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BOOM! guess whose back up in this b****
yea its me b****es hold it down
my internet back on soooooo i guess i have no excuse not to write now :( lol

screw nani im mad i thought that s*** was something serious tuh!
BUT why told my friend told me that kae is really pregnant and that rih was pregnant too but she got rid of the baby 0_o is this say it aint so lmao


yall nasssssssssssstttttttttttttyyyyyyyyyyyyyy

shutup FREAK NASTY lol

McNasty . . . . L ao

time practice.. a couple fails and a creative mind lol

im a freak im not ashamed im a freak and proud
hence the name McNasty ;d
think im im not *chris voice* lmaoo

dany trust in time u'll kno lmaooo

Damn, I cant wait to get as experienced as you guys. Lol

nani i see you

and dany we are not freaks
just uhmm advanced lol

but yea lexi broke holes in the ceiling and everything lol

Y'all are freaks.

bring ya ass back here nani

yes ana yes f*** it up lmao

*tip toes out the post*

lol lexi that is a great arm work out
i use to have one to until i snatched it down

Now you are doing the most.

yes dany yes lol i ride kirk's face thou got a bar hanging from the ceiling just for me to hold onto lmaoo

*puts on innocent face* i dont see what I did wrong.


*covers eyes*
eww dany there are children in the room lol

I love when Chris' face is between my legs.

Hey lovies :)

bree and ty mad at each other... not in a good way though
*passes out*

want me to sing to u bree *clears throat* =)

f*** outta here with those damn chetos them s***s are nasty *gag* just the smell of em smfh fine i will leave trey alone....................................................................................for now *evil grin* MUHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!

Nothing. Ty pissing me off lol but let me try to go to bed.

oooo a red sock im so scared lmfaoooo

*grabs trey hand* come on upstairs *wink**looks back and sees kirk and drops try hand* Tremaine i will not come upstairs with you god im with kirk *runs and hugs kirk*LMFAOOO

im so bored n drained i'll start writing later lik afternoonish

nope im tying both of yall up and make you eat
cheetos.. yea dont think i forgot you aint like
those s***s lol

What's wrong my love


and then he gonna curse ya ass out and kick u out lmaoo

lexi if i see you next to trey i will
drop a red sock in your washer
while you cleaning whites


Aner dumb af


Lexxi old as nasty af


that would be so f***ed up lol

me: soo yea chris that is a f***ed up life my dude but uhmm can i have trey number

chris: huh

me: yea cough that s*** up homie... lol

i love chris the way he is no ulls*** just how like em *licks lips* mmm mmm mmm ....and trey i seen him on an ol episode of wendy williams my face was lik 0__0 plus drool if my mom wasnt right there i wudve humped the tv lmaooo ...TREYYYYY BOO I NEED U ....lmaooo i dnt want ty he to skinny for me lmfaooo but i got kirk and his lushious lips *fans myself* wooo if i could have all three of em for a night .....GOD sweet baby jesus ..the thoughts in my mind ctfu

ana f*** i look lik washin ya s*** i deff wud mix s*** up to save money lmaoo