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BOOM! guess whose back up in this b****
yea its me b****es hold it down
my internet back on soooooo i guess i have no excuse not to write now :( lol

screw nani im mad i thought that s*** was something serious tuh!
BUT why told my friend told me that kae is really pregnant and that rih was pregnant too but she got rid of the baby 0_o is this say it aint so lmao


What pic y'all see

Lol Anerr.

Lmao I knew it was a motive to tht
Ana don't care abt his feelings she just want trey lol

Looooove you Breeskii

you lucky im to tired to run ...
plus i still cant find my magic bunny slippers
cause if i did i would have found you lol

but idk i just want to give chris a hug ...
and talk to him see what would happen
then try and get trey number from him lol

Ha. Very cute and funny. NOT. Lol.

Sometimes I like it but then other times he just looks like you said
Tired && just BLEH && I'm over here like
"Awwe no bae . . , , now why you had to go and look like tht now I gotta go fck Ty or J oooor Trey"

*looks arnd for Bree && runs from Ana"

Whew! I'm safe lol

mmm that would just be so mmm
but now idk he just looks so scruffy and
tired idk if i am even feeling him like that

Like I wish I could like morph young && cute and grown && sexy Chris
But take some of the bad things && habits from grown chris

ahh lexi since you washing clothes
can you come wash my clothes
for me alright thanks :) oh yea dont
be mixing s*** up lol

and old chris i miss as well but i am
kind of stuck on which i love more
the old run it chris or the grown and more
sexy no bull s*** chris.. :)

Just googled it && alla tht from what I'm seeing
She is not preggo if she is then she's a bad mother
Drinking while preggo

Onto more INTERESTING things besides rice cake
I been watching old Chris vids && aaaaah I kinda miss him
:( lol

ima start soon as i put my stuff in the dryer

I doubt tht s*** is true
If it is eeeh idk lol

Shut up lex
Get to writing lol

preggy... noooooooooo please dont be chris baby
i wonder if it is really true ...
any ways.. beyond that my homie lexi is back in
this bizznieeee lol