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Im too lazy to look for my post from last night
a b**** feel high and certain b****es killing my vibe

anywho im start writing soon and yes my sisters you'll be in it i just need to find that push that umph once again

but yeah hows everyone doing hows ya night goin and so forth and so forth

btw. if you got a problem with my atitude ....look in my eyes & see i dont give two flying f***s crusty scally wags buh!


Bree stfu lol
I helped damnit

This how it happened

Chris: *tells who story && feelings*

Me: Awwwe! Bestie well be with who you love *coughs*Rih*coughs*

*slight pause*

Chris: I got it! I LOVE RIH!
*grabs keys && leaves*

Me: *shoots imaginary gun* Pow! Pow! . . . :)


No happy face girla
It's gonna be a happy day

Lol Nani... He kinda decided that s*** on his own tho...

Yo bestie just gon' have to see the pics online Dany... She just a little too messy and slick. Let her ass stay with Tey like they been doing since New Year's Eve lol.

Fine. :/

Cassie can come.

Dany look I'm sorry RueRue can't come
&& plus she don't like me bcus I helped Chris decide it was Rih he wanted
That just wouldn't be good

If not Cassie.

Thank you Bree!

Fine, but can I bring Rue, thats my bestie.

Damn auto correct

*soooo not solo
*the not they

No. Attention ho aka Kae is not invited. You heard Nani muhf***a lol.

Chris is my broddy && Rih is my BFF && your my lil sister
Solo everyone will get along for me or get their asx kicked by me
They choice is up to y'all

It's a happy day && damnit y'all will be happy if it kills you

Its Rih that donr know how to control herself. and if you dont want no drama, dont invite Chris cause you know how he and I ended.

Kae is cute
As for Teyanna idk about her body I could never get pass tht mug of hers lol

But what's funny Lexxi kinda look like Teyanna

And umm sorry Dany Kaprisun isn't invite
This is invitation only && plus Chris && Rih are coming
I don't want any messiness on my day or I will fck up everyone involved
Which you would be cause you bought her

Mmmm Trey does look god

She really does, let me get a body like hers.

Teyana got a nice ass body though. So it's cool lol.

See, I told you!

Teyana just ruined the picture.

Kae actually does look cute tho. Give credit when credit is due Nani lol.

Damn quit making fun of my boo.

I'm bringing her too Nani. Lmao

Yeah girl! Thats my date, duh.

What's your name hun?

I'm Danyell, Dany, Dopey. Whatever you prefer.

Trey looks really good in Aner's picture ♥

Mmmm... Yummysicles lol.

No lil RueRue don't lol

Nani, my avi is cute tho. My boo Kae look cute as hell!

Aight aight
Ummm you bringing De lol

:| Well... that was a nice welcome.

Good lol
Make sure King is there
I needs my flower girl lol

Who tf was that?

Girl, come and present yourself to the pannel! Lmao

Pay my ticket Nani!!

Girl who tf are you??? Lol

And ummm I already bought my plane ticket!!!! Lol

. . . . ,

Ummmm tf just happened

Lmao!! U guys are hella funny! I just had to sign in after all these months to let y'all know. Ok that's all I have to say. *walks out*