanded, I was becoming more turned on as she placed the covers over her body. I unbuttoned my shirt while bit my lips, she was turing me the f*** up before I decided to rub her inner thigh. She started moaning as I became closer to her pussy. I got undressed then I started until I ripped her dress up.
"You have a condom?" she asked.
I started laughing because I wasn't going to use on for her, "Shut up and lay down" I said. She looked at me for a minute until doing what she was told, I got ontop of her and felt amazed as she was so tight. "Fucccckkk!" I yelled as I continue pumping in her before having her gripped my back.
"Ch....." she moaned, I covered her mouth because I knew she was about to be screaming in a minute.

Kayla's Pov
I tried pushing Chris off of me because I knew he was about to nut, he pulled out at the last minute before cumming on my stomach, I tried moving, but he grabbed me and came on me. He handed me some wipes letting me clean myself up before I excused myself to take a shower. I started crying a little in the shower as I cleaned every bit of body from him. As I wrapped my body in a towel, Chris stood over me and continue to stare me down, "You have another two weeks added to our deal due to your little stunt this evening" he said. Chris brushed right past me while grabbing a new suit from his closet. I went to the couch and watch Chris teach me how to turn his tv on and walk right about the door while fixing his tie. I couldn't focus anymore, so I decided to go around looking through his things, being noisy. I couldn't sleep, but I found some NyQuil and decided to take that.