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Couples Therapy *Chapter One*

Chapter One: Case One

<a href="">Bre'Na Wells</a>
Relationship status: Dating
Spouse: <a href="">Tanya Weight</a>

I sat at home looking over my pictures. Each one seemed weird. It might just be my OCD but it still looked weird. "f***" I shouted annoyed at what I saw. Nothing is ever right in this house. I walked pass a mirror and stood there disgusted at what I saw. I looked like her. My <a href="">mother.</a> The woman who sold me for drugs years ago. The reason I act the way I act was because of her. But standing there I started to see thing I never noticed about myself.

I don't know who my real father is but I know I look like him. I see things I never saw in my mother in me so that must mean something. Right? Four knocks at my door drew me away from the mirror. I fixed my shirt twice and opened and closed the door three time before really opening it.

"Bre" My sister tell upon embracing me in a hug. "Hello <a href="">Yanni"</a> I said Dryly. She mugged me before pushing her way in. "b**** you love me. Where Tanya rat ass at" She asked taking a seat on my couch. Tanya is my girlfriend, we got into an argument because I was Cheating and she left."In her skin. Where's rat ass Angel" I asked and she laughed. This b****.


"Cmon Yaya" I said to Tanya as she walked around our room. Back and forth. "Really Nana. Why do we need to go to therapy. We're fine" She spoke almost to herself. I rolled my eyes. "We're going and that's final. You can pace around this room all f***ing night but we're going. Goodnight" I said shutting off the lights and getting in bed.

I closed my eyes, but then felt weight shift. She wrapped her hands around my waist and Whispered. "I love you Bre" "I love you to"