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Last Night Was Crazy

man that party was


man if you were not invited i feel sorry for you
we had an all star cast come through and bring so
muCh love...drama...&&SEX...did i mention SEX

but i cant say to much
like i said if you weren't there SORRY
for you



ANYWAYS WHATS UP LADIES (if your not hungover)

im over my bf house they are about to watch the game i guess
me im about to watch the food..
only problem he doesn't have cupcakes :(


Awe, damn I missed it,
Happy Belated Bree.....

this b**** really just say she can't wait for Beyonce concert?
Smfh. It's just a performance damn.

Why cant you invite Trey?

You can invite Chris next time, I know how to stay my distance from him.

You made yourself look like the ba guy.
Drunk ppl tell no lies meaning you were gonna say it anyway
drunk or not.

But ik one thing I learned . . . . Next party we have
I will NOT invite Chris nor Rih or Kim or Cassie

Too much drama for me!

Ana sorry Trey asx can't come either lol

Oh Nani. Rih just wants me to look like the bad guy. She wasnt even there when we face timed and truth is I did tell him, but it was that week that he left me and I was all in my emotions. I was drunk and s*** as for the text I never did that or sent that.

trueee I can't stay mad at him
and that makes me mad

&& I'm sure Rih was only showing you what you did && how you made
Poor Chris feel

Y'all really gon out it all on Rih tho huh??

Ana everybody know you can't stay mad at trey
that long. Lol

Y'all sure 'talked' it out alright. Lmao

ohhh yeaa uhmm we good now lol

we uhmm talked it out

Thats impossible, but what about you and Trey?

After tonight im assuming y'all are on good terms :)

you and chris need to sit down and talk ALONE

Complicated was not the word! She wanted custody of my son.
Only lord knows what kind of ideas Chris is putting in her head.

i know you were trying lol
but she is uhmm complicated
it just takes time

I am, I didnt mean for s*** to go down like that.

he almost made me cheat on trey but then i said no kaepernick i cant
do it... today

dany you doing better after yesterday i see

Im tryna watch this food too! My cousin is outside bbq'n it up

O yea he is cute i want the 49ers to win

idk who i want to win
ray lewis from the ravens is my dog he been through a lot
Colin Kaepernick from the 49ers is fine as hell

so either way it go


i do if i could i would open a cupcake shop :)

Lol Ana. You REALLY love cupcakes huh?

Who do you want to win in the superbowl??