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Thuglife | I'm Bout Dat

sup tho! i missed y'all <3


I hate slow walking people too with a burning passion. That s*** pissed me off in school!

Naw, dont worry, i can hold my liquor. I usually water it down and then keep drinking.

Ana baby i've missed u i was just thinkin bout u

i hate when people assume s***,i hate when people say swag but only cause then it gets stuck in my head,i hate people who laugh at their own joke when obviously it wasnt funny,i hate when people well girls who are friends try to make jokes lik oh u not gettin none from me or whatever lik yes im bisexual but ur my friend and that makes me sick ur a friend for a reason ur not my type dont make me puke,i hate people who walk slow and take up the whole side walk its like ur begging me to just push u,i hate people who cough or sneeze and dont even try to cover their nose or mouth,i hate people who yell s*** outta of a car when they pass you but when they see u face to face they dont got s*** to say,i hate when i go and lay down and get all comfy someone asks me to do something,i hate when people turn on my light wen im trying to sleep,i hate wen ppl try to talk to me wen im tryin to sleep,i hate wen ppl put their feet on me,i hate wen ppl lay across both my legs,etc etc etc i hate alot of things *shrugs*


Just like I hate when people say "lmbo," "Lolz," When people call me "sis," different smiley faces, "hubby," "wifey," and etc. Ughhh lol.

And aight bish lol

Cause . . .
1. Too many ppl say tht s***
2. It sound weak af like some s*** lil kids say
3. Cause I just don't like it bish!


idc either its just u gotta be smart wen u drink and know when you've reached your limit *shrugs*

Nani why you hate that? Lol.

And I don't mind Dany getting drunk.. I wish I was right there with her drinking lol. Just don't end up on camera doing some nasty s***.

oooooooooooooooooohhhhhhhhhhhhhhh i dnt do parties anymore someone always getting shot or jumped so yeah

Ooooh YES
Gimme Beee lol

I really HATE when ppl say "turn up"
Or any variation.
That s*** soooo BLEH -___-

Anyhow damn Dany you just growing up
&& shut lol
Just don't be like them drunk girls please ma'am

The party before the party

wth is pre gaming

@dany no sober life is the best life s*** i kinda stopped drinking...kinda

I'm deadass tryna get turnt tonight!

I pre game Dany...

yeah....bye now

Chris flavored lol

I hardly drink.
But when I do up.

Are the Chris flavored nuts or Ty??
Cause ummmm Ty's aren't salted

Pre gaming. Do y'all do that?

Frostbite these nuts lol...

They like some damn nats.
Buzzing arnd being annoying && s***.

Bree psssh uk yo bday got frost bite

amennn nani

Nani shut yo mouth ho!!! Lol.

And I feel you... I REALLY do. I know a handful of people that just irritate my soul lol.

*slightest thing/person

Does anyone else get annoyed by seeing the slightest/person ?
Lol . . . Cause I damn sure do.


Bree stfu frost bit asx birthday.

Hey Everybody

um .... hi *moonwalks out post*

I'm a m u h f u c k i n ` winter baby. Lol.

So is mine && CJ's

My birthday is in the spring