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Putas, Putas, Putas everywhere...

Hey putas!
Hows everyone doing?
We've all been missing, Im about to start calling mission people alert.



lmaooo smh
trey lookin bout rough as hell

I was thinking the same thing when I saw the trailors on youtube.

Hey Dany Dan :)

<a href="">Ana & Trey</a>. Know what they just got through doing lol.

Ain't nobody bidness but mine and my baby!

You suck.

Gross. I'm not kissing s***.

Hey Kandy Kane :)

*Raises Hand* Present!

Bree, come kiss my foot.


I love that song :)

*bobs head*

<code><em>You always smokin' in the house
What if my mother comes over?
You can't get up and get a job
Cause this little hustle's getting you by
You're the dealer and the stoner with the sweetest kiss around
I know what I was on, I had a Pilot Jones
She took me high, then she took me home
Pilot Jones, Pilot Jones</code></em>

this my jam for the day

Yup,i even got it changed today.

lol. are you still in a cast
or whatever for you ankle
i think it was?

I am yellow as hell and bored. Lol

im alive and breathing lol
drawing a tattoo and listening
to new music. how are you?