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Secluded Heart (Complete)

<a href="">Zaira</a> had everything going for her. She was excelling in her junior year at college at age 21, was involved in multiple extracurricular activities, and was madly in love with her boyfriend, <a href="">Travis</a>. Everything seemed to be perfect, that is, until she met <a href="">him</a> and he turned her world upside down.


man i was on the verge of tears the whole time while reading that last add.. i feel so bad for zaira. I really hope she can get past this. and julian is being sooooo supportive. i am so happy that he is there.. alexis and julians mom are also helping.. so thankful that travis and lisa are going to prison. they will not not get away with this! RUN IT

Run it

These past few chapters have been absolutely crazy and not in a good way. My heart truly goes out to Zaira and I commend her for holding her head up even though this issue is probably ripping her apart on the inside. Love, love, LOVE me some Julian. Straight up husband material! This story is hella intense. Run It

Poor Zaira. Im glad Ju didnt do anything but break Travis nose. Cause I know he wanted to kill him and Lisa. Poor Zaira having nightmares and feeling fearful and sad again. After coming so far since the first rape. The fact that Travis sick ass recorded it is horrible but im glad he did now they can punish his ass. Run It.

Poor Zaria...
Since Julian didn't do anything to them, I hope both Travis and Lisa rot in jail
Run it


I wake up the next morning at around 9 am. I look down at my chest and I see Zaira sleeping peacefully. I notice her cheeks are tear stained and I just sigh heavily. It took her forever to fall asleep last night. She could not stop crying. I started to sing to her and she didn’t know I could sing, but that really helped her fall asleep. I am still fuming. My blood is still boiling. I just cannot believe what Travis and Lisa did to my baby. They hurt her so deeply. Zaira was finally getting her life on track. She was becoming more and more comfortable with sex and that was exciting to the both of us. But last night, Travis and Lisa took all her progress away from her. That angers me to my core. Zaira is such a beautiful person inside and out and she does not deserve this s***. She deserves everything good in this world and nothing less. I just cannot imagine how hurt and scared Zaira must have been last night. It’s so hard for me to imagine Travis being inside of Zaira and that thought makes me sick to my stomach. I try to not to even think about that. It took everything I had in me to not go out last night, find Travis and Lisa, and then torture them to death. I wanted to be here for Zaira though. I couldn’t just leave her alone. What if she woke up and I wasn’t there? She would be scared to death. I couldn’t do that to her. She needs me and I know that. I feel really guilty though. I should have offered to go pick up Zaira, but I didn’t want to leave the food while it was still cooking. Zaira also said she would be fine taking the bus. I should have known better though. I should have known the second Travis found Zaira alone, he would go after her. I should have been smarter. I feel partially responsible for this, and I know Zaira doesn’t blame me, but this is still weighing on my heart. I gently rub Zaira’s cheek and I kiss her forehead. I slide out from under her and I sit up and I gently stroke her hair. I did call my mom last night once Zaira was sleeping and told her what happened. She was hurt too. She feels so bad for Zaira. Zaira and I are going to go over to my mom’s house today and we are going to stay there until Monday. I think we both just need to get away. I will ask Zaira if she wants to go to the hospital. She said the first time she was raped, the rape test they gave her was so uncomfortable and she never wanted to go through that again. We probably should have gone to the hospital as soon as she got back home, but we were both so emotion-filled, we weren’t really thinking clearly. If Travis left evidence, they would have found it last night, but now, since Zaira took a bath, the evidence may be all gone. It doesn’t really matter though because I know who did it and trust me, he and his b**** are going to pay. I plan to find them tonight and cause them major damage. As much as I want to just put a bullet into each of their heads, that’s too easy. They have to suffer. They have to suffer the way Zaira suffered. I am going to try so hard not to kill them, just because I don’t want to go to jail. I want to be here for Zaira. I just know that whatever happens, they will regret putting their hands on my woman. Why the hell did Travis think he had the right to just take advantage of Zaira’s body the way he did? What makes him think he can just force himself inside of her and hurt her in the most intimate way? No. Zaira is mine, not his. I will make sure he learns that lesson too. I sigh a bit and I leave the bedroom and I go out to the living room. I sit on the couch and I turn on my laptop. I sign onto my e-mail account and I stroll through the numerous new items in my inbox. I stop when I see a message from an unknown person. I click on the e-mail and a link for a video comes up. What could this be? I click on the link and I am angered by what I see start to play on my screen. That sick ass nigga recorded himself raping Zaira!! I really want to kill him now!! I watch as I see Travis stuff the cloth in Zaira’s mouth and I see everything. I cringe and I turn away because it is incredibly hard to watch the woman I love go through this. I notice the point where Zaira passes out and I can feel my blood boil instantly by what I see next. I see Lisa hold Zaira’s mouth open and Travis takes his d*** from inside of Zaira and he plays in her mouth with his d***. If I could jump through this damn computer screen and strangle Travis right now, I would. I have never been so damn angry in my life. I clench my jaw and fists in anger. I don’t want to watch anymore but I feel like this tape will show exactly what happened to Zaira. She may need to know. As hard as it is, I keep watching. When Travis climaxes, he does not climax inside of her. That nasty b**** Lisa swallowed his cum. So this nigga at least had the decency to do that? f*** him. He’s dumb as hell anyway. I can send this tape to the police within seconds and he and Lisa will be arrested. Matter of fact; let me do that right now. I call Crime-Stoppers in my area and they give me an email address for the local police. I attach the video, and then explain Zaira’s story and then I press send. Maybe now I won’t have to harm Travis or Lisa myself, even though I still want to. I just don’t want any legal trouble. I sold drugs long enough which was illegal, so I don’t want to do any more illegal activities. I sigh and I close my laptop and I sit back into the couch.

“Hi,” Zaira said softly. I turn to the doorway and I see Zaira standing there. Her eyes are so swollen and red.

“Hi gorgeous...come here,” I said. Zaira slowly walks over to the couch and sits next to me and I hug her tight and she hugs me. I then examine her face and move some of her hair out of her face.

“How are you feeling?,” I asked. Zaira just shrugs her shoulders and I gently rub her left hand.

“.....I can’t even imagine how you feel Zaira. I know you are beyond hurt right you want to go to the hospital?,” I asked.

“I don’t know.....I realized that last night I washed the evidence away. I just wanted to get rid of any trace of Travis and Lisa,” Zaira said wearily.

“I understand baby.”

“...In about six weeks I should get tested for any STD’s and in three months HIV and I may need a pregnancy test until then.....we can’ know,” Zaira said while looking down.

“I know baby I definitely understand.” I look over at Zaira and I notice her close her eyes as she starts crying.

“Zaira, baby it’s ok,” I said while gently rubbing Zaira’s back.

“.....I’m so sorry Julian. I just.....I was so ready to be intimate with you. I really wanted to take our relationship to that next level....I have been making great progress with you when it came to my intimacy I have to start all over,” Zaira said through tears.

“And I am going to be with you every step of the way baby. I am not going anywhere. I promise.”

“....How can you be so supportive? How can you look at me and not be disgusted?” I think now is the time. I have to tell her.

“Because I love you Zaira,” I said strongly. Zaira just looks at me in shock. Her eyes water even more and I just smile at her.

“ love me?,” Zaira whispered.

“I love everything about you Zaira. I would not change a single thing about you...I love your smile, your laugh, how caring you are, how beautiful you are inside in and out. I love you so much Zaira. Words could never ever describe the feelings I have for you in my heart Zaira.” There I said it. It feels so good to get that off of my chest. Zaira just looks me in my eyes and I gently rub her left hand.

“Julian.....I love you too. I love you so much. You mean everything to me. You treat me so well. You always make me feel special and cared for. Your have such a good heart Julian. I love that about you. You always put me before yourself and you take such good care of your family.....god I love you,” Zaira said through tears. Hearing Zaira say that means everything to me. Zaira puts her head in my chest and I wrap my arms around her tight. I can feel how much she needs me and I know I will be there for her every step of the way.

“....I’m so lucky to have you,” Zaira whispered. I just smile and I kiss her forehead.

“Zaira....I need to tell you something,” I said. She just nods her head and I pull out of the embrace and I look at her.

“Well......I got an e-mail this morning.....I think it was from Travis.....he recorded the entire.....rape,” I said cautiously.

“....He....he recorded it?,” Zaira asked in fear.

“Yeah he did.....from the beginning to the end.....I did watch it because I wanted to be able to tell you what you went through....I did not want you to watch it.”

“Was it.....was it bad? Be honest.”

“Well.....the whole thing lasted about forty five minutes.....Zaira.....they were both....very forceful. When you were passed out......Lisa held your mouth open know......put it in your mouth.” Zaira just turns her head and holds her stomach in disgust.

“....Oh my god.....did Lisa do anything to me?,” Zaira said just above a whisper.

“No.....she just watched other than the beginning when she was feeling on you......when know.....when he came....she swallowed. He did not climax inside of you.” Zaira just nods her head and puts her face in her hands.

“Zaira I sent the police your story and that tape. I am sure they will pick up Travis and Lisa as soon as they can,” I said.

“You did that?,” Zaira questioned.

“Of course I Zaira. I won’t even lie. When I found out about what Travis and Lisa did to you....I wanted to kill them. I thought about every imaginable way to kill someone. I wanted them to suffer the way you made me suffer.....but I could not just leave you last night. I know you needed me....and I do not want to do something I will regret that is why I sent everything to the police....because if I get involved, trust me....I would be going to jail for murder.”

“I understand.....Julian you cannot leave me. I need you.”

“I know that baby.....I called my mom last night and told her what happened.....would you like to stay with her and Alexis until Monday?”

“....I would like that.”

“ I ask you something?”


“Well.....lately I have been thinking about something.....we spend all of our free time together. I basically live with you and you with would like to get a new place for us. I want to keep you safe so I think you should move.....would you like for us to get a place together?”

“Julian......I would love that. I really would.” I just smile and lean in and kiss Zaira’s cheek.

“It’s a plan then about you go get ready? We can stop by the police station before we go to my mom’s.....would you like some breakfast?,” I offered.

“No thanks I’m not really hungry.”

“Ok....go get ready beautiful.” Zaira nods her head and she gets up from the couch and heads back to her bedroom. Right now, she seems ok. She is strong I know she is and I know this situation is going to be very difficult for her to get through. But she has to know she has all the support in the world from people that care about her. I take out my phone and I call Angela and I tell her everything that happened. She tells me that she and Cameron will be right over. 25 minutes later, Angela and Cameron come and they walk in the apartment as I close and lock the door behind him.

“Where is she?,” Angela asked in a hurry.

“In the bedroom she should be out shortly,” I said.

“I can’t believe that nigga and that ho did this s*** to Zaira. It’s not right man,” Cameron said.

“s*** I know.....I was beyond pissed when I found out.....but they will get exactly what they deserve, that’s a promise,” I said.

“Julian, if you want me and you can cause some damage right now,” Cameron offered.

“Baby no, I don’t need you and Julian going to jail....that tape is all the proof the police needs. Travis and Lisa will rot in prison,” Angela said. Then, Zaira comes out of the bedroom all dressed.

“Oh boo,” Angela said. Angela walks over to Zaira and they hug each other tight as they cry. They are both crying so hard. Cameron and I do our best to console them. After a five minute embrace, Angela and Zaira pull out of the embrace. Angela wipes Zaira’s tears then kisses her check.

“Zaira....I am so sorry for what happened.....for you to have to go through this pain very unfair. It’s not right....but Julian, me and Cameron are here for you,” Angela said.

“I know Angela. I love you,” Zaira said.

“I love you too boo,” Angela said. Cameron then comes over to Zaira and hugs her tight for a few minutes.

“You’re strong Zaira, you will get through this,” Cameron said.

“Thanks Cameron,” Zaira said. She kisses his cheek and then looks at me. She walks over to me and she rests her head on my shoulder and wraps an arm around me. I smile a bit and I kiss her forehead.

“Zaira I promise if I see Lisa I will f*** her up. That nasty ass b****,” Angela said.

“....I don’t want any of ya’ll to fight either of them.....even though I think they deserve it, I need you all here with me not sitting in jail for assault or murder. Ok?,” Zaira said. Me, Angela and Cameron nod our heads. I am going to try so hard to control my anger but I am still very angry about all of this. I just have to keep my cool for Zaira’s sake. I don’t want to abandon or disappoint her.

“Baby I think we should go to the hospital ok? I want you to get checked out. Then we can go to the police station, then to my mom’s alright?,” I said. Zaira just nods her head and I kiss her cheek.

“We will come with you two to the hospital and police station,” Angela said. Zaira smiles a bit and nods her head. I go to the bedroom to take a quick shower then I get dressed real quick. Zaira and I pack our bags to stay with my mom. Once we are ready, me, Zaira, Angela and Cameron head out to the hospital in different cars. Once we get to the hospital, we tell the receptionist Zaira’s story and she is lead to a room. She changes into a hospital gown and then sits on the hospital table. I stand next to her and hold her hand tight, while Angela and Cameron sit in chairs next to the table. A few minutes later, a female doctor comes in and starts the examination. She starts with asking Zaira what happened. She then examines Zaira’s body for any bruises or cuts. She notices Zaira has bruises on her arms and legs from where the handcuffs were. The doctor also notices a scar from where Zaira was injected with the drug, since Lisa had no clue how to use a needle. The doctor takes pictures of all of these bruises. The doctor then checks Zaira’s vitals and takes a blood sample. After that, Zaira is lied down on the hospital bed and is asked to open her legs. The doctor takes vaginal swabs and I could tell it was slightly uncomfortable for Zaira. She held my hand tightly until it was over. Once that is done, the doctor gives Zaira a cheek swab. The doctor ends with a few more questions then tells Zaira to come back in about six weeks for STD testing and three months for HIV testing. Zaira changes back into her clothes and then we all leave and head to the police station. Once we get there, we all go in and I think all of our heart drops by what we see. We see Travis and Lisa both handcuffed sitting down. I swear I could just bust both of their heads open. When Zaira sees them, she instantly moves behind me. She can’t face them and who could blame her? I see Cameron clench his fists and Angela does the same. I go to the front desk and I tell them who I am and who Zaira is and they say they arrested Travis and Lisa and they will be held without bail until their trail. This news is beyond exciting. I hope they rot in jail, then hell. I ask if I can talk to them and the police officer says that is fine. I stand right in front of Travis and Lisa and I look down at them. Travis looks up at me with the most evil look on his face, and Lisa looks at me terrified.

“You know? After what you two did to my woman last night, I thought about so many ways to kill the both of you. Slice your necks, beat you to death, or one shot to the head each. Neither of you deserve to even walk this earth after what you did to two deserve the slowest and most painful deaths known to man. It’s taking everything I have in me right now, to not strangle you two right now....but I realized something. I’m better than the both of you could ever be. I don’t want to spend the rest of my life in jail, but you two will. You two exactly where you belong,” I said sternly. I turn to walk away but then I turn around and I look right at Travis. Before I even knew it, my right fist connected with Travis’ nose. I heard a cracking noise and Travis yells out in pain. I broke his nose, just how I wanted. Now I am somewhat satisfied :) I look and see Travis’ nose bleeding and I see his nose his crooked. Lisa just looks at me and I smile a bit and then I turn away. Me, Zaira, Angela and Cameron leave in a hurry.

“My nigga he deserved that s*** at least,” Cameron said while laughing a bit.

“Yeah one hit and you broke his nose. Good job,” Angela said while laughing too.

“I could not help myself. Seeing the both of them....brought out so much anger in me. I’m surprised I didn’t do worse,” I said. I look at Zaira and she smiles a bit and I kiss her cheek.

“Ok we are going to head home.....Zaira if you need us, please don’t hesitate to call us. If you want to call me just to cry, I will listen. Me and Cameron are both here for you,” Angela said.

“Yeah Zaira. Don’t forget that,” Cameron said. Zaira nods her head and she hugs them both and they get in Cameron’s car and then they leave. Zaira and I get in my car and I drive to my mom’s house. Zaira was pretty quiet the drive there. I hope she’s ok. I want her to be able to talk to me whenever she needs to.

“Zaira, baby I don’t want you to hold any feelings in. If you need to talk, you know I will listen,” I said.

“I know,” Zaira said softly. Zaira takes my right hand and kisses it gently and I smile.

“You hungry babe? I know you haven’t eaten today. We can get your favorite Chipotle,” I offered. Zaira nods her head and I smile and nod my head. On the way to my mom’s house, we stop by Chipotle and we eat there. Once we are done, we continue the drive to my mom’s house. We get to my mom’s house at around 1 pm. I get all of our bags and I unlock the door to the house and Zaira and I walk in. I close the door and then Zaira and I take off our shoes and jackets. My mom comes to the door and she looks so worried.

“Zaira, baby are you alright?,” my mom asked with concern.

“I’m ok Karen,” Zaira said softly. My mom hugs Zaira so tight and they share a long embrace. My mom says a prayer for Zaira and then she pulls out of the embrace. My mom wipes Zaira’s face of the tears that fell then kisses her cheek. My mom then hugs me tight. Alexis then comes downstairs to the door. She runs to Zaira and Zaira picks her up and holds her tight.

“Aunty Zaira you ok?,” Alexis asked.

“I’m ok baby girl,” I said.

“Julian, why don’t you and Zaira go get settled upstairs. Zaira I want you to rest ok?,” my mom said.

“Ok ma,” Julian said.

“Zaira, can I go with you and Juju?,” Alexis asked.

“I would like that Alexis,” Zaira said. I get me and Zaira’s bags and then we both walk upstairs to my bedroom. I set down our bags and Zaira sets Alexis down on the bed. Zaira lies down and Alexis lies down next to her. They face each other and Alexis gently rubs Zaira’s cheek.

“Zaira, I’m sorry that mean man and lady hurt you. You don’t deserve it.....but God will take care of them ok?,” Alexis said.

“You’re so sweet baby girl, thank you,” Zaira said while smiling a bit. Zaira kisses Alexis’ cheek and then they cuddle close. I just smile and I go over to them and I kiss both of their cheeks.

“I’ll be downstairs baby. I’m going to talk to my mom for a bit. Call me if you need me,” I said.

“Ok baby,” Zaira said. I leave the room closing the door behind me and I go downstairs to the kitchen and I see my mom sitting at the kitchen table. I sit next to her and she gently rubs my hand.

“How is she doing?,” my mom asked.

“She seems ok right now....last night she couldn’t stop crying though. Ma she is so hurt.....she has already had to go through this once before, and now again? It ain’t right,” I said.

“I know it’s not baby.....but she’s strong. She made it once before and she can do it might be harder this time though since she once loved the man that raped her. She is going to become very cautious about those she thinks are close to her. You have to prove to her that you will not hurt her. You have to be there for her even when she doesn’t want you to be. She might push you away because she is hurting, but don’t take that personal at all Julian. Just continue to be there for her.”

“You’re right ma....I know she needs me and I will be there for her.....I even asked her to get a place with me. I don’t want her out of my sight anymore.”

“That sounds like a good idea baby....I know how much you love her.”

“Yeah I do. And I told her that this morning.....she loves me too.”

“Oh Julian that’s great. I am so happy for you two.....I know this may be a rough patch, but you two will get through it, I know you will. Love conquers all never forget that.”

“I know ma, thanks.”

“How are you doing with all of this? I know your hot tempered self wanted to cause some sort of damage.”

“You’re right about that.....I was so angry last night ma. I wanted to find Travis and Lisa and make them suffer. I wanted to kill them, but then I realized that wouldn’t be right. I have to let the legal system take care of them because Zaira needs me and I can’t abandon her......I did break Travis’ nose though,” I said while smiling a bit.

“You did?!”

“Yeah....when we went to the police station, Travis and Lisa were there and I talked to them. You know, I told them how I felt. The next thing I know, my right fist connects with Travis’ nose and I broke it,” I said while shrugging.

“Oh you know I do not condone violence......but he at least deserved that,” my mom said while laughing a bit.

“You’re right about that......but ma it really hurts me that Travis hurt Zaira in such a personal way. She was really starting to feel more comfortable with sex, but Travis and Lisa took that away from her....that’s what hurts the most.”

“I understand baby....I know it’s not fair, but you and Zaira just have to work at this together. You two will get there, don’t worry.” I just nod my head and I hug my mom tight and I kiss her cheek. We talk for a little bit, but about an hour later, I hear Zaira scream from upstairs. My mom and I quickly get up from the table and run upstairs to my bedroom. I open the door and I see Zaira sitting up in the bed with Alexis in her lap and they are holding each other tight. Zaira is crying.

“Baby what’s wrong?,” I asked quickly. Zaira is shaking and she can barely talk.

“She had a nightmare Juju,” Alexis said softly.

“Baby girl let’s give Julian and Zaira some alone time,” my mom said. Alexis nods her head and kisses Zaira’s cheek and then gets out of Zaira’s lap and down from the bed. She walks over to my mom and they leave the room closing the door behind them. I walk over to the bed and I get in and Zaira grabs my shirt and pulls me close to her and cries heavily on my chest. I wrap my arms around her the best way I can.

“I...I can’t get it out of my mind. Every time I close my eyes....I see Travis. He is all I see,” Zaira said through tears.

“I know baby I know. It’s ok,” I said. Zaira moves closer to me and wraps her arms around my neck. Damn she really needs me right now. I can feel that.

“Zaira....this is going to be hard for both of us. But we have each other, and people that care about us. So we can make it. It may be a long, difficult road but I believe in you. I believe in us,” I said.

“I love you so much,” Zaira whispered.

“I love you too Zaira.” I kiss her forehead multiple times and then I lie down pulling Zaira to lay her head on my chest as she lies down next to me.

“Try and relax babe,” I said softly.

“Julian....sing to me. I love your voice,” Zaira whispered. I nod my head and I start to softly sing a lullaby. I gently rock Zaira as I sing and I can feel her calm down against me. I gently rub her head and after about 15 minutes, I look down and I see Zaira sleeping. I rest my chin on top of her head and I hold her tight as I drift off to sleep as well.

At around 6 pm, I feel Zaira move under me. I slowly open my eyes and I see her looking up at me. I smile and I kiss her nose and she smiles a bit. Then there’s a knock on the door.

“Come in,” I said. The door opens and Zaira and I smile when we see Alexis.

“Hi...grandma told me to tell you two that dinner is ready. Grandma cooked chili and cornbread. She said you two can eat up here if you want,” Alexis said sweetly.

“You hungry babe?,” I asked Zaira.

“Yeah....let’s eat with your mom and Alexis,” Zaira said.

“Ok....we’ll be right down,” I said. Alexis smiles and nods her head and walks downstairs. Zaira and I sit up in the bed and she looks at me and leans in and pecks my lips. I smile then grab her face and kiss her lips a few more times. She smiles afterwards and that makes me happy. I want her to be able to keep smiling. I take her hand and we get out of the bed and walk downstairs to the kitchen. Everyone fixes their bowls and drinks and then we all sit down at the table. My mom says a prayer and then we start eating. We all talked together which was really nice. Zaira is trying really hard to take her mind off of everything, which I admire. It’s good for her to just keep a daily routine. After dinner, I help my mom clean up the dishes while Zaira and Alexis goes upstairs. Zaira goes into my bedroom to start some of her homework while Alexis goes into her bedroom to take her bath. At around 7:30 I go upstairs to the bedroom and I see Zaira sitting in the bed with Alexis sitting in between her legs. They are laughing about something while Zaira twists Alexis’ hair. This sight melts my heart. I love that two of the most important people in my life are so close. I smile and I close the door behind me and I sit on the bed next to Zaira. I kiss her cheek then I kiss Alexis’ cheek in a silly manner while she giggles.

“Juju stop! You are getting spit all over my cheek!,” Alexis exclaimed. Zaira and I just laugh as Alexis wipes her left cheek. I wrap my arm around Zaira’s shoulders and I kiss her forehead. She looks at me and smiles.

“You alright gorgeous?,” I asked Zaira while playing in her hair.

“I’m ok Julian....thank you,” Zaira said.

“It’s really good to see you smile.....even though I know you are hurt.” Zaira just nods her head and I see tears form in her eyes. I wipe her tears the minute they fall and I kiss her cheek multiple times.

“It’s ok to cry you know Zaira. It’s good for the heart,” Alexis said nicely. Zaira just nods her head and kisses Alexis’ forehead. I just watch Zaira as she goes back to twisting Alexis’ hair. She is really trying so hard to keep it together, even though I know she wants to break down. If Zaira wants to break down, I will be right with her to pick up the pieces.

wtf!?? i cant believe that happened again!! i hope julian deals with travis (but dont get caught lol)..travis and lisa are so damn sick they deserve to rot in hell or prison for what they did! i hope zaira can get past this just like the last one..i know ts definitely gonna be a least she has julian on her side..RUN IT

Please let this be a bad nightmare she's having. No one deserves to be rapes twice. Just as her and Julian were progressing and she was getting comfortable with sex rhis happens. Then Lisa helps him rape him. Please let this be a bad nightmare.

WTF Nooooo. I can't believe Travis did that to her. I mean I know he's f***ed up and all but to drug and rape Zaira... He knows what she went through the first time yet he still did it .mh. He's a crazy jealous monster. He and that b**** Lisa will get what's coming to them. Julians gonna kill his ass. Oh lord. Why'd this have to happen Zaira was finally moving on from her past only for this to happen. Travis your a dead man. And I wish she'd have went straight to the police. Shes washed all the evidence away which will make it harder to convict Travis. Again He's gone die now... Julians gone kill him. Lisa too. Man . Run It.

I feel so bad for Zaria.
Lisa and Travis are both sick.
Julian don't need anymore trouble... but that b**** ass nigga Travis needs to get hurt.
Run it!

Aww man I can't believe that happened to her it

This add made me sick to my stomach because of how Travis violated her and I hope he and Lisa go to jail for life for what they did. I'm glad Julian was there for her and was trying to help. Run it

WTF!!!!!!!!!!! NOOOO!! NOT AGAIN!!!! THE f***!!! I'm just sooooo super pissed and upset. travis is a b**** ass nigga for the s*** that he pulled. I can't believe him. I hope he doesn't think niggas ain't coming for his ass! Best believe s*** will get handled!!! I feel so bad for zaira. She is too nice and sweet to be going through this pain. I'm in shock and I kinda don't know what to say! Omg, No. Run it!!

Please leave me comments ladies and don't be mad!


Four days pass and its Friday evening at around 7 pm. I am currently coming home from the library. I wanted to finish some homework so Julian left the library a little earlier than I did. He is cooking me dinner tonight. He is truly amazing. He really cares about me and he shows it whenever he is given the opportunity. I am really falling for him. I am sure I am falling in love with him. I want to tell him so bad; I just don’t want to push him away. So I will wait for a bit. Well I just got off the bus at my stop, but I have a few blocks to walk. I start walking and I feel this strange feeling like someone is watching me. I turn to look but I don’t see anyone. I take a deep breath and I pick up my pace and I can hear someone moving towards me. I turn around and the next thing I know, a blunt object goes against my head and everything goes black.......

I slowly come back to consciousness. I slowly open my eyes and I try to figure out where I am. I look around the room and I see Travis and Lisa. I gasp in fear and I try to sit up in the bed I am laying in, but I find my arms and legs are handcuffed to the bed. I try to move, but I can’t. I look down and see I am completely naked. I then scream at the top of my lungs and Travis quickly stuffs a small cloth in my mouth. I just look at him in fear and he quickly takes off his shirt, beater, pants and boxers. I just shake my head. I really hope he is not going to do what I think he is going to do. This cannot be happening to me. This has to be a nightmare. If it is, I sure hope I wake up soon.

“Lisa, get her ready,” Travis said coldly. Lisa smiles and nods her head. Lisa then strips completely naked and I just shake my head vigorously. Travis and Lisa are both beyond sick. I just close my eyes tight as Lisa climbs on top of me. I feel tears forming in my eyes as she roughly caresses my stomach and breasts. I swear I could vomit. Her touch is making my skin crawl. She leans down and kisses and licks my neck and I try to move from under her. I just yank at my legs and arms so hard, even though I can’t get lose.

“Aww Zaira, don’t be scared baby. Travis is going to take real good care of you,” Lisa said softly. I can’t even look at her so I just keep my eyes closed, even though tears fall down my cheeks. She runs her hands up and down my legs and I feel them move closer to my pussy. Oh my god this cannot be real life. This b**** is sick and so is Travis. I want to be with Julian right now. He is all I can think about right now. I wish he could come save me. I feel Lisa’s hands start to caress my pussy and I cringe at her touch. Why is this s*** happening to me? I open my eyes and I see Travis watching evilly while he strokes his d***. How does this turn him on? He has to be a sociopath. I just close my eyes and I turn my head to the side and I start balling my eyes out. I try to scream through the cloth in my mouth, but it’s muffled so I am sure no one can hear me. I then jump when I feel Lisa slides two fingers inside of me.

“Travis she is tight for you,” Lisa said sensually. Wrong b****! I am tight for Julian and no one else! I cannot let this happen. I have to get out of here. I cannot let Travis do this to me. I start going crazy by yanking my arms and legs. I will break the damn headboard if I have to. I cannot just let them do this to me.

“She wants to fight Lisa, give her the shot,” Travis demanded. I just yank my arms and legs, until I feel a needle stick me in my right arm. I feel myself becoming very drowsy instantly. It’s getting harder and harder for me to keep my eyes open. Tears stream down my face and I turn my head to the side as my vision begins to cloud. Lisa gets off of me and Travis gets on top of me. I feel his hands all over my body and he leans down and kisses my neck. His touch and lips make me cringe now. He is just so forceful.

“ owe me this. I deserve this, not that nigga Julian I do!,” Travis said in an aggravated tone. I just shake my head but I just want to close my eyes and fall asleep. I try to keep my eyes open and I look at Travis as numerous tears stream down my cheeks and even more fill my eyes. How could he do this to me? He said he loved me at one point, but I now know that is a lie. He could never even think of doing this to me if he truly loved me. I look in his eyes, but I see no soul. His eyes are pure cold. I see him stroke his d*** and I start shaking. I’m so scared and hurt right now. I refuse to believe that this is about to happen. I cannot fully register this. This happened to me once already and it has taken me years to recover. I think it is going to be more emotionally scarring than the last time because I use to love this man. I gave this man my heart and now he is doing this to me? That’s unthinkable. I yell through the cloth as Travis rams himself inside of me. I know he did not put a condom on. I just scream as he pumps deep and fast inside of me. I can hear him grunting and moaning and I just.....I’m sick to my stomach. He leans down so his body is resting on top of mine and he turns so his mouth right next to my left ear.

“Ahhh s*** feel so good. I knew you would be tight.....f***,” Travis moaned. If I could throw up right now I would. I cannot believe Travis is doing this to me. I just close my eyes and I just try to think of something better than the situation I am in right now. Instantly Julian comes into my head. I think about our relationship and how good it is progressing. I can’t help but think about his smile. When he smiles, I smile. I love him. I truly do. I wonder if he feels the same? How will he feel once I tell him about what is happening to me right now? Will he stay? Whatever Lisa gave me in the needle, really hits me and I just close my eyes, trying to escape this harsh reality.

I don’t know how long the rape lasted and I don’t want to know. When I come to consciousness again, I am sitting at my apartment door. I have no clue how I got here or how long I have been here. I look around and I see Lisa and Travis pull off in a car, so I must not have been here for very long. I am fully dressed, and I do have all of my belongings. I slowly stand up and I feel a great deal of pain through my legs. I can feel my eyes are puffy from all the crying I did I am sure I look a mess. I don’t even look for my keys; I just knock weakly on the door. Julian quickly answers and when he sees me, his whole demeanor changes. He looks absolutely distraught.

“Zaira....what happened?,” Julian asked quickly. I just look at him as tears fill my eyes. I don’t want to face him. I feel absolutely disgusting and vile. How could he want someone that has been raped twice? Just the thought makes me sick to my stomach. I throw down my backpack and I grab my stomach and I run into the apartment and into the bathroom and I throw up quickly over the toilet. I see Julian come into the bathroom shortly after I did. Once I am done vomiting, I wipe my mouth and I flush the toilet. I sit next to the toilet and I pull my knees to my chest. I cannot even face Julian right now. Julian kneels down in front of me and I can feel his eyes on me.

“Zaira, what happened to you? Please just tell me,” Julian pleaded.

“No...I can’ won’t want me anymore,” I said while balling.

“That’s not true at all....tell me....was it Travis? Did he do something?” I just nod my head slowly while looking at Julian.

“...Did he hurt you?,” Julian asked cautiously.

“....Yes,” I said softly.

“How? Tell me Zaira.”

“He.....he....Julian, I’m sorry. I’m so sorry. I tried to stop him but I couldn’t. I was handcuffed and I couldn’t get lose, but I tried. I tried so hard Julian. Lisa gave me a shot of something and it made me so drowsy, so I couldn’t stay awake. But I tried to fight as hard as I could. I promise you I did,” I said while sobbing.

“What? Zaira....what are you saying? What did he do? Huh? Did that nigga rape you?!,” Julian said in an aggravated tone. I just look him in his eyes and I can tell he is angry and hurt. I don’t want to hurt him. I just look down and I hide my head in my knees as I start shaking while crying uncontrollably.

“Zaira......did he rape you?,” Julian asked with concern. I cry for about a minute and then I look up at Julian in his eyes. I can see tears forming in his eyes and that hurts me so deeply.

“Ye-yes. He did,” I said while stuttering a bit. Julian just looks at me in complete shock. It looks like the wind has been knocked out of him. He just wraps his arms around me and we both just cry together. He’s hurt because I’m hurt.

“I’m so sorry.....I am so sorry. I tried calling you and I didn’t get an answer. I went out looking for you, but I didn’t know where you were.......god I feel awful,” Julian said.

“It’s not your fault,” I said softly.

“Yes it is. This is my entire fault. That nigga has had it out for me since day one......this isn’t fair to you.”

“Julian.......don’t say that.....I need you now more than ever.” Julian pulls out of the embrace and he looks at me. I can see guilt in his eyes but he shouldn’t feel guilty at all. It’s Travis and Lisa’s fault and no one else’s. He just inspects my body with his eyes and then sighs heavily.

“...I’ll run you a bath,” Julian said softly. I nod my head and he stands up and then he helps me stand up. He turns on the water in the tub to a very warm temperature and he puts a few bubbles in it. He leaves the bathroom and I slowly undress and I immerse my body in the water. I can’t help but cry right now. I’m beyond hurt. There are no words to describe how I feel. I can’t believe I loved Travis at one point. How could he do that to me? How could he hurt me so deeply like that? A few minutes later, Julian comes back with a towel and a washcloth. Julian sets the towel on the towel rack and he kneels next to the bathtub. He takes the washcloth and he starts to gently wash my body as I softly cry. He gently runs his hand through my hair.

“....Are you alright?,” Julian asked.

“.....He hurt me so bad Julian....I was hoping it was a bad nightmare, wasn’t.....I tried to think....I tried to think about you because you are one of the few things that make me happy.....I was so scared Julian....I tried to fight back, but I just couldn’t....he was so rough Julian. He made my skin crawl and I wanted to vomit the whole time......he didn’t even have the decency to wear a condom. I have no idea if he.....he could have given me an STD or even gotten me pregnant......this isn’t fair Julian.....what gives him the right to take advantage of my body like it’s his? Huh? Explain it to me!,” I said while yelling towards the end.

“Zaira.....he is a sick son of a b**** for what he did to you. No man EVER has the right to take advantage of a woman’s body like he owns it or like you owe him something. You didn’t owe him a damn thing and that bastard hurt you in the most intimate way possible......Zaira as soon as I find him, I am going to kill him and make sure his body is never found. That’s a f***in’ promise,” Julian said sternly.

“No....don’t say that.....I need you, don’t leave me.” Julian just looks at me and he nods his head, but I know he still wants revenge on Travis. I need him right now; I don’t even want him to risk doing anything so dangerous. He is all I have. I need him to get through this, for a second time. After a thirty minute bath, Julian takes me out of the tub and dries me off. He carries me to the bedroom and he asks me if I want to go to the hospital, but I don’t want to right now. I tell him I will go tomorrow. He says that is fine and he helps me lotion up and then get dressed for bed. He lies me down in the bed and then he lies down next to me and then pulls the covers over us. I instantly cuddle close to him and I rest my head on his chest as I cry. I cannot stop crying. This’s unbearable right now. Julian wraps his arms around me and holds me tight and kisses my forehead.

“It’s ok baby. It’s ok. I’m right here and I am not going anywhere....I am not letting you out of my sight,” Julian reassured me. I just nod my head and I look towards the wall. I feel so violated right now. I’m hurt, angry and sad all at the same time. I just blink multiple times as numerous tears continuously fill my eyes. Why me? Why is that as soon as things start to become good for me, they almost immediately turn bad? What did I do? Why do I deserve all of this pain? Bad things happen to good people, but I never really understood that. I am a firm believer in God and I know I shouldn’t question why. The only thing I can do is pray. Pray that God gives me strength. Pray that God gives Julian strength. Pray that God will help me get through this situation just like the last one. Right now, I need all of the help I can get, because honestly I’m so hurt and....I don’t even want to live to deal with this pain right now.

Travis is behind it! Run it!

Ugh Travis needs to move on...or move far away, lol. Run it

travis needs to get a life and leave them alone!

Ugh see there's always some hater lurking tryna mess up there happiness. I do think Travis is behind that note being left there but at the same time I feel someone else could be lurking... Considering both there past. I hope this doesn't come between what they have. And I don't want neither of them hurt. Run It!!!

Travis is probably behind the note on the door
Run it

They can never be happy too long


It’s been two days since I have officially paid off my debts to Antonio. To say I’m happy would be an understatement. I cannot even explain how happy I am with words. I feel like a completely different person. I don’t have to worry about strangers blowing up my phone for drugs, I don’t have to worry about niggas threatening me and I don’t have to answer to anyone but myself. I am free to do what I want to do and it feels so good. I feel completely liberated. Now I get to spend all my free time with Zaira, and my family. They all mean everything to me. I especially have a soft spot developing for Zaira. That’s my baby. I care about that woman so much. I am definitely falling in love with her. She treats me like a king. She will do anything for me and I appreciate that so much. She truly does accept me for who I am and she even accepts my family. My mom and Alexis love Zaira so much and I can’t even blame them. I just really hope that no one tries to disturb our happiness. The only reason I say that is because when I dropped off the last of my money to Antonio, Travis’ punk ass was there. He was glaring at me like he was plans to do pull some s***. I should have knocked his ass out, but I wanted to get back home to my baby Zaira. I just know that Zaira and I have to watch our backs. I know Travis still has it out for me. He wants Zaira back, but he needs to understand that he lost his chance. He f***ed up and now Zaira has moved on to better, and that’s me. I don’t understand how he could cheat on Zaira with that ho Lisa. Zaira has some fantastic, Grade A pussy and I haven’t even d***ed her down and I can still say that!! But Travis was too eager and wasn’t patient and it’s his lose. I’m just glad that it’s all mine now ;) Speaking of which, I am on my way to Zaira’s place now. It’s around 6 pm Monday and I am pulling up to her apartment complex. I park, get out, lock my doors and walk upstairs to her apartment with a small overnight bag in my hand. We are going to cook dinner together and just spend quality time. It’s going to be great. I knock on her door and my baby answers the door in a hurry.

“Hi baby,” Zaira said while smiling.

“Hey beautiful...give me a kiss,” I said. Zaira smiles and she moves closer to me and gives me a passionate kiss and then we share an embrace. She grabs my hand and we walk in and I close and lock the door behind us. I take off my shoes, jacket and I take my bag to her room. I then go into the kitchen and I look at her washing her hands at the sink. I come up behind her and I wrap my arms around her waist and hold her tight. She turns her head and looks up at me and I kiss her nose. She just smiles and pecks my lips. I take my arms from around her waist and I wash my hands as well. We make baked chicken, rice and beans, and greens. I love that Zaira can cook and she always makes sure I am fed when I am around. I really like that about her. She is really good to me, even though I didn’t deserve it at first. I am so thankful she did not give up on me because I want and need this woman in my life. I’m here to stay if she is. As we were cooking, I kept messing with Zaira sexually. I really cannot help myself when I am with her. She is so damn sexy!! But she doesn’t even try. Right now she has on a raggedy t-shirt a pair of baggy sweatpants, but her curves peek out no matter what she wears. She can never hide them. I cannot wait until I can be inside her. I don’t want to rush and I want her to be sure about it. I won’t take it that far unless she initiates it first. She has to know that I don’t want to rush that stage with her. Once the food is ready, we make our plates and then we sit at the table. We say our blessing and then we start to eat.

“Baby this food is delicious. Who taught you how to cook?,” I asked.

“Surprisingly my dad. My dad and I use to cook together all the time. My mom wasn’t much of a cook, but she could make any desserts imaginably. She was in charge of desserts and my dad and I were in charge of the main course meals.....before he went out to sell drugs, we always cooked dinner together. He taught me everything,” Zaira said while looking down.

“You miss him huh babe?” Zaira just looks at me as tears fill her eyes. I scoot my chair closer to hers and I wrap my arm around her waist and she rests her head on my shoulder.

“Were you close?,” I asked.

“Yeah....I was a daddy’s girl. We spent a lot of time together. I was close to my mom too. We were just a close family. My parents were my only family. They were both the only child in their families and their parents died before I was even born, so they were all I knew. They were all I had,” Zaira said as tears ran down her cheeks.

“Oh baby I am so sorry....I cannot even imagine how hard their deaths were for you. I never knew my dad but my dad has always been around whenever I have needed her. I am so thankful that she is still here with me and I am thankful for her.....but baby you should know have me now. You have me, my mom and Alexis.....we aren’t going anywhere,” I said. Zaira just smiles and nods her head. I wipe her tears and then I kiss her cheek. She hugs me tight and then we continue eating. I gently rub her back as we eat. Zaira has really been through a lot but somehow she manages to be this amazingly sweet person that puts everyone else’s needs before her own. That’s amazing to me. She has not let her past make her bitter, which is really amazing to me. I could really learn from her. Once Zaira and I are finished eating, we clean the dishes, put the leftovers away and then we go into her bedroom. She lies down in the bed and I lie down next to her and I rest my head on her breasts. I love these cushions ;) I take my left hand and I gently squeeze her right breast and she slaps my hand away and I laugh.

“Leave my big boobs alone,” Zaira joked.

“Woman I love these things, even though I haven’t even seen them,” I said. Zaira just laughs and shakes her head. I lift up her shirt a bit and I plant kisses all over her stomach. I put down her shirt as she turns on the tv. She turns to Family Guy and we watch the show together. At around 9 pm, Zaira and I are startled by loud banging on the door. We both sit up in the bed and look at each other in a bit of fear.

“I’ll go check it out baby,” I said.

“Ok baby please be careful,” Zaira said. I nod my head and I kiss her cheek and I go to the door. I look through the peephole but I don’t see anyone in sight. I open the door and I gasp in shock when I see what’s on the door. I see a huge butcher knife in the door, with a note attached to it. I take the knife out, leaving the note to fall. The note falls in my hands and I open it and it reads “Watch your back. She’s mine.” I just sigh heavily and I quickly slam the door in anger and secure all the locks. I turn to go back to Zaira’s bedroom and I see Zaira standing at the bedroom door. When she sees the butcher knife in my hand, she gasps in fear. She just looks up at me in fear. I do not like seeing Zaira like this.

“Julian.....what is that?,” Zaira asked.

“It was on the door....along with a note that says “Watch your back. She’s mine,” I said while sighing. Zaira just moves closer to me and she takes the note and reads it.

“....It doesn’t look like Travis’ handwriting to me, but I am sure that he is behind this.....Julian I’m sorry,” Zaira said sympathetically.

“Why are you sorry? This isn’t your fault. Travis is choosing to do this, not you. He just can’t let you go sadly......but he’s f***ing with Antonio now, so I really do need to watch my back. Antonio is ruthless when he wants to be,” I said.

“I just don’t want anyone to come between us and Travis is trying to do that, but we can’t let him Julian. No matter how hard it gets, we can’t let him.”

“I know baby and I won’t let him if you won’t. I promise.” Zaira just smiles and I set the knife down and she sets the note down. I take her right hand and I lock it with my left hand. I bring our hands up to my lips and I kiss her hand multiple times.

“I have never had anything as special as what I have with you Zaira. I’m not letting you get away.”

“I’m not going anywhere Julian.” happy for them! Run it

Antonio is bi-polar as f*** but oh f***ing well, at least he kept his end of the bargain! I'm too happy for Julian for making it out of this ordeal. Can't wait to see what's next in this story. Run It!

Awww Julian and Zaira are the cutest couple!!!!! Julian got that good game!!! Lol I'm so happy Julian is free and can live his life the way he wants to now. That is just soo great and a great step for them!! Run it!!

Julian is free, and they are too cute. Run it.

Juju is a free man yay!

I'm so glad julian is free and everything is good for now

That was the sweetest date ever. Julians so nice. Movie bowling and dinner. Nice. Alexis is too much esp. With the part about them getting married and giving her a little cousin Lmao. Lol girls too much. Haha Julian tricked Zaira into that bet not telling her he's a good bowler. And of course he won. Id have let him win anyway just cause how good he is at eating the box lol. I hope they do make it as a couple. They both deserve happiness in there lives now. After all the bad they endured in there lives. Im so glad Julians drug selling days are over. They can be a happy less stressed couple now. Awww Run It!!!


I wake up the next morning, Saturday at around 9 am. I sit up in the bed and stretch and I can’t help but smile. I cannot stop thinking about what Julian and I did yesterday. I have no words. I cannot even describe with words how he made me feel. He was so gentle but passionate. I couldn’t even believe I let him take it that far. But I really care about Julian and I know he genuinely cares about me, so I don’t feel bad anymore for letting him taste me the way he did. I didn’t mind at all ;) And I can’t believe I squirted!! I’ve only heard about females doing that, but I didn’t know I could! I was shocked! I was embarrassed of course at first, but I guess I can accept it. Julian really knows how to work his tongue though. He was using to his tongue to explore my entire insides. He was hitting spots with his tongue I didn’t even know existed! Whew I’m getting wet just thinking about it! I cannot even imagine how amazing it will be when we really get down to business, that’s if Julian doesn’t kill me! Julian is definitely packing!! It’s been a while for me too, so I hope it won’t be too painful. And we are officially together!! That made me so happy. We didn’t even have to say it to each other, because we both knew. I’m so happy he is finally mine. I just hope no one tries to ruin our happiness, specifically Travis. I don’t know what his problem is. I just cannot understand why he thinks I want him back. He did me wrong in more than one way, and I don’t deserve that. I deserve much better than him, and I have that better in Julian :) I can’t wait to see him. I don’t have to work today, so Julian and I are going to spend the day with Alexis since Karen has an all-day/overnight retreat today. We are all pretty excited. He is picking me up at 11. We are going to spend the night at Karen’s house tonight. I might have to sleep in a guest room, because I cannot control myself if Julian wants to try something. I was screaming my head off yesterday, and I cannot do that with Alexis in the house. I would feel weird doing what we did in Karen’s house anyway, but I’m sure Julian would have no problem with it. I’m not going to embarrass myself though. I get out of my bed and I go to the bathroom and I do my hygiene routine, take a shower then I dry off. I lotion up and then I get dressed. I do my hair and makeup and then I eat a quick breakfast. I pack an overnight bag and then I wait for Julian. Right at 11 I hear a knock on my door. I smile and I look through the peephole and I see Julian standing there looking handsome as always. I open the door and he smiles big at me.

“Hey baby,” I said while smiling big.

“Hey gorgeous....or should I say Miss Sweet Pussy,” Julian said while grinning. I just gasp in shock and I hit his chest. He’s such a damn freak!

“Julian! Don’t call me that!,” I exclaimed.

“Well would you prefer Miss Squirter?,” Julian questioned. I just put my hands on my hips and Julian laughs and he moves closer to me and he pulls me close and picks me up and spins me around a few times and I can’t help but laugh. Julian sets me down and grabs my face and kisses my lips a few times.

“Damn I love your lips.....both pairs,” Julian said while grinning.

“Oh my gosh, you are such a freak,” I said while laughing.

“I ready to go?”

“Yes I am.”

“Ok good....and don’t worry, my mom has plenty of extra sheets if you soak mine,” Julian said while smirking.

“Julian stop! I am not doing what we did in your mom’s house!,” I exclaimed.

“Yeah you say that now,” Julian said while laughing. He turns to leave and I just laugh a bit and I put on my shoes, jacket, get my bag and keys and we leave and head to Karen’s house. I’m excited to see Alexis. I love that little girl. She is such a sweetheart. I love to see Julian and Alexis interact. They are adorable together. Julian really would make a great father someday. Once we get to Karen’s house, we both get our bags and Julian locks the door and then we go inside the house.

“Juju is that you?!,” Alexis called out.

“Yes baby girl it’s me!,” Julian said. Alexis comes from in the living room and Julian picks her up and kisses her all over her face. Alexis laughs and gives Julian a big kiss on his left cheek. Alexis then looks at me and smiles.

“Hi Zaira!,” Alexis exclaimed.

“Hi gorgeous,” I said while smiling. Alexis giggles and Julian hands Alexis to me and I kiss her cheek a few times and then she kisses mine. Then Karen comes from in the kitchen.

“Hey ma,” Julian said.

“Hey Julian,” Karen said while smiling. Karen hugs Julian tight and then Julian kisses his cheek. Karen then looks at me and smiles and she hugs me.

“Ok you two are going to be ok with Alexis right?,” Karen asked.

“Yeah ma we will be fine, don’t worry,” Julian said.

“Ok good.....Zaira I’m really happy to see you here,” Karen said.

“Thank you Karen....I’m glad to be here,” I said.

“ and Zaira actually have to tell you something,” Julian said.

“Sure baby what is it?,” Karen asked. Julian looks at me and smiles and he grabs my right hand and locks it with his left hand. We both then look at Karen.

“ and Zaira officially became a couple,” Julian said while smiling. Karen and Alexis both gasp in shock.

“Really Julian?,” Karen asked happily.

“Yeah ma....and I’m really happy,” Julian said.

“Awwww yay!!!! Zaira can I call you Aunty Zaira now?,” Alexis exclaimed. I just look at Julian and he just laughs and nods his head.

“Sure Alexis you can call me that,” I said while laughing a bit.

“Yay!! I’m so happy! Maybe now I can get a cousin!,” Alexis said while giggling. Julian and I just laugh and so does Karen.

“Oh I am so happy for you two. Zaira....I’ve never seen my son smile the way he smiles around you. So I thank you for that. Thank you for forgiving him. I know he can be very stubborn at times,” Karen said.

“I’m glad that he forgave me....I’m really happy with Julian,” I said. Julian just kisses my cheek and Karen hugs me and Julian tight.

“I am so happy for you both. I know you two are very good for each other.....but I have to get going,” Karen said.

“Ok ma you have fun,” Julian said.

“Yeah and don’t worry we will take good care of Alexis,” I said. Karen smiles and she grabs her bag and puts on her jacket and then she hugs me, Julian and Alexis and then she leaves.

“You ready to go to the movies sweetheart?,” I asked.

“Yes I’m ready! I can’t wait to see Monsters Inc. in 3D!,” Alexis exclaimed. I just smile and I kiss her cheek. I set her down and she puts on her shoes and jacket, while Julian goes upstairs to put our bags in his room. Once Alexis is all ready, we all leave and head to the movie theaters. Once we get there, we ask for three tickets. I pull out my money to pay for my ticket, but Julian pulls out money and pays before I even get the chance. I just look at him and he smiles.

“ didn’t have to pay for me,” I said.

“You’re my woman of course I am going to pay for you,” Julian said.

“Well thank you.”

“No problem baby.” Julian kisses my lips a few times and Alexis giggles.

“What’s so funny little girl?,” Julian asked.

“Ya’ll are cute!,” Alexis exclaimed. Julian and I laugh and we get our tickets, 3D classes and then we go into the theater. We sit towards the middle and in the center of the row. Alexis sits between Julian and I. Julian rests his head on top of the chairs and he gently rubs my right shoulder. I smile and I turn my head and I gently kiss his hand. He smiles at me and he gently caresses my cheek. The movie starts and we all focus on the movie. Alexis was having a good time, laughing every now and then during the movie. Julian and I really enjoyed it as well. The movie wasn’t too long, only an hour and a half. Once the movie is over, we head to the bowling alley. I love bowling and so does Alexis so this should be fun. Once we get there, Julian pays for shoes and three games for everyone. We go to our lane and we change our shoes. Julian puts our name on the screen. Julian thought he was slick, he started to type Miss Sweet Pus-, but I stopped him before he could finish. He’s so damn freaky but I honestly like it ;). Good thing Alexis didn’t see that though! Once our names are on the screen, we start. Alexis is up first. We do have bumpers on the lane for her sake. Alexis takes the ball and rolls it down the lane and she hits 7 pins!

“Wow good job Alexis!,” I exclaimed.

“Yeah baby girl you’re pretty good,” Julian said.

“Thank you,” Alexis said while giggling. Alexis waits for her ball and then she throws it down the lane and she hits the other three pins! She jumps in excitement and Julian and I clap for her.

“Baby girl you might beat us both,” I said. Alexis laughs and walks over to me and hugs my waist and I smile to myself.

“Ok Miss SP, it’s your turn,” Julian said while smirking. I just narrow my eyes at him and he laughs. I know exactly what that abbreviation stands for.

“You’re not funny,” I said. I stick out my tongue and Julian raises his eyebrows.

“Oh you’re going to pay for that later. Believe that,” Julian said. I just roll my eyes playfully and I take my ball and I roll it down the lane and I get a strike! I jump in excitement and Alexis and Julian clap for me.

“You’re good Zaira!,” Alexis exclaimed.

“Thank you,” I said while smiling.

“Yeah you’re pretty good baby.....want to make a bet?,” Julian said.

“Sure what do you have in mind?,” I said. Julian smirks and I think I already have an idea of where this is going, with his nasty ass. He walks over to me and puts his arm around my waist and pulls me close to him.

“If you win, I promise I won’t touch you at all tonight.....but, if I win, I’m going to make you wet the bed. Whoever gets the highest average score wins ,” Julian whispered in my ear. I just giggle and Julian glares at me a bit.

“Do we have a bet?,” Julian asked.

“You’re on,” I said. I hold out my hand and Julian smiles and shakes my hand to seal the deal. Julian kisses my cheek then takes his bowl and rolls it down the lane and he gets a strike as well. Alexis and I clap for him.

“Juju you’ve always been a good bowler. Zaira, Juju got a perfect score once!,” Alexis exclaimed. I just gasp in surprise and I look at Julian and he winks at me. I didn’t know Julian would be this good of a bowler! Damn I already know I am going to lose. He tricked me. He knew exactly what he was doing. I will just have to do my best because I don’t want to lose! I can’t control myself with what Julian did to me yesterday, and I don’t want to be embarrassed. What if Alexis hears us? No I have to win this game! I just have to! Well, long story short, I lost miserably. Julian beat me by a good margin. I still had fun though. Alexis really enjoyed herself. I love Alexis to be honest. She is the sweetest little thing. She clings to me in a sense, which I don’t mind at all. We are becoming very close. After bowling, Alexis, Julian and I go to Friday’s for dinner. The time now is about 5 pm. We are seated in a booth. Alexis sits next to me and Julian sits across from us. We are all looking over the menus right now.

“Baby girl what looks good to you?,” I asked Alexis.

“Mmm the chicken fingers sound good to me!,” Alexis said excitedly. I just smile at her and I kiss her cheek and then I look at Julian.

“What about you babe?,” I asked Julian.

“I’m thinking about one of the burgers. What about you gorgeous?,” Julian said.

“The sizzling chicken and cheese. It’s my favorite,” I said. Julian just smiles at me and puts his left hand on the table and opens it. I smile and I place my right hand on the table and he grabs my hand and puts it to his lips and kisses it multiple times. Alexis just giggles and Julian and I just look at her.

“You’re always laughing at us little girl,” I joked.

“You two are cute!! Are you going to get married?,” Alexis asked. Julian and I just look at each other and laugh and then look at Alexis.

“Baby girl I think we have a while before that happens,” Julian said.

“So it could happen?,” Alexis asked eagerly. I just look at him and he smiles then looks at Alexis again.

“Well....only time will tell,” Julian said. Alexis smiles and nods her head and a female, twenty-something year old waitress comes to our table and smiles at us.

“Aww you all are a beautiful family,” the waitress complimented.

“Oh...we’re not-,” Julian and I said in unison.

“Thank you!,” Alexis said while cutting me and Julian off. Julian and I just laugh and so does the waitress.

“That’s cute....well my name is Amanda and I will be your waitress for tonight. Can I start you off with drinks?,” Amanda asked.

“I’ll have water please,” I said.

“Yeah same here,” Julian said.

“Me too,” Alexis said. Amanda smiles and nods her head and walks away.

“ want us to be a family?,” Julian asked.

“Yes....grandma told me you want to take care of me and I want you to. I love grandma, and I would still see her, but I would like to live with you Juju,” Alexis said.

“I know baby day I promise,” Julian said.

“Zaira would you come live with us too?,” Alexis asked.

“I might,” I said while smiling.

“I really like you’re good for Juju,” Alexis said.

“Thank you Alexis that’s sweet,” I said. Alexis smiles at me and kisses my cheek and then wraps her little arms around me and rests her head against me. I just smile and I wrap my arm around her. Julian is just smiling at the both of us, admiring us. I just look at him and wink and he winks back. A few minutes later, Amanda comes back with our drinks then takes out food orders. 30 minutes later, our food comes and we start to eat. We all talked the entire dinner. I really enjoy spending time with Julian and his family. It really means a lot to me, since I don’t have family of my own. My parents were the only family I ever knew, so when they died, there went my family. So it’s really nice for Julian to include me as a part of his family in a sense. I really do love Alexis and Karen; they are both so sweet and good to me. I really need and appreciate that. We leave Friday’s and we get home a little after 7 pm. Alexis is pretty tired, so I took her to her room, while Julian went to his room. Alexis changes into her pajamas and then I take down her hair and wrap it in her scarf for her. She gets under the covers and I lean down and kiss her forehead. I gently stroke her cheek as she quickly drifts off to sleep. I kiss her cheek then I turn on her nightlight and I leave her room closing the door behind me. I go into Julian’s bedroom and I see Julian sitting on the bed on his phone. I smile and I sit next to him and I rest my head on his chest and he wraps his arm around my waist.

“Baby you have to work tonight right?,” I asked.

“Yeah babe.....but I have some really good news,” Julian said.

“What is it?”

“Well.....tonight should be my last night working.” I just bulge my eyes in shock and I gasp.

“Julian!! Baby are you serious?!,” I exclaimed.

“Yeah baby.....I only owe Antonio $150 and I am sure I can make that tonight,” Julian said. I just jump into Julian’s lap and I hug him tight. I cannot even explain how happy I am for Julian right now. He deserves this. He deserves to be done with this life. He deserves to finally be happy. I’m so happy that I am now crying on his shoulder.

“Baby are you crying?,” Julian asked. Julian grabs my arms and pulls me away from him and looks at me and sees my tears.

“I don’t ever want you to be in tears if I’m around,” Julian said softly while wiping my tears away.

“Baby I’m just so happy for can finally be happy.....I’m proud of you too. For being so brave and do what you do,” I said sincerely.

“I think I have the sweetest woman as my girlfriend,” Julian said while laughing a bit.

“Thank you.” I lean in and kiss Julian’s lips a few times then he looks at me.

“Well I should get changed and get going to be ready for me tonight?,” Julian said while licking his lips.

“Yes baby I am keeping our bet if that’s what you mean,” I said while laughing.

“Good.....eating you will be like my celebration dessert for making it out this ordeal alive,” Julian said while smirking. I just bite my lip and smile and Julian leans in and pecks my neck a few times. Damn he is trying to get my panties wet early. Julian hugs me tight and then I stand up from his arms and I watch him as he changes into his all black attire. Once he is all ready, he comes over to me and wraps his arms around my neck and I look up at him as he looks down at me.

“You’re going to be ok here with Alexis right?,” Julian asked.

“Yes Julian we will be fine,” I said.

“Ok if you need anything, call me. I mean it.”

“Ok hurry up and make the last of the money so we can celebrate.”

“I will baby....I can’t wait to taste your sweet pussy. And you are going to wet the bed for me.” I just laugh and I peck Julian’s lips multiple times and then he hugs me tight, and then leaves. Once Julian left, I took a shower, put on a sweet smelling lotion and then I put on my pajamas. I check on Alexis and she is just fine. I make sure all of the windows and doors are secure and they are. I go back upstairs to Julia’s bedroom and I lie down in his bed, get under the covers and then I turn on the television. At 11 pm, I hear the front door open, close and lock. I am still awake and I sit up in the bed and I hear him walking up the stairs. He comes into the bedroom and the minute he sees me, he smiles big and I smile back. He closes the door behind him and he takes off his clothes so he just has on a beater and boxers. He jumps in the bed on top of me and he hugs me tight and I just laugh.

“I’m free baby! I’m free!!,” Julian exclaimed.

“Baby I’m so happy for you!! How was Antonio when you gave him his money? He didn’t try anything sneaky did he?,” I asked.

“No not at all. I gave him the money and I was like that’s it. That is all I owe you. He smiled at me and told me thanks. He said he doesn’t want to ever see me again because I am too smart for all that s*** I was doing. He said I should make something of myself.....and I plan to do just that....but right now....I’m about to become the damn pussy monster,” Julian said while smirking. I just laugh and Julian kisses my lips multiple times and then he gets from on top of me and he goes to the end of the bed. He pulls the covers up and gets under them so I can’t see him. I just laugh as I feel Julian tugging at my booty shorts. I lift up my hips and Julian quickly takes them off and I see his hand throw my shorts and panties to the floor. He scoots up and he pins my legs down to the bed and he just attacked my pussy with his tongue without any warning. It took everything in me to not scream at the top of my lungs in pleasure!! I rest my hand on top Julian’s head and he slides his tongue inside of me and I arch my back in pleasure. Let’s just say Julian made me wet the bed more than once ;)