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The Fast & Dangerous

'Dammit' <a href="">I</a> said outloud after getting my favorite shirt snagged on a gated fence; my bestie <a href="">V.V</a> had talked me into getting out of the house tonight with her. "This better be worth it this is a $12 dollar shirt" I said struggling to get it unhooked, she sighed before getting my shirt off the snag. "Trust me it all goes down in this area and no cop cars run through this area" she said confidently; "Why couldn't we have just taken the train and then walked down here? I ain't no damn cat!" I said upset; "(Sighs) Would you stop your b****ing and come on? We're gonna miss the first few seconds!"
"I am NOT b****ing I'm just simply stating the fact that you dragged me down to the Avenues against my will and had me climbing fences and gates like we about to rob somebody's house" I said. "Hence you're b****ing" V.V said. We walked for another 5 minutes until we came across this street racing event; "We're here" V.V said, "You took me to see...a car race?" I said unimpressed. "Not just any racing...street racing, my besties are in the race tonight and whoever wins..gets 15 gs" V.V. said. "This is illegal we shouldn't be here!" I said nervous but she was already walking ahead of me hugging other people that were there and saying 'hellos'.

"Would you relax Zee? You always said you wanted to experience spontaneous things and that you needed some excitement well I'm giving it to you" V.V. said. "Yeah but I was thinking more along the lines of something a like skydiving" I said. V.V looked at me and said, "Girl you seriously need to loosen up if you're gonna be able to handle this..follow me young grasshopper." I followed close behind when we came across our other friends <a href="">Icky</a> and <a href="">Kiko</a>; "I see you finally managed to get ole girl out the house" Icky said hugging V.V; "Yep and she's been giving me hell all the way over here" she said rolling her eyes. "Well you're right on time they're about to start" Kiko said, "Are they here yet?" V.V. asked; "Tsk girl you know they like to make a late appearance" "True lol" V.V and Icky dapped. "Who are you guys talking about?" I asked, "I told you that my besties were racing tonight and they're bad ass too."

Zee watched the other racers line up at the starting point, "Rules go is that each racer has a partner, 1st line goes down the lane and back while the 2nd line waits for the racer to cross the starting line; whoever wins gets the losers car keys. Kinda like a ranking system in the street racing world" V.V. said. "Ranking system?" Zee asked; "A racer with the most cars is crowned king street racer." "Here they come" Kiko said with a smile; Zee and V.V turned their heads to see a couple of street racers coming down the lane with engines revving loud. A couple of 'Oh sh*ts' were whispered amongst the crowd while other people rolled their eyes. The cars pulled into their designated positions; two of the drivers got out and dapped fists with the promoter.

"That's Tarantino and Wiz, they're the friends that I was talking about; they're apart of a bigger street racing group, you'll probably meet them later on." V.V. said. "You mean there's more of them?" "Yeah, they all cool with this guy named Chris but everyone calls him Cruze" she said. "Is he racing tonight?" Zee asked, "Nah, this is just an amateur street race why else would we have gone through climbing those fences?" she said. Kiko pulled V.V aside and whispered in her ear, "(Laughing) Don't tell me ya'll climbed fences to get here?" "Just wanted to spice up the excitement, she don't have to know that." V.V. laughed; "You going to hell for this lol" Kiko joked. "I know I'm so bad ain't I? lol"

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I'll be introducing Wiz, Tarantino and the other guys later on in the next post or two just wanted to get you guys into the moment for a bit.


I have a feeling T gon like asia
get it
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Sorry to have kept ya'll waiting I was enjoying Spring Break. Good news is that I'll be returning to update this story, maybe not as often but I'll try to get a post or two in. This week I'll be really busy so please bear with me lol.

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I like Asia already lol...i feel kinda like T gone end up liking Asia...can't wait to find out what Zee gon do thou RUUUUN IIT

Part 2

They drove into a modern surburban neighborhood, "Wow T this neighborhood's nice. Beats living where I am now" Zee joked. "LOL the neighborhood's bearable at times, but they do frown upon certain things like..BEING a party animal lol" Tarantino said as they slowly approached a house.

"You've got to be kidding me you live <a href="">here</a> T?" Asia asked in bewilderment. "Gift from my aunt." Tarantino said as they pulled into the driveway shutting his engine off. "It's beautiful" Zee said. "Looks like the crew already here" Tarantino said mentioning the other collection of cars parked near the curb. "So what do you do?" Asia asked; "I street race" T said, "Like in 'The Fast and the Furious'?" Asia asked amazed. "Yeah, but without the cheesy ass dialogue lol" he said. They got out of the car and locked the doors behind them. "I didn't think that we were gonna come straight here I didn't even bring a bathing suit Tarantino" Zee said. "V.V. brought one of yours, she said your ass was gonna come whether you said no or not" Tarantino laughed. "Yep that sounds like V.V." Zee said rolling her eyes with a laugh. They walked into the house together making their way into the kitchen where everyone was at.

"How the hell ya'll get in my house?" Tarantino asked; "Wiz found the spare key underneath the planter." Icky said. Tarantino pursed his lips at Wiz who bursted into laughter. "Remind me never to tell you anything again lol" he joked. Asia and Zee walked further into the kitchen and took a seat at the island. "Where's the rest of the crew at?" T asked; "Outside" Wiz said, "We just came in here to fill up on drinks we'll be out there."

Zee, Asia and Tarantino began moving out towards the backyard where everyone was. Those who were there was Kiko, V.V., Meika, Kiko's boyfriend <a href="">Terrell</a>, and Cruze. "Yo!" Tarantino said making his prescence known, Asia and Zee moved towards the pool chairs where Meika and V.V. were. "Hey ya'll wassup?" Zee said, "Konnichiwa, hey Asia" V.V said with a smile. "Hey V.V. hey Meika." Asia said. Wiz and Icky came out minutes later with their drinks refilled and sat alongside V.V. and Meika. "How long you gonna be in town for love?" Meika asked Asia. "Only a month, mom didn't want me to come out to visit but I missed Zee so much that I had BEG her." Asia said rolling her eyes. "Why? I mean Toronto's not that bad" Zee said; "I know..but she tends to be a little overprotective" Asia said.

"Seeing that I've been out of the loop for some time what with me now finding out that Kiko's having a baby what else has been happening?" Icky asked. "Girl you ain't missing much, V.V.'s still a party girl--" "Tarantino kissed Zee when they went out together" Meika blurted out. Icky and Wiz's mouth dropped; "When did this happen?" Icky said bewildered. "Couple of weeks ago" Zee said. "Are you guys dating now or something?" Wiz asked. "No..still taking it slow" Zee answered. "To be frank Zee I don't really see the point seeing as you guys act and look like a couple" Meika said making V.V. nod in agreement. "...Well I do admit that I've been feeling weird ever since that kiss" Zee confessed.

"Do you like him sis?" Asia asked; "I do..but then I don't..I just feel weird that's all." Zee said. "Well then I guess it's time for Ms. Love Guress to put some effect into this slow process, lets get you changed into your bathing suit." V.V said jumping up and grabbing Zee taking her back inside the house.

~Guest Bedroom~

V.V. was waiting for Zee to come out of bathroom so that they could go get into the pool. "Come on out Zee, I'm already in my swimwear what's taking you so long?" V.V. complained. "V, this isn't my bathing suit. I wouldn't feel right in it" Zee said; "(Sighs) There you go b*tching again" V.V said in a sing song voice. "Okay okay OKAY! I'll put the swimsuit on." Zee pouted.


Wiz was now talking with Cruze who was chilling by hisself on the other side of the pool. "What's up with you man? Why you so down in the dumps?" Wiz asked. "Don't know. Feeling kinda funny in a way Wiz" Cruze said. "Zee huh?" he asked; "Well I wouldn't let the feellliinn...whoa" Wiz said stunned. Cruze turned around and Zee and V.V. came out in the most thrilling <a href="">swimsuits</a> he'd ever seen.

(V.V's in white, Zee's in the Red/Animal Print)

"Damn n*gga close yo mouth before flies get in there lol" Wiz said closing Cruze's gaping jaw. "Damn she looks good." "Don't tell me that tell it to Zee lol" Wiz said. "You right" and Cruze jumped up ready to go over to Zee.

~With the Girls~
"I'm feeling naked in this thing girl, did you HAVE to pick this one?" Zee pouted. "Hush, plus you bought that swimsuit over a year ago and I've yet to seen you wear it." V.V said. "That's because YOU always wore it before I did and when I finally got it back I'd changed my mind about wearing it." Zee said. "Well now you're wearing lol" V.V joked. "I think it looks good on you Zee, as a matter of fact Cruze is coming this way." Meika said. "..and so is Tarantino." Asia said.

Uh oh, does this spell trouble?

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"Meika? V.V? What are you guys doing here?" Zee asked, "The question is what are YOU doing here walking by yourself?" V.V said looking out the passenger window. "I was just..taking some time to think that's all" "So you come down here to think? I'm not convinced boo" V.V said; "Well I was with Tarantino--" "Wait, you were with T tonight? Where is he?" Meika asked. "Back that way." Zee said; "(Sighs) Hop in Zee, hopefully we can still catch T so you guys can talk" "Uh V I can't..that's why I needed this walk." Zee objected.

"Things are not adding up Zee, first you're with Tarantino and then you ditch him..and on top of that you try to walk home alone in the dark?" V.V said getting angry. "Look some weird stuff happened and..I can't be around Tarantino right now." Zee said. "Either you tell me or I'll drill the hell out of you" V.V said. "Tarantino kissed me." Zee said lowly, "What?" Meika said. "I said Tarantino kissed me." Zee said. "When did this happen?!" V.V and Meika said. "A few minutes ago, we were having fun riding around in his car and whatnot. He switched on the radio and...he kissed me." Zee said.

"So uh..what's the excuse for running away from him?" Meika questioned; "I didn't expect for him to do that..I mean Tarantino's a great guy and a best friend but.." Zee said. "But what?" V.V. asked; "I feel like it's rushing. I just needed to get away from him V.V." Zee said.

"Come on get in the car we were on our way back home anyways" V.V said rolling her eyes. "Zee! Wait!" Zee turned around and saw Tarantino running up the block towards them. "Zee..I really think that you should talk it out rather than try to run from it." Meika said. He approached her slightly out of breath, "Zee look..I was wrong for kissing you but I couldn't help it. We've grown so tight over the course of a month and...I'm developing feelings for you. No..actually I developed those feelings the moment I first met you and they got stronger. Tonight's been the best damn night I ever had with anyone and kissing you was the icing on the cake.

Even if you don't feel the same way I do, rather I tell you now before my feelings got even stronger. So in conclusion I'm sorry, it won't ever happen again. Just please don't go, at least let me take you back home myself." Tarantino begged. T, Meika and V.V. waited as Zee thought in silence about her decision; Zee let go of the car door handle making Tarantino breath a sigh of relief. "Okay. I'll see you guys later" Zee said; "Good 'cause you were about to spoil my surprise." V.V said smirking. "You're so nasty lol" Zee said. "Bye lol" V.V said and they drove off down the road. "Come on lets head back to the car." Tarantino said making Zee smile.

~2 Weeks Later~

After Zee and Tarantino talked they made the decision to take things slow even though they were still in a friendship phase which crushed Tarantino but understood. Kiko broke the news of her pregnancy with Terrell to the girls and as the H.D. race was drawing nearer things were getting a lot hotter. Well now today's the day that Zee's little sister Asia would be coming to visit her for the month and as promised Tarantino drove Zee to the airport.

"Yo I'm having a pool party at my crib and the whole crew's gonna be there" Tarantino said. "Are you inviting me? LOL" Zee joked, "(Smirks) Yeah I am, Asia can come to" "Mmm I don't know I told my mom that I wouldn't let her get into any trouble." Zee objected. "I promise nothing won't happen that you don't want to happen; besides like I said only the crew and few other racers are gonna be there." he said. "Maybe..depends on how Asia feels I don't want her tired and exhausted and then get dragged to a party lol." Zee said.

<em>Flight 2478 from Los Angeles is now arriving at Gate 10<em>

As they waited for Asia to come down the lane they shared some more small talk, mostly about what kind of gift they each wanted to get for Kiko's baby shower. "Here she comes" Zee said, <a href="">Asia</a> was coming down the lane and when she saw Zee she immediately greeted her with a warm hug.

"Oh sis I'm so glad you're here. How was your flight?" Zee asked pulling out of the hug. "Long but I'm alright, this is all that I brought" Asia said throwing her duffel bag over her shoulder. "Oh Asia this is Tarantino, T this is my sister Asia" Zee said introuducing one another; "Ouch sis he's hot." Asia said. "LOL thanks I appreciate that. Well then I guess we better get going huh?" Tarantino said. "Yeah lets. Oh and Asia I don't know if you're tired but T invited us over for a pool party at his house--" "You just said some key words: "Party" and 'Party.' Asia interjected. "LOL so I guess that's a yes huh?" Zee said. "Yep, you forget Zee I'm from L.A I ALWAYS like to party duh lol" Asia said as she pepped up her step.

"She reminds me of--" "V.V..LOL I know, I know." Zee said. They got onto the elevator and went to the parking lot where Tarantino had parked; Asia's eyes widened at the sight. "Oh my gosh, is that a 2013 Jet Fighter Lamborghini?" she asked. "Wow you know your cars" Tarantino said in amazement. "Yeah, I'm sort of a grease monkey; get me near a car's engine I can take it apart, clean it and put it all back together in under 4 minutes." Asia said.

"Are you sure you two are sisters? I like her lol" Tarantino asked. "LOL Hush up and lets go" Zee said getting into the passenger's seat.

Part 2 Coming up Next

Oh and the mystery racer can be an unknown person, aka not a celebrity. It can be a guy on Tumblr or Instagram, google and link their pictures. Update will be in a day or two (still working on my essay+ working stage crew for a play)

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I'm so loving this story!
I wanna know why Zee reacted to that kiss that way...

I think that was Cruze in the mysterious car and i think the secret racer should be Kendrick Lmar, ASAP Rocky, or Drake! Just anybod but Tyga lol

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I'm a new reader & I've been silent for awhile but RUN IT !!

In the next post or so I'll be introducing Zee's sister Asia (Asia Dee) and another racer from Florida (Secret Surprise). But you gotta run this story to find out the mystery racer; as a matter of fact who do you guys want the mystery racer to be?

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I love this story I love how Zee seems so shy and how cruze is so hard on the outside but hopefully he will show his sweet side and Tarantino is such a sweetheart and I'm happy he kissed zee v.v is crazy and funny but I know who is going to pull up it is going to be vyce I can just guess it and wiz seems like the wise one out of the group sometimes the way he talks to cruze

What if it's neither, what if it's Vyce or oh boy

Anymore bumpers???

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Omg! It's gonna be Vyce!! Lol
But I'm glad she didn't do anything with T

~Back with Zee and Tarantino~

After their treat down at Mojo Yogurt they began riding around the city. "Where we going Tarantino?" Zee asked as they headed down an unfamiliar street; "Wanted to show you something, trust me I'm not gonna kill you or anything lol" he joked. "Ha ha very funny..what's this place that you're taking me to?" she asked; "Roll down the window and see for yourself" he said. Zee pressed the button letting down her window and it was Cruze's garage. "A garage?" she said looking back at him, "Me, Wiz and Cruze's garage. This is where most of our cars are stored." Tarantino said turning the engine off; 'Come on,' he said. They both got out the car closing and locking the doors behind them and went inside. "Remember that Lamborghini that I told you about?" Tarantino said as he shut off the alarm system; "Did you do something to it?" Zee asked.

"Yeah, it's over here; was thinking about driving her on H.D day." Tarantino said walking over to the sheet covered car; He pulled off the cover and Zee's eyes widened in amazement. "Wow, this is the best <a href="">looking</a> Lamborghini I've ever seen. When did you start working on it?" she asked touching the fresh design. "About a couple of weeks ago. Cruze helped me with the paint job but he did the design himself." Tarantino said.

"It's so cool..maybe I should call him to do my car design one day." Zee complimented, her eyes darted off to the black muscle car sitting in the dark corner. "What's that?" Zee asked pointing; "Oh that's ole Scorpion, that belonged to Cruze's brother when he was a street racer himself." Tarantino said. "Really? What happened to him?" Zee asked. "Jail. It's a fine to be in illegal street racing in Toronto Zee; you don't pay the fine you spend some time in the hole." Tarantino said.

(That's true guys. If you get caught street racing in Toronto you have to pay a fine, spend some jail time and they'll crush your street racing car.)

"Cruze has been working on that thing since his brother got thrown in prison. Scorpion's been in Cruze's family for a while now and he doesn't let nobody touch it or drive it." Tarantino said. "I would understand why it's such an importance to him and his brother. How about you, any brothers or sisters?" Zee asked. "Nah..just me." he said with a smirk. "You got any sisters or brothers?" he asked. "Little sis, name's Asia. This is me and her when I went to visit her in Cali last summer. (Laughing) We were trying to be models" Zee said pulling out her phone to pull the picture up. She held the screen up to Tarantino who looked at <a href="">it</a>.

"You look good in plaid." Tarantino complimented, "Ugh I hated it, was the hottest day ever in Cali. I wanted to faint so badly lol. But she was so persistent about taking this picture that I couldn't say no to her." Zee said.

"Does she come here to visit?" Tarantino asked. "Will be here in a couple of weeks maybe you guys can meet her." Zee said; "Cool just let me know when and I can take you to go get her." Tarantino said. "Thanks T," she said; Tarantino suddenly got a slick idea as he looked at Zee. "What?" "How about we take a spin in the Lamborghini? You'll drive." Tarantino said going over to the key rack; "Oh no I couldn't." "Come on, what ya chicken or something?" he joked. "Ha ha ha Tarantino. I'm just scared about being on the road." she confessed.

"Who said anything about driving on the road? We'll just be driving around an empty parking lot" he smirked. "'re on." Zee said snatching the keys out of his hand.

~Few Minutes Later~

Zee was whooping and hollering as Tarantino looked in astonishment, they'd been doing doughnuts in the parking lot and all types of crazy car tricks. This was a side of Zee that he never knew existed, almost as if V.V. had jumped inside of Zee at that moment. Coming to rest after doing a row of car tricks Zee and Tarantino bursted in laughter; "Oh my gosh, I haven't had this much fun since I was a little girl" Zee said out of breath. "You got me stumped Zee I didn't even know you knew how to do all those tricks." Tarantino said still amazed. "Well I learned after watching a couple of your guys' races lol" Zee said.

"I'm hot I'ma turn on the a/c" Zee said flipping the air on; "Oh that feels nice." she said relaxing into the driver's seat. Tarantino switched on the radio and "Kissin You" started coming through the speakers. "(Gasps) Faith Evans, I love this song. Heard it for the first time in 'Waiting to Exhale' and since then I.." Zee smirked a little. "What?" Tarantino asked. "...I always dreamt of being in that same situation..Mr. Right you know?" Zee said going into her thoughts. She swayed to the song lip synching each word as her eyes began to close; Tarantino hesitated but decided it was now or never.

He cupped Zee's face in his hands and kissed her on the lips pulling away seconds later. Zee stared into T's eyes frozen from his sudden action, he sensed hesitation and kissed her again even more deeply than before. Their breathing became synchronized, deep and heavy as their hands roamed one another; Tarantino's fingers twisted in Zee's hair as Zee massaged the back of his neck with her hand.

Zee pulled away before things got too deep as she tried to catch her breath. "I can't do this." Zee said grabbing her purse and exiting out the car; "Zee where you going?" Tarantino asked. "I just need to get my thoughts together." she said. "Zee please don't walk it's too dangerous at least let me drive you back home." Tarantino offered.

"Tarantino I like you..I like you a lot. But I can't do this right now..please. " Zee said walking away. "Zee! ZEE!"

Tarantino rubbed his head over and over; he could still feel the lingering touch of Zee's lips on his. "I shouldn't have kissed her." he said to himself.

~With Zee~

She'd gotten about a block away from the parking lot before realizing that she had no idea how to get back home and had no idea where she was. 'Why did I freak out the way I did?' she thought to herself, but her thoughts were broken when an unfamiliar car pulled alongside Zee at the curb. The driver rolled down the window and Zee saw...

Was it Tarantino?
Was it Cruze?

Run iT! <3

Absolutely love this story i must start off saying!!!
Cruze needs a really good lay to knock the chip off his shoulder.
V.V and Meika are cuuute
but most importantly...WHEN DID KIKO GET PREGNANT?????

So it begins!

"I was wondering if you was ever gonna hit me back up I ain't seen you since Cruze's last party" <a href="">Tarantino</a> said. Zee had finally decided to call him up just for a little time together which was perfect timing on T's part since he'd been thinking the same thing. They were at Mojo Yogurt enjoying their treats. "I know, been kinda slacking on my part lol." Zee said stirring her straw in her yogurt; "I heard Vyce hit your campus up earlier today" Tarantino said. "What, you gonna tell me not to speak to him too?" Zee said squaring her eyes at him. "Hmm I suppose Cruze said something to you huh?" Tarantino said. "I don't get it, Vyce seems like a nice guy. Besides I can make my own judgements." Zee said.

"About a year ago at the Horned Devil Race, Cruze and I were out there and at that time Cruze was the best known street racer..then Vyce showed up." Tarantino explained. "And?" Zee asked; " C thought that he had the whole thing in a bag since Vyce was a rookie racer at the time and.." "What happened?" "Cruze lost by a 5 minute finish and lost his credentials as Toronto's King Racer." Tarantino said.

"So why didn't he try again the following year?" Zee asked. "H.D. only happens every 2 years so he couldn't." Tarantino said. "So that explains the issue between those two..alright what about why he treats me like crap?" Zee asked.

"Well at that time we had a girl racer in the group..his girl Maze. She ended up backing out of the street racing life when she hit a wall for a $450 bet. After that her confidence was shot to hell and so did her relationship with Cruze. He tried to be as supportive as he could but the more that Maze was pushing him away the more complicated things got." Tarantino explained.

"Yeesh..I feel sorry for him." Zee said; "Then it just became a rollercoaster of emotions between the two of them the constant breaking up and making up with one another. I guess in the end Cruze lost himself."

"What about you?" Zee asked. "What about me?" Tarantino asked.

"I mean...after all of this how do you feel?" Zee said. "Don't know, as badass as I am behind the wheel I felt hopeless watching my homie go through that."

Zee slouched slightly in her seat stirring her melted yogurt in her cup as she thought about Cruze.


He'd stopped by Walmart to pick up some motor oil and couple of other things for the muscle car since it was still in bad shape. As he was coming down the aisle he spotted Kiko . Cruze pushed his cart alongside next to her and tapped her on the shoulder. "Yo K?" Cruze said. Kiko turned around and Cruze saw the small bump protruding underneath her shirt. "You're pregnant?" Cruze said amazed, "Yeah about 21 weeks now." Kiko said rubbing her stomach. "Boy or a girl?" Cruze said. "Girl." Kiko said. "So who's the lucky guy?" he asked. "Terrell."

(A/N: Kiko does have a boyfriend I didn't tell ya'll.)

"Anyways enough about me what are you doing here?" Kiko asked. "Just picking up some stuff for the car." Cruze said; "(Smirks) You're still trying to fix that old thing?" Kiko asked. "Hey that was my brother's car..she runs good just not like she used to." Cruze said with a laugh.

"I wanted to ask you something...about Zee." Cruze said. Kiko raised an eyebrow, "What about Zee?" she asked.

Run iT! <3

Loved this add,cant wait for something to happen with Zee and Cruze.

Oh and guys there'll be a post giving some backstory on the situation between Cruze and Vyce and MAYBE a backstory to Cruze's bitter behavior.

Run iT! <3

Wow Maze that was kind of a low blow, but Cruze kept his cool that's good...Scooter a little pest, but that was cute...I want Zee and T to be together

"What were you doing talking to Vyce?" he asked.


"Nothing, just talking. It's not your business anyways" Zee said moving around Cruze but he lightly grabbed her arm. "I may be an a**hole but as a warning, you don't wanna get mixed up with a guy like Vyce." Cruze said before letting go of her arm and walking away.

~Zee and V.V's crib~
After their lunch on campus, Zee and V.V called it quits for today and headed back home to chill. Meika, who showed up a few minutes later, brought some movies making it a movie day in the living room. Right in the middle of "The Italian Job" the doorbell rang and Meika was the first one up to get the door. Standing on the other side was Scooter with a bouquet of roses; "(Laughs) Zee who's the cutie?" Meika asked, "That's Scooter he lives next door" Zee said; "But you can call me your superman baby" he said winking an eye. "Hey Scooter what's up?" V.V asked standing next to him; "Nothing, these are for you by the way." Scooter said offering her the flowers. "Aww they're nice Scooter." V.V said. "Wow, somebody pinch me because this has to be a dream" Scooter said looking in between V.V. and Meika.

"Say ladies, how about you..have dinner together. I make a mean Chef Boyardee" Scooter said. Meika and V.V. laughed; "You're a little young for us sweetie. Why not give us a call in say a few years?" V.V. said. "Deal. Well ladies I bid thee farewell" Scooter said; before hitting the door he blew a raspberry at Zee who mean mugged him back. V.V shut and locked the front door behind Scooter then went to put the flowers in some water. "Dang Zee what was that about?" Meika asked; "I can't stand the little extortionist, always wants to come over whenever V.V.'s home." Zee said in disgust.

"(Laughs) I think he's charming for his age, you just don't like kids." Meika joked. "Damn right I even hated my childhood" Zee said rolling her eyes making Meika laugh even harder.

**That Night**

<a href="">V.V.</a> and <a href="">Meika</a> were going out tonight while Zee was staying in. "Dang V, do you EVER stay at home?" Zee said while going through a magazine. "Nope, I need to get out otherwise I get cranky" V.V said fixing her hair.

"Where ya'll going tonight?" Zee asked; "This club called Peanuts." V.V said. "Oh word? I heard that place is live sometimes." Zee said. "It is. So what are you going to do Ms. Sanctified?" V.V joked. "Watch movies." Zee said. " can get Tarantino on the phone and ya'll can out someplace" V.V said.

"Are you trying to push me on a date?" Zee said. " it working?" she asked. "Nope." Zee said. "Aw come on now Zee, I haven't seen you on a date since I was a Brunette." V.V said.

"Girl I'll be fine" Zee said. "Alright..suit yourself, but I think that you're playing with his emotions." V.V. said. "No I'm not, I think of him as a friend." Zee said. "Who are you trying to convince, me or you?" V.V asked.

~Cruze's Garage~

"Yo C, I'm breaking out early tonight you gon be alright here?" Wiz said wiping off the car he'd been working on. Cruze was knee deep in working on a <a href=""> 1980 Muscle Car</a> engine that he didn't even hear Wiz. "Huh?" he said, "I said I'm breaking out you gon be alright?" Wiz repeated. "Oh yeah man I'll be straight." Cruze said going back to work, "Haven't spoken to Maze in a were serious about not getting back with her huh?" Wiz said.

"...yeah I was." Cruze said. "You know..between me and you..I mean T's my boy and all but...what about Zee?" Wiz said. Cruze stopped midway; "What about her?" he asked. "I think that...she may be good for you that's all I'm saying." Wiz said innocently.

"(Smirks) Well according to her I'm an a**hole." Cruze said. "So? That don't mean you can't change" Wiz said. " should be getting home to Icky man I think she getting worried." Cruze said getting back to work on the car.

Wiz not wanting to talk anymore grabbed his bag and dipped throwing up the deuces.

Having grown tired of working on the engine Cruze wiped down the car and rested on the couch.

~An Hour Later~

Cruze could feel someone lightly nudging him; he woke up to see <a href="">Maze</a> straddled on his lap. "Maze?" he said still trying to wake up; "Yeah..I had a feeling that you'd be here." "What do you want?" he asked, "I haven't heard from you in a week I miss you." Maze said stroking his face with her hands. "Remember the first night we made love? It was in this kissed me and made sure you were gen--" "Get off my lap Maze" he said grabbing both of her hands, "What? Don't you miss me Cruze?" she asked.

"I'm moving on Maze; the bullsh*t, the jealousy, the continuously breaking up and making up, the fighting, all of it. Maze..we're not compatible." Cruze said; Maze slowly got up out of Cruze's lap; he rose from his seat and began putting his tools away. "So that's it? 2 1/2 years just down the drain like that?" Maze said in disbelief. "Face it Maze..rather I say it now than to keep putting on this charade." Cruze said.

"So who's the other girl?" Maze said; "Nobody, and that shouldn't be your concern." Cruze said. "Listen I know what this is about and trust me I'm not what you think I am..I act like that because..I--" "Don't..don't you dare say it Maze." Cruze said lowly.

"Well you're gonna have to hear it sooner or later Cruze. I love you and have always been in love with you." Maze said gently. "Really? Where was this Maze back in our earlier days before she got all insecure and jealous?" Cruze said.

"UGGH! WHY ARE YOU SUCH AN a**hole SOMETIMES CRUZE?!" Maze said furiously. "..I think you need to leave Maze" Cruze said grabbing his bag heading for the door; Maze stood in place not moving. "Unless you want to set off the alarm system get the fcuk out of my garage." Cruze said bitterly.

Maze huffed before storming out of the garage, Cruze set the alarm and closed the garage up.

"You know you can't beat him Cruze..because as good as you are Vyce will always be a step up." Maze said before disappearing down the street. "Well now I know who you really are Maze..a bitter b*tch." he said to himself. Zee suddenly then crossed his mind, Cruze tried shaking her out of his thoughts but he couldn't.

Why now? Why has Zee become a priority to his life?

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Ugh Vyce and Ross are aggravating

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I like Cruze and Zee,she acts like she doesn't like him but I think underneath her being annoyed with his attitude,she does like him and Cruze seems very damaged,idk if its because of a ex-girlfriend or his life in general but he always seems mad and he does also seem to have hidden feelings for Zee but hey maybe im just reading too much into that situation lol.

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What cruze so mad for but I would stay away from him too run it

Welcome to the story, more will be posted later on.

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