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OMG *In my new york accent*newbies welcomed too

I've missed u b****es *tear* & yes even u bree-b****y lol oh gosh wats gucci lik wats new who had more babies who wit who now lik catch me up n only thing new w me is now me n kirk got 5 kids yea i said five theres Chaos Reven Adonis(finally got his boy) and Amore & Adorn (twin girls) and speaking of kids kan someone pm me the link to my story all in the family it will be grately appreciated ....Any newbies just leave ya name


Nooooo she beats me Lexxi
No tell her


@kandy im doin quite well if i must say so my doctor and the nurses have been lettin me out of my padded room more often now since i started takin my pills n stopped attackin everyone :) @ana yes i will post soon as i can i miss writing @nani -_- IDGAF f*** a bree tf she gone do?!? NOT A DAMN THING TUH! Lol

i know lexi is going to start writing as soon as possible though


Chill out Lex
Bree might see that !!!!!


How've you been?

Hey :)

Hey Lexi

@ana yes they call me mcnasty just ask nani she know *wink**wink*lmfao @nani shuddup hater u just mad but dnt wrry i dnt blame u "p

@kay hey :) @dany in all honesty i've been banging nani on the low but ssshhh its a secret

lexi been busy making babies ... adonis amore adorn dang you
got a starting line up lmfao

see yall know who the real freak is

Lexxi ole weak asx !!!!!!!!!

Lexi, where you been?

nevermind dont answer that, you obviously been busy poppin out babies like a rabbit

Hey ! (: I just remembered I bookmarked it.