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Love Too Soon {New Twister} - final chapter?

I wasn’t sure about where I was going, but I knew I was going somewhere. Where I stood at the moment was nowhere and I was willing to get away from it. Twisted tales in my life drew me away from reality and now I needed to be elsewhere to get away from it all. I was falling quickly for each guy that came my way and I loved way too soon. So, I was always left behind with a new bruise on my heart.

Run or Kill?


When I get back on laptop

Aw naw she need to get in with jaime so she can follow him to her son.!

Hurry and run this.!!!


I sat with my mother as we had dinner. Ever since I lost Tevin I came over here to have dinner with her once every week. My sister walked into the room and stopped as soon as she saw me. It was some many years since I saw her and she hadn’t changed one bit. I think she was a dancer or something along those lines.

The last time we saw each other was the night I opened up and told her and mom the truth about my past. She told me she hated me and hated what I did and never wanted to see me again. She honestly made sure she kept her word all those years and here we are again.

“Girls, I want you to both behave.” Mom said as she looked between us both. “Estelle if you would like to join us. S'il vous plaît asseyez-vous.”

“Je suis vraiment désolé.” Estelle apologised. I saw in her eyes that she was being sincere and I knew that she was telling the truth. She was always a mule and refused to apologise when she didn’t mean it. “Where is my nephew?” She asked as she joined us around the table.

I swallowed hard and bowed my head. A part of me expected him to run into the dining room and give us all a cheeky grin which would get me worried, leaving me dashing up the stairs to the bathroom to see what he had gotten into. But I knew that was not happening anytime soon. Not until I found him.

“He’s gone Estelle.” I said barely above a whisper, but I knew she heard me because her cutlery dropped and hit the plate with a clink that pierced my heart. “His dad came and took him from me. He had a man rape me a month before he came to my house. He used my maid to help him with it all. He beat me up. Then he took my son. I haven’t seen Tevin in three years.”

I held my head back to try prevent the tears from flowing. But it barely worked. I excused myself and went to the bathroom. I looked at myself in the mirror to see what I had become. I was nothing. I looked into my eyes to see if I could spot my future. Instead my future was black and my past was trying to force its way out.

I made my way back to the table and took a sip of my wine. I started to wish that I was back in my own house where I would have been able to drink until I was no longer a member of this reality. I wanted to be the owner of my own reality. I wanted Tevin to be involved as well. But he was no longer here and it didn’t seem I would ever get him back. I took another sip, this time drinking more than my first and answered my phone that was flashing to show that I was receiving a call from an unknown number.

“How may I be of service to you?”

“I miss you mommy and I wish you could take me home.” There was his voice again. My baby.

“Baby where are you?” I asked.

“I don’t know. But I’m with that man that says he is my father and Elise.”

“Do you go to school?”

“No I’m home-schooled. They said it’s to protect me from the outside world.”

“What do you see when you look outside the window baby?”

“Nothing.” He said under his breath. He started to cry once more and composed himself before he continued. “I don’t have a window to look out of.”

My heart sunk once more.

“But there is another boy here and he gets to leave the house with the other kids. His name is CJ. Maybe I can try to ask him where we are.”

My heart begun to race and before I was able to say anything I heard his voice. Shouting. Asking Tev what he was doing on the phone. My baby was being held prisoner for a crime he didn’t commit. And here I was suffering because I couldn’t do anything to help him.

Awww sorry Rose bud,
But u know there has to be some sad stuff in My story
there is light at the end of her tunnel though... I hope
K that ain't funny, But Yh

Damn this add brought me to tears. I cant believe he took tevin away.!
she going through but imma need for her to not be in a relationship with
a nigga who helped take her son unless she was getting something out of
it but from what I see she aint so its time to walk away from that and focus
on getting tevin back.
Jaime seems nice I wonder if he'll help her somehow.

Run it chica.!!!

Run it


“Good morning <a href=””> CJ </a> how are you today?” I said to my newest pupil. He was adorable and was a cutie like his dad. Well, at least I think it was his dad. I looked in his eyes and there I was, instantly falling for him.

“We went school together I believe.” He said breaking me away from my trance. I looked at him closer and realised that he was correct. I guess I haven’t really changed much since high school.

“Yeah we did.” I smiled a little. “Jamie right?”

“Yeah that’s right.” <a href=””>He</a> said smiling. Though I might not have changed, he surely has. I remember him as the cute guy back in high school. He was always trying to be like the other guys but he always looked out of place. Now he looks like the guy I used to mess with and no longer want to be involved with.

I spoke to him about what our aims are at the institute and how we could help CJ develop and become an outstanding musician. I spoke about the workload and how much is expected of him outside lesson hours. As time went by, we spoke about targets that CJ should be meeting within specific time frames and I also informed him about the recitals that were put on for students.

I showed them to the room where CJ would be having lessons with Jean and introduced them all to her. “You could stay and watch your son if you like or if you wanted to wait, there is a TV room down the corridor.” I said and instantly wished I hadn’t as his laughter told me I was incorrect.

“Nah ma, he aint my son. He my homies kid.” He said as soon as he composed himself.

“I’m ever so sorry.” I hastily apologised.

“No need to apologise. His pops don’t even deserve him. He got so many kids running around and I’m sure he don’t even know who they moms are.” He continued and I listened intently. Then I remembered <a href=””>Tevin</a>, my little bundle of joy. I can imagine how much he has grown and I wondered if he had allowed his dad to cut his hair. He loved his hair so much he never wanted me to cut it. Then the flashbacks returned.

My own maid. The woman I hired. Took my son and walked out the door with him and his good for nothing father whose face I no longer want to remember. Even the man I was dating was a part of the cruelty which I suffered.

Though I was a prostitute, I could have never imagined that the people so close to me would ruin my life. I know I lived my life on the streets and I know that some of that money was used to purchase this building, but it gave them to right to take away the one reason I was still alive.

“Earth to Amelia” I heard Jamie’s voice ringing through my head. I shook my head and saw him smiling down at me. “You scared me for a minute there.”

I looked at him quickly as I felt the tears coming on, apologised and quickly headed back to my office.

I always had a thing for Jamie when we were back in high school, but I was the French girl and no one cared for us French chicks. It was all about the Latinos, and don’t get me wrong, they were cool girls, but I always got mad that all the guys dissed me. Matter of fact, everyone dissed me. The only time I wasn’t dissed was when I was getting paid to let a man rape me.

I don’t even know why I ended up in the business. I just somehow did. I guess it’s a curse I got on myself. Fell in love with a cutie who made time for me and in return he sold me like his slave. My customers always loved when I spoke French to them. They said the language of love turned them on when I gave them the ride of their lives.

I sat back in my office thinking about what move to take next. I wanted to leave Chicago, but I did not want to leave without Tevin by my side. I started tapping away on the internet to see if I could find anything about his dad or him. But everything came up blank. He had no facebook, no twitter, no tumblr. He had nothing that I could easily find him on.

“Come in.” I replied to the knock at my door and continued my search for my son.

“Take a break and come out with me.” I heard his voice which led to me looking up at him and putting my search on hold. I contemplated what to do because I really did not want to get into the same predicament which resulted in the kidnapping of my son.

My office phone rang and I held my finger up indicating that I would only be a while. “Hello how can I help?”

I heard my baby’s voice and a lump formed in my throat.

“Baby where are you?” I asked trying to keep my composure.

He was silent and I could hear his soft sobs which broke my heart. Then the monster in the background started shouting at him. I guess Tevin wasn’t allowed to make phone calls. I held unto the phone not placing it down. I felt the tears rolling down my cheeks as my body got weaker. He sounded so weak and tired and I couldn’t do anything to help him.

I hadn’t held him in three years. I haven’t kissed him goodnight in three years. I haven’t seen him smile in three years. Yet the first thing I heard was his cries. In three years.

“I’m still looking for you baby.” I said as I hung up the phone. I forgot that Jamie was still in the office until I felt his finger on my chin lifting my head towards his.

Im with Chanell!
She just needs to slow her life down!
Run it Toy!

Girl preach!
Amen :)

All the money in the world can't buy you love.
Tevin is a smart little boy but, his mother needs to get her life in order and stop worrying about men. The right will come to her if she lets him.
Run it!

Thank u girlie

Reading now...

This is gonna be my last story on this board
I just realised I'm getting too old for this forum


Tevin and I were playing board games in the front room. “You cheated!” He giggled. I pounced on him and tickled him. “You calling your mom a cheater?” I said as he giggled. It’s been such a wonderful time just spending time with him. Ever since Jermih, I have been out here alone with Tevin, protecting him from the cold of the world. I didn’t want him freezing whilst I went into the pool with lust. I wanted to always wrap my arms around him so he would grow with warmth.

“I love you mommy.” He said as he composed himself. It was so beautiful to hear those words depart his lips. A month ago he told me he hated me and here we were today with him telling me he loved me.

“Je t'aime plus que tout au monde mon fils.” (Translation – I love you more than anything in this world my son).

There was a knock at the door and my maid Elise went to open it. Jean was doing exceptionally well at the Institute and the children loved her. She even looked happier there than working in the house as my maid. I paid for her to complete her grades and also told her that some of the money she was to get paid was put into a separate account for her, which she would be able to use to go back to college. She was young and I wanted to see her succeed. There was something about her that made me want to look after her. It was as though she was my own sister.

I looked up to see him standing there. It’s been 7 years since I saw him and there he was. Standing in my house. I didn’t know whether I was to be happy, sad, angry or what. I was just lost for the most part.

“Go to your room baby.” I told Tev as I looked into his eyes. “What are you doing here?”

“I wanted to see my son.” He smirked as he looked around the room, walking over to the sofa and making himself more than welcomed.

“It’s been 7 years and you chose to not know him. What’s changed?” I tried to remain as cool as I could, but it felt as though he was able to read me like a children’s book by the glare from his eyes.
“I changed my mind.”

His reply came across casually and calm. It’s as though he expected me to leap into his arms, call Tevin and welcome him home thinking he is the prodigal father. Not on my watch would that have happened.

“I don’t care. You need to get you stank butt out my house.”

“Yo house? Baby if it wasn’t for me you wouldn’t have been in this house.”

“Oh but I would have. Remember, all the money you gave me for this house? I gave it back to you.”

“But if I hadn’t taken you off the leash, you would have still been barking for me.”

With that I felt my blood beginning to boil and I am sure I was going to lose my cool on him at any given minute.

“Yeah I know you getting mad, but the truth hurts.” His words departed through gritted teeth and sliced my heart as they entered into me. I just couldn’t allow him to lower me just by walking into my house. I didn’t want that for my son to see.

“Jermih told me you tasted good too.”

With that I flew across the table for him. I was filled with anger, rage and poison. He was the one who set me up. He was the one who got me raped. Jermih worked for this sleaze bag! My past was catching up with me and I really didn’t want my son to know who I was. As I grabbed his throat I could hear Elise’s screams at what she saw. But it didn’t deter me. He made me mad. He deserved it.

I felt my body fly across the room hitting the wall. I had forgotten how strong he was. It’s been 7 years since he put his hands on me. But I was not the same woman I was when he had me in his house. I stood up and balled my hands in a fist. He stood over my 5’5 petite frame with his 6’5 athletic frame. He was a monster compared to me, but I still would not back down.

“You think you can do nothing to me?” He growled but I said nothing.

“I know who you are! You worked for me! In those streets! You lucky I even give you money for your kid you chose to have! How am I to know you didn’t tamper with my things and poke a hole? You just wanted a kid to get out of the game!” He slapped me with his last word and I felt my body fall limply to the floor.

“Tevin get yo ass down here!” I heard him shout.

In no time I heard my son’s little feet walking down the stairs. Elise looked down at me with disgust written on her face, yet it spoke another language to me. She smiled and called Tevin into the front room. He ran over to me and held me tightly with tears streaming down his cheeks.

“You got to go now Tevin. Your dad is here to take you home.” Were the words that left her mouth.

That was the last time I saw my son in the last 3 years and I have not stopped looking for him. That day was the beginning of a new journey for me. It left me torn but with each tear, I would be sewn with more strength. I was not going to let that hold me down, nor was I going to let it push me into depression. It took me way too many years to get out of my depressive state for me to relapse.

This is my story. The story of <a href=””>Amelia Celine Cameron</a>.

I guess I can say...
It will only get worse....

Why she had to get rapped tho, man damn !!!
Her son should hate her slutty ass... You dont bring all those diffrent men in yo house and pay yo son dust.
She really need to get it together fo I come up in this thang and take her child. CPS HOE !!!

Runnnn it !

thats fuxked up.! that nigga needs his d*** cut off immediately.!
i hope she really does change because this was really an unhealthy life she was living. i feel sorry for tevin because i bet he tried to help her.

run it.!


It wasn’t long after Anton left me that I got with another man. I lived life in the fast lane and love came easily for me. I looked over at Tevin who was on the other sofa with a scowl on the face. He was never keen on the men that were in my life, but he knew not to kick up a fuss.

“Je vous déteste!” He screamed as he ran up the stairs with tears running down his face. I tried to go after him but Jermih whispered in my ear that he would be ok. He stroked my cheek with one hand and the other went to my thighs. What was it with me and these men? Why did I always fall in love with them so easily?

I looked down at my phone to see my mother calling and excused myself from the room. “Salut maman.” I said as I took a deep breath. I knew Tevin called her to let her know about the new man in my life. He always did. But this time it was different. He told my mother the same thing he told me. That he hated me. “Mais maman vous devez comprendre!” (translation – But mom you must understand.) I tried to get my mother to understand where I was coming from but she dismissed it. Said she was going to call Tevin’s father and have him collect him and take care of him until I was fit enough to mother him. “Il n'a pas besoin d'aller à cet homme. Il me donne de l'argent et c'est tout ce dont j'ai besoin. Rien d'autre. Il a choisi de ne pas faire partie de la vie de son propre fils.!” (translation - He doesn't need to go to that man. He gives me money and that is all I need. Nothing else. He chose not to be a part of his own son's life!) I screamed at her, not noticing that Tevin was standing behind me.

I slammed my phone on the counter and went back in the front room to see Jermih comfortably stretched out on my sofa. “Get out.” I said coldly. His eyes shifted up to me and a smirk slowly crept on his face. “Did you not hear me?” I stood there looking back at him as he slowly got up.

“Ma you know you want me here so quit playing.”

“Does it look as though I’m playing?”


I looked at him with daggers in my eyes ready to attack if he made the wrong move because his demeanour spoke louder than his words that parted his lips. He walked over to me and placed his hands on my hips. He pressed himself up against me not knowing that I had pre-trained Tevin for situations such as these. I shouted as loud and as fast as I could so that Tevin could hear me and do as I said. “Tevin les appeler et leur faire savoir qu'il ya ici un homme refusant de quitter même si votre maman lui a demandé de sortir.” (Translation - Tevin call them and let them know that there is a man here refusing to leave even though your mom asked him to get out.) By them I meant the cops and Tevin knew it. I was just waiting for them to arrive at my house any minute now.
But I woke up on the floor. Looked around and there was glass everywhere. I felt sore and tried to get up to walk, only to see my thong on the floor across from me. My shirt was ripped open and my skirt was torn. It slowly hit me. He raped me.

I screamed out for Tevin but he didn’t come. I crawled over to the table and picked up the phone dialling my mother’s number. She picked up on the second ring and I could tell she was crying. I asked if she had spoken to Tev and she said yes. He told her what had happened to me.

This was what led me to the realisation that I needed a change in my life. I couldn’t be living life like this anymore. I needed to slow down and get to know these men before I let them into my house. I could have let in a murderer and wouldn’t have known it. It was time to be new.

that was so nice of her.
but that nigga needs smacked.!
if he came in knowing she had
a kid why worry now especially
since she wasnt the type of
babymomma out there just looking
for a nigga to play daddy to her

run it girl.!!!

lol u kno it girl

but im here guessing this story aint goin nowhere

aint no love for it

All that money and her personal life ain't together.. Smh lol
But ain't that how it always is.
Mo money Mo problems

Runnnn It

p.s I do promise to complete this story
I'm working on some chapters to add daily.
But I need readers in order to be able to share what I have.
Y'all gotta work with me here...
Nope I wont be having cussing up in the story
Nope I wont be having sex scenes
But yeah, I can say the story line does need readers...


“Where do you think you are going?” I asked my 7 year old son as he turned to walk away from me. It was his first day back at school and I had already been called by the principal to say that he was in a fight. I was here again, not knowing what to do with him or where to go from here. He has always seen men in and out of my life and there was just no consistency. Nothing steady. No stability. He lived a rough life with me, all because of my selfishness. I didn’t have my father in my life and I know how messed up that can make a child because it messed me up real bad. But, I somehow seemed to be replaying my mother’s actions for my son to be a victim.

I sighed as I looked into his eyes and saw the sorrow which washed them. He was a delicate flower which was being trampled on by my actions and if I didn’t sort myself out soon, I would lose him. “Look, I love you and don’t want you getting kicked out of school.” I said as I stooped to his level. He was growing to be a very handsome young man and looked like his father every day. I felt bad for not having introduced him, but something in me wanted to prove to the world that I could do this alone.

I hugged my son as I let him retreat into his room. I proceeded with my work from earlier on. I looked at the time and knew that my maid would have started working on dinner by now. It was amazing to be able to live such a wonderful life. I barely lifted a finger in my house and things were going as well as they could have been going. I was the C.E.O of a Music Institute in Chicago and had opened it 10 years ago. It had been my dream ever since I was 12 and the dream was accomplished when I reached 21. I was a fluent pianist, saxophonist, clarinet and flute player. I could also play the violin, cello, trumpet and sing a little. I had a passion for music and wanted to turn it into something else.

“Ms Cameron, would you like me to get young Tevin from his room?” My maid Jean asked as she softly knocked on the door to my study. I looked at her over my glasses and observed her posture. She was no more than 22 and had a bright future ahead of her. I motioned for her to enter and she made her way briskly and stood infront of me. Feet planted firmly into their positions.

“Why are you working for me?”

“Er-“ She said as she searched her mind for an answer to please me.

“I don’t want you to give me an answer you think I want to her.” I said now taking off my glasses. “Please do take a seat; I want you to be honest with me.”

“Well, I really just need the money right now and you took me on board when I interviewed here.” She played with her fingers and tried her best to look away from me.

I looked at her trying to figure her out. I wasn’t sure of what it was that was bothering me, but something was telling me this girl didn’t belong here. “Can you play any instruments?” I asked her, felt as though I was interviewing her all over again.

“I can play the piano ma’am. I’m now a Grade 7.”

With that said I walked over to my shelf and got out a book that said Grade 7 pieces and another that said Grade 8 pieces. I then walked over to the piano asking her to come over and play some pieces for me. She sat still for some seconds as she contemplated whether I was being serious. When she finally came, I opened the first book and indicated the piece I wanted her to play. This piece required sensitivity and compassion with every note and she executed it perfectly.

“I want for you to go pack your things and go home. Tomorrow, I would like you to meet me at the Institute and I will be giving you a slot to give some lessons.” I said walking back to the desk.

“Really?” She asked and I could hear the excitement in her voice. I nodded my head and used my hand to signal that she could leave. She got up to make her way to the door and stopped in her tracks. “What about Tevin Ma’am?” She inquired.

“No need to worry, I can look after him.” I said still with my back to her. “I will pay you as usual for today, so you also need not worry about that.” I listened as she sighed in defeat and closed the door behind her. My phone rang and I looked at the caller ID to see my latest lover calling. A soft smile fell across my face as I placed the phone to my ear.

“Hey lover.”

“Sup?” His voice was filled with irritation.

“Is everything ok?” My worry spoke for me as I honestly wanted to ignore it.

“Not really.” He paused allowing his breathing to fill in the gaps and my heart to comprehend his silence. “We need to take a break from each other. I don’t know how I’m going to cope with you having a child. I just can’t deal with that.”

I hung up and swallowed really hard. I couldn’t believe it. He was, no he left me because I had a child. But he knew that I was a mother from the start. He knew that my son was my life. But he chose to string me along for so many weeks. For months. He chose to do that. Now he left me because he couldn’t deal with me having a child. I had never asked him for anything to contribute to Tevin. This is the reason Tevin had a father. So he could be supported financially.

Men were nothing more than materialistic obsessions for me. They were the equivalent of Tevin’s toys for me. They were possessions that would break and leave me looking for a new one. They were nothing more than that. Just an erasable full stop in my life.

Run it!

If I don't get much love for this story... it might just stay on my laptop and go nowhere...

If you read Without Him, then you can expect some crazy mind games in this as well...