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what are yall up to?

im watching american idol
but i just can't deal with
nicki's annoying ass voice so i
be bored Nsht now. feel like
writing too, but...ionno


Nvm it was a lie

Y'all heard Wale is dead???

back in school taking a few writing classes and drawing on the daily.

Board as ever, trying to find somehing to do wit my hair, stressing over school, same ol same ol, how bout you?

hey summer how you doin?

iigh then bouta add to clique

Man I agree lol
Her asx would be GONE lol

Hmmm . . . CLIQUE
That's my ishnit


@kandy i think so too now...but on what story? hmmm...

lol hey thuggie nun much shawty
jus over chea laid back at da crib
i wish we could vote new judges off
cause i'd vote nicki tf off dat btch
she makes no muthafcking sense man

My nigga
What the business is?!?
*t.i. voice*

But ugh
I'm sorry I can't take criticism from someone . . . .
Oh hell from her asx
Mariah yes . . . . miss piggy HELL NO
I will NOT be watching just like I ain't watching tht beyonce documentary
Pssh f*** THAT *kendrick Lamar voice*

SoSo my love....

I think you should write....