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Im too lazy to look for my post from last night
a b**** feel high and certain b****es killing my vibe

anywho im start writing soon and yes my sisters you'll be in it i just need to find that push that umph once again

but yeah hows everyone doing hows ya night goin and so forth and so forth

btw. if you got a problem with my atitude ....look in my eyes & see i dont give two flying f***s crusty scally wags buh!


Ooh ewww take tht thirsty s*** down

True s*** Bree lol

Aye you guys the wedding will be on June 15th
So y'all hoes make plans to be in VA the week before till the Sunday after

Nani... Dany pic is Teyana & Kae.

And right. Dany used to play innocent. I been saw through that s*** lol.

Soo how can we curse in our locations
But not in our comments . ????
That s*** so backwards

We won't know if we really did a good job until the
LAST deed is done lol

But you welcome girl

I'm finally rolling with the big dogs.

Thanks ladies for mentoring me and showing me how things are done.

You guys it has finally happened
Dany is finally one of us *dramatic sigh* never thought this day would come
I remember when she use to call us nasty, freaks etc && now look at her talking tht big girl talk

Instill see Chris as dany pic what you see Bree???

Dont worry soon, just give me two more days.

aww thanks bree i had to let it be known lol

i see kirk

@dany put that kitty in a cage

I cant tame it, it does what it wants.

wat pic do you see

Gross Dopey lol.

I like your location Ana. I forgot to say that lol.

lmfao tame that cooch

Ana, I swear it's my pussy talking.

It talk wild when i'm my period, it all of a sudden wants everyone's d*** not just Chris'. Lol

lmfaooo @ that ana pussy smhh

alright dany gon leave trey alone
before I put that ana pussy on chris and change his life


Just imagine going to the movies to see Trey's d*** poke out at you in 3D, mhmm

Thanks guys.

My brother sure is gunna hate me, i'm already that cousin that everyone hates.

I give no f***s tho.

Bree why I gotta change it?

Ewww. Dany change your pic lol.

Lmao... My camera is all set up.


why some guy just posted this on fb ctfu:

"Trey Songz in Chainsaw Massacre 3D... The f*** he gone do?? Run While he singingn take his shirt off? OOOO IMM BOUT TOOO DIEEEEE !!

*trey songz about to die in texas chainsaw* WHICH ONE OF YALLLL. WHICH ONE OF YALLL. WHICH ONE OF YALL GON SAVE A NIGGA ??!!!!"


Bree when our Avis are up under each other
It looks like Rih && Chris are looking at each other

Oh congrats Dany
You're gonna be tht aunt tht all parents hate lol
That let the child do any && everything && give any && everything lol
Simply because enough can && you don't have to deal with the consequences once they've left

. . . .
The cool aunt lol

Well Bree grab the lights
I got my camera
Dany && Ana bring the snacks

We're def recoding this s***
It's gonna be "<strong>Grannies Gone Wild</strong>"


yaayyy congrats dany boo

yes and dangerous and freaky im a very freaky girl lmaoo

-______________________________________________- @ the roach that some how found it way in here quick someone give me some raid so i can kill this b**** off*eye roll*

anywhooooooo guess who getting stupid drunk this weekend ...yup thats right me tomorrow imma be too drunk to walk ima have to crawl and roll to get places

I kinda like yo name lol.

Anyway, wow. I think you would be a cool aunt.

Thanks. My brother finally knocked up someone.


Hold up y'all. I have an announcement.


I LOVE it lol

You like the name Venus