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Hi Everyone **Please Read**

Firstly, wassup my CBW fam <3..
MIA as per normal lol.. but wassup!!

I need a story to read please...

- One that the writer updates
- One that is not cliche, where she gets the guy straight away
- No obvious ones that you can predict the entire outcome
- One that makes me feel like I`m in the story, watching it like a movie
- That makes me hate, love, cry, laugh..

okies.. GOOOOO lol..

mwahhh miss you guys xo


ohh and I`m reading ummm Tunnel Vision at the moment with them long ass adds lmaooo loving it though.. so I`m get onto yours and Cirque Du Supernatural as well lol

Thanks, that means a lot. :)

If its your first story.. I`m sooo reading it.. I love those kind of stories.. I know what it was like with my first story.. so if I give you feedback it is only to help better yourself with writing <3 :)

You could check mine out, it's called learning to love. The only thing is it might be predictable at times. I don't know... maybe that's just me. It's my first though, so if you do read it, I'm not gonna say be gentle, I love honest feedback.

He's good.
Just started walking and talking. :)
. . . . Lowkey driving me crazy lol

Carl is good too working my nerves lol
He said what's up

I been good, sorry for the delay with replies.. I`m reading that dont judge me story.. cos I was waiting for responses to this post and damnzzz I like it lmaoooo

hows my nefu? anddd brother?

I missed you too!

I've been good.

Leymamazzzzzz <3

Pimp`nnnnnnn!! <3

How you guys been? I hella missed yall xo




Im a fully dedicated, over the top, long comment reader :) so thank you I will check all your stories :)

Cirque Du Supernatural my newest story

Im looking for some dedicated readers lol

Read my two stories tunnel vision and gerrero reina