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Thuglife | I'm Bout Dat

sup tho! i missed y'all <3


I'll let her know Nani.
You aint know she smoked weed?
Man, i introduced her to that s***!

Speaking of, So So remember that story when, you know Trey was a doctor and ummm, he was getting raped in his sleep by me, and then there was Dany and Chris, so what happened to that story?

:) breeeeee!!!!

yes he can mmmm makes me want to go jump on
him in his sleep

Ik the name now Summer thanks

Dany I like that Cassie song "Balcony"
Tell her she needa make a vid for it NOW
But ummm I ain't know she smoked weed

I heard Trey can cum for an entire century. That's what Ana said lol.

Oooh look at Nani Howard being his house slut lol.

Yeees Sneak be drawing her arse off!

Dany hush! You rude for just being here! Lol.

American Idol pisses me off!

dany you would be raping him
until the end of time then
his sailors are like the
mother f***ing British navy lol

no nani im not nasty just uhmmm....
well s*** you and bree taught sooooo
i blame you

and i will be adding to DS tonight

@Bree Why i got to be the mistress? If someone was better he wouldn't be wondering

@Nani I can't remember i think it was a remake of the one Cali was in....



I'm getting t next week
Idk where tho lol

Ana you just Nasty lmao

Squirrels in my pants!!!

Lol.. Hey Everybody...

;D im so glad you liked it nani!

hey anaaaa
i second that for Death Sentence

until he cant cum anymore...

HA i don't believe that is even possible
but i will see what i can pull out
of my sleeve :)


I need you to add to All Out War and Death Sentence before I kidnap Trey and rape him until he can't cum no more.


Sneak I loved the drawing !!!
Colors && all

hey nani i love you tooooooooo

lmao hey bree

That was rude.

Whoa bish !
I'm his wife get it RIGHT
I'm Dwight's house whore lol

f*** Dany.

f*** Trey's Mistress aka Summer.

f*** Cole's House Whore aka Nani.

Heyyy Sneak lol.

Hey Dany Hun

I loveeeeeeeeee you !!!!!!!

Summer do you remember the name of the story I was doing with you, Glenna in it.
I think it was thug something but i can't remember

I've been...unstable. yeah, thats the word.

i've been good stayin busy doin my homework
and yourself?

hey summer how are you?


How have you been?

hey dany!

Hi Sneak.