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...::Cartier's House of Lies::...

Episode 1: Creole Woman

The Cartiers were throwing a party in their house that rested in the inner part of the bayous of Louisiana; a successful settlement on their part. The Cartiers consisted of Dixon Cartier, a businessman and his beautiful wife Carmen Dereux Cartier; they married 2 years ago and all has not been blessed since then. Why?

<a href="">I</a> sat and watched from afar as my husband danced and openly flirted with Mattie; some dumb b*tch that he thinks I have no idea who she is AND is currently in some affair with. Now you're probably wondering, 'Why put up with a man who does that?' well as a Creole woman with a family tradition and strong belief in sacred marriage it's my duty as a wife to continue to be by his side..even if I don't love him. My girlfriends Kira and Amel came and sat by me sharing my view in open disgust. "I don't understand how you can just sit there and play it cool? I'd be making a scene in front of all these people" Kira said hotly; "Hey he's having fun..ain't no need to spoil it" I said non chalantly while sipping my wine, "You sure you don't want me to cap his ass? I brought 'Sweet Susan' with me" Amel said referring to her switch blade. "LOL Amel chill and relax and have a flute or two, I'll be back; the guests need ONE of us to check every once in a while" Carmen said setting her champagne glass down, she brushed down her gown and braved a happy face. Carmen then approached family friends Sharon and Jackson Turner, both were lawyers and the second most high paid couple on this side of the Mississippi. "How are you tonight? Ooh Sharon you are glowing tonight" Carmen said rubbing Sharon's small baby bump, "I know..3 months down and got 6 to go" Sharon said looking down happily at her stomach; "You know Carmen we should do a play date sometimes; when are you and.." Sharon's voice dragged off at the end; Carmen gave a small smile before lowering her head. Carmen was having difficulties conceiving and her last pregnancy ended in an unfortunate miscarriage. "Oh hon I'm so sorry--" "No need for apologies, let me know if you need anything" Carmen said patting Sharon on the shoulder. Even if she didn't love Dixon the one thing she ever did want from him was a child. Carmen noticed that the supply of wine bottles was going down and since Dixon had his hands filled with Mattie's ass Carmen had to go down to the carriage house herself to get some more wine.

Carmen carried the lantern and walked out to the carriage house, opening the door and closing it behind her. Even with the lantern the vision was poor and pitch black; Carmen set the lantern down atop of a wooden table and began searching through the bottles of wine. Suddenly she heard fidgeting, almost like whispers and small moans coming from the other side of the carriage house; Carmen set the bottle down and grabbed the lantern picking up the hem of her dress so she wouldn't trip on the train. As she got closer and closer the sounds were then followed with kissing sounds; Carmen held up the lantern towards her to see further into the darkness. To Carmen's surprise someone was having sex inside of the carriage, she cleared her throat to catch their attention. They both looked up, one of them was named Chris who was Kira's oldest nephew; "F-forgive me Mrs. Cartier" Chris said stepping out of the carriage to fix his pants; the girl came out afterwards fixing her bra and hair and to fix up her makeup. "Your aunt must be upset wondering where her nephew is. She'd have a fit if it've been her instead of me catching you" Carmen said with a small smile; "Please don't tell..please?" Chris begged. "Don't worry, this house holds many secrets..yours included," Carmen said walking away; "On the condition that you not bring anymore random young women to fck in my carriage house again." "Promise" Chris said. "Oh and before I forget, wipe off that lipstick on your chin it'll be a dead giveaway" Carmen said walking out with the bottles of wine.

Seeing the sight of catching Chris had made Carmen quite hot and bothered; had she not stopped the episode she would've gladly kicked the young woman out. Carmen returned back inside the house taking the wine bottles to the servants taking her place back on the living room couch where Kira and Amel still sat. "Dang girl what took you so long?" Kira said. "Just a little sidetracked, caught a couple of swans mating near the carriage house." Carmen said; "Yeah well anyways you didn't miss a damn thing Dixon still got that nasty ass heifer dancing the crease out of his pants." Amel said rolling her eyes. Chris soon walked back into the house to the living room where he saw Carmen sitting alongside his aunt Kira and Amel; they locked eyes quickly with a look of fear in Chris's eyes. Carmen placed a finger to her smiling lips making Chris sigh a breath of relief before going into the other room. "Mmmm your nephew Chris sure did grow up to be a fine ass man" Amel said, "Amel I'll karate chop you in the throat if you say that again" Kira said threatingly. "What girl? Lets be honest he's 23 years old about to graduate with a doctors degree" Amel said drinking her flute of wine. "She is right about that I mean when will Chris be able to get Mrs. Right?" Carmen said. "Uh huh and you seem to know my nephew so well huh?" Kira said. "I'm just saying lol no need to get armadillo on me" "LOL I'm just playing with you girl" Kira said. Just then Dixon approached the three women extending his hand out to Carmen.

"Would you, as my beautiful wife, give me the honor of this dance?" Dixon said; Kira and Amel kept looking back at each other like 'Didn't this fool just basically fck some chick in front of his wife just a few minutes ago?' Carmen braved a smile since everyone was watching and took Dixon's hand; he led her out into the middle of the living room and held her closely to him as everyone circled around them. "Are you enjoying the party my love?" Dixon said into Carmen's ear; "Not as much as I enjoyed watching you grind on Mattie" she said back. "And yet you did nothing to stop it now did you?"

Dixon asked. "No honey of course not, it'd give our guests the wrong impression and besides.." Carmen spinned out then back into Dixon's arms "...your reputation is at stake is it not?" she said smartly. "This is true and so is yours love" Dixon replied. "Hence which is why I refuse to stoop down to your standards." she answered. "Touche Carmen Cartier" Dixon said, "To everyone else I'm Carmen Cartier..but at heart I'm Carmen Dereux" she said looking into his eyes. The dance then ended as everyone clapped, Carmen gave a meaningless kiss on Dixon's cheek before excusing herself to the powder room (restroom). She passed by Mattie but leaned into her ear; "Quite a dancer you husband was infatuated with your moves tonight" Carmen said cooly putting a hint of fear into Mattie's heart.

More to Come
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After the party was over <a href="">Dixon</a> and Carmen wished their guests a good night and a safe drive home. They wouldn't have any problem cleaning up as they had a catering service to do that and once they were finished Dixon wrote them over a big fat check. Dixon and Carmen soon retired up to their bedroom and got dressed in their pajamas; Carmen took down her honey blonde hair and began to brush it gently never taking her eyes off of Dixon in the mirror. "What a fine party it was Dixon, we should do this more often" Carmen said. "Yes we should..I noticed that you said something to one of the guests tonight" "Oh you mean Mattie? I just complimented her on her dance moves; she seems rather infatuated with you" Carmen said. "You sound rather relaxed about this Carmen, should I be sleeping with one eye open tonight?" Dixon said. "Why should you? I mean you don't have something to hide from me now do you?" Carmen said turning to look at Dixon. "No..not at all." Dixon said; bad news seemed to never affect Carmen for the two years that she and Dixon had been married. It wasn't the bad news it was how Carmen took it that shook Dixon's soul within; once she and Dixon were rested in the bed she turned off the light.

~The Next Morning~
Dixon had gone off on an early business meeting aka he was going to see Mattie leaving Carmen by herself for today. She showered, dried and lotioned and slipped into her <a href="">dress</a> (I know it's a little bit dressy for something to lounge in the house with but hey, that's Carmen's personality) and styling her hair like <a href="">this</a>. Carmen then went down to the kitchen to begin fixing herself some coffee when she heard a knock at the door; she picked up the front hem of her dress and walked to the front door to answer.

"Who is it?" "It's Chris Mrs. Cartier" he said, she opened the door to see him standing there; Carmen folded her hands resting her elbows at her sides. "To what do I owe this visit?" she said. "I just want to say thanks for not snitching me out last night. You know..about the carriage?" Chris said. "With pleasure. But what I don't understand is why have you come to visit me so early in the morning?" she asked. "We-Well maybe I could do some odd jobs for you in my gratitude" Chris said; "No thank you I'm pretty sure that I'll have someone do that for me." Carmen said; "Like your husband?" Carmen turned her head at Chris and said, "No." "Please Mrs. Cartier I'm DEEP in your gratitude, just don't tell my auntie" Chris said holding onto one of Carmen's hands. "'re a fine young man about to become a doctor and get a degree; That is someone I cannot belittle or wait on me hand and foot." "..Actually I dropped out Mrs. Cartier about a week ago." he said solemnly. "Does your aunt know?" "No..are you gonna tell her?" he said fearfully. "I told you Chris that this house holds many secrets; anything that has happened or has been said stays within these walls. But I'm willing to do you a favor and let you work around the house a little bit." Carmen said.

"Thank you Mrs. Cartier, when can I start?" "Your day of working will be left up to me..but for now join me in a cup of coffee.."

--Dixon and <a href="">Mattie</a>--
They'd just gotten done fcking in Dixon's office and were straightening up their clothes. "Your wife Carmen scares the crap out of me Dixon I think she suspects something between us" Mattie said. "If she does then she wouldn't act on it right away." Dixon said calmly; "You say that like she's not a threat; Dixon when she spoke to me last night I felt like she was piercing my soul with each word." Mattie said spooked. "Trust me Carmen is not going anywhere; she's not willing to leave this lifestyle so easily." Dixon said holding her waist. "Yes but still Dixon, she's your wife and I'm the common sideline hoe that you just fck everynow and then." she said; "Not for long you won't" Dixon said pulling out a ring box; Mattie's eyes lit up in surprise." "Dixon you don't mean..?" "Yes I do, but until I finalize the divorce papers and it gets settled; we must remain hush hush." Dixon said. "Tsk that could take forever Dixon, I love you and I know you love me too" Mattie said. "Yes I do love but are you willing to wait on me? If I make one irrational move Dixon Cartier will be finished!" he said. "So please..will you wait until this is over?" he said pecking her lips; "Okay. But be serious about this" Mattie said flaunting the ring box to him. "I will I promise"

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