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Simply Beautiful

I held a firm grip on the can of gold paint and began to move my wrist in swift upward motions repeatedly until one of the areas of my new piece was completed to my satisfaction. It had been in my head for days. Forming itself, putting its own pieces together. It took me about two hours to get it out on paper. It was a beautiful work of art. One of my favorites.

Al Green was blasting through my earphones. I always listened to music while I created something, it kept me from getting easily distracted, I flowed with the rhythm of the music and that was sure to get me through the entire process. I grinned as I finished up the last bit of it. I released a breath and stood back, removing the scarf that I used to avoid inhaling the fumes, from around my face and allowed the chilly fall day's fresh air to finally hit my face after two hours.

The longer I stared at it the more I fell in love with it. It felt like I had created it for a reason that remained unknown. Nonetheless its perfect, and I can feel myself becoming inspired again. I took a look to my left at some other artist's painting that had caught my eye when I got here. It was breathtaking..alluring. It was something surprisingly similar to what I had came here to paint today. I had to stop and marvel at it, like I did every other day with their art. Whoever 'Breezy' is, he is surely talented. I would have to keep my eye out for him or her. For as long as I've been coming here I have never seen who the spot beside mine belonged to. All I knew was that everyday I was here, another one of their stunning murals were too.

I decided to do something daring today and join my art with his. Though I'm most likely gonna get told off for crossing some lines doing so, who would I be not to take a risk? I'm an artist, its what I do on a daily basis.

"Simply beautiful.." I said to nothing in particular.

I pulled my phone out of my pocket and snapped a quick picture of it. I then closed the camera application in my iPhone and glanced at the time. It read, 9:45AM. I had a solid 45 minutes to get to work. I bent over and hastily gathered all of the paint cans, tossing them into my duffel bag, then grabbed my backpack that contained my work clothes and cleared out from the alley.

"Be back later" i said to the walls as i strolled by them. All of a sudden having a strange gut feeling that today would be one to remember.


she been gone that long!? run it!!

I could hear the music from the front door. The base moved through my body starting from my feet and racing up to my heart. I smiled as I recognized the song to be "Stairway To Heaven" by The O'Jays. Chris was already rocking from side to side and moving his arms along with Brooke and Tray. Michael laughed along with my mother and I as we waited for someone to open the door.

"I'm likin' ya family already baby." Said Chris. I smirked.

"Mom what are you doin'?" I asked.

"What?" She exclaimed.

"Grandma never locks the doors during functions. Open the door!" I said chuckled.

"When did my daughter become so bossy!" Said my mother as she opened the door.

"Need to pull that stick out your ass is what you need to do. Before I do it for you." She said as she stepped one foot into the house and looked back at me. A melody of "oohs" and "awes" were sound around me by my friends causing me to roll my eyes. I looked up at Chris who had a look of amusement on his face and glared daggers at him.

"What?! she got a point!" He defended with his hands up in front of him. I smacked my teeth and walked into the house behind everyone else.

"Baby!" Called Chris as I ignored him.

As we walked in the music was properly heard and I caught a glimpse of young children hanging out on the steps to the upper level of the house. I smiled and waved at them as they watched me with curiosity.

"Well if it isn't Mrs. Charlie Kindle! Damn woman, look at you!" Announced one of my uncles as he spun my mother around to get a better look at her. She laughed and basked in the attention before she brought him into her warm embrace.

"Who that be?" Whispered Chris into my ear.

"That's <a href="">Uncle Devan</a> My dads older brother." I smiled trying to remember the last time I had seen him. Memories swam through my brain at a mile a minute.

"Oh yeah, I remember the picture you showed me of them when they were younger." Said Chris just as my uncles eyes fell on me. I smiled and walked into his embrace.

"And if it isn't little Kindle..look at you. Come here." He gathered me into his arms. I grinned happily and rubbed his back.

"Hey Unc..been a while." He smiled at me.

"Too long, how's life baby?" He asked.

"It's as good as it can be for right now. How you doin? How's Aunt Licia doin'?" I asked patting his shoulder as his tall frame stood over me.

"Oh, she's in the kitchen with your cousins and everyone else. Y'all go on in I was just about to bring the toddlers in there for food--"

"Oh wait! I want you to meet some important people." I turned to face everyone behind me. Chris and everyone else stood there on their tip toes not sure of when to make their presence known.

"This is Tray, Brooke and Michael, my best friends." I introduced them. My uncle went down the line and offered them hugs as if they were already family which they gladly accepted. Chris was last as he held the carseat with my bundle of joy tucked into it under a sheet. He stood tall with a respectable smile ready to meet my uncle.

"This is my boyfriend Chris--"

"Chris Brown. Wow, little Kindle landed her a superstar." Joked my uncle earning a laugh from Chris.

"Hey how you doin' young man, I'm Devan, Tyson's uncle. Pleasure." Said my uncle as he shook hands and hugged Chris.

"Pleasure to meet you too sir." He answered politely.

"Aaand last but definitely not least, this is our daughter Alayah Brown." I introduced as I raised her out of the carseat and into my arms. My uncles face dropped in shock and surprise as he watched her in the eyes, trying to place Chris and I in her.

"You been out of touch for that long?" He asked confused. I chuckled and handed her over to his waiting arms.

"Seems so. I'm sorry it's been so long." I smiled sadly. My uncle rocked Alayah from side to side with a smile.

"She's beautiful, just like her mother." He spoke.

"Thank you." I grinned.

"Go on and meet your mother and everyone else in the kitchen. Y'all make yourselves at home and don't be shy, happy to have you here." Welcomed my uncle to my friends. I smiled rubbing his arm and took Alayah from him and handed her to Chris and followed everyone into the kitchen where we were met with many faces. About fifteen or so. Some were total strangers and some familiar to my memory. I smiled lovingly at all of them as they bawled out my name in happiness.

"Heyy y'all." I grinned and smiled in content at everyone. Mostly everyone was seated at the huge table fit for twelve. Others were seated in spare chairs around the kitchen. The mood seemed to be quite positive which lifted my spirits.

"Okay okay! Before breakfast, I just want to quickly introduce these beautiful people behind me. These are my friends, Tray, Brooke and Michael, my boyfriend Chris and our daughter Alayah--"

"Ey! Ain't that the nigga that sings that song with Rihanna?! The one that ain't none of my business?! That's you Marie?! And y'all two got a kid?!" Asked a voice I inwardly cringed at. Suddenly my cousin' <a href="">Jones</a> stood from his seat at the table and pointed at Chris. My face went flat as he used my middle name. Someone lowered the music as the talking went on.

"Am I right? I'm right ain't I! Nigga what you doin' here?!" He cracked a smile earning a laugh from Chris as he waved.

"Hey how you doin' uh.."

"Jones, Jones Gordon Kindle homie. Nice to meet your overly successful ass--"

"Jones! Stop cussing in your grandmothers house." Scolded his mother <a href="">Alicia</a>.

"I'm just trynna get better aquatinted! He don't mind--you don't mind do you Chris? Of course he don't, cause we boys, were men. Men don't need girl talk and questions to become besties. All they need is an introduction towards each other and it's done. Boom! Friends for life! Easy as one, two, three ma. I'm tell in' you--"

"Jones shut up man!" Said his younger sister, <a href="">Jayda</a>.

"Ain't nobody talkin' to you washed up ass Jay. So you hush. You hush." Spat Jones.

"Aw damn. Here we go. Can someone shut this fool up before I have to beat his ass? Twenty-six years on this earth and he still don't know how to act." Sighed my <a href="">Uncle Leroy</a> as he shook his head and sat back in his chair along with everyone else.

"Spell earth, Uncle Leroy.." Said Jones looking his way. Uncle Leroy glared daggers at Jones.

"Seriously Jones?" Called out one of my other cousins, <a href="">Derek</a>.

"Don't all y'all be trynna hate on me at the same time, this ain't court!.....y'all ain't jury duty! Y'all niggas don't phase me--"

"Jones! Sit your butt down before I have to whoop it!" Spoke the voice laced with a Trinidadian accent that belonging to my <a href="">grandmother</a>. She stepped into the house from the backyard.

Jones' lips shut into a tight line and he took his seat in between Jayda and his mother, keeping his eyes on his empty plate. Eyeing the crowd, my grandmothers soulful gaze stopped on the small crowd of people in front of the kitchen entry which included myself. I smiled once her eyes nearly landed on me. She dropped her gaze to the baby in Chris' arms and eyed the two of us, trying to calculate everything. Her face dropped for a moment in shock and surprise before she covered it up with a loving smile.

I could never forget her timeless smile, it was one of my favorite things about her. It was contagious, bringing one of my own onto my face. I stood in my place and gave her a shy wave.

"You know better than that Marie. Come here." She grinned. I walked over and fell into her warm embrace hugging her with all the love I could muster.

"You're even more beautiful than you were as a teenager." She whispered into my ear. I grinned.

"You're still as timeless." I whispered back to her kissing her cheek.

<em>"We're climbin' the stairway to Heaven, climbin' the stairway to Heaven. And we're going step! By step!.."</em>

RUN IT!!!!


Run It!!

"Holy s***..everybody's here..." I dragged out slowly as we pulled up behind many other parked cars around the lot of my grandmothers <a href="">house</a>.

"Well that's usually how family reunions work Ty." Said Michael. I waved him off keeping my stare on the familiar cars.

"But its only breakfast..I mean..everyone moms side is here too." I gawked. I hadn't expected her side to come out because I didn't think they were invited.

"Really?" Asked Chris as he parked behind my mothers rental.

"Well yeah, but I mean I guess I should have expected it..they were all very close when my mom and dad got together. This is gonna be nuts." I said unbuckling my seatbelt. Michael took care of Alayah and got out of the car with her in her seat. Chris grabbed my hand trying to bring my attention onto him. I looked at him after a few moments.

"Why you so thrown baby? You got beef with them? Should I be worried?" Asked Chris with a pensive look.

"I'm not even gonna say anything I'm just gonna let you find out on your own, how dysfunctional my family is." I rambled looking at Chris' face turn into one of surprise.

"But I thought you said they was close?.." He spoke. I nodded yes.

"They are just..some members more than others..and when it's time to eat today watch you'll see. s*** is gonna blow up in everyone's face. Someone's gonna stir some trouble. Someone!" I said already annoyed with the drama that was to come.

"Baby, don't stress. Plus you never know, maybe things are different now. Its been years since y'all seen em. We just gotta go in there and bring the positivity and after we eat and chill for a bit we'll be out! And if they start arguin' before then..we make an excuse involving Alayah and we jet!" Said Chris as he held his hands up weighing our escape options. His serious face caused me to grin and release some of my nerves. He smiled.

"Deal." I chuckled. Chris reached in and pecked my lips a few times.

"Just pay attention to me whenever you feel overwhelmed or anything. Where's your Aunt Cam by the way?" He asked.

"She's flying out on Thursday, she couldn't get anyone to cover for her till then. I wish she were here though." I answered. Chris nodded.

"..Why aren't you nervous?! I mean you haven't even let the rest of my family before..aren't you scared?! You're famous and I've got groupie cousins." I asked noticing how laid back Chris was behaving. He chuckled and looked out of the window at Michael and Alayah.

"I'm nervous as f***. I'm just trynna be cool for you. I know it means a lot to you and I know you want Toronto to go well." He spoke. I reached in and pecked his lips.

"I love you." I spoke wiping the lip gloss off of his lips.

"Love you too." He grinned before we both got out of the car to join the others.

"Mike, I hope you're into versatility." I said patting his shoulder as I walked by him.

"What? Why?" He grew nervous. I smiled and kept walking ignoring his question.

I prayed for this day and all of the others to go well.


I awoke to the sound of Alayah's whining. She slept in the hotel bed in between Chris and I. Sleepily, I turned on my side to mind her. Slowly I peeled open my eyelids and found Alayah tucked into her fathers slow rising chest. Chris was unaware of her kicks being the heavy sleeper that he is. I sat up against the headboard and peeled his arm off of her taking her into my arms ready to breastfeed her. As she latched on, I rested my head back and relaxed for a little while longer.

Being a mother was a blessing in disguise, there were many moments where I felt inadequate and unworthy, but just when the feelings crept up, she would always do something magical to make me forget them.

"Chris your phone." I murmured to him as his phone began to vibrate. He inhaled deeply and stretched his long body. I lay my head back against the headboard relaxing again as he answered his call.

"Mmhm?...yo......yoooo I can hear you dawg. What you want?" Asked Chris as he smacked his teeth an rubbed his tired eyes. I chuckled at how much of a morning person he wasn't.

"Aight...we'll meet y'all in the bye." He hurried off of the phone and tossed it towards the couch. The sound of it hitting the ground told us that it hadn't made it there. Chris groaned angrily and sat up to look for his phone in the hopes that it wasn't shattered. I giggled.

"Shut up Mags." He spat causing me to laugh harder.

"You're so horrible in the morning." I said in between laughs. His neck nearly broke as he looked back at me.

"Me?! Have you met yourself in the morning?!" He exclaimed. I rolled my eyes. Alayah unlatched from me and I picked her up and rested her against my chest so that her head laid on my shoulder and began patting and rubbing her back trying to burp her.

"Whatever, who was that?!" I asked him.

"Tray. Said they all gettin' ready to head to ya grandmas crib for breakfast. It's so early though." Said Chris as he laid back down and covered his face with his hands.

"It's 9:30AM! What the hell man. Alayah kept me up half the night." I complained realizing the time.

"Lil' bit kept ME up half the night." He said pointing to his chest before he looked up at his daughter. He couldn't keep the smile from spreading on his face.

"I can't even be mad though. Heyy baby girl." He said grabbing her tiny hand in his. I yawned the same moment my phone began to ring.

"Can you answer that for me please?" I asked. Chris reached for my phone lazily and answered it.

"Hey Miss Charlie." He spoke into the receiver.

"Yeah we up..kinda.......aight......yeah we'll meet y'all gon' take B with you?....aight we gon' drive behind you...alright see you downstairs....aight bye." He hung up and swung his feet over the edge of the bed.

"What's the game plan?" I asked standing to my feet while burping Alayah. Chris stretched upwards and scratched his side while he walked over to the windows to open the curtains. Light streamed through the room causing me to squint for a moment while I adjusted to it.

"We gotta get dressed and meet everyone downstairs in twenty minutes. Me, you, and Mike gon' ride together. Tray and B gon' ride with ya mama while we follow her.

"Okay." I said just as Alayah burped. I smiled and praised her before I rested her on the bed.

"Lemme dress her, you go and get dressed or else we gon' be waitin' forever." Smiled Chris. Playfully I rolled my eyes and left him with his daughter while I grabbed my bag of toiletries and entered the bathroom.

I knew everyone was going to be at the breakfast and was somewhat excited to see them, but also very nervous to be around all of them at the same time.

We were anything but picture perfect.

Run itttt!



Run IT!!! This is a great story!!! I'm so attached ♥♥

run it

Man I forgot that Toronto holds all them memories for her...hopefully thinks can stay happy like they are suppose to.

run it!

Run for me and I'll run for you!
Much love.

thoughts ;p

"Why did they choose now to have a family reunion? It's chilly out here." I asked my mother who stood next to me around baggage claim. The men were up front gathering our bags.

"It's not chilly, summer hasn't even ended it's still hot out. Cool weather starts in November." Said my mother.

"I just wanna get settled and go site seeing already! Did not get to do that last time." Spoke Brooke with a light chuckle. I smirked and rolled my eyes.

"Shut up Brooke." I chuckled shaking my head. Alayah whined in the carseat next to my feet.

"I'll get her baby you go and help the fellas with our things and meet me in the car outside." Said my mother as she bent down to look after Alayah who was due for a diaper change.

"Okay." I smiled grateful.

"Man Brooklyn, what'd you pack, a body in this s***?" Asked Tray as he pulled her suitcase along with him. Brooke rolled her eyes and roughly snatched her suitcase away from Tray who delivered a dirty glance her way.

"Thank you." I said to Chris as I took my suitcase from him. He wrapped Alayah's baby bag over his body and let it hang by his side like a gym bag and pulled his suitcase along with him. Michael carried his and my mothers bags with him.

"Ya family know you here yet?" Asked Chris.

"Mom called them the second she got service. She wants to head over to my Nona's in the morning for breakfast." I smiled. If there was ever a silver lining in this trip, it was my grandmother. She always made things better and had a heart of gold. We had drifted apart after I moved to LA with my mother, but she understood that life took people on different paths sometimes. I remembered the last time I talked to her was after I had Alayah and she was excited to see her great granddaughter.

"You excited to see her? I know you missed her." Asked Chris.

"I am. If anyone could help me bare my family, it's her." I said. Chris chuckled and walked closely next to me. I swam in his scent loving the way it made me feel.

"You gon' be alright Mags." He reassured me as we exited the airport.

"I know." I answered.

Run It!!

"Hey girl!" Said Brooke as she got out of the taxi with my mother outside of the airport where we had all just arrived for our flight. I smiled and collected her into a tight hug. I was so glad to have Brooke with me. I didn't even have to beg her.

"Hi boo! It feels like it's been forever!" I squealed happy to see her. My mother came around us and went to hug the other men in our group.

"I know I'm sorry! I've been stumped at work. Chris brought some serious clientele back into the shop so it's crazy." She said with wide eyes. I nodded in understanding and followed her around the taxi to collect her suitcase. I payed the cab driver before my mother could and watched him drive off.

"Tyson! I could've done that you didn't have to--" I held up my hand to stop her.

"It's fine ma. Come here." I said waiting for her to hug me. She smiled and rubbed my back comfortingly knowing I just wanted to be held by her. My nerves were sky high because of this trip and she knew that.

"It's gonna be fine Ty. Nothing's gonna happen in Toronto." She consoled me quietly so that no one could hear.

"I lost Chris in Toronto mom. I don't want that to happen again." I spoke of my biggest fear for the moment. I looked into my mothers eyes as she pulled out of the hug.

"You won't lose anything, you hear me? I promise you. He loves you." Said my mother. I nodded, believing her for the time being. I knew that I needed to relax. Things between Chris and I were better now and I had to hold onto my positivity.

"Toronto's gonna be great babe. You have your support system all around you. Come on we need to check in." Said my mother before she walked off with her luggage into the airport.

"We gotta move y'all." Said Chris to the small group as he took a sleeping Alayah who was tucked comfortably into her carseat from Clyde and dapped him goodbye. I went over to hug him and thank him for the ride and help.

"Man I can't wait to get a hold of them O'Henry bars man." Said an excited Tray who came over to me, wrapping an arm around my neck. I dragged my suitcase behind me as I walked with Tray and followed everyone else into the airport. I smiled secretly excited about eating O'Henry's with Tray like we always did around each other.

"Up top, girl." He said holding up his hand for a high five. I chuckled as I tapped palms with him.

"You're so crazy." I laughed.

"You packed Layah's things right baby?!" Yelled Chris from upstairs. I sat in the living room in front of my suitcase filled with enough clothes for a week.

"Yeah!" I yelled back for him.

Our flight to Toronto was in two hours and we were about ready to go. Clyde was nice enough to come over and pick us up. He waited patiently with me in the living room watching the sports channel.

"Y'all ain't got no chips up in here?" Asked tray as he walk out of the kitchen with a chocolate chip cookie in his hand. I rolled my eyes at his appetite.

"No. I hate chips." I answered zipping my suitcase closed.

"Chips hate you." Spat Tray. I turned to glare at him.

"Who's idea was it to invite you on this trip again?" I asked smartly. Trays grin faded as he watched me.

"Ha ha. Thought we was fam, Teacup?" He said feigning hurt. I chuckled and sorted through my purse for mine and Chris' passport.

"Only on weekdays." I smiled teasing him. Tray smacked his lips and came around the couch to sit next to me.

"Whatever girl. You wrong for that." He sulked as I chuckled. Clyde stood to his feet noticing my suitcase.

"Imma load up the truck." Said Clyde. I smiled thankfully at him.

"Thank you, honey." I replied looking back down to my purse making sure I had everything.

As Clyde opened the door, Michael stepped in with his suitcase behind him.

"Hey Clyde. What's up?" Asked Michael.

"Ey man. Let me get those for you. I'm 'bout to load up the car." said Clyde.

"Thanks." He smiled and let Clyde take the suitcase from his hand. He walked in and looked towards the steps as Chris came down them with his suitcase in one hand and Alayah in the other. Michael's face lit up at the sight of his goddaughter. Chris rested his suitcase down once he reached the bottom and dapped Michael swiftly before switching the attention onto Alayah.

"Say, what's up Unc? What's up Unc?" Said Chris as he watched his daughter stare into her uncles eyes. The smile spread slowly onto her face as Michael's warm blue, green hues looked back at her.

"Come here, baby." Said Michael as he reached for her. Chris let him take her and looked over to the living room at Tray and I who watched the whole exchange with smiles on our faces.

"Y'all set?" He asked. Both Tray and I nodded yes as Chris walked into the kitchen. Michael came into the living room.

"Hey Ty." He said using Alayah's arm to wave at me. I smiled.

"Hey babe. Thanks again for coming with us." I said to him.

"No it's not a problem at all. Always wanted to go to Canada." He replied genuinely excited. My phone buzzed with a message from Brooke. I read it quickly.

"Brooke said she's gonna meet us at the airport, she's getting a ride from my mom." I said to my boyfriend.

"Aight! Lets jet y'all." He said coming out of the kitchen with an apple. He took a quick bite out of it.

I stood to my feet and slung my purse over my shoulder along with my keys and walked over to the door to put on my shoes. Everyone filed after me and out of the house so that I could lock the door. Chris was last, stopping in front of the door to put on his kicks as well. I waited for him patiently, watching as he bit into his apple at the same time.

I smiled remembering how much my father loved apples. He would take one every time he left the house and ate one with me before bed every night.

Chris stood to his feet with his apple stuck between his teeth before he removed it from his mouth.

"What?" He asked noticing my stare. I chuckled.

"Nothing, you reminded me of my father for a minute. He loved apples like you too. Ate them the same way and everything." I smiled at the memory close to my heart.

Chris smiled warmly at me before bending to kiss my cheek and leave the house for me to lock.

Run it Run it!!!

run it!!

"Y'all here from Paige? I'm looking for her." I asked. Mackenzie looked up from Alayah and at me.

"Nope. Last I heard from her was when she texted me last night because I left my phone charger in her purse." Said Mackenzie.

"Yeah, no I haven't heard from her either. She okay?" asked Michael. I nodded.

"She's fine. Hasn't answered my calls today is all. Maybe she's busy." I answered sweeping my bangs to the left.

"Oh she's busy alright...check your instagram." Said Mackenzie. My brows sunk along with Michaels as we both threw each other confused glances. I opened up my application and scrolled down my timeline looking for Paige's instagram name, but that wasn't what caught my attention first.

In a picture, was Paige and Jeremiah, captured in a passionate kiss with one another with a caption that read,

<strong>@stonecoldp</strong> <3 life wasn't the same.. <strong>@blamejeremiah</strong>

My mouth fell agape and Mackenzie began screaming in happiness.

"Oh s***! They're back together!" I yelled in glee. I knew I'd have to call her later because she was currently busy rekindling the flame with her new, old boyfriend.

"Soooo cute!" Squealed Mackenzie.

"You women are so loud. Give me my Goddaughter." Said Michael with waiting arms. Mackenzie stuck her tongue out and passed my daughter into his arms. The smile on Alayah's face told me how much she loved Michael.

I smiled at the two wondering when he would have his own.

My ringing phone snapped me out of my thoughts and I answered without looking at the screen.

"Hello?" I answered.

"Ty honey?" Asked my mother. I sighed wishing I looked at the screen before I answered this call.

"Mommy." I replied.

"Soo..have you thought abou--"

"Okay! Okay!" I cried out flapping an arm in the air. Mackenzie chuckled confused with my small outburst.

"I'll come. But I'm bringing Chris and Alayah..and maybe some other reinforcements too." I answered eyeing Mackenzie down. Her brows furrowed.

"Yay! Okay great bring whoever you want! Your aunties and uncles are gonna be so happy when I call them!" Replied my mother. I rolled my eyes.

"I don't want any problems when I'm there mom. One problem and I'm on the next flight out of there." I warned.

"Tyson, one problem and I'm out of there. Don't worry." She said. I could hear the smile in her voice.

"Okay so were leaving on Monday morning. We're going for a week. The reunions on the Friday, so you'll have days to explore Toronto if you want--"

"Thaaaat won't be necessary. I've seen enough of Toronto and Toronto's seen enough of me. That place hates me." I spoke dryly.

"Honey, get rid of your negative energy. It's your fathers hometown. It's where we met and conceived you!" Spoke my mother. I rolled my eyes once more.

"Blahhh blahhh blahhh! Alright fine. I'll see you Monday morning." I said ready to end our conversation.

"Alright honey. Love you." She said. I couldn't hide the smile that crept up on me.

"To the stars ma. Bye." I said before hanging up.

Mackenzie and Michael sat there with lost looks on their faces. I chuckled lightly and looked down at a curious Alayah.

"Mommy's taking you to Toronto mamas!" I said in a high pitched voice. Alayah smiled making me feel better instantly.

"Toronto? Is it that family reunion thing you were telling me about?" Asked Mackenzie. I nodded yes while playing with Alayah's hands.

"Yup. If you would like to come and be my distraction you are more than welcome to, Mike you too." I said to my best friends.

"Count me out. I've gotta look after the gallery." Said Mackenzie. I pouted.

"You never come anywhere with me." I sulked.

"Sorry! But someone's gotta look after the gallery." She spoke.

"I'll come. Chris was telling me about it not too long ago." Said Michael.

"Greaaaat, we leave in two days. I like your husband way more than you by the way." I spat at Mackenzie who only rolled her eyes.

I pulled my phone out ready to text Chris about our new trip.

"Eff me.." I groaned, sure not to let Alayah's ears hear me.

"Bye baby!" I heard Chris yell from the hallway of the second floor. Soon after, I heard him running down the steps.

"Bye! Don't forget to pick up some diapers!" I yelled back before I heard the front door close.

"Because mamas keeps speeding through boxes and boxes of them." I said playfully as I held Alayah's small half naked body in both hands blowing on her belly. The sound and feeling caused her to giggle and crack a big smile. I did it again knowing she liked it.

I decided to keep her shirtless and only in diapers, because of how humid it was today. The entire house felt sticky and warm since the rainstorm from the night before.

"Come with mommy downstairs." I spoke to her as I carried her down the stairs into the kitchen where I fixed her a bottle and warmed up some left over stew for myself.

Alayah relaxed in my arms quietly sucking on her pacifier as I hummed one of Chris' songs softly. The sound of the doorbell caused me to pause everything and walk over to the door where I looked through the peephole and found Michael and Mackenzie.

Smiling I shifted Alayah from my left arm to my right and opened the door. Mackenzie's eyes widened in happiness as she laid eyes on Alayah.

"My lovebug! Come to me!" She squealed. I placed a kiss on her cheek before I handed my daughter over to her and let them walk into the house.

"Well if it isn't my favorite married couple." I said as Michael smiled warmly and bent down to capture me in a loving hug.

"Hi Mike." I grinned suddenly aware of how much I missed him.

"Hi Ty." He returned warmly.

GO GET YO MAN BOO!!!!! lol

GO GET YO MAN BOO!!!!! lol

Run It....

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Run it!

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