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All I Have.

Allow me to reintroduce myself.....*jay z voice*
lol Heyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy!!!
Most of you may not know me, but my name is kizzy, and I've been away for a while, but I'm comin back!!

This board was where the wirting began for me, and I feel bad that I kinda forgot about it.....In light of this, I'll be posting some new stuff on here.

A couple months ago, I started a story called 'All I Have' on the other boards, and I'm in the process of writing/adding the sequel to that on the other boards....With that being said, I have a quick question:

1. Do you want me to just post a link to the original story and add the sequel on here?
2. Or do you want me to just add both parts I & II on here?

Your wish is my command, hunny bunches!! lol
I really missed this board, yo!! Can't wait to get started !!


hey guys!! the full original story is <a
but what you're reading right now is the same exact thing :)
If you wanna read it in it's entirety there, that's fine too :)
Let me know if you want me to just post Part II here intead, kay? :)

Where can I read the original story on what board ??

Run it

2 years later.
href="">She</a> sat in the waiting room for what seemed like forever. Fashion Weekly Magazine was holding a national competition for a stylist who could impress Lady Gaga- the new pop sensation that would be gracing the cover in February. She watched as all of the other stylists walked out of The Office Down The Hall, with their dreams stomped on; the tears apparent in their eyes.

Up until now, she’d picked up work as an exotic dancer. She hated to refer to herself as a stripper, but that’s what she did. When she saw that there was a competition, she decided to put her college degree to good use. Esperanza graduated top ten from The Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandising, better known as FIDM. The drug use was in its infancy then…


It felt like all the eyes in the room judged her. She only took one anger management class because the counselor was a condescending b****, but right now she wished she could control the anger rising within her. A white girl said something to the tune of:
“Ugly b****….” Her and her friends got a kick out of the insult, but Esperanza found nothing funny. She would handle that girl later. She walked into the office and noticed Lady Gaga immediately. Gaga had a lollipop in her mouth, looking over Esperanza’s designs.

The editor in chief spoke first.
“We are really impressed by your sketches, Ms. Mendoza.”
“Thanks.” She tried to smile, but that didn’t work; she could never lie to herself about being happy or unhappy.
“What made you join this competition?” She looked around the room, her eyes finally landing on Lady Gaga. The two shared a look, and she looked at the white-haired lady dressed in black.
“……….You looking for a generic answer?”
The woman was surprised.
“I went to school for this. I excelled here (she points to her sketches).” The group looked at her, waiting for more to come out of her mouth, but nothing came.
“These sketches look better than what you think of them….” Lady Gaga spoke for the first time since the meeting began. None of the other prospective stylists interviewed heard the star speak. Esperanza would be the first one.
“I-um- thanks…”
The editor spoke again.
“Would you be willing to alter these designs?”
Everyone was stunned at her boldness. Gaga spoke again.
“Why would she?”
“Ms. Mendoza, when would you be willing to come back?”
“Whenever you need me to.”
“A week from today. 12 noon.” She nodded and stood up to shake the hands of the editorial staff of the magazine. Gaga held her hand out to be shaken. They stared at each other intensely, understanding.
“I’ll see you then” They let go of each other’s hands.
“I’ll see you..” She walked out soon after.
Esperanza made a bee-line to where the girl was sitting. The girl got nervous and squirmed in her seat. She bent down to next to her, ear level.

“Next time you have something to say about me, I’ll rearrange your face, got it?”
The girl quickly nodded, and Esperanza was on her way. It was the first time she truly smiled since childhood.
Chris sat in his study, sipping a glass of scotch. He was nervous as hell; today the art gallery would be opening- a new business venture for Chris, and his true passion. His butler entered the room.
“The car is waiting for you, Mr. Brown.”
Chris nodded, standing up to grab his coat. He really was not used to dressing this <a
href="">casual</a>, but it was so comfortable.. That didn’t mean he didn’t miss his suits, though.

Run it

New add now :)
When she woke up again, her hands were free. The nurse was staring back at her.

“I convinced the doctor to take you off of the intravenous medicine, but I’m gonna need you to drink lots of fluids for me, okay?”

Her eyelids heavy, she nodded at the nurse. At least someone understood.

“W-why (she coughs and winces) d-does it hurt?”
“Someone hit you really hard honey (she clears the fallen hairs from Esperanza’s face), and you had a hemo thorax- which is severe bleeding into your abdomen. You feel pain because the large amount of blood in your abdomen has expanded the space between your chest wall and your lungs….. I saw the scars on your arm, (she pauses, nervous to continue)but the fact still remains that you’re in pain, honey…Do you want some med-”

Esperanza nodded ‘no’. Her face read terror. She was so scared of a relapse that she would take the pain.
Chris walked into the hospital, angry. His family was adamant about his forgiving her for her outburst days ago. This was the downside of being wealthy- he always had to act perfect…Why couldn’t he just be upset? That wasn’t an option though…..The heir and the new President of the Brown Conglomerate had to be a ’charitable’ figure. He had to exude graciousness wherever he went. He regretted calling her out of her name, but she was the same age his sister would’ve been, and he was still mad at her for leaving...


She was curled up in a ball, tears running down her face. The pain was becoming unbearable, but she would bite the bullet today. She heard the door opening, and buried her head farther in between her legs.

Chris didn’t know what to make of the scene in front of him.

Is she in pain?
Is she withdrawing?
Why aren’t the nurses here?

He walked out of the room, feeling a tinge of emotion for her. He hadn’t FELT in years, so this hit him like a ton of bricks. He took two deep breaths and walked back into the room, sitting in the chair nearest her bed.
“f***….” She mumbled out in pain. She rolled over and saw who was sitting there. He got nervous underneath her glare.
“Look-I’m not gonn-”
“I dropped the charges.”
He could see the thanks in her eyes, but that look was soon replaced.
“I didn’t ask for anything….s***…” She writhed in pain, trying not to let it get the best of her. His heart jumped in his chest, speeding up abruptly. He couldn’t stand to see this. He saw her calm down, and so did he. Her eyes connected with his again.
“You didn’t ask to be called a b**** either.”
There was silence at the end of that statement. He had her full attention again.

“I’m sorry for that.”
She nodded in acceptance, and turned on her side, slowly lifting herself out of the bed. He rushed over to her, and she stared at him like he was crazy.

“Thanks…..” He could see that she was searching for something more to say.
“No prob.” He watched her walk slowly to the bathroom, and lock herself in there. She appeared minutes later, fully (dressed). Chris was stunned.

href="">She</a> looked down at her threads. The thrift store never failed her. She sucked up the pain, and began her journey out of the room. She needed a cigarette. Chris stopped her, and she looked up at him, slowly moving his hand from around her waist.

“I don’t think you should leave-”
“Move.” Her green eyes intimidated him, so he listened.
He ran after her, stopping her dead in her tracks.
“It’s really cold outside…”
She didn’t understand why he continued to annoy her. She spun around, holding in her need to scream out in pain.
“I’m not your concern.” He placed his business card in her hand, and walked back to his limo.
“a**hole..” She dropped it into the trashcan nearby, and began the long journey to the halfway house.

Give me some feedback, ladies :)
If i get some reviews, there will be more this weekend!!!

Run it

Good.Lol when stories start off with conflict they tend to be interesting to me.

hey! I'm great :) glad you like it so far!!

Nd hi by the way how are you?

Run it i need more

<em>Heaven aint got no baggage claim………..</em>

She walked into the church, hoping for a hot plate, and maybe some salvation. She silently celebrated; it would be a month since she got clean.
Chris sat with his friends, serving the poor. This would be the first year he would be doing this since his sister left….
He hated these addicts, because he believed they were selfish.


She could feel the condescension in his demeanor as the mashed potatoes dropped onto her plate. Their eyes met soon after.

He’d never seen eyes so green in his life. They were breathtaking. He soon snapped out of it and scowled at her, saying,
“There are other people waiting.”
“Do we have a problem?”
The trey came flying at his face. He couldn’t move out of the way fast enough. The pastor of the church held her back as her anger boiled over.

“Honey, you have to calm down…..”
She continued to try and fight out of his grip. Her fuse was much shorter these days, partly because of the disappointments that led her here, and partly because of the stares and the name-calling she had to endure.
The once boisterous room was filled with silence. Her eyes burned emerald as she stared at him. She broke out from the old man’s grip and stormed out of the church.
She heard the Christmas carolers down the street, and walked towards them, in the direction of the halfway house. She didn’t make it there though, because the cops apprehended her for aggravated assault.
<em>……I hate you so much right now….kelis</em>

Though she’d been a hard drug addict, this was only her second time being arrested. She’d just finished taking her picture, when a police officer motioned for her to follow him to a nearby interrogation room.

Now Ms. Mendoza, it says here that you have a prior here for assault. “Mr. Brown-”
“Who is that?”
“The man you assault-”
“He called me a b****.”
“But he didn’t put his hands on you.”
She stared at him, willing him to get this over with.
“Mr. Brown and his family are willing to drop the charges against you if you decide to take a couple anger management sessions at the church…”

She held her hands out for them to be cuffed.
“I’d rather stay here with the pedophiles.”
It had been a couple days, and she was still in this holding cell. She wouldn’t budge in her decision to stay there. So far, she’d gotten into a fight with a lesbian who tried to take advantage of her. Her abdomen was disturbingly tender from the punches the woman threw. She started coughing, and she saw the blood on the floor, and she saw darkness.
She awoke in a panic, trying to take the needles out of her hands. A nurse tried to calm her down, but she was belligerent. She felt the handcuff around her foot, and sighed heavily. She struggled to take the needles out of her arm, feeling like the room was closing in on her.

The doctor, followed by two orderlies came into the room.
“Esperanza, we’re gonna need you to calm down, ok-”
Her hands were shaking.
“You were severely hur-”
She was an addict. This was too much for her. These needles reminded her of rock bottom, and she needed him to understand that, but he wasn’t. Did he want her to fall into the heroin again? Did he want her to feel how good this morphine felt, and relapse? She started hyperventilating, because she didn’t want to fall back into this dangerous euphoria-this addiction- again. When she realized he wouldn’t honor her wishes, she pulled at the IV, screaming out in pain. They had to sedate her.