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I Wanna Be

“Just a few days before our first day of college, you excited?” Omari asked looking over at his girlfriend of one year and best-friend of seven.

“Yeah…I guess.” Dominique mumbled looking out the window

“Baby please don’t be like that, I know you wanted to go to UNC but USC is a really good school too.”

“Omari I could care less about the education because I’m going to get one regardless, I just had my heart set on being a Tar Heel ever since I can remember. Playing soccer for them was a dream and now I’m going to be playing for a school who isn’t even ranked. So could you please let me sit over here and mope?” she asked looking over at him.

Omari let out a sigh as he got off on the very next exit. He pulled off to the side and put the car in park.

“And in other NCAA sports related news Christopher Brown has officially been taken off of U of A’s roster. This is a complete shocker to the college basketball world! A definite shoe-in for the NBA has literally disappeared off the face of the planet. We’ve tried reaching out to the university but…”

Omari cut the radio off and looked to Dominique.

“Babe forgive me if I’m trying to put you in a better mood, but USC was the best choice for me. I swear to God I appreciate the sacrifice you made to be with me. But sweetie I want to go pro and this was the very best way.”

“Omari you were the number one running back in the nation, you put every single personal stat and national record to shame. You could’ve went to a school that had a class size of only the football team and you’d still get drafted!” Dominique explained irritated.

“But you’re the number one midfielder in the nation, so why not put your skills to use and get USC ranked?”

“Please leave my ego be.” She said rolling her eyes.

“What I gotta do to make you happy?”

“Keep driving and let me adjust to this at my own pace.” She said reaching in the back to grab a pillow.

Omari watched her turn in her seat towards the window while snuggling up to the pillow. He sat there for a second and let the guilt eat at him. She was right, he could’ve went to any school especially UNC who was also throwing offers at him, and he would’ve been drafted. He knew she knew he was bulls***ting her about great opportunities. In all honesty he wanted to move from the country. Austin was cool but not where he wanted to be, he wanted the glitz and glam the City of Angels had to offer. He wanted that celebrity feeling he knew he’d get playing for USC. He wanted her right there by his side to experience it with him. Two national number ones on one another’s arm would’ve been a good look for them. Constantly on Sports Center, sharing the cover of ESPN and Sports Illustrated magazine, the sky was the limit for this power couple. But above all else he loved her and couldn’t imagine them an entire country apart from one another. Omari would’ve absolutely died if she were to fall in love with another man, especially if it were his fault and selfishness had anything to do with it.

“Baby” he said reaching over and touching her shoulder.

“What Omari?” she grumbled half asleep into the pillow.

“Come to the back with me.” He said unbuckling his seatbelt and moving to the back of his Range Rover.

She rolled her eyes as she did as he requested. Omari was leaning up against the window with his legs stretched out and Dominique climbed in between them and laid up against his chest. They sat there for a few minutes in silence.

“Dominique I love you with all my heart baby and it’s killing me that you’re unhappy because of a decision I made and begged you to make. I need you sweetheart, I mean I could do this without you but nowhere near my fullest potential. I’d probably get my scholarship pulled from how horrible I’d be playing.”

“It’s ok Omari, I just need some time to adjust. I’m sure I’ll be happy here, I just have to get over the fact that my mascot is a damn condom.”

“It’s not a condom baby, it’s a Trojan.” Omari said laughing.

“Well when I think of Trojan I think of the condom.”

“I don’t see how.” Omari joked grinning.

“Just cause I don’t f*** don’t mean I don’t watch TV Ishmael. All of those ridiculous commercials it’s hard not to notice.” She said irritated.

“I’m just kidding baby, chill with the Ishmael.” He laughed again knowing that he was upsetting her from her use of his middle name.

“Whatever, so why we back here anyways?”

“Multiple reasons main one being that I just wanted to hold you for a little while. Secondly I’m a little tired from all the driving.”

“Who wanted to drive though?”

“Me but I just wanted to spend more time with you on this little road trip. If I’d of known you would’ve been acting like this I would’ve had my s*** shipped too and dealt with you on that short ass flight.” Omari teased through laughs.

Dominique quickly spun around in his arms and kept hitting him in his arms and chest. Omari was laughing the whole time while trying to contain her arms.

“I’m sorry! I’m sorry! I was just kidding baby.” He said still laughing.

“You play too damn much.” She laughed straddling his lap.

“But you still love me so deal with it.” He said leaning forward with his hands on her hips.

“Keep it up with that smart ass mouth of yours and I’ll be loving you from North Carolina.”

“Don’t play babe.” Omari said getting serious and making Dominique laugh even more.

He knew this to be true because just the day before they left UNC was calling her to make sure that she was completely sure about her decision.

“Now it’s your turn to stop tripping cause you know I ain’t leaving you.”

“You bet not break my heart like that.” Omari said leaning forward kissing her lips that were formed into a smile.

After a sweet make-out session the two sat there holding one another, having meaningless conversation and sharing laughs. The two were content with one another’s presence.

“Ok you, it’s time to go.” Dominique said getting off of his lap and making her way to the passenger seat.

“But I was enjoying myself.” Omari complained from the back.

“I was too but we gotta go baby, we’re only 6 hours or so out.”

“You say it like it’s not a long time.” Omari said making his way to the driver’s seat.

“It’s not” she said snuggling back up to her pillow but this time facing Omari.

“That’s because you’re not driving.” Omari huffed.

“Then maybe you should’ve listened when I told you we should fly.” She teased laughing.

“f*** you man” Omari laughed.

“Maybe one day.” She grinned.

Omari nodded his head while gazing at her.

“Given your past I know that this must be hard for you, but I really do appreciate your efforts and how patient you’re being with me.”

“It’s nothing ma, I love you and if you want to wait to make love then I’m willing to wait until you’re ready. Even if you want to wait these next four years until we get married I’ll gladly do it.” Omari smiled meaning every word he said.

“Trust me it won’t be that long.”

“No?” he smiled.

She smiled back and shook her head no.

“Can I get a round about time frame so I know when I need to be ready?”

“Nope, it’ll just have to be a surprise. Hold up…what you mean be ready?”

“Well I don’t want to disappoint you so I’ve been practicing to keep myself up to par. High five!” Omari said reaching out with his right hand.

“Eww baby that’s gross.” Dominique laughed shoving his hand away.

“No it’s not, that s*** is natural.” Omari said putting the truck in drive.

(((7 Hours Later)))

The two arrived in Los Angeles and looked around impressed with what they saw. Omari followed the directions his navigation gave to the USC campus. They pulled up in front of a building that the navigation led them to and out front were a few students. They looked older as if they’d been attending for at least a year or two. They held a certain presence about them that screamed confidence. Only a few things could give off that feeling without words, popularity, money, or athletes. In this case it was all three. Omari rushed around to the other side of his truck to help Dominique out.

“Omari Grandberry and Dominique DeLorme it’s a pleasure to finally have you here.” One of the guys greeted smiling, descending the steps.


LMBO!!!! I was crying laughing at this add.

Especially the way Chris had all them hoes leaking...

Damn shame... I didnt want the add to end.

I cant wait for Chris and Dom to get together..

That was priceless... She get hood on four female gang members, clown some hoes, Chris then put hoes in their place... Luv it lol

Lmao. Chris is hilarious. I was really laughing out loud at this add. It was so cute when Chris was trying to cheer Dom up. I really hope that this friendship of theirs blossoms into a beautiful relationship. Only time will tell. Run it!!!

Ctfu!! Chris is too much for them niggas three much for them hoes. That was too funny. I love this story. I'm trying to figure are they really gonna just stay friends or take it to that next level??

They finished their beer, went and got another one, then returned to their seats.

“So you guys wanna go roller skating after this?” Dominique asked.

“Sure but would we be imposing on the lovebirds?” Zoe teased.

“I’m pretty sure whoever is there on a date won’t mind us being there.” Dominique replied.

“You know you want you some Chris.” Riley said nudging her.

“I’ll be sure to let him know all of ya’ll said no.”

“Stop being like that and be honest with yourself, you know you like him.”

Dominique remained quiet and kept her attention on the football game.

“Skating nigga?! Are you for real?” Drake asked.

“Actually yeah I am, so ya’ll going or not?” Chris asked.

“If that flock of fine females go then I’m down.” <a href="">Stephen</a>, the point guard commented. “Dominique going right?”

“Of course Dominique is going stupid.” Drake said going upside his head. “You think this nigga gonna invite all of us to go skating so we can bond?”

“What’s the matter babygirl?” Chris asked standing to his feet and stopping her in Dominique tracks.

“f*** skating they getting on my damn nerves. Eating and movies is on our schedule.”

Chris looked over at her team and saw them making hearts with their hands and kissy faces.

“So we should probably keep our comments to ourselves?” Drake asked grinning.

“You really mad huh?” Chris chuckled.

“More like irritated, the first fifteen jokes were tolerable but now they won’t shut the f*** up.”

“Wanna finish watching the game somewhere else?”

“As in different seats?”

“As in not in the stadium anymore.”

“Yo chick we sorry.” Zoe laughed as she approached them.

“f*** you and the rest of them.” Dominique said not looking at her.

“Oh come on, we’ll go skating with you and your…friend.”

The basketball team let out stifled laughs and Chris managed to keep his amusement to himself.

“Come on! You two act and look like a f***ing couple! How can we not comment on it?” Drake laughed.

“Drake I actually like your whorish ass, but if you keep offering your opinion then I’m going to have to re-think this whole friendship thing with you.”

“She’s so sensitive.” Drake said imitating a gay man, hissing every time he pronounced an S.

Dominique didn’t want to laugh but she did anyways.

“Ya’ll better leave her be, you know she can have an evil streak.” Chris warned.

“What could she possibly do to us?” Veronica laughed.

Dominique raised her eyebrow while looking at her.

“I’ll see ya’ll later.”

“You headed to any parties?” Zoe asked.

“Nope” Dominique said still walking away with Chris.

“I know she’s only a freshman but that look made me feel nothing but uncomfortable.” Angelica admitted.

“What could she possibly do to us?” Riley asked.

“I don’t know then again she is pretty smart so it’s something obvious that we’re not thinking about.” Zoe voiced.

“Look at Dom having all ya’ll shook.” Drake laughed.

“Shut the hell up Drake.” Veronica said as she and the team walked back over to their seats.

(((45 Minutes Later)))

“Feel better?” Chris smiled as he watched Dominique sink her teeth into the chicken taco.

A moan and slight eye roll was her response.

“I’m happy you’re happy.” Chris laughed.

“It’s got an extra kick to it, I like.” Dominique said after chewing her food and checking out the taco.

“I had them put extra cilantro in it for you.”

“Let me find out you know your way around a kitchen like dat.” She smirked.

“Girl I can throw down!”

“I’m not saying what Maurice cooked wasn’t damn good, but anyone can put a meat, veggie, and starch combo together. As long as you don’t burn it you’re good.”

“Doesn’t that rule apply with anything you cook?” Chris smirked.

“No cause some people’s cooking I’ve had the displeasure of tasting I would’ve much rather that they burnt it, I mean literally set it on fire while it was in my mouth. Ew! Chris!” Dominique said wiping some of the drink Chris accidentally spit on her hand when he started laughing.

“Blame your f***ing self.” He said still laughing. “You the one telling jokes when a nigga is mid-drink.”

When they finished their food the two sat around holding casual conversation and waited for their food to digest a little better. Dominique looked behind herself when she heard the bell above the door begin to bounce around to see three young looking thugs come strolling in wearing nothing but blue head to toe. Automatically she checked Chris first and he was wearing neutral colors while she had all kinds of not blue on.

“f***” she grumbled to herself.

Chris looked up at them then at what Dominique was wearing.

“You ready?” Chris asked.

“Yeah let’s roll.” She said gathering the trash and their trays.

Dominique moved with a quickness especially when she saw them checking her out. She damn near threw the trays away before she walked out. She was actually wearing maroon but she wasn’t familiar with what gang she was currently representing. All she knew was blue and red, bloods and crips. But with their level of ignorance she feared all they saw was red.

“Ay Cuz” one of them said to Chris.

“What up?” Chris said as he continued walking.

“That yo chick?” another asked.

“Yeah that’s my girl.” Chris said turning to completely face them.

“She bad as f***! Where you find her at?”

“Don’t know, just lucky I guess.” He smirked.


“f*** my life.” Dominique said to herself.

Three females were leaning up against the back of the tiny, hole in the wall type restaurant while another was on the phone by the bus stop not too far away. All of them wore blue from head to toe.

“What set you claim?” one asked as the three approached her.

“I don’t bang I ain’t from ‘round here.” Dominique admitted.

“You sure about that? Sure you ain’t just scared or somethin’?” another asked when they were nice and close to Dominique.

“I’m positive. Is my accent not a dead giveaway?”

“Don’t get smart, what you doing over here then?”

“I came to get something to eat I don’t mean any disrespect to you or your crew.”

“Naw f*** that! Don’t get scared now slob.”

“What the f*** is that?” Dominique asked confused.

“You slob!”

“I ain’t looking for no trouble.” Dominique assured them.

The whole time all Dominique could think was “where the f*** is Chris?!” He was busy inside talking to the three guys. One of them had recognized him and they were talking sports. He was even telling them about Dominique and they had heard of her. They’d even seen a few billboards she was on around the city.

“f*** that s***! You come up here all flamed up and have the nerve to tell us you don’t want trouble?! Too bad for you cause we do.”

Dominique huffed out a deep breath while she took her hoody off.

“Well then be women about this and come one at a time please.” She said tossing her hoody in the back of her truck. “Jumping someone is a punk move and I don’t take ya’ll for punks since you wanna fight over what I’m wearing.” Dominique said sarcastically.

One girl charged at Dominique and slammed her into a wall. Dominique braced herself and actually felt no pain. Immediately she began working the hell out of the girl’s sides. She got in a few good hits on each side before the girl stumbled back coughing. Dominique pushed her as hard as she could and she went flying into one of her other friends. Another one came charging at Dominique again but this time she grabbed her and used her momentum to throw her up against the wall. Everyone heard her hit her head, but Dominique didn’t wait to watch her hit the ground. The girl on the phone was completely oblivious to everything. But the last of the three came at Dominique with her hands balled up and out damn near above her head.

“You can’t be serious.” Dominique commented while balling up her fist and putting them up in front of her face.

Dominique hit the girl in the nose and mouth with two quick jabs.

“b****!” she shouted finally catching her friend’s attention by the bus stop.

She immediately put her phone away and came running at Dominique.

“f***!” Dominique said as she took the time to reach up to the side of her truck and pull herself up in the back of it then leap right back out on the other side while grabbing her keys out of her pocket.

“What the f*** happened?!” one of the guys Chris was talking to shouted after he saw two of his homegirls laid out and two running around to the other side of the truck.

“Yo chill!” they said walking backwards.

Chris and the other three guys saw the two girls walk from behind the truck then saw a gun in a hand followed by an arm then the rest of Dominique.

“Dom what the hell is going on?!” Chris yelled.

“I’m wearing maroon.” She explained not taking her attention or gun off of the girls. “Plus the odds of not getting jumped weren’t really in my favor, so I grabbed my equalizer.”

“And she gangsta, got yo self a down ass chick.” One of the guys from inside commented. “On the real ya’ll need to chill.”

“Tell her to put the gun down.”

“Tell them not to try anything funny after I do. Cause I swear I’ll have all our asses on the news tonight.”

“They ain’t gonna do nothing to you ma, but put ya gun down so we can figure out what’s going on.”

“I told you what was going on.” Dominique said lowering her weapon but not taking her eyes off of them.

“f***in b****!” the girl that got slammed into the wall shouted as she came running around the truck.

Dominique put her gun back up and the girl ran right up to it and stopped when it was between her eyes.

“Oh my God” she voiced.

“Ya’ll really need to chill, I said I was sorry for disrespecting you but it was an accident. You think this is how I like to spend my Saturday’s? Pissing people off on purpose?”

“f*** you b****” the girl still holding her ribs commented as she got up. “You probably ain’t got s*** in that gun, it’s only for show.”

“Oh really?” Dominique asked irritated as she pointed it towards the wall and letting off a shot into it, then moving the gun back between the girl’s eyes.

“Babygirl let’s just go.” Chris offered stepping behind her, pushing her arm down, and placing his hand on the gun.

“Man whatever” she said releasing the gun and walking to the driver’s side.

“Sorry about everything ladies, I’m sure it was a huge misunderstanding.”

“I honestly don’t know what happened, I saw two homies laid out and one holding her face. I did what anyone would do and came to help, then next thing I know I got a gun in my face.”

“She came out all flamed up talking like a punk, saying she ain’t want no trouble or some s***.”

“So ya’ll got f***ed up for no reason? She ain’t from here, she from Texas and plays soccer for USC. They were coming from the football game to get something to eat.” One of the guys explained.

“Man whatever”

“Stupid. She gonna be alright?”

“She’ll be fine, she probably mad she can’t come down here no more. This is one of her favorite spots to eat.”

“She can come back anytime, like I said this was a misunderstanding.” He said while looking at the females.

“Yeah man, whatever we ain’t gonna f*** with her.”

The others agreed then Chris went to the driver’s side door and opened it to get blasted in the face with her music. Chris handed her the gun back as she reached to turn the music down.

“Come’ere real quick.”

“Ugh” Dominique groaned as she slid out of her truck.

“Yo our bad” one of them said.

Dominique said nothing, she only stared.

“Cool, we straight.” Another said after a few seconds of awkward silence.

“Uh huh” Dominique said throwing up the deuces. “See you around.” She said getting back in her truck.

“See ya’ll niggas around.” Chris said dapping up the dudes and waving at the females.

Once he got in the truck Dominique pulled off.

“Damn he was fine.” One of the females said.

“Damn yo face is busted up.” One of the guys laughed.

“I swear I have the worst luck.” Dominique said rubbing her forehead while driving.

“Are you ok?” Chris asked.

“Yeah…I’m fine.” She said with a sigh.

“You know what I think?”

“That I’m bad luck?”

“No” he smiled. “I think we should still go skating….it’ll be fuuunnn.” He sang.

“Well…I guess it couldn’t hurt. As long as people there don’t have a problem with maroon.” She said rolling her eyes.

Dominique and Chris skated around smiling and laughing for a good amount of time before their fun was interrupted.

“We’ve got a special shot out to a very special couple out here right now.” The DJ said into the mic.

“The f***?” Dominique said looking around at the very few people in the rink.

“You know who you are.” He said again as he began to play Endless Love by Lionel Richie and Diana Ross.

Chris and Dominique both stopped skating to look around.

“Those bastards” Dominique said after she spotted the both of their teams laughing their asses off by the DJ booth.

“Very f***ing funny a**holes.” Chris smirked as he and Dominique skated up to them.

“I told you I have s***ty luck.” Dominique commented.

“I’m starting to believe you, how’d you guys know we were here?” Chris asked.

“We didn’t, we came just in case you two were here.” Drake replied.

“Yeah we were trying to catch you kissing.” Zoe added.

“Remind me after we leave here that I gotta stop by the post office.” Dominique said to Chris.

“Alright….but for what?”

“Because I’ma take my foot, put it in the mail, and send it to Zoe’s ass.”

Of course Dominique’s random sense of humor had everyone laughing. They all decided to go rent some skates and wound up having a really good time for the hour and a half they were there.

“Ok so what we doing now?” Drake asked.

“Well I don’t know about ya’ll but I’m hungry.” Zoe voiced.

“You ain’t gonna wait for Shaffer to be finished with his game?” Dominique asked.

“They’re done but I don’t feel like being bothered with him. He’s pissed off I left the game early.” She said rolling her eyes.

“Oh…I see…well we’re out ya’ll have fun.”

“You ain’t coming to eat?” Drake asked.

“We already ate besides we don’t want another incident.” Chris smirked.

“Incident? What incident?” Riley asked confused.

“Long story short some people in this city aren't too fond of our school colors.” Dominique said rocking back and forth on her heels.

“Is that why your left hand was swollen earlier?” Veronica asked.

“Yeah…something like that.”

“I thought you just sucked at skating and fell.” Drake said with a shrug.

“Yeah well we’re out, ya’ll have a nice night. Call if you need anything.” Dominique said walking towards her truck followed by Chris.

“Think they’re f***ing?” Stephen questioned.

“No stupid!” Zoe said going upside his head.

“I’m just saying…they always wanna be alone and s***. Why wouldn’t it be a natural assumption?”

“Because she’s not like that and you know Chris isn’t any more either.” Veronica explained.

“Or maybe that’s what they’re letting us think? Who’s to say they’re really not dating?” Drake asked.

“Just shut up already. Where we eating at?” Riley asked texting.

“I could actually go for some dessert.” Dominique said peeking over at Chris.

“I got a little room left for that. I’m thinking a Blondie.”

“You’re getting really good at reading minds.” Dominique said with a false excitement, making Chris laugh.

She drove to the Applebee’s closest to the school and parked far away from other people. She took any precaution she could to keep her truck from getting bumped by other car doors. Once inside they were seated at a table between the bar and regular seating area. Where they were sitting was more of an area for people that wanted a few drinks, a little food, or maybe just a dessert which is exactly what they were there for. Chris immediately declined the menus and ordered milks and a Blondie.

“How’s your hand doing?” Chris asked after noticing her rubbing her knuckles.

“Throbbing” she said with a small laugh.

Chris reached across the table and gently took her hand in his then brought it closer to his face.

“Doesn’t look like anything is broken.” He said before rubbing his thumb across her hand. “I know what’ll make you feel better.”

Chris gave each one of Dominique’s knuckles a soft kiss.

“All better?” he smiled looking up at her, not releasing her hand.

“All better” she smiled and blushed.

“I told you they were dating.”

Both Dominique and Chris’s attention snapped towards the intruding voice. At that time they noticed that there was a lot more people than just Drake not even ten feet away from them.

“I’m a believer babygirl, you really are bad luck.” Chris said as Dominique slowly pulled her hand from his.

“This is absolutely without a doubt the worst moment in my life.” Dominique said sitting all the way back in her chair.

“If you think this is bad wait til catch someone you love f***ing someone else.” The stranger said purposely taking a jab at Dominique.

Dominique cut her eyes over to the <a href="">female</a> in all yellow, with an uncanny resemblance to Nicki, and standing right next to her.

“Relative?” Dominique grinned staring at Nicki, eyes becoming dark.

“Someone isn’t all that bright tonight. Do you not see the resemblance of all this sexiness between me and my sis?”

“Congratulations, you’ve won b****iest Banana. With that being said my quota for patience isn’t far from being depleted, please stop talking.”

“Or what?”

“Or I can show you what someone with no conscience is capable of, ask your sister how fun that was.” Dominique said laughing along with the others.

“She’s 17 Dominique, you can’t touch her.” Nicki said matter-of-factly.

“Oh?” Dominique asked pointing her right index finger in the girl’s face.

When she slapped it away Dominique reached up and snatched the girl up by the hair.

“Let go!” she shouted.

Dominique laughed and shoved her into Nicki.

“That’s your ass Dominique!” Nicki assured her.

“Not really, because it would seem that history just repeated itself. She hit me first. Found a loophole, I should be a lawyer.”

“I like how none of you f***ers do anything to control your friend.” Nicki said looking around.

“First of all there’s no point in trying to control Dominique, it just doesn’t work. Secondly anyone that’s been on the receiving end of her temper should know better than to f*** with her.” Omari explained looking through a drink menu.

“She gives you a few words of encouragement and all of a sudden you’re one of her many groupies.”

“I have groupies?” Dominique asked sarcastically, grinning.

“Sure do and your number one groupie is sitting right across from you.” Omari said staring at Chris.

“How is it that you and your crew of flunkies always manage to pop up and damage my calm?”

“It doesn’t have to be like this between us. We could spend more time together, become close again, who knows maybe even start dating again.”

“You’ve been drinking haven’t you?” Dominique asked with a raised eyebrow.

“A little bit” Omari admitted chuckling. “But come on, me and you were great together. I know you still care about me.”

“You’ve had a little more than a little bit.” Dominique said shaking her head from side to side.

“Doesn’t mean I’m not serious about us getting back together, I swear I won’t f*** up this time. I will remain faithful to you and only you.” He said stepping closer to her and rubbing her cheek with the back of his hand.

“Omari Grandberry faithful….that will truly be the day.”

“I think there’s hope for us, my goal is to have you as my girl by the end of the football season. What do you think?”

“I think maybe you should take on a more reasonable goal, like ending world hunger for instance.”

Everyone erupted into laughter while Dominique only looked annoyed.

“Damn sweetheart, that was cold.” Omari chuckled stepping away from her.

“And who are you calling flunkies?” Shaffer asked.

“Her…her…them” Dominique pointed while not looking at any of them. “Shaffer you know I don’t mind having you around or Zoe, or Trey….especially Trey.” She said remembering their time together, forgetting for a split second where she was at. “But it’s the crowd you have with you. Him and him” she said pointing at Omari and Shad. “And they bring these things along and the encounters are only going to get worse. It’s all fun and games until one of them actually hurts me and try to justify it with nothing short of jealousy.”

“First of all you think way too highly of yourself Dominique and second if you spent some of your extra time getting some lovin’ from oh I don’t know, maybe Omari here, you wouldn’t be so prone to react to things violently.”

Dominique glanced at Shad, rolled her eyes, and did a double take mid eye roll.

“Just so we’re clear I’d rather tongue kiss a hobo before I received anything intimate from Omari ever again.”

Dominique stopped talking to let everyone get their laugh out and to get another good look at Shad’s shirt.

“Shad please tell me you’re wearing that shirt because someone has to spot you from space.”

All over again everyone erupted into laughter.

“Shows how much you don’t know about fashion.”

“And I proudly agree with that statement if keeping track of such trends is required of me.”

“I’ll have you know this shirt is made by Versace.”

“That shirt was made by a monkey.”

“Bitter because you’re heartbroken shame.”

“My heart isn’t broken Shad, just a little cracked. The real shame is you have to bring it up in order to maybe shut me up.” Dominique openly admitted which ceased all laughter.

“Awe, let’s all feel sorry for her.” Nicki commented, but from a distance.

“Nicki unlike everyone else I’m not fooled by the fact that you wear grownup clothes, have mastered the rudimentary levels of communication, and somehow manage to feed yourself. I see you for what you really are.”

“Which would be?”

“A child”

“Dom stop, I can’t breathe.” Zoe laughed through tears, holding her stomach.

Others were reacting the exact same way.

“Well this child rolls around with your man.” Nicki tried to counter in her defense after the laughter died down.

“I don’t have a man.”

“That’s right you don’t, but what used to be yours will soon be mine all mine.”

“By all means Nicki, do yo thang.” Dominique giggled. “If you’re ok with waking up wondering every other day why your pussy itches then you go right on ahead and make you and Omari happen.”

“I gotta pee!” Riley laughed running off towards the restroom.

Even Omari had to laugh.

“She just called you dirty nigga and you think it’s funny?!” Nicki’s sister asked.

“It was funny” Omari shrugged sipping on his drink that reeked of alcohol.

Dominique reached out and took it before he could get a second sip.

“Is ya’ll table almost ready?” she asked sipping his drink.

“Maybe” Omari said smiling as he watched Dominique drink his drink.

“He must not be too dirty if you’re drinking after him. Aren’t you afraid where his lips might’ve been?” Nicki asked suggestively in hopes of angering Dominique.

“I’m not worried, alcohol kills germs. You ain’t really think niggas poured champagne on you and your protégé because it was cool did you?”

By now Dominique had almost everyone in tears and feeling stomach and face pains from laughing so hard.

“Excuse me” the waitress said making her way through the crowd. “Two milks and a Blondie.” She said setting everything down on the table.

“Thanks” Chris said while looking at Dominique with concern.

Though she had everyone entertained and in fits of laughter, she never once fully laughed at her own comments. Chris could tell that she was honestly disturbed at the moment.

“Would you like to do the honors?” Chris asked pushing the tiny cup holding the sweet sauce towards Dominique.

“I’m good” she said looking up at him with a forced smile.

“Awe don’t be like that babygirl.” He said getting up out of his seat and walking up on her from behind.

Chris glared at everyone before he turned his attention on Dominique.

“You love this part.” He said taking her hand and grabbing the sauce. “Sssssss” he said making the sizzling sound along with the actual sizzling that was going on when the topping dripped off of the ice cream, off the cake, and onto the hot skillet.

He looked around her to see a slight smile. She still wasn’t happy with the situation they were currently in but she was happy with his efforts at making her feel better. He moved to the front of her while taking Omari’s drink away from her.

“Here you go bruh.” Chris said releasing it as soon as he felt Omari, not even caring if it was in his hand or not. “I know you’re not gonna make me eat this all by myself.” He said grabbing a spoon and taking a scoop of the dessert. “Here comes the choo-choo. Chuga-chuga, chuga-chuga. Choo! Choo!” Chris said slowly moving his hand towards her mouth.

Dominique didn’t open her mouth but she did smile.

“No? Nothing?” he asked rubbing the spoon against her lips. “How bout a plane? It’s coming in for a landing. Vroooom”

Dominique giggled before she opened her mouth and allowed Chris to feed her.

“I’m good” Chris said admiring the success of his efforts. “Alright, I’ma need you guys to go the f*** away.” He said turning around and looking at Omari, Shad, and their female guests.

Omari and Chris immediately began a staring match.

“I think I’ll stay and admire your good looks.” Nicki’s little sister flirted.

“That’s the great thing about admiring, you can do it from far away.” Chris replied causing everyone including Dominique to laugh.


“Excuse me handsome, gotta take this.” Dominique said sliding out of her seat, phone in hand, headed towards the exit. “Hey Poppa”

“She’s gone now, you can cut the act.” Nicki commented.

“I’m not Omari this isn’t an act.”

“What you trying to say nigga?” Omari asked offended.

“I’m not trying to say anything, you acted like you cared about Dominique. I on the other hand actually do give a damn about her.”

“f*** you nigga! I love Dominique!” Omari confessed closing the space between the two.

“Love or loved cause I could’ve sworn just last night she wasn’t worth a damn to you. So which is it player? All lies last night or are you lying right now about how you supposedly love Dom?”

“You trying kind of hard to campaign for Dominique’s affection. What…trying to get her friends to put in a good word for you? Can’t just pull her yourself? You’ll never love her like I did.”

“Chill you two” Shaffer said in hopes of keeping the peace.

“I really don’t wanna start any trouble but are you POSITIVE you only like Dominique as a friend?” Drake asked.

“I too do not wish to start any trouble, so maybe you should take your girls elsewhere before I give them a real nigga to d*** ride.”

“Nigga please you wouldn’t know….” Nicki started before she got snatched up by Chris.

“You have it wrong sweetheart, you wouldn’t know what to do with me. See females like you need someone aggressive, to keep you in your place.”

“Yo let her go!” Omari said sternly.

“Why? She likes it.” Chris said staring in her face, grinning. “She’s not the only one.” He said slowly turning her around, keeping her hands behind her back and on his lap so she could feel his length. “Smell that gents?” Inhaling gently. “Smells like a whole lot of wet pussy.”

Chris’s entire demeanor had changed. He was like a shark whose eyes turned black and was playing with his food before his kill.

“If you would like to get f***ed properly, feel free to step forward and stand next to Nicki.”

The girls looked at one another with hesitation.

“Don’t be shy and don’t think I can’t handle all of you. I’ve got a bank account that’s out of this world, so buying cases of condoms and renting a penthouse to f*** in for the next few days isn’t an issue. I f*** very well and I don’t like to stop.”

Three girls looked at the boys then stepped forward.

“I want more Nicki, so let the others know it’ll be worth it.” He said letting her hands slide off of him.

The involuntary look of lust in her eyes and the goosebumps that ran up and down her arms were all caused from feeling the length of Chris. She knew he was soft but was still turned on with what she felt. Almost everyone standing there was intrigued by the effect Chris had on someone whom everyone knew to be a pro.

“I’m convinced.” Nicki’s little sister said approaching.

“I’m not trying to catch a case, so I’ll f*** you next year. But you can watch.”

She was smiling from ear to ear.

“I’m ready to go now, so either ya’ll coming or you’re not. And yes that was a double meaning.” He said standing up.

All of the girls aside from Zoe, Riley, and Veronica looked at one another, at the men, then started making way towards Chris. But they stopped when they saw Chris sit back down and start laughing. His original demeanor reappeared.

“Take your b**** Omari.” Chris said giving Nicki a slight shove in her back.

Omari caught her but immediately released her because he was quite upset with her.

“Matter of fact get all them hoes away from me.” He said still chuckling while shooing them away with the back of his hands.

“f*** you nigga!” One said, embarrassed.

“Whatever you say, but first go to the restroom and clean yourself up, then go put on some f***ing panties.” He said pointing at her legs.

Everyone looked down and saw moist thighs and the wetness gliding down in little drops sliding down the inside of her knees. That’s when everyone started looking at all the females with skirts and saw the same moisture on their thighs.

“Who’s ‘Mr. Steal Your Girl’ now?” Chris asked looking at an extremely amused Trey. “That is exactly why I pick Dominique 11 out of 10 times. She’s nothing like them, she’s genuinely a good girl. Can’t no one talk to her or treat her like I did them and not have a fat lip. Only weak women react like them, ready to f*** a stranger with money at a moment's notice. A strong woman that makes me laugh with an intellect out of this world is what I want and need in my life, not hoes.”

“What about hoes?” Dominique asked walking up but stopping in her tracks. “Am I smelling what I think I’m smelling?”

“I’ll explain in the truck.” Chris said standing up laughing.

He pulled a wad of cash out of his pocket, dropped two twenties on the table, then draped his arm around Dominique’s shoulders.

“We not gonna finish?”

“No point babygirl, they’ll find a way to continue f***ing up our good time. Plus it smells like used condoms and fish.” He said still chuckling. “Evening” Chris said leading Dominique past everyone.

“What happened?” she asked looking over her shoulder and his arm, then back up at him.

“Did that really just happen?” Zoe asked between laughs.

“So who feels like more of an a**hole? Ya’ll or ya’ll?” Riley asked pointing at the females and the guys.

“What the f*** was that all about?!” Omari asked Nicki through clenched teeth.

“You see Dominique and go stupid. I feel a big d*** and black out. We’re even.” Nicki said walking away.

“You should probably marry her O.” Zoe said with a straight face.

“f*** that b****!”

“But you have to, she was better than Dom for a short period of time. There’s gotta be SOMETHING there. She’s a winner!” Zoe laughed walking away with a laughing Riley and Veronica.

“Ohhhhh BURN!” They heard Riley shout.

“Shut the f*** up Shad!” Omari said shoulder checking him as he too walked away.

Shad merely shook his head as he continued to laugh.

“No one is gonna miss this.” Trey said grabbing the dessert and walking over to where everyone went.

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I find it funny every time Omari gets his draws in a bunch! If it was up to him nobody would be able to talk to Dom! Run It

Aww how cute!! :)) Domo and Chris need to quit playing. Omari jealousy is an ugly trait. Why they worried abt why Shaffer in her truck. They should know who he tryna cuff lol ZOE!!!

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Okay, finally caught up. I'm Danyell and I would like to say I am in love with your story! Here is my comment...

Girl, are you stalking my life? Swear this is my life just in a college edition. Not only am I soccer player, but i'm a midfielder and i'm just as nice as she is not only that but humble with an ex boyfriend who just wanted sex. Sketch if you ask me. I got my eyes on you! Okay so I love Dom's persona from the jump, she hella reminds me of myself. I cant believe that she gave up her dream school for her boo. I would have never done some s*** like that. You got me f***ed up. You could tell right off the bat that Omari was gunna do something to hurt their relationship. He had a fatass head and clearly everyone saw it. Like that nigga was doing the most with asking for all the stuff he got, he had no humbleness whatsoever and now he's totally a d***. Well sorry that you f***ed up boo boo. Its nice to see that in this last add tho she cares just a little. Althoughthis girl is crazy for real. Shedont take s*** from no one. shesmart and dedicated. Kudos to that. There friends are hella chill tho. I like that s***, my soccer team ismy fam too we got that bond. Zoe is kinda like my Bree, always teasing cause I havent had d***, but just like dom i dont plan too. Oh snap! I caught that little thing between trey and Dom, s*** was crazy. She got that good pussy that now he's kinda jealous. I sense that s***, aint no hiding that. Okay, so then Maurice jumps into the damn picture and in my head i'm like hmm, i know this nigga is Chris, he has to be. Dont worry i peeped that Chris Brown of UofA was missing. Anywho, i was like aww this nigga is hella cute. Theres just something about a yellow bone nerd that i like.haha. Then she slowly starts discovering him and im like yesss!!! Get it!! And that scene in the library where he was changing it up, I was like, yes he about to show the real him, i siked!! And his story was totally karma, im glad he sobered up tho and now has Dom. I cant wait until they get together i mean let me find a nigga that will talk science with me and we will be together for ever. Haha

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omari a lil too happy that dom paid attn to him lol poor thing lol

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I know Dominique has a little secret crush on Chris! And Chris is willing to be raped by Dominique! Lol! They are so cute! Can't wait for the next add! Just keeps getting better and better! Run it!

They are to cute. RunIt!!

Awwwwwww, they're so cute! I'm glad she still supports Omari by their mutual love for competition, that's a genuine person. RUN IT!

“You can hop in the shower first, I gotta wash my hair and stuff.” Dominique offered after she let everyone in.

“Thanks Dom”

“No problem, I’ve got stuff that will fit you in one of those drawers.” She said walking back out of her room to the other room.

“Shaffer do you need anything or do you still have stuff here?”

“No I’m good, thanks though.”

“Zoe” Dominique shouted.

“What?” Zoe yelled from the shower.

“Need anything?”

“No I’m good, thanks.”

“Then it’s settled, night.”

“Hey Dom…hold on.” Shaffer said smiling at her and gently taking her wrist. “I need to know something.” He said moving closer then whispering something in her ear.

Instantly Dominique began blushing as she looked around like a little kid, rocking from side to side.

“You do!” he shouted while pointing in her face.

“Shut up!” she said covering his mouth and looking around. “Ok maybe a little bit.”

“A little bit my ass, that’s a damn crush you got.”

“You’re crazy” she said walking away.

“Don’t worry I won’t tell anyone.” He laughed as she closed the door behind herself.

Dominique closed her eyes as she leaned up against the door.

“f***” she mumbled to herself.

“Is everything ok?” Chris asked walking out of the bedroom shirtless.

“Yeah, everything is fine.” She smiled.

“You’re lying, but whatever hurry up and take a shower so we can watch some TV.”

“Alright” she said making her way into her room.

Twenty minutes later Dominique was walking back out of her bedroom in a pair of blue plaid pajama pants and a matching t-shirt.

“What we watching?” Dominique asked sitting down on her couch next to Chris.

“Nothing really, I’ve been flipping through the channels trying to find something interesting.”

“Ok” Dominique said through a yawn.

“You don’t have to stay up with me, you can go to bed ma.”

“No it’s alright, I’d rather stay up and hang out with you.”

“Then let’s talk” Chris said turning off the TV and turning her stereo on.

“What would you like to talk about?” She smiled as she moved to lean up against the arm of the couch.

“Doesn’t really matter.”

“Alright then let’s talk about astrophysics.” She suggested giggling.

“Fine by me.” Chris laughed.

The two stayed up for an hour and a half straight talking about the physics of the universe and the physical properties. From luminosity to density to temperature and even it’s physical composition. They spoke about galaxies, stars, and planets too. They seemed to fall asleep at the same time when they got on the subject of exoplanets. Chris hadn’t fell asleep for a very long time. He rubbed his eyes, stretched, then looked over at Dominique curled up in a ball. He stood to his feet and gently picked her up. He slowly walked to her bedroom and crawled on her bed using his knees as he laid her down as softly as possible so not to wake her. When he went to stand up to place a blanket over her she took a hold of his hand.

“The couch isn’t that comfortable to sleep on.” She mumbled.

“Sure it is” he smiled while covering her up.

“Then you would’ve left me there if it was.”

Chris chuckled as he laid down in Dominique’s bed.

“Night sweetheart.”

“Mmhmm” she grumbled into the pillow.


“What are you doing up?” Shaffer asked rushing out of the <a href="">bedroom</a>.

“You’ve got an important game today and I couldn’t let you rush out of here on an empty stomach.” Dominique explained tiredly.

“You got up to make me breakfast?” Shaffer asked shocked.

“Yeah, it’s not much but it’ll hold you over plus you shouldn’t eat too much before a game anyways.” Dominique said after she wrapped up the second sandwich.

She had made Shaffer two sausage, egg, and cheese breakfast sandwiches on toasted white bread. She wrapped the two sandwiches together and wrapped a few napkins with it. She grabbed a plastic bag she got from the grocery store and placed the food, a bottled water, and a bottled orange juice inside of it.

“Here” she said handing him the bag and the keys to her truck.

“You are absolutely the best!” he said kissing her forehead. “I know you already know this but Omari was a fool for what he did to you. Chris is a very lucky man.”

“He’s my friend Shaffer.” She smiled.

“How perfect for you those are usually the best relationships.” Shaffer smiled.

“Omari was my friend too ya know.”

“That’s why I say usually, but Chris doesn’t show signs of weakness. The same things don’t drive him as they do Omari. Hell I heard you two having a conversation about astrophysics last night. What guy you know is on that kind of level?”

“That makes him a really great and intelligent friend.”

“Excuses, excuses.”

“Get out before you’re late Shaffer.” Dominique smiled pushing him out of the door. “Good luck” she shouted after him as he jogged down the hallway.


Dominique went back into <a href="">her room</a> and laid back down next to Chris. She stared at him for a few seconds before she closed her eyes to go back to sleep.

“You making me breakfast too right?” Chris asked with his eyes still closed.

“If that’s what you want.”

“What are you doing with Dominique’s truck?” Trey asked laughing at the way Shaffer pulled into the parking lot.

“I was running late so she let me use it.” Shaffer said walking along with the other football players towards the locker room.

“I see you had enough time to stop for food.” Shad said tapping his bag.

“Actually d*** I didn’t, Dominique woke up and made me something to eat.”

“Why didn’t she just wake you up?” Omari asked.

“Who cares, I’m here.”

“What were you doing over there anyways?” Shad asked.

“Her place is closer than mine or Zoe’s, so we asked if we could stay there.” Shaffer said unwrapping one of the sandwiches.

“Well if ya’ll were in the extra room then where did Chris stay? The couch?” Trey asked.

Shaffer took a huge bite out of the sandwich and kept walking.

“Where’d he sleep Shaffer?” Shad re-asked.

Shaffer took another big bite and continued walking, only faster.

“Where the hell did he sleep Shaffer?” Omari asked stepping in front of him.

“I’m chewing man, chill.” Shaffer said before he swallowed his food. “What does it matter anyways? We’ve got a conference game we’re about to play that you need to be focused on, yet you’re worried about a man that might’ve slept next to a woman that you wished you never would’ve dated or begged to come to this school. Get your priorities straight player.” Shaffer finished while putting emphasis on player then walking away.


“Wanna sit with me and my boys?” <a href="">Chris</a> asked as he and Dominique made their way to the stands.

“No, you have fun with your team. I’ma go chill with mine.”

“You just gonna leave me like that?” Chris asked smiling.

“Not really, we usually sit pretty close to the basketball team.”

“Alright but don’t be no damn stranger.”

“I give you my word.” She smiled.

“Hi Dominique” the whole basketball team cooed in unison.

“Hey fellas, first game coming up soon. Excited?” she smiled.

“Of course ma, but most of us have been doing this for a little bit. Your first game is just around the corner as well, are you excited?” Drake asked.

“Absolutely” she smiled widely. “You guys gonna come out and support us?”

“Absolutely” Chris replied smiling down at her.

“Yeah what he said.” Drake agreed.

“That’s what’s up, I’ll see you guys a little later.” Dominique waved walking away.

“Bye Dominique” they all said in unison once again.

“Ya’ll gonna cut that s*** out.” Chris laughed taking his seat.

“Not our fault you chose her beautiful ass for a best-friend.”

“I didn’t choose her, it was a mutual understanding.”

“Yeah alright nigga, you know what you doing.”

“I ain’t plotting on her if that’s what you’re insinuating.” Chris said in all seriousness, letting it be known that he was offended.

“No one is saying that, calm down.”

It wasn’t long before both teams came charging onto the field. The entire stadium erupted into a chorus of booing while Oregon State came running out. Then an uproar of cheers followed when they saw their <a href="">Trojans</a> running out. Omari spotted Dominique immediately because she always sat in the same area with her team.

“Focus man we need you!” Shad said slapping the top of Omari’s helmet.

“Just looking for the lucky lady who’s gonna get that victory f***.” Omari lied smiling.

“I like the way you’re thinking.” Shad laughed jogging off.

Omari peeked up at Dominique once more and watched for a little bit as she danced around to the music playing throughout the stadium with her teammates. He slightly smiled but it quickly faded when he saw Nicki not too far away from Dominique staring right at him, smiling and waving. Omari let out a deep sigh then jogged over to where the rest of the offense was at. Once the game had started Omari found himself less focused than when he was in the locker room. Every time he touched the ball he was lucky to get three positive yards. It was fourth down and USC had to punt it once again because of Omari. He threw his helmet onto the ground and walked around with his hands on his hips. Something told him to look up and he did to see Dominique staring at him. She waved him over even though she looked like she didn’t want to.

“What Dominique?”

“You’re playing like s***.”

“Is that what you called me over here for?” Omari asked irritated.

“Yeah and to ask you why, you’re way better than this. It’s not even because you’re having a bad game, you’re just being stupid for some ungodly reason. Pull your f***ing head out of your ass, concentrate, and try a whole lot gotdamn harder!”

“FINE!” he shouted back at her before walking away.

As he walked away he began to smile as he slowly realized….she still cared a little.

“Are you up for this Grandberry or do I have to sub you?” the offensive coach asked.

“Naw I’m good.” Omari said pulling on his helmet and jogging back onto the field.

Oregon wasn’t able to make much progression. They were forced to punt the ball back to USC. Omari waited patiently in the backfield. He looked over at Dominique who looked extra irritated with the way he was playing. She was a true competitor, this brought Omari back to their past when she would look at him just like that when he was playing horribly for reasons unknown to her. He smiled turning his attention back to the game. The kicker punted the ball and Omari waited patiently for it to land in his arms. He caught the ball on the seven yard line then took off running. He had dodged damn near the other team’s entire defense except for the kicker. Omari didn’t bother trying to get away from him, he found extra strength within himself to move faster and hit him as hard as he could and continued running. After he ran the ball into the end zone the whole school went crazy and were screaming and cheering as loudly as they could. Omari slammed the ball onto the ground as he accepted the love from his team and watched Dominique celebrate with her own teammates.

“Better?” he asked smiling after he ran off the field up to her.

“Not really, you were motivated by something once again unknown to me or anger because I brought to your attention that you were doing bad for no reason.”

“But you were excited.” He smiled.

“I’m excited because my school’s team is winning.”

“Good job Omari!” Nicki cheered.

Omari looked from Dominique to Nicki then back to Dominique.

“Give me some of your thoughts ma.” Omari requested.

“Go play great like you always do, you’re great and no one in this world can deny it, especially not me. She and others are guaranteed, not playoffs. Please walk away, go earn your scholarship, stop embarrassing yourself, and show the NFL that you’re what they want and need. I haven’t forgotten that it’s your dream to play pro.”

“Is that what you want?” Omari asked smiling.

“It’s what you want, I’m just reminding you.” Dominique said before she turned to go back to her seat.

Omari bit his lip to keep from smiling so hard. He turned and walked back over to the sidelines feeling good.

“What’d she say?” Shad asked.

“That I need to stop playing like s***.” Omari laughed.

“Good, cause I was ready to go upside your head with my helmet.” Shaffer confessed.


The three of them snapped their attention back towards the field and saw Trey trying his best to get away from the other team. He was eventually taken down just past the fifty yard line. The fans and team celebrated in unison. For no reason at all Omari looked back at Dominique to see her staring back at him with a “what the f*** you looking at me for?!” look. Then she shooed him away towards the field. Omari was all smiles as he grabbed his helmet and ran back onto the field. Dominique was treating him like she usually would during a game. It was the friendship they used to have that was once again presenting itself.

“So who wants it? O? Shaffer?” the quarterback asked grinning.

“Give it to Shaffer, I feel like hitting people.” Omari laughed.

“Good to go” the quarterback agreed then gave them the play.

Offense went and lined up in front of the defense.

“HIKE!” the quarterback shouted.

He received the ball then dropped back a few steps before handing the ball off to Shaffer. Omari led the way as he blocked for Shaffer, knocking the opponents on their ass with ease. Shaffer was eventually tackled around the fifteen yard line and once again the crowd went nuts.

“I hope you’re cheering like this for me at my game.” Chris said walking over to where Dominique was at.

“I’ll have a tricked out set of pom-poms just for you that say Chris when I shake them.” Dominique laughed.

“Let’s go get a beer.” Chris said offering her his hand.

“Sure but let’s watch them score first.” She said taking his hand and standing up.

It took three attempts but USC scored again and after Dominique was done cheering she led Chris by the hand to the concession stands.

“So what’d you say to Omari to get him to finally start playing?” Chris asked as they stood in line.

“I told him he was sucking in so many words.”

“He must like that kind of s*** because the boy won’t stop smiling.”

“You sure are keeping close tabs on Omari.” Dominique commented grinning while giving Chris a little bump.

“Just hard not to notice I guess.”

“Jealous?” Dominique joked.

“A little, you only supposed to make me smile like that.” Chris said pouting, crossing his arms over his chest, turning away from her.

“Awwwe, you know you’re my number one Breezy.” She giggled hugging him.

“Am I?” he asked still playing the sad role.


“Cool” he said turning in her arms and hugging her back. “Any plans for tonight?”

“Not that I know of.”

“Wanna do something?”

“I’m up for suggestions.”

“You already know that if they win there’s gonna be parties everywhere.”

“Not really in the mood for partying. What else you got in mind?”

“Drunk bowling?”

“Who’s gonna bring us home?” Dominique giggled.

“We can make it a movie night at my place if you’d like.”

“Sounds good to me seeing as I’ve never been to your place. Just my luck I run into Omari.”

“Two Bud Lights please. What would be the problem with that? Ya’ll seemed to be getting along a second ago.”

“I’m a competitor as is he, all he needed was a few words of encouragement. Doesn’t mean we’re friends.”

“It means you still care.”

“Maybe a little, but not enough to call him a friend.”

“Thank you keep the change.” Chris said grabbing the beers and handing one to Dominique.

“Do you think it’s weird that we never get carded?”

“Not really, one of the perks of being JR famous.”

“JR famous?” Dominique giggled.

“Yeah, we ain’t no Kobe Bryant or Mia Hamm but we are known especially in this city.”

“I see” she said sipping on her beer.

“Just so you know I’ve only got one bedroom if you plan on staying over. I ain’t no baller like you, so I only get one room.” Chris joked.

“Is the couch comfortable?” she asked watching the game from the entrance of the concession stands.

“No” Chris lied.

Dominique glanced over at him smirking then turned her attention back to the game.

“But my bed is and it’s pretty big too. Seeing as though you trusted me last night in yours I guess I could do the same.”

“That’s a huge leap of faith seeing as I’m known as some sort of rapist.” She laughed rolling her eyes.

“Can’t rape the willing.” Chris thought to himself. “What?! No!” he said aloud.

“What?” Dominique asked looking confused.

“Huh?” Chris replied immediately.

“Nigga keep acting strange and see if I continue to be seen with you in public.”

“What you wanna do after the game?”



“I don’t care, wait yes I do!”

“Roscoe’s or In’N’Out burger?” Chris asked grinning.

“Neither, let’s go to <a href="">Steven’s</a>.”

“You wanna go all the way to Inglewood for some chilli cheese fries and chicken tacos at that <a href="">ghetto ass</a>, hole in the wall place?”

“Gardena and hole in the walls are the best places to go for good food.”

“Inglewood Gardena same difference, they’re across the damn street from one another.”

“Well if you can inform me of another place closer with that kind of deliciousness then I’m all for it.”

“Steven’s it is.” He said taking another drink of his beer. “What you wanna do after that?”

“Let’s go roller skating.”

“Shall we invite our team?”

“Sure, why not.”

They finished their beer, went and got another one, then returned to their seats.

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Pledge Delta, baby!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
& lmao, I love the antics to piss him off, RUN IT!


That dang Omari is something else. Smh. Chris and Dominque are so cute, and Dom's teammates are hilarious as well as Drake. Can't wait for the next add! Run it!!!

Run it!

Omari needs to get himself together let her be happy
Run it!!!

her teammates had me cracking up laughing talking about getting them condoms. Well Omari you made your bed now you must lay in it. Im interested to see what goes down at Dom apt since everyone is drunk
Run It!!!

Why was everybody so mad at Trey in this add? He aint even do anything.

“Where the f*** did they go now anyways?” Trey asked leaving the side of two females and walking to the edge of the kitchen.

He looked around and couldn’t spot them anywhere.

“Where ever he took her he got her there quickly cause I don’t see them.” Trey said walking back over to where he was originally standing.

“Chris is right, men are stupid. Why don’t you send one of these females in here to sniff him out? Bet they’d find him immediately or if you really wanted to know just look in the direction most of the people here are looking. You already know they gawk at Dom and no one can seem to rip their eyes from Breezy or whatever they call him.”

“Good point, come help me.” He said while pulling Zoe along with him.

Shaffer followed behind them and Omari stood there letting his curiosity eat at him.

“Let’s take a shot bruh.” Shad offered.


“Then we can take some of these shorties to the dance floor.” Shad offered in hopes of getting Omari’s mind off of Dominique.

“I’m definitely down for that one.” Omari said all smiles.

“Damn, he really can dance.” Zoe commented standing on the second floor with Trey and Shaffer looking down on the dance floor that Dominique and Chris were in the middle of.

“Wanna go dance?” Shaffer asked.

“Hell yeah! Why Dominique always get to have all the fun? I wanna have fun too.” She said grabbing his hand and dragging him to the middle of the dance floor.

“What in the f***?! Shaffer said when he noticed what song was coming on.

“What?” Chris laughed still holding onto Dominique.

“Is that Chaka Khan’s I Feel For You?”

“I can only hope so, that’s my s***!” Chris laughed drunkly while turning all his attention back to Dominique.

“Ok maybe next song.” Shad said when they heard what was playing.

“For real” Omari laughed. “Yo there go Trey up there.” He said pointing and making his way upstairs.

“What you doing up here?” Shad asked.

“Nothing, taking a breather, watching what everyone is doing.”

As soon as Omari leaned against the banister he spotted Dominique and Chris dancing. They looked extremely happy, like they were having the time of their lives grooving to this old school song. Omari’s hearing was momentarily out of commission. All he could do was watch as the love of his life was enjoying herself, without him, while in the arms of another man. That was one of the things Dominique loved so much about him, the fact that he was a really good dancer. Now she had a new dancer to keep her entertained. He took notice to how Chris was respectful of her body. He wouldn’t grab her booty, wouldn’t rub or grip her thighs, he would follow whatever rhythm her hips would move to but he wouldn’t press his hips back into her too much. Sure their bodies were touching and usually connected at their lower extremities but it wasn’t excessive, it was just enough so they knew the other was there and following the same beat. Omari wanted so badly for Chris to grope her and be as inappropriate as possible so she would stop liking him so much, or maybe he could swoop in and save her. But no, Chris was the perfect gentleman and Omari wanted to knock him out for it.

“Nigga!” Trey said snapping his fingers in Omari’s face.


“Did you want to go take another drink? You look like you could use it.” Trey said with his hand on Omari’s shoulder.

“Yeah…sure” Omari said taking one more look at them then walking back down the stairs.

(((20 Minutes and a few songs later)))

Dominique went walking through the kitchen drinking a bottle of water and sweat present on her face and neck. She grabbed a paper towel, wiped herself off, threw it away, and walked off.

“She’s rude as hell these days.” Shad commented.

“What does she have to say to us?” Trey asked.

Before anyone could answer in came Shaffer, Zoe, and Chris. They looked just as sweaty as Dominique and drinking on a water bottle also. Zoe grabbed a paper towel and walked off in the same direction Dominique did while the other two stayed.

“What’s up with ya’ll?” Trey asked.

“We headed out.” Shaffer replied as Chris went and grabbed one last beer.

“Already? It’s barely nine.” Shad said shocked.

“Dominique is hell bent on going swimming.”

“Swimming? What the hell is wrong with that girl?” Trey chuckled.

“Who knows but it sounds like fun.”

“Where ya’ll going?”

“The pool”

“No s*** nigga, which one?”

“The one on campus.”

“You mean the one the swim team uses?” he asked shocked.

“Yeah, apparently Dominique has keys to it. Wanna roll with?”

“Think she’d mind?”

“When does she ever give a s*** about anything when she gets what she wants?”

“True, so do you think she’d mind if I brought some company?”

“As long as that company hasn’t pissed her off before or gets on her nerves. Don’t think she won’t attempt to drown someone.”

“I’ll ask her to be on the safe side.”

“Ready?” Dominique asked walking up with Zoe and two other team mates.

“Can I come?”

“I don’t care….who you bringing?” Dominique asked with an arched eyebrow.

“No one that you haven’t grown to dislike.” Trey laughed.

“That really limits your options.”

“Do you know these two ladies?” Trey asked.

Dominique looked at the two females under Trey’s arms.


“Can they come?”

“You sure you want them? They look like the type that don’t get their hair wet.”

“Oh we don’t, but still we got plans.”

“Whatever, I don’t care.”

“Are we gonna go get bathing suits?” One of the girls asked.

“Yeah….sure” Dominique laughed walking away.

“Dominique!” Omari said sternly.

She stopped in her tracks, turned around, and walked up to Omari.

“Yes Omari, how may I help you?” she asked with her hands on her hips.

“What the hell you think you doing?”

“Leaving to go swim, problem?”

“Yeah a big one!”

“What do I care about what you think Omari? You don’t give a f*** about me or what I think and you even wished you and I never happened.”

“Dominique you’re drunk you’ll regret this in the morning.”

“What do you know about regret? Oh wait…never mind, my bad you know all about it. Or maybe you don’t since in your book I ain’t s***. You’re wasting my time, go find one of your groupies to give a damn about your opinion.” Dominique said walking away followed by everyone else.

Omari was trying to do everything in his power to stop Dominique from showing that much skin to keep Chris from having another reason to like her. He was petrified that they would hook up because he knew it would probably be a successful relationship.

“Where ya’ll going?” Drake asked following them out the door.

“Swimming” Chris replied with his arm draped around Dominique’s shoulders.

“Well s*** wait up.” He said placing his arms around her teammates’ shoulders.

“You try anything funny with my girls and I promise I’ll do something terrible to you Drake.” Dominique warned.

“I don’t pull that bulls*** with fellow athletes but I refuse to pass the chance at a late night swim. That s*** feels good. Where we going anyways?”

“Keep moving your feet and you’ll find out. Trey tell your homies that this never happened.”

“We have names you know.”

“That’s Trey’s responsibility to know and be grateful I said homies, because I have a very extensive vocabulary that I make great use of, specifically the adjectives.”

“Stop being mean.” Chris laughed.

“I’m not being mean, I said homies.”

“True” Chris agreed still laughing.

It took a little while before they reached the pool but they didn’t mind because they were too drunk to notice how far they walked.

“Babyboy let me get them keys.” Dominique said turning towards Chris.

He reached in his pocket and pulled out the keys she requested him to carry. She unlocked the doors, punched in the security code, then locked the doors after everyone entered.

“Fun here I come.” Zoe said stripping herself of her shirt.

“Ya know” Dominique agreed kicking her shoes off and removing her shirt at the same time while staring at the <a href="">pool</a>.

“Stop being shy ladies and gents, we came to swim so let’s swim.” Zoe said sliding her jeans off.

“Well s*** my bad!” Drake said quickly stripping down to his boxers then jumping in the water.

“My man” Dominique laughed as she pushed her jeans to her ankles.

She stepped out of hers at the same time Zoe did and the two walked to the edge of the pool.

“Ya’ll some straight geniuses!” Drake said after coming from under the water and wiping his face off.

“Thank Dominique” Zoe said before she dove in.

“I know you’re not gonna chicken out?” Dominique asked turning around facing everyone but staring at Chris in her Victoria Secret orange and blue laced bra and boxer briefs.

“No….it just looks cold.” Chris said.

“It’s heated, trust me.” She said stepping backwards then hopping in.

“I don’t know if I can do this.” Trey said rubbing the back of his neck smiling hard.

“What’s the problem?” Shaffer asked taking his shirt off.


“What about her?” Chris asked removing his shirt.

“Damn you fine!” one of Dominique’s teammates Angelica said before she jumped in the water.

Chris laughed but quickly turned his attention back to Trey.

“I ain’t mean to check her out like I did but my “mans” is awake right now and I ain’t gonna be swimming around with a hard ass d***.”

“You right you’re not cause you gonna stop looking at her like that.” Chris said kicking off his shoes. “Go keep yo girls company.”

“What you getting so mad for?” Trey asked walking away.

“What ARE you getting so mad for?” Shaffer asked looking at him skeptically.

“She’s not a piece of meat and…”

“Would you two hurry up?” Zoe asked getting out of the pool.

“Sorry” Shaffer said kicking off his shoes and socks.

After he let his pants hit the ground he stepped out of them, picked Zoe up, and jumped in the pool with her. Chris unbuckled his belt and looked up from his pants towards the pool. He noticed all of the females except Dominique watching anxiously for him to drop his pants. He laughed to himself as he let his pants drop.

“Well damn!” one of the females with Trey openly voiced.

“For real, I might have to take a reign check Trey.” The other voiced.

“No you might not.” Chris said walking to the edge of the pool and dipping his foot in the water.

He looked over at Dominique when he heard her giggling while floating around on her back and still not looking at him. Chris hopped in the water and swam over to where Dominique was.

“What’s so funny?”

“Those chicks man, they way too willing to hand over their most prized possession just because they saw you in yo drawls.”

“Well if you saw what they saw you just might too.” Chris joked smirking.

Dominique got wide eyed as she looked over at Chris then splashed some water in his face.

“I was just kidding.” He said laughing and wiping his face off.

“You’re an ass.” She laughed.

“Sometimes” He said taking her in his arms and holding her in a cradling position.

“Chris I gotta know man, what you saving yourself for and why are you so adamant about it?” Drake asked as he approached with Dominique’s teammates under his arms.

“Adamant?” Chris asked.

“Yeah, females been throwing it at you left and right even the good girls that don’t really get down like most these chicks. But you look like you’re ready to throw them off a bridge when they offer and no offense Dom, but you sit up under her all night like a puppy.”

“She’s my babygirl, why wouldn’t I be up under her like a puppy?”

“Pussy, which brings us back to my question, why?”

“Because I don’t need that in my life, I’d rather be next to this beauty making jokes and laughing then up in some chick that probably already been ran through that day.”

“So you saving yourself for your wife or something?” Veronica, Dominique’s other teammate asked.

“Yeah I guess you could say that.” Chris agreed.

“But for what?” Drake asked baffled.

“It’s better that way.”

“Boy the first time you slide back in some pussy you gonna pop in seconds and the female gonna think you suck.” Drake voiced making all of them laugh.

“What we talking about over here?” Shaffer asked walking over with Zoe.

“Chris’s uselessness as an alpha male.” Drake joked.

“See, this is exactly why I’d rather spend all of my time with Dominique. When I told her she was understanding of my decision while everyone else questions me about it.”

“She’s a virgin.” They all said in unison.

“Well damn” Dominique laughed along with everyone else.

“Since when does purity have anything to do with being understanding of another person’s decisions?” Chris asked.

“No offense sweetie…” Zoe started before Dominique cut her off.

“Why do people say no offense right before they get ready to offend you?” Dominique asked.

“Oh hush, but you’ve never experienced an orgasm provided from a d***. So to swear something like that off is insane and vice versa.” Zoe stated.

“I’ve also never jumped over a moving car, but I’d still be understanding to whoever does do it that made the same decision as Chris. Your point being?”

“You’ll understand better when Chris starts giving you the business.” Zoe said patting Dominique on the shoulder.

“Wow…did you really just go there?” Dominique asked shocked, slightly blushing.

“Don’t worry girl, I took a peek and he’ll take good care of you one day.”

Dominique went to lunge at Zoe but Chris quickly got a hold of her after she escaped his arms and held her back laughing.

“I’ma f*** you up for that s*** later.” Dominique promised her laughing.

“It ain’t even like that between us.” Chris tried to explain.

“Sure” they all said in unison.

“f*** ya’ll believe what you want.” Chris said as Dominique went behind him and got on his back.

“(giggle) Trey that tickles.”

“Tremaine! There is not enough chlorine in this pool for any of that. Either stop and enjoy the water or go somewhere else with your business.” Zoe scolded.

“Chill Zoe, we just having a little fun.”

“f*** that s***!”

“Don’t worry honey, I’ll get him back for that.” Shaffer said while kissing her temple.

“How you figure?” Zoe asked.

“He’s pledging Omega.” Shaffer grinned.

“Haze the f*** out of him then.”

“He’s not the only one pledging Omega.”

“Who else?” Chris asked.

“Shad and Omari.”

“Oh really?” Chris asked grinning.

“What you over here plotting with that look on your face?” Trey asked approaching along with the two females.

“Not a damn thing, so you gonna pledge babygirl?” Chris asked slightly looking over his shoulder.

“I thought about it.” She replied with a shrug of her shoulders.

“I’m close friends with the AKA President and she’s actually had her eye on you.” One of the girls with Trey said.

“What’s that mean to me?” Dominique asked.

“Well it’s a good thing, we want you in our Sorority.” She smiled.

“AKA….that’s the pink and green one right?”

“Correct” she said smiling.

“I’ve seen a few of them, doesn’t really seem like I’d fit in there.”

“You wouldn’t, you’d set the house on fire with all of them in it the first chance you got. You’re nothing like them Dominique.” Chris informed her sounding disgusted.

“Well Chris has spoken, sorry but no AKA for me.”

“Why don’t you come see what we’re all about before you make any decisions?”

“Would you be willing to offer a personal tour guide to show her the life of an AKA?” Zoe asked grinning.

“Of course! It’d be a great look to have someone like Dominique there, we’d be more than happy to take the time and go into great detail of what we have to offer you.”

“That’s amazing, cause I know we don’t do that over at Delta. No tour guide needed, you already know what we bout. But seeing as ya’ll are willing to do whatever it takes to leave Dom with a good impression why don’t you get your President’s best-friend who is also next in line for Presidency to show her the ropes. What’s her name again?” Zoe asked playing dumb.

“Nicki?! Of course that’s a great idea! Nicki would be…”

“I’m gonna stop you right there, Nicki is an AKA?”

“Yeah” the girl replied letting her smile fade after she saw Dominique’s reaction.

“I appreciate the offer and I’m flattered that your Sorority would take such an interest in me but I have to respectfully decline any further and future proposals.”

“Why?” the girl asked looking scared as if she single handedly ruined AKA’s chances of pulling Dominique.

“Because I don’t agree with anything that is associated with Nicki and is willing to put such a person in charge. You do realize I’m the one that hospitalized her right?”

“That was you?” she asked shocked.

“Yeah that was me and I guarantee she’d have her own room at that mothaf***a if I’m forced to be around her more than I have to be. So thanks but no thanks and if they bring me up again tell them that not only do I say no, not only do I say hell no, but I say f*** no. Can you do me that favor?”

“Yeah…sure” she said looking upset.

“Sorry I f***ed up your night.” Dominique said not meaning a single word.

“No…it’s fine…Trey are you almost ready?”

“I been ready, bye ya’ll.” Trey said without hesitation as he and the two females walked away.

“Now that AKA is out of the picture, what you thinking about pledging?” Shaffer asked.

“I think if I do decide to do it I think I’ll probably go with Delta.”

“I think that’s a wonderful idea.” Zoe said all smiles.

“Why?” Dominique asked.

“Just cause” Zoe said while throwing up the Delta sign.

“I see...well if I decide to do so then I’ll be sure to make it my life’s mission to f*** you up on the soccer field if you haze me too much.”

“Noted” Zoe laughed.

Everyone stayed in the pool for another thirty minutes before they decided to call it a night.

“Make sure they get back to the party safely.” Dominique said to Drake after she locked the doors and put the alarm back on.

“Of course” Drake agreed as he walked away shirtless, with Dominique’s teammates under his arms.

“Can we crash at your place?” Zoe asked.

“Sure, just wash my sheets in the morning.”

“It ain’t even like that.” Shaffer laughed.

“Yeah ok” Dominique said rolling her eyes.

“Guess I got the couch.” Chris chuckled.

“Go sleep with Dominique, might as well get used to it now.” Zoe said giggling.

“Ya’ll gonna cut that s*** out.” Chris said laughing.

“Where’s Trey at?” Shad asked as Drake was escorting Angelica and Veronica back to where the rest of the soccer team was.

“Where you think? I know you saw him leave with two shorties.”

“Thanks Drake, but we good from here.” Angelica said kissing him on the cheek.

“No love V?” he asked smiling with his arms out.

She came back to him grinning and gave him a hug and a kiss on the cheek.

“Thank you beautiful” he smiled kissing her back on the cheek before she walked away. “WHEW! Good times.” Drake said all smiles.

“Did that nigga touch her?” Omari asked through a slurred speech.

“Yeah man, they were all over each other. I was jealous actually I wish someone would kiss me like she kissed him.” Drake said with a straight face.

“I knew he was running game on her! He’s trying to f*** her and I’m not gonna let that happen.” He said trying to walk away.

“Chill” Drake laughed grabbing him by his arm and pulling him back. “They ain’t do s*** man, they swam around and talked.”

“So he ain’t touch her?”

“No…hey where ya’ll going?” Drake asked when he noticed most of the female soccer team making their way through the kitchen.

“Dominique called and said Chris ain’t got no condoms so we were headed that way to drop a few off.” Riley lied purposely to piss Omari off, which worked.

“I think if we put them all together we should have one big enough for him.” Angelica added.

“Damn he got it like that?!” One of the teammates asked.

“Girl you should’ve seen it! UPS nor Fed-Ex could hold that package! The nigga working with a monster! I envy Dominique.” Veronica said shaking her head.

“Ok so seriously, where ya’ll going?” Drake asked laughing.

“Home, some of us are just so wet Drake.” Veronica said seductively.

“You wrong for that.” Drake said still laughing.

“I know, see you tomorrow sweetie.” She said giving him one last kiss on the cheek and walking away with the team.

“You ok over there?” Drake asked.

Omari didn’t respond he only walked away.

“What’s his problem?” Drake asked laughing already knowing the answer.

“I don’t know, he gets like that when he drinks too much. All he’s worried about is that chick Dominique.” Shad explained.

Drake walked away shaking his head and laughing.

Add coming tomorrow or today for those of you where it's already Saturday.

Damn, put that ass on hush mode!! I almost died when Drake said that s***, "I was about to get my knowledge on if you know what I mean." Dawg!! That s*** was hilarious. Omari how many times do I have to tell your ass to shut the f*** up! Damn. Zoe talking about that groupie. She wanna be on you! And if you don't like that then send it right back! Lol, Domo and Chris are too cute. I'm with Zoe, b****es better have my money!!
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