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Im too lazy to look for my post from last night
a b**** feel high and certain b****es killing my vibe

anywho im start writing soon and yes my sisters you'll be in it i just need to find that push that umph once again

but yeah hows everyone doing hows ya night goin and so forth and so forth

btw. if you got a problem with my atitude ....look in my eyes & see i dont give two flying f***s crusty scally wags buh!


Mmm, just thinking of Trey.

Haha Ugly Girl.

He plays Ryan the lead girl boyfriend
He makes it pretty far from what I read
But someone dies in the room next to him because he was too busy blasting 2 reasons


Well until that clothing line comes out...


I feel you Aner. Can't let my nigga go out like that lol.

Dany, that's f***ed up. Basically, she's your propery lol.

She don't pay bills in my house, I do! I own her! I spell her name however I want! Lol

if/or when trey dies im walking out the theater lol


Yo baby but you spelled her name wrong in your signature? What's Karreuche? Lol.

Girl sit down and shut up. Ain't nobody hating on her.

*peeks in post*
Lexi goin hard in the paint lol
toya shut her up quick too bet
she wont dip in no more posts
talking out her neck lol love you
Toya (:
*runs out post*

Man, y'all stay hating on my baby Rue Rue. I love that girl!

Ana I agree with your statement lol.

I want Cassie with the hair && RueRue naaaah
I needs an independent female
Ya knw like tht DC song lol I ain't fckng &&& taking care of yo asx lmao

Ana look I am not a freak !
Oooh I can't wait to go see TCM I hope Trey don't die
Or at least make it far. . . . Hmm I could just google it
To see . . . Yup I'm def abt to do tht lol

Why the irrelevance ?
Ugh read the location!

Ana, you forgot to add nympho to each and every one of us.

Dany...athletic and FREAKY

Nani...Thuggie and FREAKY

Ana...Nasty and FREAKY

Bree...Gives no f*** and FREAKY

SoSo...Artsy and FREAKY

Lexi...dangerous and FREAKY

i think we go together just fine lol

Internet Thug?? I think so

Toya don't even say anything. it's not even worth it. Just know all hell is gonna break loose when Lexi logs on.

Good Morning/ afternoon everyone *smiles and waves*

Sorry, gotta jump in this
Maymay Lexi ain't rude, if anything
Girl ur hype brought s*** shooting down on you.
Lexi simply said the truth
And you got too excited
U need to chill.
You ain't even had to come here and say nothing.
Now if Lexi cusses u...
That's on u kid.

ur rude for no reason WHYYYY????

I agree with Nani lol. Y'all hoes do the most with these stories.

Im a homo when it comes to cassie and rueche aint no shame.

I love tht Tamar song Love&War
. . . Well I love Tamar prd. No homo lol

Damn, that reminds me I have to add to Pilot Jones.

Anyways, this was came to me in my dream.

i soon start a story love & war but ehhh....maybe not till sunday

i think i will put my other ones on pause and
just focus on this all out war

heheh maybe

Lemme guess you are lol

Y'all hoes start writing all these stories one of two things gon happen
I'm not gon be able to type on my stuff cause I'm reading all these stories
I'm not gon read cause its so many


Slow y'all asses down

Guess who's writing another story?

awww i love you too dany pooh

bang bang i shot cha nani lol

no angry faces over here ana im chillin all smiles and everything

whammm bisssshhhh
no angry faces

Pow! Pow, bish!


I love you lexi. Muah.