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Chris & Rih

Niggas going crazy on twitter and s*** cuz Chris and Rih got spotted at the Knicks and Laker game today!!!"



U guys r so right. My sister told me about this morning an i saw all the pics on facebook. i am just like u guys too. they r gonna do what they want an do not care what anybody thinks of what they r doing. they want to be with each other than let them be and stop making a big deal out of it. they r not gonna stop cause ppl keep saying she needs to leave him alone or he needs to leave her alone. they r happy right now an that is all that matters to them. so i say let them be.

I loved the pic lol, but yeah ppl's need to get over it at the end of the day Chris and Rih are gonna do what Chris and Rhi wanna do.

Preach!!! I mean s***. They acting like Chris and Rihanna needed permission to go to a damn game together. Their together, so everybody needs to stfu and leave them alone. R.N.S!