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Different Shades of Love

Y/N’s p.o.v.
2 years ago I moved from St. Croix to St. Thomas in the virgin islands. Here I began my new life, a BETTER life. I was a loner and very quiet, but that all changed when I moved to St. Thomas, where I met the best friends in the world and the love of my life.

Flashback: It was a beautiful sunny and breezy day on the island of St. Thomas. It was Y/N’s first day of school at St. Thomas Junior High. She had just moved to St. Thomas about a week ago and was very nervous about going to school. Y/N walked through the front entrance and was greeted by a group of students standing around two other students who were arguing.
Shannen: Nigga I’m so tired of you, you always got something to say! You and yo b****a** friends.
Rocky: H*e don’t nobody give a f***, you need to stfu and know your place! (he said laughing to get a rise out of her)
Shannen: I know where imma place my fist if you don’t shut yo mouth! (getting angrier)
Rocky: and where is that shan shan! (she hated that name and he knew it)
Next thing I knew the girl socked the boy in the stomach and he leaned over in pain.
Kendrick: you seen that! Ieasha you need ta get yo sister!
Ieasha: nope, she warned him (nonchalant face)
Teacher: Hey! What’s going on here!
All the kids scattered with just the boys who were arguing standing there and Y/N.
Rocky: nothing (walks away mad)
Teacher: get to class now!
The other boys scattered and the teacher looks at Y/N and she explains to him that she is new. He points her to the main office and she gets her schedule. Y/N was shocked about today’s events and was already uncomfortable with the school.
Y/N: (sighs) lord please let this day go good.

Hi this is my first story. Let me know if you like it. Run it 