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Secluded Heart (Complete)

<a href="">Zaira</a> had everything going for her. She was excelling in her junior year at college at age 21, was involved in multiple extracurricular activities, and was madly in love with her boyfriend, <a href="">Travis</a>. Everything seemed to be perfect, that is, until she met <a href="">him</a> and he turned her world upside down.


yasmine needs to to seriously get a so glad alexis is smart enough to realize wht she is doing..RUNIT

Okay so Yasmin's hoe ass really wants a beat down I see. First off she super late to a lunch she planned, then she first with Julian disrespecting Zaira. Alexis see's how fake and un sincere she is, damn shame. She's so young but she's very smart and observant. Julian talking bout wanting to make a baby with Zaira, awww. They some freaks tho getting it in at his mammas house lol. Freaks. Loved the add, RUN IT!!!

Ugh that yasmine chick really want her ass beat! She is doin the most. I wanna see zaria handle her for the old and the new

ugh she is doing the most
she aint even wanna be with her child sh just wanna start meddling with juju and zaria relationship
uh no go get u another dude
and aww alexis thats my girl im glad shes smart and didn't fall for it
and i swear juju and Z are too cute and so dam sexuaL I SWEAR how do she dont get pregnant
and i hope grandma was just out tot he store and nothing was going on...
run it

Enjoy ladies :)


So a week passes and today is the day Alexis is having lunch with her mom, Yasmin. Alexis says she is excited, but she said she wants to keep near me during the lunch. She’s my baby girl and she knows it :) I love her so much and if Yasmin hurts Alexis, then I will hurt Yasmin. I swear I am not a violent person, but if you mess with the people that I love, then you will regret it. Anyway it’s around 12:45 pm and Julian, Alexis, JJ and I are waiting at Applebee’s for Yasmin. Julian asked Karen to come but she refused. She said if she saw Yasmin, she would probably kill her for leaving her grandbaby, so she declined the offer. Love that woman ;) We are sitting at a six person table and Alexis is sitting next to me and Julian and JJ are sitting across from us. We are all sipping on our drinks waiting for Yasmin to come. We planned the lunch for 12:30, so Yasmin is already late.

“She is already late, that’s not good,” Alexis said.

“Hopefully she will come soon baby girl,” I said. Alexis looks up at me and I can tell she is hurt already. I just rub her back and I look at Julian and I can tell that he can tell that Alexis is hurt as well.

“You ok Alexis?,” JJ asked.

“Yeah JJ I’m fine,” Alexis said while smiling a bit. Five minutes later, Yasmin comes to our table smiling big. I look her up and down and she is wearing skinny jeans, stilettos, and a fitted blazer that makes it look like her boobs are going to pop out. Who wears that to a lunch?! Julian looks down and shakes his head and I roll my eyes so she can’t see. Yasmin thinks she is slick but she isn’t.

“I am so sorry I am late everyone. I didn’t plan ahead for traffic.....hi Alexis baby girl,” Yasmin said sweetly.

“Hi,” Alexis said shyly. Yasmin leans down and kisses Alexis’ forehead and then sits down. She sits at the head of the table so Alexis is at her right side and Julian is at her left side. She better not touch my man that is all I have to say.

“It’s nice to see you again Julian,” Yasmin said while resting her hand on top of Julian’s. Julian quickly pulls his hand away and Yasmin smiles to herself.

“It’s nice to see you again Yasmin,” I said politely. She just looks at me and narrows her eyes while smiling. Oh this b***h is really trying to bring the evil out of me I see. I really do not want Alexis or JJ to see that side of me, especially since Yasmin is Alexis’ mother, but she better not test me.

“Yasmin I have some questions for you,” Alexis said.

“Sure baby girl you can ask me anything,” Yasmin said.

“Ok,” Alexis said. Alexis pulls out a piece of paper from her pocket and unfolds a short list of questions. Julian and I just look at each other and smile. Our baby girl is too smart!

“Ok first you have a job?,” Alexis asked.

“Well....I am currently not working. I worked for about three years and I have plenty of money saved up for us baby girl,” Yasmin said.

“What kind of job did you have?,” Alexis said.

“I uh.....I made films for adults only baby girl,” Yasmin said. Alexis just looks at Yasmin and then nods her head.

“ you have a boyfriend? Or are you dating?,” Alexis asked.

“I don’t have a boyfriend Alexis....but I do go out on dates.....I’m hoping to find that special person soon,” Yasmin said. She looks at Julian and I just look at her.

“ I love it when Zaira does my hair....can you do my hair too?,” Alexis asked.

“Oh baby girl, I don’t even do my own hair,” Yasmin said while laughing a bit. Alexis just sighs and sets the paper down.

“Ok....why are you here then Yasmin? I am seven now, you have missed too much I think,” Alexis said.

“Oh Alexis....when I had you I was young and I did not know the first thing about being a mother. I was young and stupid ok? But now I can do better I know I can,” Yasmin said.

“But....daddy was young too and he still took care of me...why couldn’t you? How could you just leave me?,” Alexis asked.

“Oh baby girl I can’t answer that....I made a mistake I know I did. But I am trying to make it right. Can you just give me a chance?,” Yasmin asked.

“....We’ll see....but I have to tell you this. Don’t be mean to Zaira at all. She is way too nice for you to be mean to her. She has taken good care of me too ok?,” Alexis said smartly.

“.....Did you put her up to this Zaira?,” Yasmin asked rudely.

“Excuse me?,” I said in shock.

“You have brainwashed my daughter. You have convinced her that I am this bad mother and you don’t even know me,” Yasmin said rudely.

“Yasmin don’t you dare,” Julian said.

“What are you talking about? Zaira didn’t tell me anything. I’m smart I can think for myself,” Alexis said defensively.

“Ok baby girl I’m sorry. Ok? I’m sorry,” Yasmin said sympathetically. Alexis just looks at me and I look at her. I gently rub her cheek and she smiles a bit and pulls my face down to hers and kisses my cheek a few times and I just laugh. I look at Yasmin and I can tell she is jealous.

“Is everyone ready to order?,” Julian asked trying to lighten the mood.

“I’m ready babe,” I said.

“Me too,” Alexis said.

“Me too. I’m hungry!,” JJ exclaimed. Julian calls the waitress over and we all order our food. It is kind of awkward waiting for the food. Yasmin keeps looking at her phone like she has something better to do.

“Yasmin can you put your phone away or do you have somewhere you rather be?,” Julian noticed.

“I’m sorry Julian,” Yasmin said while smiling big. I just watch her and I swear I see her rest her left hand on Julian’s thigh. Oh hell no! Julian quickly takes her hand away and just looks at her evilly.

“Zaira can you please take me to the bathroom?,” Alexis asked.

“I can take you baby girl,” Yasmin offered.

“No I rather go with Zaira,” Alexis said.

“Ok baby girl, let’s go,” I said. Alexis and I stand up and Alexis grabs my hand tightly as we walk to the bathroom. Once we get to the bathroom, Alexis doesn’t go into a stall she just looks at me.

“What’s wrong Alexis?,” I asked.

“Zaira......I think I saw Yasmin touch the way you touch Juju,” Alexis said hesitantly. Wow she is so observant.

“.....I saw it too baby girl,” I said.

“....That’s not right.....does she like him or something?,” Alexis asked.

“....I think she does,” I said.

“That’s not good......Zaira I don’t like her.....and her boobs are big and scary,” Alexis said. I just laugh and Alexis laughs a bit too.

“Hey my boobs are big too,” I joked.

“But Juju and JJ like yours,” Alexis joked back.

“Oh you got jokes huh?,” I asked playfully. Alexis just giggles and nods her head.

“Zaira....I don’t think Yasmin really cares about me. What if she just came to try and steal Juju from you? I don’t want that.....I don’t want to see her again,” Alexis said.

“Alexis...she is your mother, do you mean that?,” I asked.

“She gave birth to me but that’s it....grandma, you and Juju take care of me, not her. She can’t even do my hair she says and that’s a little thing. I just want to live with grandma for now, then you and Juju and JJ when you finish school. If I live with Yasmin, I don’t think I would see you....I know she doesn’t like you but I don’t know why. You’re a good person Zaira.”

“Oh baby girl you are so sweet thank you so much.”

“I don’t like it when she calls me baby girl either.”

“Alexis....I know it’s confusing that Yasmin left but now she is back. She might want to do better, but then again she might not. I cannot tell you what she really wants, because I don’t know and I know you don’t know either. You have to be honest with her though Alexis, no matter how you feel ok?”

“Ok Zaira. You always know what to say. I love you so much. Kiss!,” Alexis said. Alexis puckers her lips and I just laugh and I peck her lips and then she hugs me tight. I love this little girl so much. She is so genuine and sweet. Alexis and I go back to the table and we see the waiter bringing our food. We sit down and then we say our blessing and we start eating. Yasmin and Alexis have a bit of small talk, but not too much. I can tell that Alexis is just not comfortable with Yasmin at all. Once we are all done eating, Yasmin actually pays for all of us and then we leave the restaurant.

“Alexis I am so happy that I got to see you today. I know it was kind of weird between us but I am hoping that we could change that. I don’t want to rush you into anything so if you want to see me again you call me ok? Your grandma has my number ok?,” Yasmin said. Alexis just nods her head and Yasmin hugs her tight and kisses her cheek. Yasmin then looks at Julian holding JJ and bites her lip.

“Bye cutie,” Yasmin said. She rubs JJ’s cheek and then leaves. I am sure she meant that to Julian and JJ. Julian looks at me and I look at him.

“Baby I am so sorry about her,” Julian said.

“It’s ok babe it is not your fault at all. Don’t worry about it,” I said while smiling. Julian smiles and I peck his lips. I then pick up Alexis and I kiss her all over her face and she just laughs.

“Aunty Zaira can we go to the park? JJ do you want to go?,” Alexis asked.

“Yeah!,” JJ exclaimed.

“Ok pretty girl we can go,” Zaira said. I grab Julian’s hand and we get in his car and we head to the local park. Once we get there, JJ and Alexis quickly run out of the car and head to the swings. Alexis picks JJ up and puts him on the swing and starts to push him and they both just laugh and have fun. Julian puts his arm around my shoulder and we walk to a bench where we can see Alexis and JJ and we sit down. I rest my head against Julian’s shoulder as he still has his arm around mine. He kisses my forehead a few times.

“How do you think Alexis liked Yasmin?,” Julian asked.

“Honestly....I don’t think Alexis liked her too much. When we went to the bathroom, she didn’t have to go, we just talked. She said she saw Yasmin put her hand on your thigh,” I said.

“My baby girl saw that? Damn.....but she has always been so observant.”

“Yes she is....she said she didn’t like the fact that Yasmin has an obvious crush on you....and she said her boobs are big and scary.”

“She said that?,” Julian said while laughing a bit.

“She did....I told her I have big boobs too and Alexis said you and JJ like them,” I said while laughing a bit.

“Oh I love them....they’re good friends of mine.”

“So silly.” Julian laughs and kisses my cheek.

“Alexis said she doesn’t like it when Yasmin calls her baby girl and she doesn’t think she wants to see Yasmin again,” I said.

“Really?,” Julian asked.

“Yeah’s sad to me that Yasmin could just leave Alexis the way she did. Look at how beautiful Alexis is. I will claim her as my own if Yasmin doesn’t want to.”

“You’re sweet baby....I don’t think Yasmin’s intentions are pure. I just think she wants to cause hell because she can.”

“I think you’re right....she was working my nerves today. She wants you I know that much but she cannot have you.”

“You got that right I’m all yours. No one or nothing can take me away from you.”

“Mmm I like the way that sounds.”

“....You want to know something?”

“What babe?”

“It’s random but I am just thinking how amazing you are going to look when I get you pregnant,” Julian said while laughing a bit.

“Julian you’re crazy,” I said while laughing.

“I’m serious you are going to be glowing. And your boobs are going to get bigger! And your hips! I am going to love that!”

“Oh my gosh you freak! Do you think about anything else other than my body?”

“’s always in the back of my mind.” I just hit Julian’s chest playfully and he grabs my hand and kisses it multiple times.

“You would make an excellent mother Zaira. I mean that with all of me. The way you treat Alexis and JJ amazes me. You love them even though they aren’t yours biologically. But regardless, those are your babies and they love you.”

“You’re so sweet baby. I love them both so much. They both make me so happy. Seeing them happy makes me happy. They are just so beautiful to me.”

“When we have our baby, he or she will be just as beautiful. I want a little girl that will look like her beautiful mother,” Julian said while rubbing my cheek.

“You’re so sweet,” I said as tears roll down my cheeks.

“Don’t cry gorgeous,” Julian said while wiping my tears.

“I’m sorry Julian it’s are so sweet. You say the sweetest things to me.....I have been hurt so much Julian and you know that. You know all about that because you were there for some of it. But whenever I am with you none of that even matters. I don’t even remember it because I have you, this man that cares for me and loves me so deeply. I don’t care about my past anymore because of you Julian. I only care about our present and our future. I love you so much Julian I could never express how much in words.”

“Oh my baby is so sweet....give me some sugar.” Julian closes his eyes and pecks his lips and I laugh and I lean in and I peck his lips multiple times and then we share an embrace. We then look at JJ and Alexis playing on the playground. Alexis sits JJ on the slide and then goes to the bottom of the slide and catches him. She kisses his cheek multiple times as he giggles.

“Let’s play tag with them. I’m it,” Julian said.

“Ok babe,” I said while smiling. I peck his lips and then we both stand up and go over to JJ and Alexis.

“Ok we are going to play tag and guess what.....I’m it!,” Julian exclaimed. JJ and Alexis gasp in shock and they both take off running. I run after them and Julian runs after us. It’s really fun to have moments like these. These people truly are my family and I love them so much. We play tag for about 25 minutes, until the kids are too tired to continue. They are both about to be knocked out when we get them home. Julian and I each pick up a child and then we get in Julian’s car and we head to Karen’s house. Once we get there, JJ and Alexis are both knocked out. Once we get there, we notice Karen isn’t home; she must have gone out. I get Alexis and Julian gets JJ and we go into the house, with Julian locking and closing the door behind us. We take off JJ and Alexis’ jacket and shoes without waking them up and then we carry them to their rooms and we lie them down in their beds. Julian and I then go into his bedroom and Julian closes the door behind him. He comes up to me and wraps his arms around my waist and kisses my forehead. I love it when he does that :)

“So the kids are sleep and my mom isn’t home.....have any ideas on what we could do?,” Julian said while licking his lips.

“Mmm take a nap too?,” I joked.

“Oh you got jokes huh?,” Julian said while laughing. I just bite my bottom lip and I turn around in Julian’s arms and I start to slowly grind on him. I can already feel him becoming hard; it only takes me seconds ;).

“You want me baby?,” I asked.

“I always want you with your sexy a**,” Julian said.

“How do you want me? Just tell me baby,” I said through moans.

“Strip and get face down a** up,” Julian demanded. I turn around in his arms and I quickly take off my shirt and bra. Julian grabs my waist and instantly attacks my breasts with his lips. I moan out loud as I unbutton and unzip my pants. Julian stops kissing my chest and he steps away from me. I strip naked and then I turn around and I get in doggystyle position on the bed. I open my legs and I feel Julian caressing my behind gently. Within a minute, Julian slides himself inside of me and starts out at a slow pace. I love him inside of him I swear I wish we could stay like this forever. He grips my waist tight and picks up his pace. I scream into the bed trying not to wake up the kids if possible. 20 minutes later, I collapse on the bed as Julian and I climax simultaneously. Julian collapses next to me on his back. I turn over and I cuddle close to him and he kisses my forehead multiple times.

“Damn....I seriously will never get tired of making love to you. It’s one of my favorite activities,” Julian said.

“I feel the same way baby,” I said while smiling. Julian smiles and rests his head on my shoulder and closes his eyes. I kiss his forehead and I rest my head on his. I wrap my arms around him and I hold him tight.

“Baby I love you,” I said softly.

“I love you more baby,” Julian said back. Julian softly pecks my neck and I close my eyes and Julian and I drift off to sleep. I swear there is no place I rather be than wrapped in my man’s arms. This is when I feel the safest and the most loved :)

Oh Nicole sorry to hear that. Just know that we'll be here you just handle all your personal issues. Don't let it get the best of you though.

We understand Nicole. Take all the time you need to deal with whatever you need to deal with.

Awww its ok girl take your time

Its Ok we all understand... Just take your time...

Thanks for all the support ladies. I have to inform you that I will taking a leave of absence for a bit. I just cannot write at this point. Too many personal issues going on that I need to deal with. I am not in a good place right now, so I just need a break. Please understand. I love you all <3

yasmine gon try to get custody just to eff up a good thing..your daughter doesnt want u! and julian sure as hell dont want u so give it it!

Omg I Knew They Happiness Wouldn't Last 4ever...
Run It...

Ugh yasmine needs to go it

Oh this hoe Yasmin is doing the most. How dare pop up after all these years wanting to play mamma. Im glad Julian clowned her ass and told her about herself. On top of that she was rude and disrespectful to Zaira. Tryna flirt with Julian tho, she lucky Zaira didn't kick her ass. They better watch and her ass. Im glad Alexa smart enough to see what her moms really about no good. Kids are wiser then they appear. Knew some s*** was gone turn up there happy. Loved the add Run It.

Yasmine gon mess around and get her feeling hurt! I already feel like she's gonna try and get her daughter back and try to mess Julian and zaira's relationship up.


So it’s been two months and Zaira and I are doing great! I am recovering quite well. I got my cast off of my leg two weeks ago, but it is still hard for me to walk sometimes, so I limp. I am able to get around a lot better though. Also Zaira and I are getting our intimacy back on track slowly but surely :) I have still been excelling in school and I am happy about that. JJ and Alexis are doing great too. Zaira and I see them at least three times a week. Sometimes we spend the night with them, or they spend the night with us. I love it. Those are my babies and I love them so much. Summer is actually approaching quickly, so I know once the summer finally arrives, Zaira and I will see a lot more of JJ and Alexis and I cannot wait for that. Zaira and I have both found paid internships for the summer so we are both very excited about that. We will have a few weeks free, and we plan to spend that time with our family. Anyway it’s Saturday afternoon and Zaira and I are at my mom’s house with JJ and Alexis. JJ and I are in the kitchen talking and Alexis and Zaira are sitting in the living room. My mom is out for the day. The time now is around 1 pm and as I am just chilling with my son, the doorbell rings. I get up from the kitchen and I go to the door. I open it and I am stunned when I see <a href="">her</a> standing in front of me. She looks me up and down and then looks me in my eyes and smiles at me.

“Wow....Julian is that you? You look amazing,” she said sweetly.

“Yasmin.....what the h**l are you doing here?,” I said through clenched teeth.

“I came to see my baby girl Alexis,” Yasmin said innocently.

“What? So after seven years you finally want to be in her life? Huh? No, leave. Leave now. I am not going to let you hurt my baby girl.”

“Your baby girl? You aren’t her father,” Yasmin said defensively.

“I am the closest thing she has had since Justin died and since you were never around. I am all that little girl knows. I have fed her, clothed her, and taken care of her since birth. My mom and I have done that, not you. You come and go as you please. How dare you just show up out of nowhere like this. You really have some nerve. I am not going to tell you again to leave.” I can feel my blood boiling with anger right now. I have never ever liked Yasmin and I always told Justin that she would be bad for him. Something about her just does not sit right with me. It didn’t help that she always flirted with me behind my brother’s back, thirsty trick.

“Julian I have rights. I am Alexis’ mother,” Yasmin said.

“I don’t think so,” I said.

“I just want to see her.”

“Why? I doubt she will even remember you.”

“She is my daughter and I have missed out I know, but I want to do better.”

“I think you’re too late.”

“I don’t think that is really something for you to decide. It would be her choice, not yours or your mother’s, it’s Alexis’ choice. I have every right to see my daughter. Can I please come in?” I just sigh; I do not feel like arguing with this woman right now. I move to the side and she walks in and I close and lock the door behind her.

“Alexis, come here gorgeous,” I called out. Within a minute, Zaira comes to the door while holding Alexis’ hand. Alexis gasps when she sees Yasmin, and she holds onto Zaira’s waist and turns away. Zaira just rubs her back and Yasmin looks at me, then back at Zaira.

“Who are you?,” Yasmin asked.

“Hi I’m Zaira, I’m Julian’s girlfriend,” Zaira said politely.

“I’m Yasmin, I’m Alexis’ mother,” Yasmin said rudely.

“Oh...well it’s really nice to meet you,” Zaira said. Zaira holds out her hand and Yasmin shakes it loosely.

“Alexis....hi baby girl,” Yasmin said. Yasmin kneels in front of Alexis and Alexis turns her head to look at Yasmin, while still holding onto Zaira for dear life. This was a bad idea, I can already tell.

“Hi have gotten so big, look at you know who I am? Do you remember me?,” Yasmin said. Alexis just looks at me, then at Zaira, then at Yasmin. Alexis slowly nods her head.

“You’’re my mommy,” Alexis said softly.

“That’s right Alexis....can I get a hug?,” Yasmin asked. Yasmin holds out her arms and Alexis just looks at her. Alexis then goes over to Yasmin and they hug each other tightly.

“That’s my girl. I’ve missed you,” Yasmin said. I just roll my eyes. Yasmin sure can act. I sure hope she doesn’t decide to just walk in and out of Alexis’ life whenever she wants to; that’s just not right and I won’t allow it. Zaira looks at me and I walk over to her and I kiss her forehead.

“Let me look at my baby,” Yasmin said. Yasmin pulls out of the embrace and examines Alexis closely.

“You are so beautiful Alexis. Wow,” Yasmin said.

“Daddy use to say I look like you,” Alexis said softly.

“You are my twin baby girl,” Yasmin said.

“.....I miss you,” Alexis said hesitantly.

“I miss you more gorgeous. I have missed you so much. Mommy is going to better this time. I want to spend more time with you....I want to be a part of your life. I know I have missed some time but I am here now,” Yasmin said. Is she serious right now?!? Ugh I have never liked Yasmin and I never will. I swear if she hurts my baby girl, she will pay for it. Yasmin gently rubs Alexis’ cheek and then stands up.

“Julian can me and you talk for a bit?,” Yasmin asked.

“Yeah,” I said nonchalantly. Alexis walks over to Zaira and takes her hand and they go into the living room. I walk into the kitchen with Yasmin and I see JJ sitting at the table still.

“Who is this handsome little boy?,” Yasmin asked.

“This is JJ, my son,” I said.

“Your son? What.....oh wait I remember you did have a son. Wow he is so handsome....hi JJ I’m Yasmin. I’m Alexis’ mom,” Yasmin said.

“Hi Yasmin,” JJ said politely.

“JJ can you please go sit with Zaira and Alexis in the living room? Yasmin and I need to talk,” I said.

“Yes daddy,” JJ said. He gets up and leaves the kitchen. I rest against the counter and Yasmin faces me and bites her bottom lip while smiling. She is so sneaky I can’t stand her.

“Julian you look really good....I hope your girlfriend is taking care of you,” Yasmin said quietly.

“My girlfriend is amazing. She gives me everything I need and more,” I said. Yasmin moves closer to me and looks me in my eyes.

“Everything?,” Yasmin said softly. She brushes a few of her fingers across my abs through my shirt and I just move away from her.

“Yasmin don’t,” I said sternly.

“Don’t what? Julian you know there has always been a mutual physical attraction between us,” Yasmin said.

“You wish....I can’t stand your a** Yasmin. Never have and I never will.....let’s talk about the reason you are here.” Yasmin sighs and steps away from me.

“I want to be in Alexis’ life Julian. She is my baby girl. I want to be a mother. I am able to support me and Alexis. When I first had her, I wasn’t able to but now I can.”

“Oh yeah? Do you have a job?”

“I’m not working anymore, but I have plenty of money saved up.”

“How did you get plenty of money saved up?”

“’s kind of embarrassing but I did some adult films.” Is this woman serious right now?!

“What?!? You did what? So you’re It really doesn’t matter though because you don’t have to worry about Alexis. My mom, Zaira and I take good care of her.”

“Julian she is my blood. I want to get an apartment with her and raise her from this day forward.”

“Ok you’re joking right?”

“I’m serious.”

“Zaira and I already have plans to move in a house with JJ and Alexis once we graduate from college in about a year.

“ you and Zaira are close huh?”

“She’s my heart.

“Sounds serious, are you going to marry her?”

“I definitely see myself marrying Zaira.” Yasmin frowns a bit and I just roll my eyes. She is unbelievable.

“I have a better idea. How about you drop Zaira, and get with me and we can raise JJ and Alexis together.” Is Yasmin on something? Like why doesn’t she understand that I do not want anything to do with her?!

“Yasmin I don’t have time for this. I think you need to leave,” I said sternly.

“I can’t do that Julian. I am serious about this. I want to be in my daughter’s life. I deserve a chance at least,” Yasmin said.

“I don’t think so....but if Alexis wants you in her life, then that would be ok. But she doesn’t know you Yasmin and you don’t know her. You don’t know anything about her. She’s not a baby; you can’t just come into her life and possibly leave because she will remember that.”

“I don’t want to leave her Julian. I want to be here to stay this time. I mean that Julian I really do. I was thinking that next weekend I can take her out to lunch, with your supervision of course. I just want to spend time with her.”

“We’ll see about all of that.....anything else you want to say?” I’m aggravated now and I want Yasmin to leave.

“Is your relationship with Zaira really going as great as you make it sound?,” Yasmin asked. I just roll my eyes; I cannot stand Yasmin.

“Yes Yasmin it is.....I swear if you try anything sneaky with Zaira or me, you will pay for it,” I said defensively. Yasmin just smiles evilly and then leaves the kitchen. I knew I should not have even let her step foot into this house. I hope I don’t regret this. I follow Yasmin out to the living room and Zaira looks at me. I smile at her and she stands up and walks over to me and kisses my cheek. Yasmin goes over to Alexis and kneels in front of her.

“Alexis baby how would you like to go to lunch with me next weekend? We can talk and catch up. Would you like that? Uncle Julian can come too,” Yasmin said nicely.

“Zaira will you come too?,” Alexis asked eagerly.

“Baby girl Zaira doesn’t have to come,” Yasmin said.

“If Zaira can’t come, then I don’t want to,” Alexis said. I just smile; Alexis is so smart. She knows exactly who really cares for her.

“...Ok baby girl Zaira can come,” Yasmin said.

“And JJ too,” Alexis said.

“Ok JJ too....I am going to see you next weekend ok pretty girl?,” Yasmin said. Alexis just nods her head and Yasmin smiles and kisses Alexis’ forehead. She then runs her hands though JJ’s hair as she stands up and JJ laughs a bit. Yasmin then stands in front of me.

“Julian, it was really nice seeing you again. You look absolutely amazing,” Yasmin said in a flirtatious tone. How am I supposed to respond to that? Ugh this woman works my nerves!

“Just call next time you plan on coming to visit. My mom’s number is still the same,” I said.

“Ok I can do that,” Yasmin said.

“It was nice meeting you Yasmin,” Zaira said politely. Yasmin just looks at Zaira and puts on the fakest smile and then leaves. Zaira and I walk over to the door and I lock it behind Yasmin, and then I turn to look at Zaira.

“Julian.....I’m not a violent person, but I will beat her behind if she flirts with you in front of my face again or is as rude to me as she just was. You’re mine you got that?,” Zaira said while gripping my shirt tightly. Oh I love this!! Zaira’s aggressive side turns me on ;)

“Oh I hear you loud and clear baby! Your aggressiveness turns me on,” I said while licking my lips.

“Mmm is that right? Tonight I will show you my real aggressive side. I have complete control not you, understand?,” Zaira said sweetly.

“I understand completely.” I slap Zaira’s a** a few times and she giggles. I will take care of her tonight! Actually she is going to take care of me ;) Zaira and I go back into the living room and we both sit on either side of Alexis.

“Alexis baby how was it seeing your mommy?,” Zaira asked.

“I don’t know,” Alexis said while shrugging his shoulders.

“Talk to us baby girl,” I said.

“I just....I don’t get it. Why did she leave and now just come back? I’m seven now, she missed a lot,” Alexis said.

“You’re right baby girl but she wants to be in your life now. She thinks she can do better,” I said.

“I know but....I like it here. I don’t want to live with her. I want to live with you, JJ and Zaira when you two finish school. Wouldn’t she take me away?,” Alexis asked.

“She might try, but if you don’t want to, then you do not have to. I promise you that,” I said.

“Ok....and Zaira she was mean to you, I saw that. I don’t like that at all. She better watch it,” Alexis said. Zaira and I just laugh at her and we both hug her tight. Alexis climbs into Zaira’s lap and hugs her tight.

“Zaira I love you. I love you so much.....if’re like my mommy,” Alexis said. Zaira just looks at me in shock and I just smile at her.

“Oh Alexis that’s sweet.....that means a lot to me. I love you,” Zaira said. She kisses Alexis forehead multiple times and they hold each other close. I just love the growing relationships between Zaira, Alexis and JJ. They truly melt my heart. I love seeing them together. We are all so genuinely happy, and I just hope and pray that by letting Yasmin walk through the door, I didn’t jeopardize our happiness.

run it

Noooo please no more drama for them lol


Run It...

Ugh just when everything is going good i just know bs is coming their way

Awww there so sweet together. I love them. There lil family is cute tho. Can't wait till they finish school and all live together. Lmao at Juju not wanting Zaira to come out wet in the shower. This will be a tough six weeks lol. There all happy now, but how long will it last??? RUN IT!!!

Ugh they are the cutest family ever! But I kno trouble will come soon seeing as it always does when ur in a happy place. Hopefully they can get through watever it is just like they always do

"its too good to be true" "good things comes to an end" those statement dont fail on this website! lol

Yes they are too cute! Lol BUT I am going to warn you ladies that I have some drama coming *evil laugh*

they are too cute!
run it


So six days pass and I can finally leave the hospital today! I am so excited because I have been going crazy in the hospital for a week. Thank goodness my baby Zaira has been bringing my homework to the hospital so I’m not behind in my work. My woman is amazing. I love her so much. She will always do anything for me and I love that about her. I can’t wait to get home to our apartment. Well right now, I am all dressed at the hospital and I am waiting for Zaira to come pick me up from the hospital. It’s around 12 pm on Saturday. A few minutes later, Zaira walks into the room and she smiles at me and I smile back.

“Hi baby,” Zaira said.

“Hi gorgeous,” I said. Zaira walks over to me and she leans down and pecks my lips multiple times.

“You ready to go? I cooked for you babe,” Zaira said.

“You did? Aww you’re so sweet. What did you cook?”

“You’ll find out when we get you need help standing up?”

“I got it babe.” I get the crutches and I stand up and I put the crutches under my armpits. Zaira grabs my bags and then we leave. Zaira helps me get in the car and then we drive to our apartment. Once we get there, Zaira helps me get out and we walk in and I instantly smell some great smelling food!!

“Mmm something smells good!,” I exclaimed.

“I’ll fix you a plate babe. Go sit down,” Zaira said.

“Baby I can do things for myself you know.”

“I know but I feel like I owe this to you. I don’t mind taking care of my Juju,” Zaira said while grinning. I just roll my eyes playfully and Zaira kisses my cheek. She closes and locks the door behind us as I go into the kitchen, and she goes into our bedroom with my bags. A few minutes later Zaira comes into the kitchen. She kisses my forehead and then I sit down at the table and I set my crutches aside. Zaira fixes me a plate and a glass of iced tea. She sets the drink, then plate and utensils in front of me and I just look at Zaira and smile big.

“Baby when did you cook all of this?,” I asked.

“I got up a little early to cook this for you. I know you weren’t the biggest fan of the hospital food,” Zaira said. I just look down at my plate of fried chicken, greens, macaroni and cheese, and rice and beans. I then look back up at Zaira and she just smiles at me.

“How does everything look?,” Zaira asked.

“It looks fantastic,” I said softly.

“What’s the matter babe?”

“....I just don’t know what I did to deserve you. You’re so good to me.” Zaira just looks at me in a bit of shock and she moves closer to me and she sits in my lap and wraps her arms around my neck. She looks me in my eyes and I look in hers.

“Don’t talk like that baby. You deserve me because you are an amazing, loving, caring man with a huge heart. I love you Julian. I love you so much. We have all made mistakes and done things that we regret in life, but that doesn’t mean that we don’t deserve good things. You deserve good things baby and you deserve me,” Zaira said strongly. D**n I love this woman so much!!

“You are so amazing. You are actually beyond that,” I said.

“Thank you Julian. I love you,” Zaira said.

“I love you too.” Zaira kisses my lips multiple times and then gets up from my lap. I start eating while Zaira fixes her plate and drink. Once Zaira has her plate and drink fixed, she sits next to me and starts eating. I grab her left hand and I hold it tight and she looks at me and smiles. Zaira and I enjoy a nice lunch together and then we clean up the kitchen a bit. We put away the food and wash a few dishes.

“Ok baby, the doctor says you need to rest your leg as often as you can. Let’s get you in bed,” Zaira said. I nod my head and Zaira helps me stand up and I take the crutches and we go into our bedroom. For the most part our apartment is unpacked and I love it. I love the fact that me and Zaira live together now. I sit in the bed so my back is against the backboard and Zaira puts a few pillows under my broken leg.

“Babe I’m going to take a quick shower,” Zaira said.

“Oh no you aren’t,” I said.

“Huh?,” Zaira asked confused.

“You are going to take a shower, then come out here with just a towel on, with water dripping down your body, and the only thing I can do is sit here and,” I said.

“Oh baby stop. I’ll get dressed in the bathroom would that be ok?”

“Yeah you do that. You better do it. Don’t be sneaky.”

“I won’t babe I promise.” Zaira kisses my lips and then goes into the bathroom with all of her things. I gran the remote and I sigh and I turn on the television. I am going to have a real problem not being able to show my baby just how much I love her. I am going to do my best to deal with it though. 30 minutes later, Zaira comes out of the bathroom all dressed and I smile at her. She is the most beautiful woman in the world I swear and she’s mine! I love that ;) She puts her dirty laundry in the basket and then she sits next to me on the bed and kisses my cheek multiple times.

“Our babies are coming by soon. Your mom is going to drop them off,” Zaira said.

“Aww really? I’m excited I miss they’re our babies now?,” I said.

“Yes they are. I swear I love both of them like they are my own. They are so beautiful inside and out, they’re my babies.” I just smile at Zaira and I peck her lips.

“They love you too Zaira. They both cling to you. I am so happy they have someone like you in their life. They are truly blessed,” I said.

“Aww Juju you’re so sweet,” Zaira said. She climbs into my lap to face me and my d**k instantly got hard. Damn it doesn’t even take any effort when it comes to Zaira.

“Mmmm.....excited already huh?,” Zaira teased. She grinds her hips into me and I groan lowly.

“Don’t do this to me Zaira. Please don’t do it,” I said while laughing a bit.

“Can we kiss at least? I promise it won’t lead to more,” Zaira said sweetly. I just close my eyes; open my mouth and I stick out my tongue playfully. Zaira just laughs at me and she grabs my face and kisses me deeply. I love this woman’s lips so much. I could seriously kiss her all day. She wraps her arms around my neck and I rest mine on her waist. After 10 minutes of kissing, I pull out of the kiss and I hold Zaira tight for a few minutes, and then she looks at me.

“Do you feel ok baby?,” Zaira asked.

“Yeah I’m ok....just a little tired,” I said. Just then, the doorbell rings. Zaira pecks my lips and then gets out of the bed. 10 minutes later, Zaira comes into the bedroom with JJ and Alexis. Those are my babies, I love them. They are both holding Zaira’s hand, but I see my lil’ man wiping his eyes like he is crying.

“JJ you ok?,” I asked. JJ just looks at me and runs to the bed. I pick him up and I set him in my lap and I hold him tight as he cries on my chest.

“Baby we will leave you two alone,” Zaira said. I nod my head and her and Alexis leave the room closing the door behind them. I gently rub JJ’s back as I kiss his forehead.

“What’s wrong lil’ man? Huh?,” I said.

“...It’s mommy,” JJ said through tears.

“You miss her huh?”

“Yes daddy. I had a dream about her last night and I’m just sad now. I wish I could see her, but I can’t. I never will be able to ever again.”

“Oh JJ I know.....listen I know this is not going to be easy for you. I know how much you loved your mommy. I know you two were very close. And mommy loved you ok? JJ even though mommy is not here with you, she will always be in your heart. She is always looking down on you and the only thing you can do is make her proud. Be happy because she would not want to see you sad or crying ever. Do you understand JJ?,” I said softly.

“Yes daddy I always know what to say,” JJ said softly.

“I love you JJ. I love you so much. You have me, Alexis, grandma, and Zaira and we all love you. Don’t forget that.”

“You’re right daddy. I love you all too.” JJ pulls out of the embrace and I wipe his tears and then I kiss his forehead.

“You look tired JJ,” I noticed.

“I couldn’t sleep after the dream I kept thinking about mommy,” JJ said.

“I understand....I was about to take a nap, how about you nap with daddy?” JJ smiles and nods his head. I kiss his cheeks and then I lie JJ down next to me. I lie down in the bed, being careful with my leg in the process and then I turn on my side to face JJ. I put a small blanket over JJ and I hum as JJ drifts off to sleep. Shortly after that, I drift off to sleep myself. 2 hours later, I wake up from my nap. I look next to me and I don’t see JJ. I sit up in the bed and I take my crutches and I get out of the bed and I go into the living room and I see a sight then melts my heart. I see Zaira sitting on the couch while JJ sits next to her eating a snack. Alexis is sitting in between Zaira’s legs on the floor while Zaira twists her hair. My family is so beautiful.

“Hi Juju!,” Alexis exclaimed.

“Hi pretty girl,” I said. I go over to them and Alexis stands up and hugs my waist and I set my crutches to the side and I pick her up and I kiss her all over her face and she just laughs. I set her down and she sits back down on the floor. I kiss Zaira’s forehead and then I pick up JJ and I sit down where he was sitting, with him in my lap.

“Juju do you feel ok?,” Alexis said.

“Yeah Alexis I’m fine. Not really in any pain anymore,” I said.

“Good!,” Alexis exclaimed.

“You feel better now JJ?,” I asked.

“Yeah daddy I’m good,” JJ said. I smile and I kiss his cheek. I look over at Zaira as she twists Alexis’ hair and they talk and I just smile. I truly have a beautiful family that I would do absolutely anything for. We are all in a really good place and I just hope that we can keep it this way.

Aww That Was Cute...
Run It...

Yayy Julian is okay
JJ and Alexis are so sweet