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The Nanny Affair: Karma's A b****





-A Few Weeks Later-

Lauren was in her car driving to go to her best friends keyannas house. She hasn't been over there since she found out she was pregnant. Nether keyanna nor laurens mother knew she was even pregnant. Lauren parked the car outside of keyannas house and watched as keyanna came running out her house.

"wait!" lauren said stopping her in her tracks."i have to show you something, stand back" lauren said with a smirk.
"what is is, hurry up" keyanna said as she watched lauren get out the car and close the door. Once she turned around keyannas eyes fell on the huge baby bump.

"oh my god lauren!" keyanna said with a smile as she walked up to her and put her hand on her belly."how come you didn't tell me?" she asked.
"i didn't really tell anybody but his father" she said.
"its a boy!!" she said with a smile."wait you didn't tell me you were with someone, whos the father?" keyanna asked.
"Maurice" lauren said lowly.
"maurice as is your boss?!" she asked loudly.
"shh" lauren said."yeah, but him and his wife gor divorced she was cheating on him and a whole bunch of other stuff" she said.

"you don't look so happy" keyanna pointed out.
"lets talk in the house, i see my moms car out here and i don;t want her to see me yet" lauren said as they walked into keyanna;s house.

"whats going on?" keyanna asked as they at down in the living room.
"i think he's cheating on me" lauren said honestly.
"what? why?" keyanna asked.
"because he's been checking out girls around me" lauren said.
"that doesn't mean he's cheating" she said.
"i seen the look he gives tese girls, its the same look he used to give me when he was with his wife" lauren said.
"confront him about it" keyanna told her.

"i did i told him about his staring, he told me he was sorry and he would stop" lauren said.
"so whats wrong?" keyanna asked.
"he lied to his wife whats gonna stop him from lying to me?" she asked."this is my fault, i created this monster" she added.
"leave lauren, you don't have to stay with him if he is in fact cheating on you, you are a strong woman" keyanna said.

"what about my son?" lauren asked.
"maurice can still be in his life" she said."i'm just saying if you wanna leave, leave you can even stay here if you want" keyanna said.
"i might need to" lauren said.
"you know thats cool with me, anything for my bff and her baby" keyanna said rubbing laurens belly aganin.

"you mean your god son?" lauren asked.
"you're making making me god mommy?" keyanna asked.
"of course, but you have to come across the street with me to tell my momma, she might kill me" lauren said.
"why i gotta go, so she could kill me too?" keyanna asked laughing.

"you're not her daughter she won't touch you" lauren said.
"you forgot what she did to peter?" keyanna asked.
"oh yeah, put he had it coming" lauren said as they both laughed and walked across the street to lauren's mother's house and knocked on the door.

"lauren baby what are you doing h..." he trailed off as she looked down and seen her daughters was pregnant. "oh my god im gonna be a grandma" her mother said as she hugged her daughter and put her hand on her belly.
"hey momma" lauren said as they walked all the way in and closed the door behind them.

"boy or girl? how far along are you? are you taking vitamins?" her mother fired off questions.
"its a boy, i'm months and yes i am" lauren answered laughing,"momma calm down before you work yourself up" she said making her mother sit down on the couch.

"wheres the father?" her mother asked as lauren looked at keyanna who stood to herself in the corner.
"momma thats a long story that i don;t wanna get into" lauren said.
"do you know who the father is?" her mother asked.
"yes momma, i do" lauren said looking at her strangely.
"sorry but you gotta ask these questions with you young girls now, some of yall really don't know" her mother said.

"well i do momma" she said.
"don't stay way for so long again, i want to see my grand baby when he's born" her mother said.
"of course momma" lauren said as she heard her phone ring and realized she had a text message from Ana.

<em>Ana: i need to speak to you as soon as possible</em>

Awwwwww, that's weak! RUN IT!

Tht damn dog!!! I wanna beat the s*** out of him!!! But Lauren was right though, it did just start off as "looking" between the two of them and now her ass is pregnant. I wanna make my assumptions on this story but you say you already got it all written out so I'll just sit back and watch:))) Run it!!!

This muthasucka did not just get the waitress number after Lauren just got on him about checking out other females when he's around her. He's about a dogg ass jerk ugh. I hope Lauren leaves his ass now. Ugh. Take his lil money too. Maurice is a jerk officially. Run It.

did he really just ask her for her number while he on a date ?? with his baby momma??
dam he could have just said u know what im going thru a diverse i really just wanna be single before i can settle down all over again blah blah
he losing cool points *E-40 voice
run it


Lauren and Maurice were at a nice 5 star restaurant that had dim lighting and soft music playing as they began to eat their food.

"you really are beautiful" maurice said.
"really?" she asked."you don't think i look fat?" she asked.
"not at all, you are perfect" he told her.
"you're just saying that" she said with a smile.
"okay your right" he said joking."seriously you're perfect" he said.
"thanks" she said with a smirk.

As the evening progressed Lauren and Maurice were both enjoying themselves until maurice began to have a curious eye. Christina turned around to look at the waitress who was picking up dishes behind her. She bit down on her bottom lip and looked back at maurice who was now looking down at her food.

"have i told you lately that i love you?" maurice asked.
"yuup all the time" lauren said looking down at her plate.
"whats wrong?" he asked.
"you" she said."your eyes are always on someone else other than me" she said.

"it's not like i'm cheating lauren, i'm just looking" he said.
"which leads to cheating" she said.
"no it doesn't" he said.
"maurice thats what happened with me, maybe you need to be single for awhile" lauren said.
"i don't wanna be single, i wanna be with you, i love YOU" he said to her.

"then respect me, i know guys are gonna look , but stop looking at these other women while you're with me" she said.
"i'm sorry baby, i really am i didn't mean to upset you" he said leaning over the table and kissing her on the lips.

"i love you" lauren told him.
"i love you too" he said back.
"i have to use the bathroom, i'll be back" lauren said getting up and walking towards the restrooms.

"pst, psst" maurice called over to the waitress.
"can i help you?" she asked.
"i was wondering if i can get your number, maybe take you out some time?" he asked as she smiled writing her name number down on a napkin and handing it to him before walking away.

He put it in his pocket as he saw lauren walking back over to the table.

"you okay?" he asked.
"yeah, i'm fine" she said with a smile.

(just a little for now, i have this story all written out but the book was lost so try and work with me here lol)

Please come back to this story.

Run it

run it run it run it

Its Cool Just Run It Soon....

i know you guys are waiting forever for a chapter for this and i apologize for that but i have lost touch with this story. I will try my best to give you guys a good long add tomorrow.
Sorry Guys :(

Run it


okay oaky thats what it is

run this

i can already see this gonna be good i like what im seeing so far so RUN IT....

I see they gone have to have a talk to Mimi about blurting out about the baby. Hopefully Ana didn't notice. Maurice is so sweet tho. He noticed he wasn't giving Lauren much attention lately and he's making the weekend all about her. He's so good to her. RUN IT!!!!

Run It!!

oh wow mimi slipping lol
run it

Run it

Wow, RUN IT!


lol leave it to Mimi! Run it

Lol 2 Funny...
Run It...

I knew Mimi was gone say something lol!!! I hope they have a stress free wekend!!! Run it:)))

am so happy you made the sequel, RUN it


Six months later and because of the constant disagreements from ana and her lawyer, Ana and Maurice's divorce still has not been finalized. The only thing they agreed on was finding David and getting their money back and that they would have joint custody of Mimi but she would be living with maurice due to the fact that ana had no one to take care of her during the week. Lauren was seven months pregnant.

"are you okay?" lauren asked maurice as he walked down the steps and seen him sitting at the table.
"not really" he said honestly looking at her.
"whats wrong?" she asked him.
"stress" he said simply."trying to handle work and ana at the same time is stressful" he said.
"it's gonna get better, trust me" she said rubbing his back.

He looked up at her and pulled her onto his lap. He was so busy with everything else he knew he wasn't paying enough attention to her and the fact that she's still trying to cheer HIM up back him appreciate her even more.

"i'm gonna take you somewhere tonight" he said."somewhere nice" he added in.
"why?" she asked.
"i'll been so busy i feel like i've been leaving you guys behind" he said looking down at her huge baby bump.
"you have alot going on, i understand that" she said.
"exactly thats why i wanna take you out" he said."i wont take no for an answer" he said kissing her lips.

"what about mimi?" lauren asked.
"its ana's weekend, she'll be here to pick her up soon" maurice said."so stop making excuses" he added in.
"fine" she said pouting like a baby.
"you know that doesn't phase me" he said kissing her pouted lips.

The door bell rang and lauren got up off of maurice's lap. She walked around the other side of the counter so her belly wouldn't be scene, she didn't want ana bring the fact that she was pregnant into court.

"Mimi, Mommys here!!" maurice called out as he walked to the door and opened it.

"hello maurice" ana said stepping in.
"ana" he said responding.

Ana spotted lauren in the kitchen and stared at her noticing something different about her. Her face looked fatter.

"hello lauren" ana said to her.
"hey" lauren said back.

There was a awkward silence and a few seconds later mimi came walking down the steps with her bag dragging behind her.

"mommy!" mimi said rushing down the rest of the steps and jumping into her moms arms.
"you ready to go?" ana asked as mimi nodded her head."okay say by to daddy, and nanny lauren" ana said.
"bye daddy, bye lauren, bye baby" mimi said as she walked out the door holding on to ana's hand.

Maurice closed the door and turned to face lauren with wide eyes.

"did she just say bye baby?" maurice asked.
"you thinking ana herd her?" lauren asked.
"lets hope not" maurice said."lets forget about that, it's your weekend" he said with a smile.
"oh lord, i'm scared of whatever you got planned" lauren said with a laugh.

Oh s*** RUN IT

Run It


Ruuuuuunnnnnnn itttttttt!!!!!!!! :)))