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and i be back

sorry i ghosted on yall lol
but i left unexpectedly to
see some family members out
of chicago so that meant no
internet for my ass for a week
and then i started school this
week so yeah ive been busy

but sup tho, whas been goin on
i skimmed some new sht i see im
in imma get to that later


Aight ima tell him
&& Sneak*tear* uk me soooo well
Uk I love me some Dwight mmmm

aweee tell coley cole im iz sawwi fah not
answerin his calls. he can stop through
next weekend and we'll go kick it in las vegas
and pour it up all night :)

He said he be trying to come see you on the weekends
But you don't pick up he be all sad and stuff

lmao ion want him either
he just be looking good

but why cole be mad?

lol now I have to put trey back in the basement

Dany I'm sorry I just . . . . . Mmmm
That verse on F*ckin Problems
It does things to me lol I've never really heard him talking about
how big his penis is
*dramatic sigh* lol

Mmmm ASAP asx just look good af lol

Cole mad at you man tsk tsk

And WAIT I wld just like to say I did NOT want Trey
that pic was just a sexy asx pic
Mmmmhmmmm lol

Ana!! You need to lock your man up!

Everyone is after him!

and i would like to say ew & double YIKES ew
and i'm out

*drops mic and pours it up*

Hey Ana

*dances on trey*

Oops my bad i thought that was um...
i thought that was Cole, I mean Bluey
No, i mean Ben...sht. f*** it! I knew it
was Trey goddamn it. Nigga be sexy af ;D

Nani get back here!

Drake, no!

Asap, yes!

I would just like to say . . . . ASAP Rocky can get it
As well as Drake . . . . && I'm out lol

heyyyy guuyyyssss

hey lexiii

Where the hell is Ana?
She needs to add to that one story!

me and the kids went to my friend's daughter's birthday party

Tf yo asx been lexxi

hi s.dizzle

It old her it was up there cause he looked good in it
But I'm thinking about changing it
It's causing controversy lol

And shoot irk nothing trying to me finish stuff, wrk && school
Lol oh an bad asx lol


ayeee sup Thuggie! imy2
O_o why trey be yo avi tho
he fine as hell in that pic
i mean gah damn but im sure
ana probably whooped yo ass
by now fah havin her man on
yo shid lol tf is up son?

and i finished the tattoo
i just have to get to a scanner
so i can send it to you. i'll
probably do it monday

S.Dot !!!!!!

Missed you Hun!!!!!!

Damn right its me :)

lol hey Bree i missed yall too

im guessin thats Dany since i see Kae Nsht lol
hey G

Hey Sneak.

Hey Sneak.

Thug life!!!! We missed you lol.