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Im too lazy to look for my post from last night
a b**** feel high and certain b****es killing my vibe

anywho im start writing soon and yes my sisters you'll be in it i just need to find that push that umph once again

but yeah hows everyone doing hows ya night goin and so forth and so forth

btw. if you got a problem with my atitude ....look in my eyes & see i dont give two flying f***s crusty scally wags buh!


Well good. Dont need you going off on people. Lol.

lol im calm i thought my night was f***ed up s*** nothin compared to my friend's smfh

Why you so mad?

Sheesh, Calm down Lexi. Lol.

Buuut my night is going okay. My head is hurting like hell cause I got it braided and these s***s are super heavy.

awww Lexi (for some reason whenever i type your name on my phone it says Lexington so now that's in my head)
but don't make no-one kill your vibe
it aint worth it girl

Happy New Year also