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Thuglife | I'm Bout Dat

sup tho! i missed y'all <3


y'all just terrible lol
got me hanging around all of these
freaks and s*** lol

Message me on EC

Lexi most definitely can't talk lol.

You one to talk. Remember when I came over to your place and I went to go use the restroom and noticed your shower head was broken and I asked you what happened and you told me that it started leaking so Kirk tried fixing it, when in reality you were trying to hang from it while you and Kirk were f***ing in the shower.

Nani, i have to tell you something.

YOOOOO, Ya'll wild son Lol...all i can say!

@ana LMFAOOO!!!!!

@nani sure sure

@dany yes....yes i am talking and..

I know lexi dont wanna talk.


True we did all that BUT you got the aroma wrong

lexi lexi lexi

how about the time i decided to meet you in the studio with kirk
and before i could even open the door i see a pair of boxers
and boy shorts sitting out side
i open the door to see you singing falsetto in the mic and
kirk behind you hitting all in that


i know none of you talking

there was that time i came over to drop off the kids and dany answered the door looking a hot mess had the living room kitchen hallway and stairway looking as if a tornado done passed through gonna lie say they had a party when truth was they done f***ed all through the house

and theres ana came in the bedroom and had a thong hanging from the ceiling fan hand cuffs hanging on one side of the bed with an empty whip cream can sitting on the dresser

had nani and cole over for dinner they nasty ass wanna lie she tlkin bout she had to pee when 5 minutes later cole dipping off ttlkin bout he just goin to make sure she okay i go up stairs and put my ear to the door and hear *clap* *clap**clap* ass cheeks clapping and him tlkin bout who a daddy while the aroma of sweat and butthole filled my damn hallway

and then theres bree and ty f***ing on the video yea i seen the tape b**** u nasty talkin bout smack my ass harder b**** ewwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww smhh lol


lmao see what had happened was uhmmm

I remember that one for sure.

Or that time we caught Ana on her knees role playing a cat and s***. You know Trey into that wild, weird s*** lol.

you see i uhhh uhhh
*fakes sleep* zzzz

Memeber when I came over and asked why the f*** you had a giant ass hole in the wall. You said Trey accidently bumped that new couch you got into the wall, but we know that Trey shoved you in the wall and f***ed you in that spot

ooooooh nothing dany

how about that big ass crack in your dinning room table
... you dropped something heavy on it you say
chris smile was way to big... of all things he
dropped your ass on it



ha bree is one to talk

how about the time ty brought up the fact
that y'all weren't buying a new chandelier
cause you didn't like it ... bree broke it
holding on for dear life

ohh and nani

how about the time you told us that your backseat got
wet from a car wash...
cole finally had to tell the truth before i looked like
an ass sitting back there

She sound like somebody but ugh I can't remember
right now


Well that nigga got that good good.

I give no f***s that he put my s*** out like that

Yes Beee!

Had to give her the side eye for a little bit

Like Chris did you Dany...

I was shocked af to learn that you consider his d*** breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

Daaaaamn Lil mama a freak.

What a shame. Haha

smh it was my friend babyfather just airing out all her s*** i was like daaaaaammmmnnn*craig & smokey voice* i felt bad & at the same time i was lik i glad that aint me

I laugh . . . . Idc they can't see me
Even if they could I'd still laugh lol
They were the dumbos for telling ppl ALL they business
If you don't want no one to know then don't tell

s*** happens all the time
people airing dirty laundry
and s*** be juicy and funny but you be like
damn thats my homie lol

you ever seen someone get called out like their business just all out in the open that your just shocked like =o and even thou its funny in the way yu dnt wanna laugh cus thats ur friend n in truth its really just real petty lexi?