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Lies Told On Chatzy

1. Cupcakes are disgusting

2. Ana can be turned off

3. Sneak want Bluey over Shad

Did I miss anything??


It depends on the type of cupcakes! I just really like the frosting lol.

And because I said so man.

I LOVE cupcakes too

Why I gotta hush Bree lol

Shhh Nani lol.

And Ana why are you so obsessed with cupcakes? Lol.

PARTY AT NANI'S!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

ill bring the cupcakes

Yeeeeeeees we do !
I need to party

we need to get everyone in this bishhh

I think that's all our excuses.

It's freaking 40 degrees here ugh
I wanna go back to my REAL home

But what we doing tonight??

i blame school lol
but im here now!!!

Lol hey y'all!

I misseded y'all
Bree don't text me && Ana don't fck with us no more
Don't get me started on Sneak asx Pssh!


to damn long i was tempted to come kidnap
all of yall

It's only been 3 years tops. Lol.

damn. it feels like forever since i've talked to you guys

Idk who the "hoes" are lol so... Yeah.

But the young lady Bree is here.

idk about the other hoes but i am here lol


where yall hoes at?

Hi five to that Nani!

I will believe that when I see her asx preggo
&& not drinking

Bcus I just saw a pic of her drinking
I DOUBT she's drinking while preggo
Just like when they said it about Kae

Where you hear that?

wait wait wait hold tf up
rihanna pregnant?!?

Just imagine if people didnt dance tho?

s*** would be awk.

Yes ma'am Dany ma'am

No twerking! This is a no twerking zone

its always twerk time once i come around


*looks at wath*

Hmm I guess it's twerk time

*claps ass cheeks*

Kay Kay!
XD lololol

I back


I back

Nani!!! Come back!!

Lmao... Gross.

And come back Nani... Please lol.

*tip toes back out of the post*

sory wrong post

*turns to run*