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Never in my life would I think I fall for a person like you.

Your smile, your touch, your eyes...your voice just gives me chills.

Only if I could keep it real with you and tell you how I feel I would.

But you're a girl.....and I'm a girl, and girl that's lost and confused.

I can't believe I'm fallen for a girl I once called my best friend, someone who came over my house and slept over...innocence... until that one night.

I tasted your lips and felt your touched...ever since then I've <strong>fallen</strong>


Alarm goes off as I rose my head up from the pillow..I looked at my clock as it turned 7:01. I groaned and through the cover back over my head, I didn't want to get up to go to this hell hole ,(high school).. that's when my phone began to rang, it was my best friend <a href="">Tyra</a>, I picked up the phone and got on face time with her.

"What's up huh, wake yo ass up", she said while cheesing all in the phone.

I rolled my eyes and sighed, "I don't want to....I'm tired"

"Ha not my fault Chris kept you up....ion like that nigga go Kira"

I stared at her for a moment as she rubbed her chin being serious and s***.

"Look tyra can we talk about this later?....I'm about to get ready for school"

She smiled"see that a girl! Can't wait to see you there"

"Nah you mean see your hoes?? Yeah I know about you turning out girls tyra"

She bit her lip and smirked,"well you know how I do....maybe you'll be next"

It was total silence til we both bust out laughing, knowing damn well that wasn't gonna happen.

"Look foreal though I'll see you later, we gotta get ready"

"Iight nigga"

"OK monkey butt", I laughed and hung up my phone.

<a href="">I</a> hopped out of bed and headed to the shower to began my day.


It was now getting near my 18th Birthday which is December 31st, New Years eve, which is pretty cool and Tyras birthday is a few days from mine. But anyway I was planning stuff as Tyra didn't help at all but just stuffed her face and played the video.

I rolled my eyes and continued to plan this s*** and try to gather everyone up fot my birthday. I really did wnt to have a party bus that took us around the town and went to the club and. I did so, with this hoe help.

"So got everything planned out", she pushed the chips in her mouth as she sat back grabbing the controller

I nodded my head, "yep!"

"you didn't invite Chris did you?.." she waited for me to reply as she kept on pushing buttons

I hesitated a little, "um well me and him kinda talked an", I stopped talking as she turned off the game and faced me

"Kira...what will it take for you to learn that nigga is up to no good huh???"

"do you know something that I don't know Tyra?", I raised my eyebrow as iwaited for to respond.

She sighed and rubbed her forehead," whatever you want to do Kira, whatever makes you happy" (lies)

"ok Tyra...youre a good friend", I smiled and began to write again.


Tyras POV

This girl is blind by love and a fool who doesn't even care for her, im tired of fighting for my friend's heart its whatever, when he hurts her again I just won't care as much as I did before.

I picked my jacket and places my beanie on my head and tood up

"im out Kira, I gotta do do somethings"

She stood up and smiled, "ok monkey butt"

"see yeah" I laughed and walked out the door.

After all these years she still calls me monkey, i didn't even know how she came up with some s*** like that, I guess it was back when we in Gymnastics and they wanted us to do stumbles and make face expressions in cheerleading , yes cheerleading. I was cheerleader hard to be piece but I didn't know any better back then. But I remembered I blew up my cheeks and pulled out my ears and evrr since then she's called me monkey smh.

I rushed over to one my hoes house and see what she wanted,she just wanted to spend time with a playa, but as I spent time with her all I could think of was Kira.

I quickly had to leave. I ended up blurting out her name and I didn't want to hear this gor mouth asking who she was.damn this girl is stuck in my head.


kiras POV

It was the day of my birthday and everyone was loading up on the party bus at my house, I grabbed Tyras arm as one of my other friends took a picture of us

"aww its my best friend's birthday, she hugged me as they snapped another picture

I laughed as I pushed her away playfully,"monkey stoppp"

We continued to play until Chris walked up with roses and a big bag full of gifts. I began to cheese from ear to ear as heoved closer then pecked my lips. I could hear Tyra sighing and walking away. I shrugged and moved on to the bus.

The ride there to the club was pretty fun but I could tell Tyra was heated, so decoded to go check on her.

" to me", I scooted closer to her as she leaned back

" good, enjoy your night Kira", she grabbed the brim of her fotted and pushed ot doen some more hiding her eyes.

I kissed her check and got up and went to the front of the bus.

That whole night she sat in the corner of VIP aippin on her drink , I couldn't help but watch but yet I didn't care it was b'day she wasn'tt about to ruining my day.

I began taking shot after shot until I began to get faded as hell. Me and Chris began to dance as I saw Tyra and a female all caking and s*** with some female. She was all grinning as the girl played with her curly ponytail and putting her hat on her head as Tyra held her by her waist.

I started to get mad onside buy why the hell I i feeling like this? I love BOYS and boys ONLY. I cant be all hot over girls, I've never crushed on one before. But the more and more I watched them flirt the more I got jealous. Sad to say but I think I am fallen for my best friend, but why??? Is it because she cares for me more than i care for myself, or is it because im drunk??

I moved around Chris as he was now facing me and i was him but looking at Tyra. Her the girl began to grind slowly on each other as she kissed the girl neck. I clenched my jaw and balled up my first but continued to dance with Chris. She then began to rub her thighs and thats when they started kissing then thats when i started throwing up from all the liquor i drunk.

"WHAT THE HELL KIRA, THESE ARE MY NEW SHOES!!!", Chris moved out the way as i fell on the floor still throwing up.

I began to cry as people started helping me up and thats when i looked up realizing it was Tyra helping me. I smiled and leaned on her as i stilled. Cryed silently.

"Kira its time to get you back to the hotel", she laughed a little as she grabbed me tightly by my waist.

We made our way out the club as we got into the cab and headed to the hotel. We finally made it to the room as she helped me get cleaned up, she put me in the shower,brushed my teeth then put me in the bed looking at me crazy.
"you drink too much Kira", she stood up and went to the mini fridge getting me a a water

I pushed my hair from my face, and sat up,"shut up....and come here"

She walked towards me with the bottle and sat on the bed as she handed ot to me.

"Tyra.....i..i I i love you", I placed the bottle to my lips as I took a sip, her eyes grew wide.

She chuckled,"girll thats the liquor in youshut up and g-" I ciy her off

"no no....i know what im saying...ilove you...I realized tonight when you were all up on that girl kissing her and s***, thats when I got emotional"

It was silence as looked doen holding the bottle waiting for her to say something, thats when she kissed me...

I like it so far run it

We finally arrived to the party as all eyes were on us.....i guess because we matched but it's whatever we are <strong>bestfriends</strong>.

Everyone began to greet me and her as we made our way through the crowd and thats when I saw Chris. He bit lip as walked up to me peeking my lips. I smiled and turned towards Ty as she looked away bobing her head to the beat. Chris smirked as he moved closer to me holding me by my waist.

That's when one of other friends pulled me away from them as. I left them twp by themselves.


Tyras POV

Kira began to get pulled away and went through the crowd with another female as me and Chris had a stare doen, my clenched my jaw and sucked my teeth.

"so...whats up Chris?", I leaned my head sideways

He shook his head, "s*** you tell me...youre the one eyeing me like I did something to you"

I stilled bobbed my head to beat as he I i chuckled from his reply

" didn't do anything to me, its what I saw you do you Kira....dont let it happen again bruh"

He then looked at me confused as his eyes widen from what o knew, I them smirked and away as I patted his back.

Im he knew I knew cause if he ever did some slick s*** I would tell her and it'll be over for him.

I finally found her that night as she leaned all over me slippy drunk as hell.

"OMG TYRAAAAA TY TY MY TYRA BEAR , MY MONKEY WONKEY COME HEREE", She leaned all over me some more as her liquor breath hot my face and her shirt was always up, I pulled it down and began to laugh.

"omg Kira youre drunk...i haven't even got drunk yet you hoe", I sat her down on the couch as she leaned more on me

"TOOOOO BAD SOOOO SAD", she began to laugh loudly and play in my hair.

I shook my head and moved her hands, "look ill be back im about to go find Chris to help me get you in the car"

"OTAY", she slouched doen in the chair and probed her feet up, I shook my head and walked away.

I went through the party trying to find this nigga and he was no where to be found, thats when I heard screaming and yelling. I turned around and saw Chris and Kira fussing, "ahh s***" I thought to myself as I ran over.

"CHRIS YOU MAKE ME f***ING SICK I HATE YOU, YOU-YOU USED ME AND IM TIERD OF IT, I SAW YOU WITH THAT b**** OVER THERE", she began pointing around trying to stand up as tears ran doen her face.

"woahhh what's going on??", I began holding Kira back as she tried to charge after the girl

she pulled away from me and pulled her shirt down,"IM READY TO GO TY",

I began to help her through the crowd as we made our way out the door and into my car. The rode home was crazy as hell, she cried, she laughed, she yelled until he finally went to sleep. I helped her into the house and all the way into her bed room, i laid her on the bed as she wouldn't let go of my neck

"Kira...let go", i tried pulling away from her.

She tugged doen harder as sge sobbed loudly, "no...stay...please Ty"

"...fine", i plopped down right beside her as she cried quietly, i rubbed her hair and hugged her tight.

I hated seeing my best friend like this....i hated seeing guys hurt her, i hated not seeing her happy, and she's not happy im not happy. I hope she leaves this fool alone, i hope she comes to me,ihope she realize how much o care for her. I she loves me and cares for me the same way i love and care for her.

I finally looked doen to see that she was a sleep, i sighed and pulled her closer to me as i dozed off as well.


Kiras POV

I woke up to the sun shinning in my eyes and to Tyra holding me. I looked around confused and wondered why she was here. I began to pulled myself out of arms then realized what had happened. I smiled ad kissed her forehead as she still slept. I got up and quietly went to shower,byt the time i came back out she was up scrolling down her phone.

"goodmorning Drunk", she still continued to look at her phone then laughed.

I laughed as well,"goodmorning monkey
..thanks for last night"

" problem...thats what best friends are for right??", she looked up at me.

I nodded my head and tighter my wet hair in a bun and through on some sweats and shirt then laid back on the bed with her

"i think im don't with Chris Tyra", i looked at her with a serious look on my face.

She placed her phone down and gave me a dry look, "Kira...youve said this thousands of times before shut up"

"nooo im serious, i don't deserve to get hurt anymore Tyra...i really don't"

She then looked at me with a concerned look on her face, "then make that change....start off fresh"

"yeah sounds right..", ismiled and picked up a magazine and she contained to stare at me.

I placed the book doen and stared back, "what are you looking at ??"

she began to open up her mouth and say something and thats when my mom walked in.

"goodmorning party goers, how was last night?"

I looked over at Ty and watched as she sighed then looked back doen at her phone....i wondered what she had to tell me.

We finally arrived at school's I got out and left Chris in the car he pissed me off cause I knew my mom and Tyra was right.

I made my way inside the school and towards the lockers and that's when I saw tyra monkey looking ass pimp in as usual. I shook my head as she smirked at me and kept macin.
I went to my locker nd pulled out my book as she walked over cheesing all hard.

"Today is a good day Kira", she leaned up against the lockers.

I chuckled, "I guess so pimp in, ion see how you do it"

"Its easy mane, these hoes at this school easy to pull, I even pulled Lena, and you know she straight as f***"

I closed my locker, "I guess so hoe"

As soon as we began to laugh Tyra's expression changed on her face. I turned around to see Chris come up to me pulling me close to him as he kissed me. I moved a little and saw that Tyra wasn't feeling that at all.

"babe...not in front of all these people", I moved away laughing a little

He smacked his lips,"fine, but tonight...."

He pecked my lips, I couldn't help but melt on the inside...I loved him a guess.

I looked back around and saw tyra looking at me like I was crazy. I knee she was pissed, and I knew she didn't like my boyfriend at all, I mean I understand he has had a pass but sometimes people change right? But Tyra wasn't trying to hear that s***' me and her been friends since diapers, and sometimes best friends knows best.

"Aye kira I'll catch up with you later",

she hugged me and mugged Chris then walked off, Chris looked at me and laughed

"You're best friend dont like me man?....I never said anything to her"

I shrugged and began to walk,"ion must a did something"

"Man like what?? I haven't called her a fag or liking females", he began to laugh

I punched in the arm and pinched his nipple,"stop...Chris"


We finally got to class, he kissed me and went on his way


It was finally the end of the day, AND it was a Friday and it was a house party that night.

I drugged Tyra back to my place just so she could help me pick out clothes, even though she didn't want to.

"How about this?", I held up a sheer shirt as I smiled crazily.

She looked up from her phone and raised her eyebrow,"NAH"' then looked back down and continued in typing.

"Ty, this is like the 10th thing you've said no too, I'm not gonna stop until you say which on you like"

She threw down her phone,"omg just pick something, why you gotta be so girly, I never take this much time picking out clothes"

"Now that's a lie you take forever too hoe", I grabbed the clothes and through them on the floor. Trying to out pieces together.


Tyras POV

I watched as my own best friend began to strip down to her bra and panties, I tried looking at my phone but s***, I couldn't help but keep my eyes on her. From her breast, to her hips and round ass I just wanted to touch.... but I couldnr...

she turned around as I put my eyes back on my phone quickly as she walked into the bathroom with her clothes.

"I'm bout to shower I'll be back", she smiled and closed her bathroom door.

I flopped back down her bed and went through my instagram pictures ans saw Chris on my TL....and in the picture he wasn't with Kira.... I clenched my jaw and closed the app, trying to debate on if I should tell her what I just saw or not.

20 mins later she came out the bathroom with her outfit on, my jaw drop as I watch the leggjns clenged aaround nd her thighs and ass. She looked at me and mugged me but smiled at the same time.

"You like monkey?", she spun around and put her hand on her hips"

I hesitated for a min as I stumble over the words in my head

"Nah still ugly big head"

She laughed as she threw a pillow at me "let's go"

I through on some jeans, toms, and a crop sweat shirt and headed down stairs to the kitchen, I kissed my mom on the cheek and made myself some cereal.

"Good morning baby girl"

I smiled, "good morning mom"

she raised her eyebrow " things going with Chris?"

I nodded my head'" everything is going good....."

"Are you sure...I heard you and Ty conversation is this morning...she's not to pleased"

My eyes pucked. I can't believe she was ,listening to me in the phone and she probably heard what Tyra told me as well


She smirked, "cause I can....apparently Tyra cares and so do I"

I finished my cereal and I heard the car horn honk,

"I gotta go" ,

I grabbed my bags and headed out the door and got into Chris car.

"Hey babe", he kissed me and pulled off.

"Hi"' I folded my arms and sat back in the seat.

Not once did he bother to ask me if I was OK, just like a nigga..