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whose laughing now

how everyone doing today loves
wats new


Shush lol


Lol I will be back when I'm done
I'm including all my hoes :)

f*** that i don't do bathrooms either

but i mean for an extra stack i might spray
some lysol or something in there lol

uh oh nani has an idea :)

ok lexi that sounds like a deal...
uhmm how much we talking

i'll hire u ana but only to clean up after the kids thats a full time job right there

Lol aye Ana I'm down buuuut I DO NOT do bathrooms
Buuuut that just gave me an idea

i should become a housemaid and
clean celeb houses lol

for a min im was lik wtf is tey lmfaooo then i remembered smhh

awwww bout time kandy

Welp, its my 21st in a couple hours…

See no yo asx disrespectful

Queen my asx

Stfu b**** lol

No comment Tey

Aye Bree I ain't disrespectful hoe lol

i kno lol

what the heezy lol

WTF?! Lol

this is my day tuh!

Me: simple as this im done with everything we're not friends dont tlk to eachother i just kno u we're nothin to eachother maybe later on it'll change and the most u'd b to me is my babyfather but right now annoying lazy and b**** this b**** that....really...f*** yu 2 simple....i do everything i feed them put them to bed change em stay up when im good and tired wash bottles wash clothes cook i do every f***ing things but u think u can treat me and tlk to me anyway f*** u and suck my d*** word to my dead grandma never once did u ever ask me how i was handling things after payton was born how i was feeling no u just assumed s*** was okay smh lmaoo yeah im through with all this and dont come to my house tomorrow cause your not gonna get in so it'll be a waste of time ....and yeah im done bbbye now

and just a heads up im still doin temp. assistance so yeah u shud get sumfin in the mail soon

Him:Ok stop talkn 2 me

Me:lmaoo now u mad kiss my ass dueces niggah LMFAOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Him:Ok I'm not mad yu r

Me:nope im laughing you gonna be ma ctfu

Him:No. I'm not y wud i

Me:u'll see sooner or later lol

Him:I guess yu dnt kno either

Me:w.e helps u feel better about ur self love

Him:I guess
Ima b alright
Trust me

Me:oh i know trust me lol

Ok later



*crawls inside the post* Aaaah nothing. Im just brain storming a story dedicated to my best friend Kola.
Then maybe after I could have one of your best acohol mixes to ease my stress (:

hey ana banana

heeeeyyyy guuyyysss

oh........ok lol


who disrespectful

Disrespectful! Lol


Not well, a friend of mines is going through a loss so I'm going through the grieving stage with him. Other than that I started classes back up again so I'm good with that.

Run iT! <3