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"Mama!!" I yelled as we walked through the door, snow falling all off my coat. Man oh man did it feel good to be home! Back in Tappahanok where the f*** I belonged. I'd been at Ohio State for so long, I was beginning to get homesick as f***. Yeah college was the s***, but after fifty million final exams, plus the COMPLETE scenery change that I was still trying to get used to. All I wanted right now was my mama, and some home cooked food that I know her ass already had going because I could smell it the minute I walked through the door. Speaking of walking through the door, look at what I walked through to...

Yeah I know, it's a regular ass Christmas tree but that's what it is to you... to me, this s*** was home. I could feel the warmness of the holiday taking over me already. My ass was gonna enjoy this three week break off from school, and wasn't s*** gon get in my way, A nigga had been stressed the whole f***ing semester. I needed some time to do nothin but sit on my ass, get waited on hand and foot, and smoke with my niggas. That was a holiday tradition for me. Especially since I'd started school. My mama missed me so much, she made sure I didn't ever have to lift a finger when I came home. I loved that s***. Yeah. It was about to be a good ass holiday for me.

"Damn nigga, can you move! It is other people comin in the house, not just you!" Sade rudely pushed past me, rolling her suitcase over her shoulder. I sucked my teeth, and reached forward mushing her in her head. She turned around and cut her eyes at me. "Keep on playin."

"I'm sayin, nigga gettin stuck in his tracks and s***. I'm on Sade's side this time, nigga watch the f*** out." Mijo added as he followed in with Keeis and Austin right behind him. "Damn that's a big ass Christmas tree! Aunt J always buyin this crazy s***." Austin commented, plopping down on the couch. Nigga didn't even bother to take his coat off, and snow was steadily falling off of him onto the cushions.

"I'm sayin though... how the hell she get this s*** in here? Her lil ass couldn't have done this s*** all by herself." Keeis responded, agreeing with him. I didn't say anything, I just stared at the tree. I was wondering how she had gotten it in myself. Yeah, she was always buying these oversized mutha f***as, but I was usually home to help her set em up. It was kind of bothering me that I didn't know what was really going on around here. Who the hell was helping my mama out when I wasn't here? I swear she better not have some nigga around somewhere that I don't know about. That nigga was done.

"So... so far, I done heard the words damn, s***, f***..and nigga... who do I need to get my belt out on first? Cause you know it's comin."

I smiled and watched all of their faces flush with surprise mixed with fear. Nobody had even heard her footsteps walking around the house. But that's how she was, always creepin. And for once, my ass was completely innocent.

"Hey mama..." I leaned down and hugged her tiny frame. I swear I could feel all kinds of comfort transporting from her body to mine the minute I touched her. My mother just had that affect on people. She truely was an angel in my eyes, and I had been going crazy without her around me for the past few months. I could feel her smiling as she embraced me. "How was ya'll's trip here?" she asked, reaching out, and taking my bag from me once she had let me go.

"Cold as hell." Austin spoke up. I had to put my hand over my mouth to keep from laughing while mama cut her eyes at him. Everybody else just stared at him shaking their head. "Nigga what?" he frowned, looking at Mijo. "Nigga you are the stupidest monkey alive on earth."

"And there's that nigga word again, and again, do ya'll just not care that I'm standing right here?"

"Beat em mama".I interjected, laughing my ass off. I was getting the evil eye from everybody else in this room right now because of me instigating the situation but I didn't give two f***s. It ain't like these niggas wouldn't be doing the same damn thing had the shoe been on the other foot.

"I am if I hear one more word come out of anybody's mouth."

"Aunt J, I missed youuu" Keeis sang smiling, trying to get on her good side.

"I missed you too, I missed all of ya'll. I'm glad to have all my babies home for the holidays, this house don't never feel the same when ya'll leave. I don't have nobody to fight with.

"That's cold aunt Joyce, is that all we good for? To fight with? I think i'm offended." Austin frowned pretending to be hurt.

"Spell offended Austin." she retorted, cutting her eyes at him again.

Austin smacked his teeth, and sat up like he was sure as hell he was bout to prove some s***.

"O-F-I-N-D-E-D. Offended." He smiled c**kily.

When he looked around the room everybody was either looking down with their heads in their hands, or staring at him like he was just the dumbest mutha f***a ever known to man.

"What?" he asked to nobody in particular. Mama just shook her head at him.

"When you finish gettin all that melted snow off my couch, I want you to go upstairs and find a dictionary. I'mma pray for you boy, how the hell is this your second year in school and you still can't spell??"

"I can spell, I just-"

" no." Keeis stopped him, refraining him from making any more of a fool of himself than he damn sure already had.

"Sade sweetie, why are you so quiet? How was your trip, are you hungry?" She noticed she was the only one that wasn't really saying much. Everybody else was acting a fool as always.

Sade wasn't my blood sister, but she had grown up in the family with the rest of us. So my mother treated her like the rest of us whenever she was around. She was always welcome to come home for the holidays. In fact my mama actually caught attitudes the couple of years she didn't end up being around, when she decided to spend Christmas in Seattle with her dad. That's how attached to this girl she'd grown.

"It was good mama, and yes I am hungry, especially since I smell all this good food you got cooking in here. You know I can't never say no to your food."

"Neither can I, can I get a biscuit to hold me over until it's time to eat? I know you made em, I smell em." he cheesed. She smiled back just as hard only to shut him down.

"No you cannot. You're gonna wait until dinner like everybody else."


"Mijo, no. You always ask for one, and then you end up eating my whole damn pan. No, you son are gonna wait this time."

He sucked his teeth and stood up.

"Aiight that's cool. I'mma just go in here and wash my hands before I take my bags upstairs then. Wouldn't want my suitcases getting dirty."

It took her until he'd already left the room for it to register what he had just said.

"Mijo, you better get the hell away from my damn biscuits!" she yelled going after him.


Lol he aint rite tryn to sneak lol run it pls

Interesting intro lol. I really lol when Austin spelled offended. Run it!