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FY . Check this!

Im at home soooo bored on suspension. I need to get high or something. All this quietness in this house makes me feel like a virgin. Blaaar, but anyways..

Sup b****es?


Lol honestly, being comfty in some pj's & under my covers are my kind of party. I heard some of the college guys are thirsty, others too c**ky & then there's the nerdy ones .. true? What you major in? I want to do Graphic Design & Photography. Maybe even a TV show host if god blesses me enough.

I dont do young parties. I got to 25+ parties. I think maybe you should try a new state just to experience it. it might end up being great for you

You party? Im not much of a party person, but I might check them out. Im still debatin with my mom if I should attend a university or a institute. She wants me close to home, but I want to explore a new state.

its cool fareal.! but after freshmen year all the hype about being in college fades

Lmao I wish I could be named a freak (:
Ima HATE college as well as I do high school. Maaan, how is it though?

Yea I've been called that ALOT lmao
but yea this is this stupid college math
that im never gonna use but I have to take it

Omgaaaaawd you a freak lolol
Man I hate math. Bulls*** makes my life f***ery. Im surprised I even passed it this year lmao
Im happy I graduate early this year (:

lmao can i watch lol jk
but sucky ass math class

Im not at school, me & my mom have a appointment today.
Then after that me & my boo drake gone get it ooooon :D
Lmao what class you in tho?

lmao oh wow.!
i cant even front im bored out my mind waiting for my next class to start.!!!

Its true, queitness makes me feel pure as hell.
Heeeey ! Wassup (:

lmao im made you said like a virgin doe smh.

Wait. That intro was whack -.- man .. fml.