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*~*~*The Yendi Project *~*~*

<a href=>Yendi</a> : Next patient please!

God! Could this day get any WORSE? First, Dr. Foster decided to retire SUDDENLY and leave ALL his patients on myself and my 2 partners. I know...more patients, more money...which is inevitably what every OBY/GYNY in LA wants...right? But not on the day when I was suppose to go on my hot date that i've had to postpone 4 times now! Not to mention, most of Dr. Foster's patients were over 35 and in that state of CONSTANT pregnancy fear that at any minute, their pregnancy might go array. Dr. Foster definitely had the most paranoid patients in LA.

Woman's voice: Hi...Dr. Gare?

I looked up and there stood this girl <a href= Official Chris Brown Site</a> at the door.

Yendi: Hi! yes, i'm Dr. Gare, you can have a seat right over there.

She sat down and I couldn't help but wonder...

I looked at her docket and yes, it was her...Karruche.

Yendi: so Ms. Tran...were you one of Dr. Foster's patient?

K/T: No...this is actually my first visit to the doctor. I just came to confirm a few things...I mean, I took a couple of tests but you can never be too sure with these things...right?

She looked really tired, confused and even a bit scared

Yendi: i totally understand. Well, i'm just going to ask you some basic information and I need to answer as honest as you can.

I proceeded to ask her the standard questions....but throughout the whole process, I just had that burning question in my mind! I wanted to blurt out "Is it HIS???" but I had to keep it professional...besides, I don't care about him anymore...right? I haven't seen him in so long...ever since that final wave goodbye at the airport in Virginia when he promised to keep in touch. I haven't even paid him any thoughts except when occasionally, I check these social websites and he happens to be on them with his drama. But why do I suddenly feel so clenched up inside?

Yendi: Ok...i'm going to need a sample of your urine. The bathroom is right there behind that door. Use the containers that are on the 1st shelf to your right.

Just as she shut the door behind her, my office door flew open. The person had their head turned looking behind them as if they were trying their hardest (but making a very obvious attempt to do so) not to be seen. Dazed with 99 questions in my head about the current predicament, I said

Yendi: umn, excuse me Sir! But you cant just burst....

Then, he turned towards me...and my mouth fell open. This couldn't be day could NOT have gotten any more bizarre than this

<a href=>Chris</a>: Yendi?

Its been 8 years since I've heard that voice say my name. I always thought that eventually, this day was going to come...but not under these circumstances. Not when, by all indication, his girlfriend...or ex or whatever she was...was pregnant.